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Looking for any and all games to play

A topic by Grimbag created Jul 26, 2020 Views: 1,963 Replies: 164
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Hello, I am a new youtuber (shocker haha) looking for games to play. I am namely looking for new games and such that may not have much publicity to test it out for my channel. I also, however, will test play games for people in a private video or just leave comments if they feel the game is not ready for youtube vids, because let us face it, not all games are in a fully playable state, and will gladly leave comments as well! Lemme know something! I am not for advertising in comments so if you wanna know the channel, check my profile out =p also i will link my discord if you have individual comments, requests, or just wanna chat!

Hey Grimbag,  could you make video about this!

Here is download key:
(There is more keys on Play My Game section in case this is taken)


Sure! I will check it out after work tonight =D

Any chance of getting new video? :D
Just added new update yesterday. You could still try elite mod or other characters.


but of course mah cactus friend!

Hey Grimbag!

I'm working on an action RPG, got a Demo/Test version, i'm always looking for feedback & visibility :)

Sounds like a plan =D Will check it out after mah work =p hopefully play it tonight!

I tried the game out, but once the fighting started it had an error and crashed D= which is a shame because it looked very interesting.Any ideas on how to fix it? Might be on my end

Hey Grimbag!

Thank you for your intersest, I'm very sorry about the crash. I published a fix adressing this issue, may be you did not have the last version?


Maybe, I'll try to redownload it and record it again tomorrow then =D

Thanks :)

Sorry for the trouble. 

Also, do you know ItchApp? Using it will only download the changed files, saving the trouble to re-download the whole 1.32Gb.

Hello! Look my game - GALA. It is like space invaders, simple arcade. It is not hard.   ITCHIO link


Not hard? Up my alley haha! Sounds good =p ill check it out tonight hopefully =D


Thanks for playing my game)))))))))))

Thanks for making it =D love playing these kinds of games =)

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Hi, thank you for doing this! Here's a link to my demo if your're interested:

Certainly, i have a few games in the backburner, but think i can make it in the next day or so =D


Thanks for offering! I wouldn't mind getting some feedback on my game, Village Valley. It's free at the moment, so you can claim it and play it when you want. I don't mind if you turn it into a Youtube video :) , just tell me if you do (by here or by Discord, linked it on my profile) so I can watch the video!


Sure sure =D have a few games to hit first but think i can manage it within a day or 2 =P

Were you able to get the game before the sale ended?


Yah I have yours in the back burner atm. Yours looks like it may take a bit more time than a 30 min recording to give a bit of a test haha. Knocking some of the shorter games out of the way first yours is coming up soon =D thanks for letting me know the sale was on =D looking forward to trying out the game!

Great then :) I was just wondering if there was a problem with it. It is indeed in a released state so it's longer than a demo. Feel free to test the other games first, I'll wait :)


hey check out the demo of my 2D action platformer game "Citadel Stormer 2". 


Sure sure! Will definitely check it out in the next day or so, got some games in the back burner, but yah will do!

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Hi, thanks for posting this.  Would you mind playing my Horror game demo Autumn's Change?  

Here's the link, if you're interested: 

Oh and I don't mind you making a Youtube video at all. 

sounds like a plan :p love me a horror game

Would have loved to make a video on it, and plan on it when it is a bit more polished. My main issues were the rooms, I had a few issues with navigation here and there. The vampire guy also appeared a couple times and did the scene in the bedroom on more than one occasion, and at the end the words in the room with the last guy, most of it I couldn't read due to the black wording and room lighting. It does look promising though and am going to follow for sure! But going to wait to make a vid till it is more polished, would hate to make a video and deter people from a game you want published before it is ready =p i look forward to it though and as said, following ya =D


Hi, thank you for letting me know and thank you for playing my game.  I've had other people play test my game and I noticed the issues you mentioned in their videos.  I'm glad you think my game looks promising, though.  

When my laptop gets back from the shop (which will hopefully be soon), I'll have to remind myself of how much I fixed of the game already and what still needs to be done.  I don't remember fixing the bedroom scene issue, but I have thought of an interesting way to fix it.  

Thank you for the follow.

I wasn't sure if you had seen my Devlog or not, so I thought I'd post something here.  My laptop is now back and I went and changed it so that the first scene didn't happen twice, the words in the last room are a lot easier to read and changed the couple of room navigation issues.  There's also a couple other little changes.  In anycase, the game is now no longer a demo.  Even though it is the full version, though, if you still run into something, like still not being able to read something, let me know.


Oh and here's a download key for my game.  If it doesn't work, let me know.

yah sorry haha have so many games ive been hitting xD this one is next prolly tonight :D shall be done :)

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It's ok.  I understand.  Thank you for letting me know.  I'll look for the video.  Oh and, just to let you know, I've started working on part 2.  That's going to be released as it's own seperate thing.  When I upload the demo for that, I'll let you know.

sounds like a plan :D

If you like RPGs I'd be happy to get you a copy of Paladin Dream!


rpgs are some of my favorite games. Got stuff in the burner but yes ill hit it :)

My game isn't too great but I personally think it is really addictive. All you have to do to play it is use the mouse. I am also sorta a youtuber that has been around for like a year now. My game is free.

(p.s. the background graphics get better as the game goes on)


I'm sure your game is fine and would be glad to give it a go :) I'm off work today so probably going to power through the games tonight

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Loved the game, had quite a bit of fun with it =P would have loved to make a vid on it, but due to the nature of how lengthy the game screen was I couldnt get a good video on it recorded D= always love those simple tower defense games though =) definitely following =D


Thanks for giving it a try. I checked out your channel. Very cool


Lol thanks! Just a small channel, just a small hobby for now, having loads of fun with it!


I've done a DVD game once. Guess I'll do it again just for fun. That might be different enough.

hey sounds like a plan do what makes ya happy :p will follow just in case ya do and keep an eye out!


So, yea, I've re-do the thing and put it in a jam, so the download is available at
feel free to check it out if you want, any critics is appreciated. 

it shall be done =D look forward to it!


This demo of my top-down shooter is about to be replaced by a newer one, but I'd still appreciate any feedback just the same. 



hey, would still love to give it a go consider it done!


I'm going to wait on the newer one, loved the game but had a few glitches happen during gameplay. The enemies would sometimes entirely disappear and the boss wouldnt even show up on occasions . Do plan on a video but going to follow and wait on it to be polished a tad more =p had fun with it though for sure!

Thanks, I appreciate you trying it out!


Hello! My game is Hole Punch, it's an action game where you cut holes in the environment to take out enemies.
Let me know if you check it out, I'd love to see your playthrough!

Ooohhh looks intriguing! Ima give it a try


This was my entry for mini jam: neon and gmtk:


Looks interesting, will definitely give it a try =D


Hello my dude, I just subscribed to your channel. I don't think any of my games is youtubable yet, I'm a begginer, but I would love some feedback if you want to. I will also let you know when I have a more polished game :D


sure man and thanks for the subscribe! Ima go ahead and follow ya and check it out!

Hi again! I uploaded a game to the "I can't write but want to tell a story" gamejam I think its pretty funny and people seemed to like it. I would love it if you played it in your channel! Only if you want of course. here's the link:

Thanks again!


Sounds good! I will hit that one prolly tomorrow and give it a looksee =D

Hola. me gustaría que jugaras mi juego , si estas interesado aquí esta el enlace :


Hello! I just released a major update for my game, Direct Ascent. Would you consider playing and reviewing it? Thanks!


most certainly shall :) and look forward to it :D

Thanks! Could you provide a link to your youtube channel?


Sure sure, it be


Halp ; ; I loaded the game and this is all i get D= I wanna try it, looks interesting. I have tried maximizing and making it smaller, even dragging the boarders around and it wont lemme see more >< any ideas? x.x

Sorry, it's a bit glitchy on that part. Left me work on a hotfix for that by just making the default screen size smaller. Sorry! (just about everyone gets this problem)


Hahaha its ok =P just leave another reply when there is something would love to give it a try =D

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Here's the link for something that should fix it; it's a WeTransfer link because I didn't want to bother with a fully-fledged release :). Link:


Also, I have an idea for the thumbnail of the video, feel free to use it or not use it:


oohhh I like it I may do that in the future to. I'ma try it again tonight :)

Hey! I make arcade styled games! Maybe you could check them out?

Sure I'll check it out!

If there are any issues with the games, please let us know. We welcome all feedback.


Please Play My Game Running Simulator!

Note: It a Demo And The Game Is Easy To Beat In The It Will be Harder

I will certainly give it a go =) cant wait!

Thank You!


My game is not much, its a candy collection game but I really appreciate if you try.

Not much can be some of the best and addicting games =P give yourself more credit than that! Will certainly give it a try and cannot wait =)

Thank you!


reply (putting this here so I can paste the link when I finish the game)

ima also follow ya and keep an eye out :)

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Hello Grimbag!

I would like you to review my game! It's my first game, and it's only a demo, but feedback is greatly appreciated!

I'm fine with you making a video about the game!

Thank you!


Loved it and left a vid on it =D keep up the work!


I saw in the video, you asked if your ATK and DEF not going up was a bug, but that is not the case. What the level up system does is divide the level by 2 (except for level 1) and then rounding down. At level 4, your ATK and DEF should both be 2. However, watching your video, I noticed 2 bugs, those being the player battle effects showing the player, and also that the DEF started at zero. I will make a manual for the game, do not worry. Also, CRT increases every 5 levels. Thanks for playing my game!


ah neat did not know that. Though i missed it glad my vid showed a bug for ya xD

Deleted 152 days ago
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Guess what! The GBC version is here!! Also, you might want to beat the game and see the very end! (hint hint wink wink)

shall does :D

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hey there Grimbag

would you mind to play my game

there are many of them and you can play whichever one you like also just give your youtube channel's link

Time Pass

Rewind Sandbox

Pilot mania

Flappy Cafe

you can play whichever game you like 

if there is any feedback or suggestion pls let me know!

(I am not telling to play every game but these are a list of choices you can choose from)



Not telling me to huh? well, i take that AS A CHALLENGE >=D IT SHALL BE DONE ANYWAYS mwahaha

Seeing as it is multiple browser games I will probably hit all of them in one vid =p

ok yes thank you

But also you can download them too

And can you give the link of your channel too 


Happy to oblige =D

Hey there 

Thanks for playing my games 

I saw the vid and left a comment 

Also I am working on another game and will notify you when it's ready

Thanks :D


We made a little game that won "Best Narrative" at Norwegian game awards, so we decided to make it public! It's the first game we've ever made and we were limited to eight weeks, so feel free to throw all the critique at us that you can think of!

If you'd like to play it, you can find it here:

shall give it a go and following for sure :)




Hello! If you like horror games and an intense boss fight, give my demo a go. the full game is being developed and is currently wishlisted on steam too! Thank you.


sounds interesting :D I'll give it a go and a folloe for sure!!!


Thank you my friend! :)


always happy to oblige :D


Hey! I'm actually looking to get more feedback on what i do in general so it would be great if you could share your idea's. Most of my projects are just small/ conceptual games. I do want to pick one and really make that one into a (small) full game or app starting next week or pick one i never shared. So comments on anything would be great, but mainly for now on these :)


I will definitely check em out =D

I'm not sure what are you pretending, I only hope you have a good time playing my games.


Pretending? Not sure what you're referring to, I do enjoy playing all of these games and love to communicate with people and see what people are capable of creating. I will gladly give your games a try and know I am not pretending =P


Yes, maybe I have choosen a mistaken word. By pretend I meant your aim in a good way. But not calling you an impostor.


ah i see and can understand your skeptisism, after all i am a random person on the internet you just met xD all i can say is I do have good intentions and will gladly play your games :) and look forward to em!

Good trip!


This is still in rough shape, but I'm happy to have you take a look at it:


Rough shape? Well everything starts from somewhere! Rough shape can turn into quite the gem =D i will gladly do it

Thank you.  I can make the graphics less flat and more interesting.  That's the easy part.  The bigger issue, in my opinion, is that the game play is too simple.  I need to come up with a way to diversify the viable strategies.

I don't know if you ever had a moment to give Pandemic Puzzle a try, but I've made some significant upgrades in the last month.  I added some game play improvements, some graphical polish, and fixed all known bugs.

Holy mess I missed that one. Sorry just have so many requests i need a reminder here n there I'll try it soon xD


Play Mine too it is a rage game:

ooohhh noooo i hate rage games....I SHALL PLAY >:D (do not actually hate rage games i just rage hard xD)


rage hard and destroy your device and burn your house

; _ ;


Hi Grimbag! Just looked at your channel and already subscribed :P

I recently published a pixelated fantasy RPG demo which lasts for around 15 minutes, if you think it's ok, you can play it in your video!

Keep up the great work!

would love to check it out :) and thank you so much for the support!!! This post in itchio was the best decision for my channel i have made :D I have some games to go through but yours is definitely on mah list :D

Thank you so much :DDD

I will be waiting for your video!


Would you like play some mindblowing puzzle, i worked really hard on level designs:


I would love to give it a looksee :D

I would be very happy ^^

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Hi Grimbag,

Just wanted to write a quick post and see if you'd be interested in playing my game remake demo for Dissolving floor.  It's a game where you move a rectangle to collect orange blocks.  The thing is, though, part of the level is invisible.

The game is almost done, but I'm looking for some feedback on the amount of time it takes to go to the Level Complete screen, whether or not all the solid blocks should be invisible or if it's not a big deal if a few of them aren't, and whether or not the levels are too difficult.  

If you're interested, the link is  

Sure would be glad to =)

Ok, great.  Glad to hear it.


Made PicsX4 hope ya'll try it out thanks -


With pleasure =D


Retro Combat :)

dont mind if i do :D

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hey there grimbag

hope you remember me

you played my game timePass and the other ones and it was super fun to watch

i am here to tell that my new game Numbaz is out. if you wish you can play the game and record it.

heres the description


The numbers decide your fate

by the way this game has bunch of mini games inside it which tell you about their things or special things in a form of a mini game

currently the game is released but there will be more levels coming soon as there are a bit less 

but until then feel free to check the games out and also dont forget to give feedback and suggestions. 

if its laggy in browser then download and play

thanks :D

sure will gladly give it a go. Also soon that shouldnt be an issue got a new laptop coming in next week for my channel :)


Hi there! Congrats on your youtube channel! 

Would you like to play a puzzle RPG game? 

You can take a look at mine :) Feel free to leave any feedbacks too!

puzzles arent mah strong suit but would love to give it a go xD

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Hello we meet again

(your choice u want to record)

but this is a game jam game which i created under a day and sorry there is no browser (maybe in future)

but the description is

This is a game which teaches you a very beautiful lesson through adventure

if you think the game is not polished then u might be right because this was a game jam game created under one day (Extra credits game jam 2020) even though this was 3 days i made it under 1 day because i had some other work too.

if you find bugs or anything like that then feel free to tell me

link to play : here

i hope you like it

have fun 


I'll play and record it and make a decision after the vid is made :p it looks like i can make one though ! Love game jam games :p

Thanks a lot.

This game was made under one day for the extra credits game jam 2020 

It would be really great if you make a vid



hey Grimbag 

Check out my game!

Aww So cube

This isn't a good game i know but someone's feedback will be helpful

Hey dont say that i am sure it is fine =P i would love to check it out!

haha thanx for your kindness 

But since it was my first game it is really bad

If you don't want to you don't have to check it out 

Currently i am working on a new game 

Its still in beta but i will send it to you after 1 hour


Hold My Tower

Hey the game is up in beta!

Please don't play that previous game

Its embarrassingly bad😅

Hahaha ok will do xD


Hi, Grimbag (cool name btw). May I help you to find new games to play? Bet I can!

I'm always excited to get video reviews and/or LPs. I made a strategy collection and a shortgame collection. My most recent games are Trapped (short dungeon crawler) and Port Traventor (RPG meets citybuilder). 

Here's my game collection. Pick whatever you like.


Will check it out tonight! =D

Uploading Trapper....port traveler seems a tad long, buuut I am looking for a parter series, so...maaybe ima look into it =D or even a livestream of it? idk im still an amateur at this. We shall see but plan on playing the second one in some way

Hi Grimbag,

If you are interested in Android games, my new strategy game is for you : Environment Inc.. The principle is to save the Earth: you will take control of an ecological transition operation.

I'm looking for testing/ feedbacks of my game to improve it. I would enjoy see a video of you!

Hope you will enjoy my game!

I would love to but unfortunately i have no phone for recordings and all that D=


if you want, the game works perfectly in emulators like BlueStacks. If you can't or don't want, no problems!

Continue creating amazing videos!

BlueStacks? thats new to me ima look it up and see what I can do


Hope your fine.

Did you tried BlueStacks? Can you make a video on my game or not?


Hi grimbag, I only want to tell you that I really loved your gameplay. And thanks for the pre-order, you are the very first one. 


Oh it isn't a problem! Loved the game =D would love to help spread the word on the game, ima spread the game in a few locations =) I again hope to see it in full and plan on making videos of the whole game. Hope for the best


Got your game posted on some facebook gaming groups and people who are gonna give it a go. Not promising a pre-order but they are definitely gonna give it a try and spread the word =)


Very thanks, you're breathtaking.

The best gaming memes of the decade




Hi Grimbag! 

Can you please make a video of my game? I wish to know what do you think!

Recently has been updated to 1.1.0 version and is available on English and Spanish.


Sure would love to =D

Thank you! ಥ⌣ಥ ♥


Hello there, my game is called Eternal Warfare. It is a turn-based strategy game inspired by Advance Wars series, including stuff like base building, resource extraction and tech tree.

You can play it both multiplayer or single player campaign.


Ooooohhhh I loved the Advanced War games!!! you best believe ima look at it!!!


I'd be honored if you would bestow my game Foxes and Cows a video, however be aware that this game is a hard logic puzzle, so you might want to keep a pen and paper nearby.

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Hello Grimbag, We have a rage game for you to play

Hey! if you'd like, check out my game Night Night Sunshine

It's a fairly short play about a young man named Rubadex and his weird friends who try and solve the mystery surrounding an alleged hole in the sky. 

The game's filled with an odd cast, bizarre creatures and is based off my personal dream journal entires

hey there, we meet again, would you like to play my game Dream Ception. This was made for the unexpected game jam and there are some twists even though the game is small

Download the game if browser is laggy


a sequel may come soon

Have fun :D

I believe our newly released game would make decent content. 

Its called Wolf City:

Hi I am a solodev from Germany and I am working on a Deckbuilding, Hack&Slash, Roguelike called School of Magic. I recently released the demo version of the game and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. You can download it on itch or on steam, whatever you prefer. Looking forward to watching the video :)


Hey! I would love if you could check out my mini horror maze game.

If you want to look at the lore it's on the main game page, here's the link!

The Trapped Princess

Hi Grimbag,

I am a solo developer and just released the free demo of my second game a few days ago. It is called Alien Road, a short, 3D horror game that is fun to play. I saw your YouTube channel and subscribed.

Feedback will be appreciated.

Here is the link:

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Hey Grimbag!

I'm organizing DoubleTrouble Contest! Play ShootOutfor a chance to win 20$ worth of product(s) on!

All details here : DoubleTrouble Contest!

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