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Hi sorry for the lack of instructions! You suppose to collect pickups at later stage for the K ability!

a cool multi tasking game! maybe be a little more forgiving at the start :)

i enjoy this game! would it be better if you create levels? 

pretty hard at the start but once i get used to it its pretty fun! hope to seee more polish in this!

this feels like a good idea for a game! hope you can develop more!

would like to see more animation for the slime when moving through the elevator! great job!

i played multiple pokemon snap and yours probably one of the hardest XD great job btw

this is a cool take to the theme! quite fun as well! oh the song fit the game too!

nice card game idea! love the mian char who  look like anya from spy family!!!

you polish up this real good! the idea is pretty interesting as well!

nice idea! i think you could add in some explanation for the UIs

pretty fun idea! you could add a radius on the enemies so i could know if i in enemy radar!

the ui are solid! great level of polish!

by adding the reject button added another layer of polish! great job! the speed of the bullet seems too fast but by having a fix level seems to help

interesting game! kinda hard at the start but once i get the hang on it seems pretty creative!

the idea is pretty good but i have to say i not sure if i am being earning points by getting goals on my side! the ai seems pretty hard as well

great job on the game! i would like it if you could allow the replay of each level!

feels like a horror movie for the ghost haha. great job on the backstory!

interesting take on the theme! hope you will continue to work on this!!!

a cool idea! i would lower the jump force just abit! great game nonetheless!

simple and fun! this could easily be a game on the phone so i can play it while i in the toilet hah. congrats guys!

the visual of showing the bullets coming back to the turrets are just a good idea! great job!

i love the art, level design and how this fit the theme! congrats!

#justiceforallshopkeeper! dun let their effort go unnoticed!

yes this is the boss fight i looking for! nice polishing and art!

Never ever i will trust a dog leading me anymore!

wow we are suppose to send in enemies to win a game in TD?  great idea!

i am so sorry i couldnt clear lvl 2 :( but this seems very polished and seems like there is a potential! great job

you did a great job on the polish! and the idea is pretty good as well! great job!!

nice game! the "tutorial" levels seems abit long. the rest is fine! good job!

nice idea you have! hope to see more of it! the ui is kinda off but i think its a easy fix!

creative and simple game! its kinda hard to land the fruits but after i get the hang of it, its pretty satisfying! good job!  

this is a pretty cool concept and there is some potential in it. i  hope you could continue to make it better!

nice art! the floor feels kinda "slippery" not sure if thats your feature but good job!

congrats on making the game that you wanted! 10 minutes a little long and would be good to see some animation on the trainers!

the concept is solid! would love to the polished version of this! adding sounds or even making it into a 2d game! good luck!

I would add a button to allow fast text! great job on the submission!

nice idea you got there! just amazing! 

wow nice concept! feels like you really make a idle rpg out of this! not sure if this suggestion would be good but i thinking if you can allow the player to choose monster to fight! 

a good start to a interesting concept! love to see more levels!