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Unfortunately no ! I lost the project, then abandoned for lack of motivation. I did not connect for a long time and I completely forgot about this. I'm sorry, I will download and start again soon. =/

Edit: The software does not start. Just the display of the introduction then the process runs in the background.

Okay, I thought I could have read my translations without translating everything.

So I'll finish completely and then correct the errors.
Thank you ! ^^

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I send you everything via WeTransfer to ""
This is the only one I found that was on your official website.

I made a better optimization by putting a single channel (mono).

Now = ~ 365

So I send you a link!

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Sounds Optimization

I know it's not much but..
I have edited your sound files with Audacity to reduce their weight.

Here's the comparison:
Before = ~ 979
After = ~ 731

The big change and now that sounds in WAV format are 16bit.
I cut every silence as nearly as possible.

-Cleaning up at the bass level
-Usage of an filtre EQ cut bass.

Notify & Remove
-Just cut the silences

- Gain reduction (volume) and melt opening

If you want me to send you the files, tell me.

I'm talking about the icons bar on the right.
You Fixed it to about what I was saying.

Thank you for the informations.
I'll let you know if anything else happens with my OS.

On the other hand I do not notice and do not understand what it is for the question of improving the translation..

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Indeed, I saw line 204 before when you talked about it.

Then apply like this:

"En": "English (Anglais)",
"Ru": "Русский (Russian)"
"Fr": "French (Français)

After some tests that do not work. (Opening closes directly after launch)
I have isolated each file and found that a missing comma was the cause of the problem.

So I try your own way of doing it.

"En": "English (Anglais)",
"Fr": "Français (French)",
"Ru": "Русский (Russian)"

But is order important?
In short, the main thing is that it was able to launch and display the translation option.

However, once I click above an error is generated.
A problem with the json file.

Testing with the new version 0.5.2
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Hello everyone !

Here is my soundcloud page:
A description is available to know more about me. As well as various links !

Enjoy !

I'm running Windows 10

When I launch the application then I close with the cross it works.
Then if I want to restart with a left click in the tab bar, not. Why?
Only the shortcut command or a simple right click on the icon are possible?

Another strange thing

When I go to the task manager it opens two processes. Is this normal?
Then if I close with the cross and then re-click and/or use shortcut command is others process is added.

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From CoMiGo: the new workflow for Cosmic Everyday v1 is described here.

Hello !

I started to translate your software into French with a new file that will be called vocabularyFr.
I would like to know the procedure to test and see directly the result.
How to do ?

Hi ! This game is great!
I speedrun the levels and I like to take this pleasure.
I follow the project to near :)
Thank you very much and good continuation!