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i stuck in the 4 rules. worked hard to include all of them to gameplay. but i've surprised that they haven't questioned these rules during submissions.

Are you serious? :S I'm suspicious about that.

Just be patient and look forward for great game mechanics which they be unlocked step-by-step.   Developer really needs feedback about the game to decide to continue development or not?

Actually, I should have shown it in the gameplay, that's my failure too -_-

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Oh man that's a respectable performance :D Thank you very much,

Just sorry about that you didn't read game description which has keyboard shortcuts for WebGL version.


Alright then

Also thank you for warning about "Ideas & Feedback" stuff.  Let me delete this and repost there, could you copy your comment to paste over there?

Oh thats so cool that you spend your time for writing lot, thats very special to me at the moment.
Got your feedback on roadmap for further usage, which some points are only useful maybe in 1-2 months, but other ones  will be appreciated asap.

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Hello friends, i was started building a metroidvania FPS project. Got a first playable prototype at the moment and have a lot of work to do

I would like to hear your thoughts, ideas about anything could be great for a metroidvania fps shooter game.

Also, cooperation requests for development are appreciated !

You can play prototype here:

Saved on Feedbacks list <3 Thanks for your support.

I would be very happy ^^

Would you like play some mindblowing puzzle, i worked really hard on level designs:

What do you think about a Jam for writing a Game Design Document (GDDJam), instead of a game itself, would you like to participate?
Then, we could make a classic gamejam(sprint-like gamedev actually) to develop a prototype (or really juicy stuff) based on gamedocs of first GDDJam  winners.
How it sounds to you?

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Çok şekil süper birşey olmuş sanatına sağlık, devam etmeyi düşünüyor musun?

Score Text'leri çok kuru kalmış, renk & boyut & pozisyon animasyonu vs. ekleyip coşturmak lazım. Font da değişebilir. Onun dışında cidden keyifli. 

Ama zaten anladığım kadarıyla oyundan ziyade daha çok random music generation kafasında birşey.

I look forward for it <3 That's cool.

Amacına ulaşmış :) Bu arada "runtime node editor" kısmını ücretsiz bir asset üzerinden türettim. Eğlenceli kısmı bana kaldı yani.

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yaparsan takipteyim çalarım haberin olsun :) bayılmana sevindim, bu kafada adam bulmak zor

Accepted as "Normal" level

Update Required: Too Easy

Accepted as "Normal" level

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Accepted as "Normal" level.

Update Required: Non-functional object

Test play

Accepted as "Easy" level.

Need something about non-functional object, could you remove it or could you find a way to make it functional?

I recorded my first-play.  First-play is the most important. It looks like your lock-gate doesn't worked as you guessed.

No sound ?

20 saniye sürmeyeydi iyiydi :D

Very cool game for a Jam.

Jump button doesn't work for too many times. It looks like the game makes me dead by locking my space key :D Anyway, game is over. Visuals are good. Jump feeling is disturbing.

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Too easy when learnt. I cannot die since last 10 minutes. My score goes over 4000 and i'm bored :D Cool music and gfx <3

Oh then maybe it's my fault. Normally second escape key returns to the game.