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20 saniye sürmeyeydi iyiydi :D

Very cool game for a Jam.

Jump button doesn't work for too many times. It looks like the game makes me dead by locking my space key :D Anyway, game is over. Visuals are good. Jump feeling is disturbing.

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Too easy when learnt. I cannot die since last 10 minutes. My score goes over 4000 and i'm bored :D Cool music and gfx <3

Oh then maybe it's my fault. Normally second escape key returns to the game.

When i dead, it quits the game. :/ that's weird.

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- Before you post your new level here, be sure about it is not an "unverified" mission, which you can see in the Mission Editor screen's top right corner. To make a mission "Verified", it's enough to play and complete the mission yourself. Making any changes on the mission removes verification, 

- Do not grid-draw or type any sensitive content in Cubenaut Missions.

- You're free to type promotion messages about your own projects or services into a Cubenaut Mission by using "Message To User" module.

- Always start a new topic for any single mission, even you're willing to submit all missions as a single "missions collection".

Omg the tutorial is legendary :D

Cubenaut is a new generation creative puzzle platformer. Fix all modules on space stations by controlling the Cubenaut device.


- Non-repeating puzzle logics. 
- Built-in Level Editor
- Copy/Paste custom levels as an encoded clipboard text
- Configurable game speed

- Movement with  <W>,<A>,<S>,<D> keys, arrow keys or mouse (or touch) drag
- Cubenaut switch with <Q> key
- Use <ESC> key on main menu to show "Exit Game" prompt

- Leaderboards and achievements are not active on Windows platform.

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Don't know why but it's not listed on most recents category. So, i'm here to get some reviews about the project..

Still in development as a unity project...

Algorhythmic lets you use node systems on runtime to create your own audio sequences. And it is going to have conditional nodes to make you able to create algorithmic audio sequnces as you wish.