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What a fun yet extremely disturbing comment!

RIP fellow Chromebook gang :(

A dating sim for an October game jam?  Nah, it'll be fine! I'm SURE nothing bad will happen!

Yeah I was thinking about putting a jumpscare at the end.

gg 151! I really though it was gonna jump scare me...

I think that I could save about 1.5 on level 1 after getting stuck on the car and chocking on the lest level

Nice! I really like the gameplay and the art looks amazing!

I did a speedrun of it!

when the flower in the background grows then the game is over (you have to collect one more though idk why)

or you can use this and enter this code into it 417862887

no real way to download it but I can put in a downloadable HTML file

Thanks! it's not supposed to be a full game, I was just testing "non euclidean space" in scratch.

Thanks! I'm going to make an update with an easy mode and the fireball falling down at the player's x position.

also I can't read the notes

can't get in the top right room

best is 86 after 2 tries. if the player is staying in one spot, try spawning cars in front of them.

yeah it's over i just didn't make a thumbnai

thanks that jump to the stairs is way too hard

it's a bad time but that trick is pixel perfect I think

made a menu screen

made the restart button 

did i win?