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Hi great video glad you enjoyed the game. For the content creator thing you should now be enabled, so people can compare you to other's in the Highscores and once they added as a friend they be able to select you as a ghost in the drop-down menu. For your information there are 5 challenges total and 4 of them are beat the dev, looking forward to see you try 😂

Hi to all of you,

my name is Nikolas Crisci and I am a solo developer from Würzburg Germany. I already created a demo version of Will Glow the Wisp here quite a while ago and now I decided to also make the full version available. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


You are trapped in a prison and only your skill and determination can help you escape. Will you prevail or will you be defeated? Will Glow the Wisp mixes Super Meat Boy, Geometry Wars and Enter the Gungeon, which results in an unforgettable and unique experience.

A Youtuber reaction video of


Thanks good luck with your channel :)

Hi we just watched the video and it was really entertaining :) Do you still think the demo is too short?

Thanks for the kind words. I will watch the video today in the evening with my wife and give you some feedback :)

Hi my name is Nikolas Crisci and I just released a demo of my game "Will Glow the Wisp" here on itch.  The game is a melee based bullet hell platformer without platforms. It is hard to explaint, thats why I suggest that you try it yourself. If you have any feedback feel free to tell me :)