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It works well ! :D

I cannot open the console it closes automatically.

I run the exe but nothing happens, is it normal?

Very good tool ! Nice work :)

I have the impression that the game does not want to launch.

I don't know why but unity doesn't want to load the game.

I didn't quite understand the gameplay... Do we have to restore the constellations like a puzzle?

An avoidance game but in space. Nice work: D

How to play this ? =o

Oh first I don't understand much. Can you make a short how-to video? ;o

The game crashes at the end of the construction of two objects but fortunately the 0 button fixes this problem until a moment when the game can be closed. And I did not understand the gameplay well. I do not have an increasing number of inhabitants.

Yes I have java on win64 10 .. =o

I really love this game but would like to see more of it. <3

I had to take a piece of paper and a pencil because I am so strong. ><

It's pretty good at all.

But really there is an order to beat and it is not obvious. =P

Cool game but I lost and won at the same time XD

Yeah I'm the only one playing so it's quite difficult: D I like this game but beware of some locations the attack doesn't work anymore...

Very good game but I would have liked to see a scoring and also some audio to reinforce the game.

\o/ Strange game. =o

A little hard to find the keys at the beginning. But great game =)

Well, I couldn't get far because a graphical bug was felt after passing the 1st level.

Very sumptuous all that. I want to run! But I have to walk and explore.

I liked it but it's a shame that there aren't more levels. ^^

ARF, I don't have this.

Okay another java app that unfortunately I can't try. =/

Yes, that's good but not my favorite game. ;)

Nice, but the cat does not move, it's a bit of a shame. ^^ And we are obliged to refresh the page to replay.

Hard game ! 5/6 items grr ! :D

Good game :) But the game ends quickly with my trick of blocking the enemy against the wall lol. Too bad there is no end!

(1 edit)

Shooting enemy too fast, I can't get far with just this health bar. But good art !

I love this <3

Thin the green ball kills me every time even with the prediction of the future I can not move forward.

Yes me too ! =/

Impossible game =o

OMG a Math game XD

Very nice ! :) I love sokoban =P

Cool game ! But I don't know how to unblock myself yet.