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Hi! I am working on my first game called "Connecting Hearts". It's a 2d endless runner game I made in Godot Game Engine. I recently released its beta version on while I am working on releasing complete game on a completely different website.

Connecting Hearts: it's a 2d endless runner with unique mechanic that "the player and collectables change over time" it's a twist on classic endless  runners of these types.  It's only available for desktop and completely web based.
If you are fan or like to play endless runner games you should check out this game, and please  tell us did you like our trial for a twist on classic game or not.

nice. looks very retro type.

Hi, I am working on my first big game
and here is my first prototype.

Hey everyone, Hi!

I am ONE EDITOR GAMES, working "Journey of life" game.

A game where if you are killed by obstacle, the obstacle will be removed after respawning creating win-win and challenging situation.

If you love 1 bit retro pixel art, I do love that too. I tried to interpret that art in this game. I hope you like it.

The game is originally and currently created in "Global StartupCities Game Jam" but, I will start yo work on it as big game project, other demo will be released soon.

So I wish for everyone's help and support for game, there is game's discord available on main game page.

most of piano type DAWs have horizontal layout.

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Can I shift layout from left to right 

To up to down. 

That would be a lot useful. Most softwares are in up to down layout. It will be helpful for everyone

It had kinda confusing graphics at start, but once you get it. It becomes awesome.


Like what kind of questions

About devs 

Or game

Or personal (things like age, games made ) 

I will try it

Graphics are not most important part of game. They are important. But you don't need only graphics to make everyone play your game. They can be just two colors and be awesome.

NUI community · Replied to DavidPixel in Art

The art really inspired me. Specially the character looked soo0o0 unique.

But is it eligible as entry. I doubt that

The game is amazing dude. Loved it.

The feels amazing because of music. I really loved it.

Yeah it was my first time in 1bit game development. I enjoyed it alot.

Nicely designed levels/puzzles. Interesting to play.

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I just want to tell

There are some games which are so awesome that they have most chance of winning

I guess I got it

This game is ssoooooo awessssoooomeee. The music went very well with playing. Totally loved it dude.