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nice!^^ i enjoyed playing it for a while =) has a nice vibe to it and i am impressed by the sheer vastness(pun intented..?)~

i was just getting a bit annoyed after a while cause i couldn't find the restaurant(?) anymore and i think i triggered a song on the jukebox that was playing on repeat constantly for the last 15 minutes or so @.@

nice work again on the mood and the minimal ui/symbols and stuff^^

about the jukebox it's the problem when you make a game too quiclky, there is bugs Haha, I had noticed there is a problem with it but not find time to fix it, just relaunching the game is the solution ( I should probably write somewhere on the game to relaunch the game if you have any kind of problem, because there are lot's of bug Haha ) anyway I'm glad you've appreciate the game despite of that, thank you !

PS : I remember the first char I design really look like kirby Haha

relaunching actually helped! that would have been useful to know^^

but then again, i didn't know that the music was broken.

i thought it was because i hit the jukebox and wanted to find it again but couldn't XD