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Really enjoyed this puzzle! Especially the gravity reversal makes for a great challenge!

Really enjoyed the game. Worthy winner of the jam. Also really liked that there was a map, controller support and saving! The movement and game-play is super smooth.

Sometimes the level appears very empty and sparse when you walk around for minutes without encountering any real challenge. Then things can become unforgiving :)

Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for playing and liking it. Its a hard task to balance the difficulty without damaging the core loop of the game and I am sure I could have done a better job. I hope you give it a few more shots as I tried to also make a rewarding end :D

Hey @MrQuickGame. Thanks for playing and really glad you liked it :) 

It definitely has music and it is probably the most important part of the game (I am mainly a musician). I am a bit confused why it did not work on your machine as I tested it on two conigurations. Want to check also your sound settings? 

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Made an effort to design it to be challenging. Indeed the game is designed to keep your attention high. Making mistakes is part of the game. But indeed much to be improved.

Hey thank you for your comment. If you could let me know what the difficulty was that would be helpful for me!

It's an impressive little game. Music is stock and there is nothing in relation to the theme.

Really liked the Art-style. Quite innovative. I wasn't sure if there was any danger, but I beat the game. No audio :(

Holloway Ashes is a short psychological, atmospheric 2D adventure that tells a layered story about your visit at a seemingly haunted house. It draws inspiration from such enigmatic horror films such as the Shinning and Secret window.

Holloway ashes is now at its, for now, Major release of 0.99.

Release announcement:

Link to page:

Thanks for the feedback! Hhaha yes the typos are somewhere there on my priority list :) will work on them. I was thinking of adding music but chose not to focus on silence and environmental sounds, despite finding my way into game development from making soundtracks. Still work in progress, I hope you will play the finished version in a few months

Wow, first of all graphics, textures, models ... all amazing. I really love the blurriness and the weirdness, it all feels like a dream. When you run around the area I feel like I am in a haze and it just throws me with ideas on what this game could be. Running away from monsters while your heartbeat is pumping... but I digress. The fighting obviously needs some work :) I kinda got lost after I killed all the beasts in the dungeon and didn't know where to go. The game also froze a few times, and the door also glitched a few times and glued me into the wall. Keep on working on it! Good stuff

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Just finished it and I made all the (morally) 'wrong' decisions in the game and ended up a complete psycho. Writing is fantastic and the characters and story, having in mind the limitations, is really well developed. For the 20 minutes I played I was wholly invested.
If there is any criticism, maybe the use of anime like characters as silhouettes was a bit distracting. Also maybe a stronger intro would pull me quicker into the story.
I usually don't play visual novels, but with your entry I am going to have a look into that genre. Congrats!

Really liked the game. Art style is great, the music and the environmental sounds are very fitting and I wish I would have finished it. I wish it would go full screen (even in a small resolution). I would totaly limit the controls to WASD and E action and I for inventory. Probably would prefer if I could move through the room with WASD. I didn't know what to do at the first screen because "T" didn't work, so i smashed my keyboard till it worked :) And I would avoid having ESC closing the game that quickly. I really liked the game and I will follow you for more news :)

Great work!

First of all, thanks for playing and the feedback! I could not reproduce the bug on my machine, but it appears to happen on others. I made a change that should not not let the overlay stay when you leave the room. 

totally cute!!

omg i am sorry and happy that you went back to try. the room would be further after you made a loop you would do another round and with the activated blocks you would be able to go skip some of the sections. I will try to make it more obvious. OBVIOUSLY major props for going back to find it! dude you are great

haha thanks! I take this as a compliment. Indeed I will try to balance and polish it! thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much for playing the game and congrats you made it to the end. I have to say there was only one way. Once you finish it you can discover a secret room (if you activated the right blocks). You definitely pointed out some issues I had on how to get to the end, which wasn't that clear I must say.

Keep it up! Subscribed!

Hi all,

I am a UK based composer specializing in ambient and electronic tracks, looking for the next project.

Recently released the Soundtrack for the indie game Floatlands

You can listen to a bunch of my work on my website

Looking for any kind of game to make music for, paid or for fun depending on the project.

Hit me up!

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Grab a free copy of 30 seamlessly looped simple 8-bit tracks. Over 20 minutes of music.

You can use them for your games or any project, as long as you give me a little credit.

Feel free to check out my other stuff to. Happy for any collab :)

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Oh, yeah making music for some 15 years now, but new on (below a little showcase)