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I would not go over semantics in this discussion, stealing is fine if you look at it this way. I am not sure if it applies, but courts will decide that. 

All that said this will not change anything at all, even if the courts decide midjourney can not use public available images without consent (unlike in japan), all that happens is that a company with way more money way bigger (google, microsoft...) will buy rights to enough images to just train their model (in addition to cc0 art). At which point we are right back where we are right now. I honestly have a different view then you (stealing vs not stealing), but in the grant scheme of things it just does not matter. These generators are here, maybe its not midjourney, maybe it will be open ai with microsoft money who trainst their next dalle with just images where they have the right to. It will come and it wont be stopped, maybe slowed down a little.

When it comes to creativity, I always smile when people bring these arguments. Because what is creative the skill of being able to draw or deciding on what to draw? Or is the skill to translate the language into a picture?If it is the skill of drawing a printer is creative if it is deciding what to draw the user of an AI image generator is creative. If it is the translation of language into a picture it would be the AI generator itself. But once again I am not sure whats the point of the discussion, I think there will always be a place for human drawings, just way more niche then it will be and there will be alot of uses for AI art as well. I also dont think the the skills are the same or if we need to discuss about whats creative and whats not.  I think the hostility against AI art usually has nothing to do with any of the things I mentioned above, it is because people love that they can paint for money and they dont want to lose the opporturnity and I completly understand and feel with you. The sad truth is that automation doesnt care about if people like the job or not and we have to somehow deal with that.

For me I am using art from asset packs right now for my game, it certainly does not make a difference if I am using AI art and pay a small tech startup or I am paying a small art company providing these art assets. It is just different people getting payed, maybe you dont like the company I am paying, but who says that the art company is any better?

So my question to you is, if I would use AI that only used cc0 images or images where it has the rights to do it, would it really make a differnce for you. (Like let's say adobe firefly)

And bonus question do you also feel the same way about my game if I continue to use premade assets?

Well you never know ;)

Sry somewhow your comment was lost did you clean the cache and tried it or just reinstalled?

Hi I only know this issue only from Windows and your saves are somewhow corrupted I think. Try clearing the cache and data of the App (or just reinstall). I think I read a device id on Android then your progress will be vack, If not your Progress would be lost I am sorry.

Sometimes I come across a game where I wish I had come up with the idea, this was one of those kudos for the design. I wonder why you didn't release the game on steam, it would work there as well I am confident

Hi, my name is Nikolas Crisci and I am a solo dev from Würzburg Germany (part time). I just submitted my first Compo entry and I would love if you could give me feedback. The game is a weird puzzle game, where you have to solve puzzles mostly outside the game itself.


Itch Page

LD Page

You Can Not Start This Game | | Ludum Dare game jam

I am looking forward to any feedback, it proved to be quite difficult and I needed to cut some puzzles to make it in time.

Regards Niki

To make the game work you need to go into the options menu and select English as the language (not default), then you return to the main menu and start the game.

Ah ok thanks. I saw that you accepted my friend request. I will get in touch tomorrow ;)

Btw I just send you a friend request of discord I am KeySam | PartTimeIndie

Hmm I will need to check (I guess you mean in the deckeditor right?)

Hi thanks for the detailed feedback.

- Keybindings is on the todo list, but not yet implemented

- Yea I think I might need to make the cutscene a little clearer

- I already thought about changes pre game, I first wanted to create more spells to get an better overview of the impact such a thing would have. 

I also wanted to mention that maybe you got a bit lucky in the first run, I guess you got the storm totem (its legendary). But I will take a look at it again, I changed quite a bunch around it, which might have bumped its powerlevel. 

Thanks again for the feedback it helps me alot.

Regards Niki

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Hi did you play the new version from today or the older version. Because I did quite some changes espacally to health and stuff for the current version. Its always hard for me to know how to balance the game but I am sure it needs more balancing. I will take a look at the skills you mentioned. Thanks for your feedback.

P.s.: about the performance it is probably the lightning system, but I need to work on that as well.


thanks glad you like it

Finally found the time to watch the video, I had a blast watching it. Btw you can tab to drink a potion and use the scroll wheel to zoom the map, I guess I need to make that stuff clearer.

Thanks alot, I did not have time to watch the video yet, but I will later today. I am looking forward to what you have to say.

Thanks for the feedback and I like your videos. I guess I have to check to get the levels somewhat shorter, you are not the first one who thinks the first level is a little long. 

Thanks for the offer I would love if you could help me out with the translation. I just looked but I have no idea how I can pm you here. 

School of Magic

School of Magic is a Hack and Slay Roguelike game with a deckbuilding leveling system. Combine spells, face reckless creatures and make wise choices on the way to passing the entrance exam of the School of Magic.

General Information
My name is Nikolas Crisci and I am a part time solodeveloper from Germany. This is my second PC game and I would love to get some feedback on it. I recently released the demo of the game and it should give a pretty good impression of what the game is about. I am hoping to be able to improve the final game from the feedback I receive so please be honest, this will help me the most. You can play the game on itch or on steam wherever you prefer playing.

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School of Magic

Hi I am a solodev from Germany and I am working on a Deckbuilding, Hack&Slash, Roguelike called School of Magic. I recently released the demo version of the game and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. You can download it on itch or on steam, whatever you prefer. Looking forward to watching the video :)

I am sorry getting Steam keys in masses was not possible for me in the timeframe. But you can add the game to steam if you have installed it locally.

Hi I found your game via reddit and I did not play it for to long, I just had a quick look. Here is some feedback:

Make your "cutscene" at the beginning and if there are any more skipable.

Give the player an indicator that he is in a cutscene at the beginning I thought my controls where not working.

Reduce the delay before the characters talk in the cutscene and redude the total time of the cutscene if possible.

If you are making cutscenes like this try to make it feel more natural. All your characters are talking to themselves, it feels weird.

The controls are to stiff and there is no difference between being in the air and on the ground.

Make your tutorial text to show the complete thing on enter and then skip on a second enter, also think about reducing the time to show the text. Its fine if the text is there to fast we need to press enter anyway to continue.

Give the player more time to jump even after they technically did leave the platform they are standing on. I had fallen to my death more than once, although I could have sworn I did press the jump button at the right time.

If you are dying because you are falling into the "void" you are falling to long, make the respawn happen quicker.

I know you used kenneys assets, but try to add some effects (e.g.: Particle effects) or something, for a better feeling.

I hope this will help you. I guess you programmed everything yourself which I think is quite an acomplishment. I would suggest to use a finished engine, it will make your life easier, but if you prefer to do everything yourself that is fine as well.

Good luck to you.

Hi great video glad you enjoyed the game. For the content creator thing you should now be enabled, so people can compare you to other's in the Highscores and once they added as a friend they be able to select you as a ghost in the drop-down menu. For your information there are 5 challenges total and 4 of them are beat the dev, looking forward to see you try 😂

Hi to all of you,

my name is Nikolas Crisci and I am a solo developer from Würzburg Germany. I already created a demo version of Will Glow the Wisp here quite a while ago and now I decided to also make the full version available. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


You are trapped in a prison and only your skill and determination can help you escape. Will you prevail or will you be defeated? Will Glow the Wisp mixes Super Meat Boy, Geometry Wars and Enter the Gungeon, which results in an unforgettable and unique experience.

A Youtuber reaction video of


Hi my name is Nikolas Crisci and I just released a demo of my game "Will Glow the Wisp" here on itch.  The game is a melee based bullet hell platformer without platforms. It is hard to explaint, thats why I suggest that you try it yourself. If you have any feedback feel free to tell me :)