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Just wanted to say thanks for your little review and thought I'd return the favor :)

I had about 10 hours of flash in school and we made a simple pong game. So I can relate to your troubles a little lol Sucks that flash is pretty much dead now, I loved sites like albinoblacksheep.

I think a character editor would have right in there, maybe to customize an animated cartoon or something...

Love thartstyle , btw

  • Navigate the menu with arrow keys + SPACE or use a gamepad.
  • Story mode: Accelerate with Right Arrow, Brake with Left Arrow (or Button 1 & 2 on Gamepad)
  • You can check the controls for the other players in the options menu
  • More details on the game┬┤s itch.io page

You may noticed the white placeholder characters I used until now in Abstr├íctomon footage. 

I've been too lazy to make pixel art by hand for all human character sprites in the overworld , but now I figured out a more convenient way: Blender!

In case you're not familiar with Blender: It's a free piece of software for 3D modelling + animating.

So I made a simple 3D model in a "chibi" (big head, small body) style, tilted it by about 30┬░ so you can see its face as well as its feet despite the camera being above it (thanks Nintendo for that trick in The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds!) and made animations for walking + riding a bicycle.

Then I exported it without anti-aliasing (otherwise it's a blurry mess) at just 32x32 pixels.

You can see the results in this beautiful Wallpaper!

So now I just have to edit the model once per character without having to alter every single frame!

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I'm working on buildings for Abstr├íctomon right now. Here you can see me hiding behind an "Abstr├ícto-Center"! 

There seems to be a Heliport on the roof... Is this how you fast travel in this game?

I added a FAQ page to the official Error Ware 2 homepage! If you have any other questions, just ask me!

Thanks to Visumeca for his pixelart! Now I can't decide which one I should use...

A is by Visumeca, B is the orginal by me. Help me decide!

Which one is cuter?

Vote on Twitter here!

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3D animations for a 2D game (Gifs below!)

Hello there!

Since Error Ware 2 is gonna be a 2D game made in Game Maker 8.1, one should think all you need to make graphics for it is a pencil, a camera or MSPaint or something, right? But behold!

Some things are actually easier to animate in 3D programs than in 2D ones, like spinning an object around or producing complex effects like water splashes, explosions, etc. So even if you're working with a 2D engine you can render stuff in 3D and put it as flat images in your game.

So for certain things I actually work with the free modelling software "Blender". GM8.1 has a simple 3D mode where you can load premade 3D objects as .obj files and some people manage to make full 3D games with it, but my 3D skills are not that good, I feel more comfortable with 2D games.

So how do I use 3D in Error Ware2?

If you by something in the game's shop, the game switches to the 3D mode and displays a spinning 3D model of the object you bought, then it switches back to 2D. I may use the 3D mode for actual minigames as well.

For Abstráctomon, I pre-rendered some sprites in blender, like the intro sequence and some attacks. In the past week I worked on 3D models of the badges (because... idk, it was fun?) and made a water splash (shoutout to CG Geek for his awesome turorial) which you can see below. (These .gifs are based on the raw renders, I touched them up a bit for the game since then.)

Have a nice weekend!

Click on the thumbnails to watch the animations on imgur!

I put together a sprite pack with Playstation 4 and WiiU Pro Controller button icons.

This pack contains .png images of single buttons and the whole controller in various sizes, as well as .svg files that can be edited and rendered in any resolution you might need. Since these button icons are a bit harder to find I thought I make them myself.

Maybe this can save you some time with your project!

Thank you for over a thousand views & two hundred downloads on itch.io!

Here's a little teaser for the new "Gourmet Gorilla" minigame in Error Ware 2 for you.

I'm planning to release a follow up to my "Paper Keys" sprite pack soon. It will feature Playstation & WiiU Gamepad buttons in a more modern style, maybe I add Switch and XBOX buttons as well.

This pack will have higher quality, larger images along with .svg files that can be scaled infinitely.

Have a nice weekend!

I made a quick video showing off the new map screen in Abstráctomon. Just a simple, more zoomed out view of the current location.

This way I don't have to worry about drawing a map for every single location :) I may add a drawing of the whole "world" + quick travel later to the game, when I got everything in the overworld in the right place.

In case you didn't know already, you'll be able to unlock the "Pok├ęmon" persiflage "Abstr├íctomon" (along with other games) within the full version of Error Ware 2!

Here`s some new Abstráctomon gameplay! In this video I show off a fight with a recently implemented NPC.

Thank you :)

Hi everyone!

In the past weeks I worked on a new EBA game called "Gourmet Gorilla", where you are in a weird mechanical restaurant trying to please a Gorilla's hunger for fruit. Its almost done! I just need to finish some graphics and add more levels to it,

I'll make a video of it when it┬┤s done!

I also reworked a few old Abstráctomon monster sprites and came up with brand new designs as well:

As you can (hopefully) tell, these are based on cooking equipment. The one on the left is a Steel type and is supposed to evolve into different forms depending on the weather.

If the sun is shining bright, it will evolve in the "Fondue"-monster, a Steel/Fire type seen here in the center.

If there is a thunderstorm, it will evolve into the "Raclette"-monster, a Steel/Electric type.

I also have an idea for a "Fridge" monster that could be a Steel/Ice type.

But I did not name them yet, so if you have an idea for a cool name, please leave a comment!


I recently implemented evolution into the "Abstráctomon" game, here's some footage of it (it may change in the future).

I also had to fix the item list (again) and you can now swap team members around outside of battles.

What's on the menu?

Today, I want to share a quick progress video I made showing off some of the latest additions to my Pok├ęmon persiflage "Abstr├íctomon", which will be unlockable in the upcoming game "Error Ware 2" for Windows (sometime in 2017, probably).

New features include:

  • a proper Start menu
  • the "Abstr├íctodex"
  • improved item bag
  • saving & loading inside the game
  • game settings, including
  • zoom & turbo battle

I also implemented over 80 monsters and 112 moves, with more to come (my goal is to have at least 100 monsters and about 130 moves). The game will be playable for the public when things like boxes to store your caught monsters in, evolutions and a larger overworld with NPCs are done.

I can't say if I'll be able to add online functionality (trading / battles) to it, simply because I have no clue how this stuff works :/ If you know someone who would like to help me (I'm using Gamemaker 8.1), leave a comment or message me on Twitter: @UGameZ_McJey or wirte an email to ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com.

Keep in mind this will be just a small part of Error Ware 2, so yeah, go ahead and call me crazy.

Have an awesome weekend!

-Mc Jey

Hello there!

I want to share the latest Abstráctomon updates with y'all!

(Click images to enlarge)

As you can see, I added a start menu. You have quick access to your current team, the item bag, the new Abstráctodex (see below!)...

You can save & load the game now anytime on the overworld as well, so if you mess up a fight you can load your last save file without leaving Abstráctomon. Note that There can only be 1 Abstráctomon save file inside an EW2 savefile. If you start a new EW2 save, the Abstráctomon save file will also be reset for that new EW2 save file.

...and the new settings menu. You can now play in fullscreen and speed up fights, for example!

So as I mentioned there is now something called Abstráctodex.

If you start the game, it'll be pretty empty, but the more monsters you encounter (and catch!), the more data it will collect. On this first page, you can see the total number of seen and caught monsters on the bottom left. On the right, you can scroll through the list of entries. Caught Abstráctomon are indicated by a Abstráctoball symbol next to their Dex number.

Below the list are some bars showing known areas, weather conditions and the time of day where the selected monster can be caught in the wild (since in this example I selected my starter Abstráctomon, they're all set to "unknown").

If you caught the monster, you have access to additional data on page 2, where you can get a feel for its size and weight and read its describtion (I still have to write most of them, so there's no text in this picture) .

And finally, on Page 3, you can see your beatiful beast from behind and information about its evolutions (to minimize spoilers, the data will be vague if you have not seen an evolution yet).

That's all for today!

What do you think? Pretty cool, eh?

(Edited 1 time)

Hope you've had a nice 2017 so far :)

Today I want to share two new pieces of music I made for the Abstráctomon game-in-a-game in Error Ware 2.

Winter Town

Gym Battle 2

I hope you like them!

Right now I'm working on new monster designs for the game, enjoying Planet Coaster (I'm building an Error Ware inspired park. I'm gonna make a new video of it soon, so check out my YouTube channel if you're interested!) and waiting for the Nintendo Switch presentation...

(Edited 1 time)

I want to thank Reddit user "KayleeTheConqueror" again for his Abstráctomon monster idea he posted in this thread!

Here's my final interpretation:

If you have an awesome idea for my game let me know!

  • Via Twitter: @UGameZ_McJey
  • Reddit Private Message: "U-GameZ" or in this thread,
  • Email: ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com
  • or here!

And on another note: if you want to learn more about some of my older projects, experiments and abandoned games, you might enjoy my new YouTube series "What I Worked On" (or WIWO for short) :)

Happy Holidays!

Can I submit a crappy game a made back in 2008? I think it would fit the crappyjam perfectly. It's not on itch.io yet, I would upload it if you're cool with that. Also, I can make videos of the submitted games, too if you'd like.

Originally I aimed for a 2016 release, but time flies... I need more time to make this game the best I ever made.

New goal is "sometime in 2017Ôäó ". I made a brand new trailer for you to enjoy, though!

Happy holidays!

My game: Error Ware 2

I'm always for supporting smaller YouTube channels & highly enjoy watching people play my silly games :) I'm working on a Wario Ware like game called "Error Ware 2", maybe you want to check out the free demo?

Thank you! I actually made way to many tracks for this game already :D

But I like your music! Especially the asian and medieval stuff!

I recorded some new Abstráctomon Gameplay!

In the last couple of days I

  • added wind as a weather effect (there is now bright sunlight, rain, fog, snow, hail, duststorms, thunderstorms and wind in the game along with a day & night cycle),
  • improved the lighting at night,
  • made it possible to learn new moves when leveling up
  • and fixed a lot of bugs.
Hope you enjoy the video! Oh, and I earned my first 2 ÔéČ over itch.io, so thank you :)
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I want to take a moment to say thank you for over 500 views & almost 150 downloads of the Error Ware 2 demo!

I really want to make an updated demo available as soon as possible. I did not update it for a long time because most of the work I did this year was "behind the scenes" so to speak, just things like the ingame shop and the Abstráctomon game-in-a-game.

While I made great progress with the Abstráctomon battle system for example, it would not have been much fun to play for you without an overworld, NPCs and so on.

In the last two days I made it possible for your creatures to learn new moves when reaching certain levels, and it suddenly felt a lot more like a game :)

Also I decided to add another 30 or so monsters and a few more moves, so if you have any ideas you can send me your ideas and monster designs to

Twitter: @UGameZ_McJey and it might makes it into the game!

A drawing (only your own ideas, please do not steal stuff from devianart or something) + type (no fairy types) and a cool name would be awesome!

Have a nice weekend!

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks to Knife Drawer Games for this review of the demo!

I did not receive an email yet, if you're still interested write a mail to ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com!

No that's totally fine! :)

I checked my options again but right know there is sadly no way for me to receive PayPal transactions right now :(

But since you seem to be a nice person and I don't want you to miss out because of my PayPal problems I'll give it to you anyways. Maybe you could give me a review of my "Error Ware 2" demo in return? :)

Send an email with your itch.io user name to ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send it to you.

I'm so sorry but my Paypal is not working at the moment :(

I have a donation page for my Twitch channel, maybe that could work for you. If you can donate there I'll send you the pack manually!


Happy Halloween! Here's your treat: a new Abstráctomon update video! :)

Here I showcase recently added features to the overworld in "Abstráctomon", a unlockable game in the upcoming "Error Ware 2" by U-GameZ.

New features include:

  • Dynamic music based on location
  • Dynamic rain & mist
  • Shadow when player is obscured by an large object

I plan to add a few more weather effects and include them in battles.

I'm only capable of releasing a Windows version on my own, for Linux and other platforms I would need help to port it over.

If you know someone who has got experience with porting from Windows & Gamemaker let me know!

You can message me here, on

Twitter @UGameZ_McJey

or per email


A first look at my overworld engine for Abstráctomon! Objects automatically get collision and the correct depth (depending on the player's y position so they are either in front or behind him) and background tiles can be animated. Signs work already, too!

The character's sprite is a placeholder of course :)

Tip: in Game Maker there is a problem with tiles when color interpolation is active (a basic form of anti aliasing). You can get nasty gaps in between tiles depending of the screen resolution. Luckily, you can switch it on and off during gameplay!

So the game looks a bit sharper now & tiles work perfectly.

Here's my first attempt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jztotife9j9yan2/Pharmako...

Do you like it? :)

Sorry for the late reply! I`ll try to get a demo song done for you this week!

The third gym leader is ready to fight: Anna! She recently opened a Hip Hop dance school and loves fighting & ground type Abstràctomon. Can you keep up with her smooth moves?

And here´s the second gym leader: Capt'n Arnold! Since he retired from sailing the seven seas, always searching for new water Abstráctomon, he leads the water / normal type gym.

(Edited 1 time)

Introducing the first Gym Leader in Abstráctomon: Venom Violet Version!

Weldon´s Gym is located in a wind park and owns a large energy company. He´s an expert welder and specialized in electric and flying type Abstráctomon.

Abstráctomon Intro & Title screen done!