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My idea was/ is way to complex to get done in time... Could still be fun if you're up for it after the jam. I do want to complete my project as a prototype regardless of the jam. Its basicly a workerplacement/ battle dice digital boardgame so it has a lot of UI/UX chanlanges :) but will need some more time to get things done, has been a busy week

Sounds cool! Its a bit early for me right now just completed paper playtesting. Will add you on discord in a few days and see if you like my game, if thats oke :)

Thanks for the feedback, i was completly out of time to build tutorial levels or more then one level.. hope you had more luck with your game will check it out soon!

I was completely out of time so didn't have much time for proper tutorial levels or any real level accept 1.. bit sad...  But thanks for the feedback :D

Thank you so much!

Hey! i would love to have a talk with you about my game. its a 2.5D story driven platformer about having a burnout due to stress. I'm batteleing a bit with some game design things and i would love someone to help out and build levels/ puzzles especialy the puzzles would be best to be programmed and some help with a better character controller or enemy movement would be great too! I will add you on discord, but please remind me who you are since i'm also talink to some other new people and its hard to take track who is who ;)

Dude! your stuff is great! I am working on a short story driven platformer (portfolio project) with a joyfull happy character in a dark/ depressing story about stress and burnouts. I would love to talk to you about it, but the game is not in any state yet to put you to good use. It will be written by 2 co-writers (dialogues and stories) + input from psychologists if it all makes sense from a medical standpoint and the story is inspired by my own experience with a burnout many years ago.

I would love to add you to my contact list to talk about the project in lets say 4 months if your interested. I have a prototype online here: (i'm testing some other player characters ideas, so there will be an updated prototype when done testing in 1/2 weeks)


Hey! I'm looking for a Co-writer to my other writer for a short story driven platformer game about stress and burnouts. It will start of light and with a joy full character but eventually the story will get very dark and depressing. When the story and final game-play is a bit more clear i will be contacting some psychologists to check if the in game and story things make sense and to maybe join the team too :)
I will add you on discord mine is: MarcM#7881

Hmm, cant seem to find or message you on discord :(

Wow very cool this is perfect for the story driven  game project about stress I'm working on. Looking for a dark/ raw illustration style for an intro and some cut-scenes with 2D animated stills in layers that move (mostly 2 or 3 image with layers, so not a ton of images).  I will Add you on Discord for sure i'm MarcM#7881

Looks interesting! I'm building a team for a short story driven plat former (portfolio project)  about stress and burnouts. The style I'm looking for is a bit more  dark/ raw but from the looks of it if you don't polish your work and make it a bit more it could look like this for sure!

It would be for an intro/ some cut-scenes with 2D animated stills in layers that move (mostly 2 or 3 image with layers, so not a ton of images).

Let me know if you want talk! I'm available over email or use discord whatever you want.

Sending you an email right now! I need some help with my game prototype, have some things I'm not 100% sure about and a second look or someone to bounce idea off too would be amazing :D

you should pick the projects you like for sure!Good luck to you!

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I'm making a small game about stress and having a burnout. I want to setup a small team and create at first a cool demo and try to get funding for this game trough mental health organizations or a new funding opportunity using blockchain funding. In case funding is not possible the game will still happen!

[Level Designer}
The game state right now is still as a prototype i would love to work with a level designer to see what mechanics to keep or alter and when to introduce new abilities to the player. Also including learning how to play trough game-play. As a designer i would love you to make cool platforming levels and small puzzles with the mechanics and enemies provided.

The game will have 2 story-lines since its taking place inside the mind of someone in a burnout (inspired by my personal story from years ago). I will write the burnout story what will be turned into a fragmented story throughout the game with 2D graphics with sound, voice-overs and text. The story inside the mind is about a jolly character that has to rebuild itself in a strange world without memory. Using triggered dialogue (voice-over) throughout the game.

Overall its a hobby projects but it will be completed and taken seriously by me. Personally its the next step to learn as a developer/ programmer and to build a solid portfolio with a cool story driven atmospheric game :)

You can contact me here or over discord " MarcM#7881 " and more down the line i want to add a few more people to the team :D 

hey! I;m looking for people to form a team with :)
Currently looking for a level designer but also one who can guide the player trough the mechanics/ controls trough gameplay and create puzzles.
Also some help with the (core) game design would be nice. I do have a sollide idea of the end game and machanics but it should be fun too ;) would love to talk to you about it! have added you on discord MarcM#7881

What about comedy dialog from a character talking to itself?

I'm looking for a level designer with own ideas and feedback about the core game machanics, and some extra understanding in unity/ C# would be perfect! Will send you a message on discord right now :)

This would be amazing! I'm making a demo for a small story driven 2.5D platformer right now, but will be looking for a small team very very soon. And since i go for a minimalism/ poly artstyle this could be great! I would need models of; tv's, phones, laptops, 3D words, books and other simple items like this, to function as enemies and game components sure you can make those :D

if you still looking this is my discord: MarcM#7881

gamepage ->

i guess you played the whole game already but since i found it very cool what you did if you ever want the final phone or download version for free let me know :)

yes that sounds great! i will add you on discord

I have send you an email but i'm not sure you got it by now?

Hi! That sounds great! I did not start working on this with anyone yet + i would not mind to have more then one level designer anyway :)

Do you have any projects you can maybe share just to see what you have done?

But keep in mind, everything is still in a prototype stage so it works but not  yet super perfectly and i want to start out with grey-boxing so the levels can just look super basic in the art department but feel free to add some colors/ lighting to give it a general feel would be fine :) 

My plan is to have a demo level done at the end of next week with all the level items/ enemies, i also want to create some boss battles but those will be more complex with new code so i want to wait with those for now.

What would be a good way for you to communicate on this for you?

Sorry i have no idea what your saying,  google shows its in Portuguese  but to does not make any sense what google translate makes of your text :(

Hi! Sounds great! Do you have any work to show by any chance? As stated before its alright if your not super experienced but some basic knowledge of unity would help ;) i still have a few things to design/ write first. Do you know your way around the unity scene editor a bit since you just started?

I want  levels that are easy at there base, but have collectables that are harder to get too and when speedrunning the level or when having all the abilities have even more challenges hidden in them. Making the levels repayable, but on the first play-trough add story/ lore elements/ puzzles (a button that opens a door, but when opened stays open even in replays).

But first just grey-boxing, story/ lore will come later ;)

love to hear back from you :D

You couldn't get assets? In case you need assets the unity asset store is full of free stuff :)
For me its oke if you do not have a lot of experiance but it sounds you really just stated and im worried you would run into problems with my game. So maybe do some more tutorials first  and contact me again in like 3 montsh or something and then we can surly give it a try :D

Hey! is there anything you can show me made with unity or other software? I'm currently setting up one basic level with all the game elements in it. And I'm making a clear folder structure with prefabs so its easy for a level dev. to build the level with those components so a ton of experience in unity is not really a must so that perfect then :) but i still would love see something ;)

This is so cool! Thank you! The phone version on the other hand is a bit newer then the browser one. I will update it soon when the iso version is live ;) but the game stays mostly the same just works better i'm going to watch the video just wanted to reply first :)

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Hey there!

For my new project I would love to work with a level designer. The project is still in the prototype phase testing out mechanics but the basis of the game is clear! I want to focus on all the mechanics, enemies, level objects and would love to work with a level designer who is willing to build the levels (grey-boxing) using these objects and with the option to request(or make) more elements if needed. I want to start with grey-boxing and at a later stage add the theme/mood/props/... myself but I'm open to collaborate on this!

Game-Concept in Short:

Your a collection of cubes that can be rebuild in game for puzzle/ platform purposes.
Trough-out the world cubes will stick to your body, some are permanent other can be shot away as bullets that also stick to walls. Some of these cubes are (temperately) abilities, boosts your stats or lower them, until you shoot them away again (or not). Next to cubes that lower your stats (so you can't make a jump for instance) there are enemies and level objects that hurt you.

It will be a smaller game with several levels/worlds. Each world will focus on 1 new ability and can be replayed as speed-run's or when you have all the abilities there will be places you could not reach before.


The 2D / Cinematic designer is working out a story. But it will center around rebuilding yourself after a traumatic event. The story takes place inside the head of this person by a cube character that's a bit clueless/ funny as contrast to the dark back story.

Already onboard (3):

- Game-designer/ Programmer
- Sound designer / Music Composer
- 2D art / Story

Limb for Limb (prototype 2.0)

Just send you an invite too :) MarcM#7881 and have a message with a project question ready to send ;)

looks cool nice stuff :D would be great to work together on something for sure. what would be a good place to contact you on?

Sadly the game does not run on my very new macbook and very old mac. They both don't want to start the game :( its probably an issue on my side, not sure if your game is to blame for this ;)

hehe trippy! very cool love the graphics it does fuck with my mind a bit. Really love the look of the game feels very original! and the start is great is easy to understand and funny. Only i did not know i had to move with "wasd" at first. the arrows didn't do anything so i expected "wasd" also not to do anything. but soon i tried it. But if your a total non gamer you will never know you can use those keys too ;) so maybe mention it clearly somewhere too.

But its promising it looks great and its fun and feels new even if its game-play i have seen before, think the art-style and especially the bright lines make it feel unique :)

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I would love to play the game but i have 0 idea how it works :( and in the menu i could not go back from the armory or in the game menu i could also not go back to the menu to find out how to play the game. 

If you know the controls or game mechanics I'm sure its easy to understand since it looks nice clean and basic. It would really help to have the control's on the screen at-leased in the start + a short introduction of what you have to do. Saying all of this i also know my game is a bit vague too :P there is a short basic tutorial with text in it. But I'm sure some people also are not going to have a clue :P

I do love the music and the pixel galaxy background looks really cool!

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The leaderboard works ;) but i could not set a new score with the same name. so that's not really practice then. The idea to combine it with your itch page is a great idea! especially with games here on itch! And I'm looking for a browser basted google play kind of thing (without the player needing to log in) fora game i made for android so this might be a good alternative :)

Nice little game! love the wall texture no idea why but its really nice when your jumping your way up. I would say since its a very simple game mechanic to tell the player at the start what to do. I was jumping just ones and dying for a few times until realizing i can jump multiple times in a row.

And it might be a bit cliche but some kind of lava/danger as an intensive for the player for wanting to go up.

The controls did feel very smooth and as a first try of a unity game its great :)

Everything is placeholder art and the intention is to make it into a small vertical mobile game. But I would love to hear what people think of the main game mechanics of a simple 1/1 dice game with cards. If it sucks then I know not to make it into something real ;)


I would love to get some feedback on my game, especially if the concept of it is any fun for a small/short mobile game with repetitive gameplay? It's a dice rolling game so it's probably not for everyone. All art/ music is just placeholder stuff.

And I would love to give honest constructive feedback in return for the game-jam submission or anything else!

I have added you to my discord so we can talk there :)