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Nice Aethetic look! one issue i have is the spikes which doesnt look like spoike i thought i could land on them haha

Hello i followed the blackthronprod for the trail effect 

Someone made it to 7min try to beat it haha

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Nice asethetic look your game have! How do i get a 2nd player?

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Nice implementation of the theme! Some of the bugs have already been stated in the comments so i think could have some indication of where the head or also could add some function to tell the player when they do not have monkey anymore!

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Pretty cool concept! I would love to see it turn into some exploring game with some background story!


should be able to!

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pretty cool idea! i think it would be good if i could go back to the tv mode even when  i  dont need to go to the tv

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Hey thanks! didnt want the player to kill the lvl 1 haha but i  intend to add something that could do it! sorry about the animation...

i talking more of like a top down 2d kinda thing!

Thanks for showing me the game and is this your story? Oh it would be cool if i have some indication for the health :) Good job!

This wasn't my first jam but I remember my first jam was so bad.. 
Uploaded a buggy one.. 
All in all, its was a good experience, definitely helps me improving my gamedev!
Anyway, congrats on your first jam! good luck to you in the future :) 


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Cool level design! the double jump seem abit hard to use but probably is just my issue

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i like the idea but its seem like it would be better the enemy dont "lynch" on me when i die

Like the honking sound haha but i think you shouldnt make it full screen as it cut off some parts!

its happen for some browers though hmmm maybe you can try the downloaded one!

ss plsssss

the slime could have some idle animation, or there could be some visual effects like when i pass the level.

yes no worries :)

Hey there!
do you want to take a look at mine?

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Hope you could add a highscore later!

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There seem to be some collision issue and also the floaty jump. Great job nonetheless!

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Love the idea! would wish there would be more visual design!

adding some "penalty" into the game some time later. stay tune ok ^^

hi thanks for the love! the camera movement together with the slash might get a little awkward where yr screen go with the mouse but its slashing with it. not sure if i am explaining it properly but ya haha

music game? hahaha

Rated and commented! love it!