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Some neat visual stuff I recently added to "Abstráctomon". Happy Easter!

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It took several different approaches but I finally managed to implement a lighting system that works with moving lights, too. I may tweak colors / brightness levels here and there, but for now I'm happy with the results.

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I'm working on better lighting at night / inside caves in Abstráctomon

Here's a video...

...and some screenshots of my progess so far.

Another quick development update for "Abstráctomon - Venom Violet Version" coming soon to "Error Ware 2" by U-GameZ.

A video about recent additions to Abstráctomon, coming soon to Error Ware 2.

Quick tech update: 

I found a solution for the scaling issue (nasty gaps between tiles)! 

Seems like some graphics card drivers (= mine) have an issue with scaling Game Maker games. To be save I made it a toggle in the options menu.

"Sharpness A" now scales the image actually 1 px larger then it's intended resolution (481x321 instead of 480x320 and so on). 

The solutions online all suggested adding a pixel border to the tilesets, but that would be borderline insane with the amount of tiles I got! This 1 px stretch fixes it on my machine, so if you got that issue set it to "A". The "B" setting turns that fix off. 

Now I can scale the game any which way I want, so I added a third zoom option.

You can now choose from

480x320 (2x)
960x640 (4x)
1620x1080 (6,75x, stretched to display height)

Don't cut your eyes(?) on these sharp pixels!

I added more borders to choose from when playing Abstráctomon

I had a hard time figuring out how to solve an scaling issue when taking screenshots of the game (still not solved!). They're never pixel-perfect even when I brute force the game to the 240x160 resolution... 

Anyway, while trying various things I implemented a debug feature to take a screenshot of the whole map at once (beyond the camera's current view) and figured I could use them for a game guide

Here's a preview of it (work in progress):

Here are some things I worked on in Error Ware 2 since the last post.

Players can now use the WASD keys along the arrow keys. That makes it easier to share a keyboard!

In Abstráctomon, you can now turn on the spot without moving by tapping the directional buttons. 

Also, you might be able to find special nuts at suspicious places.
What they're good for? You'll have to find out yourself!

You can now easily go to your bag whenever you pick up an item. I improved the bag a bit, too. It now shows the last item you've got at start up.

I might add a sort function to the bag like I did with the Move Memo, but I'd need to change the code a bit for that to work.

Finally, I'd like to mention that I improved some of the monster's battle sprites.

That's it for today!

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Time for some new Abstráctomon screenshots!

Here's the final Move Memo menu. Sorting works now, too!

I changed some sea floor tiles to make it more clear were you can and can't walk (shallow water vs. ocean floor).

Speaking of tiles, tiny pebbles now indicate the area you can push rocks in, You can walk over them, but the rock can't be pushed on them!

I added lanterns and new big hollow tree stumps (more about them here) to the forest area and turned part of it into a race track
Maybe you get a cool reward if you can break the record time?

If you've played the Pokémon main games, you're probably familar with the concept of "TMs". They're usually treated as items you can find, buy or receive from NPCs. 

Using an TM enables you to teach a certain move to a Pokémon in your team, either just once or infinite times, depending on the generation of games.

I too want the player of my game Abstráctomon to customize his monsters' move sets, but I'm trying a different approach.

In Abstráctomon, you can get a note book called "Move Memo" early on. It lets your character take notes after a battle (wild & trainer battles) and write down any new move your opponent (successfully) used against you!

This happens automatically and you get a short notification at the end of the battle if there were new entries to your Move Memo.


The Move Memo counts as "gear" and can be accessed via Quick Equip (see earlier post for more on that).

In it, you can view all moves you encountered in a handy list with newly added moves at the top, highlighted with a small green symbol. 

I want to add a sort function that lets you sort the move list by number, name, type, cost to make finding moves that fit your team easier.

Move Memo2

The yellow border around a monster indicates it knows the move already, green means it can be learned and red means the monster can not learn that move at all.

To teach a monster the selected move, it needs to have the correct type and enough EXP. The monster's current (not total!) EXP acts as a currency in this case. Your monster gets EXP for defeating an opposing monster, but beware - if it levels up, its EXP wrap around 0 again

So you have to decide if you want to train for a level up or rather stop when the EXP count is high, so you can exchange them for a custom move!

Do you like this idea? Leave a comment and let me know!

I added a small side quest involving a girl's scout summer camp for "Abstráctomon" in Error Ware 2.

A quick video showing some of the small improvements I made lately for "Abstráctomon".

Hm, that error message isn't really helping haha. But since it happened during loading  it could be a memory issue. Please try the Lite Version of the game! It uses less memory.

Thank you for over 3.000 views and 500 downloads of my stuff! 

That's really amazing :D

Here's a new video showing off a cutscene & Gameplay of the forest area in Abstráctomon.*Slight spoiler warning*

Gameplay video of two new areas in Abstráctomon.
First I show off the new water current that leads to a secret cave, then you get a glimpse of the new forest area.

Abstráctomon will be an unlockable bonus game in future releases of Error Ware 2.

I definitely need an easy mode XD  I'm kinda bad at it...

New footage of the Shieldcap Beach area in Abstráctomon. The area is pretty much finished now.

A quick glimpse of the beach area in Abstráctomon I'm currently working on.

Abstráctomon is one of the rare JRPG style games were both of the protagonist parents are still alive and well and the dad is actually at home, too!

You can visit them anytime if you're in need of some helpful advise and love

Or maybe you just want to poke around in your brother's / sister's bedroom?

"Tomorrow I'll beat the gym leader!"

Issues with my internet connection prevented me for posting news, my apologies. 

But here's some Abstráctomon stuff to look at:

This is the location of Herringtin, your hometown, a small village  on the first island of the Freezon region. 

This is your house (do you always blink too when taken a picture of?)

... and Proffessor Rich's laboratory.

You can visit the Mon Point store...

... have a nightly walk on the beach...

... or explore the Atoneel Tunnel which leads to the other side of the island.

Until now, I only had a convoluted test area with everything crammed in, but now I made the first real town. 
And here's something else I added to the game: 

You can now see the current time of day and weather in battle (top right corner). The time of day is also represented by the battle background in open areas, but when battling inside a cave or building, you didn't know unless you checked the clock before the battle.

Since some moves depend on sun- or moonlight, I figured this would make things more clear. 

Nowadays, whenever you buy anything anywhere, you get bombarded with bonus points, discount codes and coupons, so why haven't games reflected this "trend" more? 

I present to you the Discount Card item in Abstráctomon. It lets you shop for half the price! You can only use it once, though...

In other news, the Swimming pool gym now got an exteriour. Can you guess what Abstráctomon the building is based on?

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I started my my devlog  for Error Ware 2 in this board in 2016 (thanks for mentioning it OP!) and I'm still getting views (about to hit 5000) and a few  comments. Since the "real" devlogs started, I copy the new post to the new devlog  as well, but I've no idea how many people actually see the posts there. 

Is there any way to see the views on the new devlogs?

If I'd know that visitors actually read the new devlog, I'd be OK with fully switching over to the new system, but it would be a shame to lose all the old posts I made (50+) before I started the copy + paste.  It would be cool if my old posts can be archived (making the board read-only?) somehow without me having to manually copy all the old posts over.

Personally, I like the Devlog feature on GameJolt better right now since you can  easily see how many people interacted with the post  and its more visible on the game's page (on page it's all the way on the bottom and only text links, on GameJolt you see  the Devlog button right under the header with previews.

Really cute & unique concept! It hat fun imMIDIately :)

Thank you for 400 downloads!

You might have been noticing the red Wii Remote in Error Ware 2's logo. The Error Ware series has been compatible with that little love stick since the first game released in 2012.

When Development of Error Ware 2 began shortly after, the Nintendo WiiU had just been released and continued to support Wii Remotes, so I figured people still had them and added the good old motion controls to EW2 as well.

 But now the game has been in development for so long, Nintendo released   a whole new console in the meantime: the Nintendo Switch! Oh snap!

Since the WiiU did not sell that well many people sold their Wii or WiiU a long time ago,  working Wii Remotes are getting rare in peoples's homes, so why release a game with Wii Remote support in 201X? Switch is the hot stuff now, damnit!

Don't get me wrong, 
 EW2 will still fully support a single Wii Remote with motion controls, but I'm adding Joy-Con support, too! 

Unfortunately, I can't use all their features right now, but I've got them working as normal controllers. We'll see how much motion control I can get out of them!

The Wii Remote is still the best way to get the most out of Error Ware 2 in my experience, but I'll make sure the game's fun regardless of your input method of choice (and there are a lot of them!).

In my current build, you can play the game with

  • keyboard + mouse
  • one gamepad (Xbox, Playstation & WiiU / Switch Pro Controller Layout supported)
  • single Joy-Con Left + Right

since the gameplay is mostly in a "hot seat" style, players can share a controller, but you can also mix them as you like.

Phew, that was a long post! More news coming soon!

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We are getting really close to the finish line, folks! 
My "to do" list for the next release of Error Ware 2 gets shorter every day. The demo of Abstráctomon, which will be included in the upcoming update, will feature a small town, a dungeon & the first gym, the swimming pool.  I only need to connect these areas and finish the entrance of the pool.

Speaking of the pool, it's flooded with NPCs now!

You'll be able carry over your Abstráctomon progress to future releases, so don't delete your save files!

Here's a quick update of things I worked on since the last post.

The first gym is almost complete! It's a large swimming pool were children and adults can cool off after school / work. I only need to add some NPCs to it.

There's even a slide! 

These one-way gates can only be passed from one side.

Let's be honest: my original female player character sprites in Abstráctomon were pretty ugly; 

the hair looked like two brown M&M's shoved together, the arms were too long and the body too short. 

Well you might know my characters are based on 3D models made in Blender, and the model I made wasn't really good to begin with. So I made a second attempt and gave the model a brand new, more detailed head.

Then I reduced the color palette of the rendered images to a uniform one (about 25 colors), added some outlines to the arms and legs, cleaned up the eyes, hair and backpack and added some shadows to the skirt.

I also made some minor improvements to her male counterpart.

I improved the animations for walking, riding a bike, sitting and climbing a bit.
You can see some of the new sprites below!

I'm wondering if you'd like to be able to choose a different skin color at the start of the game? Let me know in the comments!

I improved my crossroads in Abstráctomon a bit. Cars now come in different shapes and sizes and are less likely to crash thanks to the improved traffic light system.

WIP footage of an intersection (cross road) in "Abstráctomon", coming soon to Error Ware 2. Right now, all the cars look alike and sometimes glitch through each other, but overall it kinda works as intended.

During my Easter family visit I couldn't work on the game directly, but I let my sister play it and took some notes of some minor bugs (I already fixed them). Overall it ran pretty well on her old Windows 8 laptop, which is nice to know. 

My siblings thought it would be a good a idea to hide some easter eggs near my mother's little garden pond, and guess what? One of them fell in...
It lost some color but wasn't damaged otherwise, so I volunteered to eat it.


Oh excuse me, I guess you came here to see some new Abstráctomon screenshots. Here you go!

NPC cars work now. I can let them drive along the road or in circles like this one on my test road here. 

It'll brake and honk at you or other NPCs when they walk on front of it.
The animation for turning is pretty smooth, took a lot of frames! I modeled the car in Blender and added details to the sprites by hand. 

It also got working head - and taillights. Your bicycle now got a front light, too. And the construction workers inside the tunnel turned on their helmet lights!


Since the poll results regarding Twitch streams in the last post were a little inconclusive (thanks to everyone who voted!), I made a "normal" video about pixel art for the monsters of Abstráctomon (coming soon to Error Ware 2) instead!

If you have questions about the development process of Error Ware 2, art, music or something about myself, leave a comment and I'll answer them in a future video! You can also ask me on Twitter.

And to close this post, I want to share two new screenshots:

I added sidewalks and manholes to my "road" tileset.

I expanded the Abstrácto-Center a bit. Its human and not-quite-human nurses now take care of sick trainers, too!

Have a nice weekend!

Hi everyone!

Since my internet connection is working today, I’d like to share another round of Abstráctomon screenshots!

This is an example of the new interior tiles. So far I’ve got some kitchen stuff (in different colors) and some couches and a working(!) mirror. I’d like to add more things for bedrooms, bathrooms and such.
This week I started to work on roads. There is even a bicycle lane, as you can see on this test track here. If I add cars, I might have to make the roads wider though. I also want to add sidewalks, traffic lights and some road signs.

Nothing new here, I simply thought this screenshot looked cool! The lighting "engine" accidentally turned out pretty good even though it’s all 2D.

One last thing: I’d like to engage a bit more with y’all. Unfortunately my internet connection is quite unpredictable, it just works on some days. But on those days, would you like to watch streams of me programming, making art & music, fixing bugs and talking to the chat on Twitch or Youtube

Please vote at GameJolt (at the bottom of the post)!

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A quick Abstráctomon Screenshot Update!

Abstráctomon - Trees + Shadows 01

I modeled new trees for the game in blender, since I wanted them to be animated like the grass! They now move from side to side when it's windy.
Abstráctomon - Trees + Shadows 02
As you can see, I also made a dynamic shadow system of sorts for buildings and larger objects like trees and signs. Their shadows now get longer in the evening and even change their angle according to the sun's position.
Abstráctomon - Trees + Shadows 03
And I added some (static) shadows inside rooms to make them look less flat.

That's all for today!

Edit: I made a short video of the new trees in action!

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Just a small screenshot update today. Enjoy!

ErrorWare2 Screenshot- Pause Menu Controls

When you pause the game, the controls for the current microgame are now displayed at the pause menu, so you can look them up any time!

Abstráctomon Screenshot - Sea floor

In Abstráctomon, I added some rocks plants and corrals to the seafloor to give you a sense of direction when swimming in the ocean.

n Abstráctomon, I added some rocks plants and corrals to the seafloor to give you a sense of direction when swimming in the ocean.

Abstráctomon Screenshot - Shallow waters

And I implemented sand banks with shallow water where you are able to walk if you need a break from swimming.

Oh, and I added a few new songs I made for Abstráctomon to the soundtrack preview on the game's GameJolt page. 

I'm not sure if they will make it into the game, give them a listen and tell me what you think!

Hi there!

Here are some neat little things I added to Abstráctomon:

Abstráctomon Screenshot Lab

I put more stuff in the professor's laboratory to make it look more... lablike. You can sit on the chairs, read notes or play with the Squalus inside the fishtank!
Abstráctomon Screenshot Windows 1
When you're inside a building, the windows now change color according to the time of day. They even show the current weather!
Abstráctomon Screenshot Windows 2
Here the windows are flashing yellow because of the thunderstorm outside. I rearranged the lab and the MonPoint store interiors to make them more symmetrical.
Abstráctomon Screenshot Water  1
I made new animated tiles for cliffs and rocks in water. Now you can see the waves crashing in on them and see their reflection.
Abstráctomon Screenshot Water 2
I improved some weather effects as well. Rain, hail and snow now makes splashes when touching water properly.

Other things I improved on:

  • I finally figured out why I had some seemingly random audio issues with the Caster dll I use to load .ogg files into GameMaker8.1. Turns out you can't have numbers in the variable names assigned to the loaded files. Basically I named them Song1, Song2, etc. but caster treated everyone as "Song", so changes to Song 2 affected Song1 as well and so on. Anyway, it is fixed now!
  • The scores at the results screen of "Turbo Taxi" mode are now displayed in the correct order (highest at the top)
  • Made the final level of the microgame "Helicopter" easier
  • Fixed a bug in the "Draw something" microgame where the brush would turn invisible some times
  •  Added the new microgame "Sound TripZ"
  • In Abstráctomon, you can now change direction when sitting on a chair or stool. Maybe I'll use this feature in a chair maze?

That's all I can think of right now. Overall many small improvements! The game feels quite stable now.  As I said before, the new demo is coming soon ™

Time for another update for Abstráctomon!

But first I want to say thank you so much for 300 downloads of my games and well over 3000 views of this devlog! 

Did you know that you can rate games & write reviews on I'd love to hear your feedback!

But now the latest news in Abstráctomon development:

  • Improved text boxes are now able to show the name of the talking character and can highlight important words
  • You can now rename monsters currently in your team anytime when accessing the A.S.S. (Abstráctomon Storage System)
  • You can now unlock a new item that lets you access the A.S.S. from anywhere
  • Reworked collision for the player & NPCs
  • The introduction sequence in the Professor's lab is almost done, including the first battle against you rival (see video below!)
  • The lab looks a bit more like lab (but still not final)
  • The Exp. bar now changes to orange when full
  • Savegame previews now show money as well
  • Various other bugfixes

My internet connection is terrible this week (thanks for nothing, Vodaphone!), but I managed to upload a new video to YouTube!


The distinct peach color at the top was missing when not logged in and that made the start page feel a little cold. But now it's back and I feel warm and cosy again. Thanks!

I gotta say the new start page is missing a little color...

To make the wait for the full version of Error Ware 2 easier, I decided to bring its precursor to!

Check out Error Ware here!

Error Ware was originally released in October 2012 for Windows. Prepare for crude graphics and midi music :) But it's a full game and it's free, so enjoy!

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Happy holidays everybody!

I'm glad that I am able to squeeze out another Abstráctomon screenshot update before I'm visiting my family.

So here it is:

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-01

When starting a new game, you'll now be greeted by Professor Rich.

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-02

After introducing himself, he asks for your name.

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-03

You can choose your character here.

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-04

Before he starts his monologue about the world of Abstráctomon, you have a chance to skip it.

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-05

For beginners, he'll explain a little bit of the terminology and what you'll have to do in the game.

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-06

Then it's finally time to pick your first Abstráctomon!

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-07

You can give it a nickname, as well.

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-08

Here you can see the improved saving feature. It now shows the name, playtime, amount of badges and seen / caught monsters of the save file. The save data is now saved to a separate file on your hard drive. This makes it possible to to carry over monsters from the demo to the full game in the future!

Abstráctomon Introduction Screenshot-09

Oh.. OK! Bye!