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This is amazing! Also love the text that it was a flash game and now its on game boy :P funny but also creates a feeling of nostelgia very cool. But damn! this is amazing, i has so much fun and added it to my list to play it again later. Love the progression in the game feels original just as the game play. was a bit confused at first but after learning the game since it starts easy it was great! and the learning curve is very well done!  But since its an old flash game i guess its not original at all :P but now i need to go out and buy a gameboy :P

Looks really cool and the music fits the game perfectly! But i have to admit I'm very confused and not sure what I'm doing or how/ what to do. The idea of no instructions and this face does help with the style and atmosphere. But maybe start with a super simple first puzzle just so its  a bit better to understand? But maybe its just not for me ;) and how the hell did the game know i'm in the netherlands! very spooky too i did not click on anything it just knew. But overall a really cool looking game! 

haha very funny game, the graphics fit amazingly. very well done! Reminds me of Mario party or walowigy (or however you write it) games. Its fun, and funny and it all works really well and its clear what to do. Can imagine that having a ton of these games and the they get harder over time of faster or maybe the screen splits in 2, then 4 and you have to do them all at the same time. at leased some progression in game-play. On the other hand, it also just fun as it is now! So maybe don't chance anything :P

Looks really cool! i do recognize some of the assets and animations since i used them myself for an RPG I was working on more then a year ago :P (but stopped because the project was way to big) but the whole look works amazing and fits together perfectly. Love it that you "force" people to play with a controller, i really think its strange to play games like this on a keyboard.  And i guess i have a unpopular opinion that i like to play games on a console way more then op pc/mac :P

I know its a test map but I would suggest to put an ending or restart in the game. Also show the controls (keyboard or controller) on the screen somewhere, especial with the special skills and with keyboard. Just over the attack symbols or something. I know. And the menu's are hard to control and understand maybe also ad what key to press on that? I did really like the character select that look amazing like this, with the characters sticking out!

anyway, keep up the good work! But be careful not to make the project to big.

love the thumbnail of the game! really inviting! It does feel this game is in an early stage. What is fine, but there is not much to do yet. Maybe it helps to have the user buy the empty lands first or have some kind of control of the parks design so you have a bit more to do? instead of waiting before you can fill the other enclosures?

I do really like the minimalism vibe of it all, simple ui, simple everything. works great! I'm only not sure about the music, good idea that you can turn it off. But its always difficult with using songs instead of game music that personal taste comes in. Lucaly i'm a metal head myself so i have a lot to complain about music :P But really love the setup and sure if there is more to do it can be a great game :D

and yes, i know its an idle game but a bit more to do, levers to pull, terrain to chance whatever could be nice :)

Loved this game the first time i saw some time ago for an other game-jam (where mine also was submitted too). Still really love the art style, and like saying back then i would love to see the levels go on indefinitely when the cube falls down but this is not yet the case sadly enough ;) 

In all I don't noticed not much/ any chances in the mean time (about 2 months i think), its a shame because its a great game and would love to see it grow and develop further! But time is not always on our side so its forgiven ;)

hehe cool :P love that it looks like old-school Wolfenstein like games but then a medieval one :)

I did have some bugs/ problems with turning around. i was not always able to turn around. left right was fine, but a 360 seemed to cause some problems. I played the browser version and would suggest to set it to auto full screen, makes the game look amazing too and the mouse does not exit the browser window.  I really liked it! Would love to make something like his myself someday :D  can imagination it would be trippy if all of a sudden an enemy or effect is like modern 3D, could maybe be cool in this spooky setting. But keep up the good work :)

Cool idea that you have to walk around and pickup the resources in time! Some tower defense games make you wait till the run is over but this keeps you perfectly busy especially that the resources disappear over time! And very nice logo and drawing, its a shame that this does not really come back in the art-style of the game, feels like its 2 separate things, would have been cool to see some of this art style in the game it self, aldo i do love the game graphics on its own :) And i would suggest showing more clearly how much resources you have, its a bit hard to see, also when picking up I'm not sure what is is what. So i can't really plan on what to pick up first. Other than that its fun! nicely done!

You where not lying that it does not play great in browser ;) love the menu by the way, very creative! Its a great idea to combine a building game with tower defense like this. Very nice game! I actually also combined a building game but then with puzzles. I liked your game was nice! Sadly i could only play in browser, if you ever put out a MACOS version let me know ;)

My mom would love to play this on her tablet!

Love the art style! I played it on macos but the UI scaling was wrong, i added a screenshot to this post. Otherwise it worked fine :) lived the Swedish style and ikea stuff very well done. Lovely calm atmosphere! I also made a game with the idea that you can play it at your own pace i would love to hear what you think!

Also really like the detail that the mouse has a little light on it while moving around chancing the houses slightly and i was so surprised i could turn the camera, very cool especially with this art style! The only think i did not get was why i won a level. Felt like it was over for no reason at all, maybe some missing UI (i could not see) or some indication i was close to the end would be nice. Now it feels super out of the blue. Other then that, very nice :D

(the game view seemed fine, just the starting menu's where like this)

Game looks great and very well done on explaining how the game works without words or anything really! I was a bit confused since I did not realise there where more garbage piles, i would suggest camera movement with the mouse too and faster keyboard movement. So you realise faster that there is more. And i did not really understand why the garbage stopped coming...

I would love to hear what you think of my city builder/puzzle game -

In all this game very nicely done and fun to play! Love the style/ animations and ux very well done :D

Looks interesting, to bad its only on windows and not in MACOS. I';m working on a city-builder type game now myself. Would love to hear what you think, its playable in the browser for free :)

And out of curiosity, does it work on itch for games like to sell it on itch?

I would love to try out this game! Looks very interesting. I also made a game using some of the Kenny assets ;) Would it be possible to make a MACOS build? This is my game that's in open beta on android now ->

your feedback is much appreciated i would love to talk more about it on discord if you would like. Still have not found why the browser version is not working for you. I have added mac and windows builds in the case this happens to anyone else. I have overlooked everything but can't find anything that could cause it :( only that it might be an issiue by unity it self. some kind of general bug kind of thing... But whats your discord name so i can look you up? mine: MarcM#7881

CityBuilder is ready for the browser version on ITCH!

My goal was to get this game done and out on the google play store & Itch but there are still a few tweaks I want to get done to turn it from open-beta to released on the app-store!

You can try the open Andorid-beta here: 

Or browser version here (or windows download):

Thank you for the feedback, i tried the game in the browser a few times myself and in Unity too to see if i could locate the issue. But for me it seems to work just fine. So not sure how to fix the not loading issue :( But will add a windows download version so that one might work better :)

Hearing about bugs and issues is a great help so thank you already!

Finally fixed the issue and updated the game :)

Hey Xanderwood!

I would love to hear your thoughts about my game! Just put out the final browser version here on itch and the Android open beta is live too and hope to get some extra testers to finalize that version! So i hope that with your help i can get enough feedback to know what i still need to fix for my game and launch it!

I will also post this message in your most resent youtube video as requested!

City builder - Puzzle Challenge, is a puzzle game in city form. Build the requested buildings in your tiny city while managing your resources and keeping your population happy! Every building effects it’s neighbors and the city and try to solve all the puzzles from big city to small towns."

Thank you so much!

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I went along and managed to get a browser version out too! It turned out to be a lot easier/ quicker then I expected!

The game is ready for the browser version on ITCH!

My goal was to get this game done and out on the google play store & Itch but there are still a few tweaks I want to get done to turn it from open-beta to released on the app-store!

You can try the open Andorid-beta here: 

Or browser version here:

Thank you! And look luck with all your current and future projects :D

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The game is ready for the browser version on ITCH!

My goal was to get this game done and out on the google play store & Itch but there are still a few tweaks I want to get done to turn it from open-beta to released on the app-store!

You can try the open Andorid-beta here: 

Or browser version here:

Amazing! If i get back to this rpg project i was working on this would be great! If i ever go back to this project I will get in touch ;)

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I made a city building puzzle game, where you have to solve puzzles by building the requested buildings while maintaining the happiness and resources of your Tiny City! The game is now in andoid open-beta and I would love to get some feedback on it!!

As a thanks: If you want to I can add your and your name/ page/ company/ ... to the credits-list in game and here on itch!

Feedback on:

  • Bugs and mistakes I maybe have overlooked
  • Are the tutorials and start puzzles easy enough to understand
  • Is there a building you do not fully understand on how it works?
  • Is a puzzle to hard or easy, considering its at the start or end of a puzzle set
  • Is the amount of ad's to much or is it alright (for a 100% free mobile game)

Available in English, Spanish, Dutch and German (more will be added).

Thank you all so much!!

After the android testing is done I will but a final web-gl version online here on itch too!


I'm trying to finally get my android game ready and on the app-store.  It took so much longer then expected :( but would it be oke to submit an android version? I will make a webGL version of the game but I'm almost certain that will not be done on time. But the app just has to! Already in open beta and I'm getting close :) (started this summer)

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This is my first real open-beta and I was not aware that updating the game on takes google a few days to check the new release before its available. So this slows down the process a bit, so all reported bug, spelling,... fixes will take longer to appear to be fixed.

*EDIT- it was a google play-store error, new versions get stuck into the system sometimes...

thanks for the invite! Tomorrow i will be on discord spreading the word around for the open beta version for android of my game :) 

Currently i do not have the time or plans to do a gamejam, first have to get this project done fully and that takes so much longer then expected but its getting there ;) but nice to hear your hosting that gamejam! have fun!

Hi! this is a general bug, but i have it fixed now and there are a few other levels with similar bugs but those are all in the past now :) currently working on the android version and when that one it complete i will build a updated (final) web version. But things are going a bit more slowly then expected but its going well :)
Hope your willing to wait for this! If you want i can add you to the testers list but its only for android at the moment I'm afraid. The hotel levels also don't work a 100% in this version just so you know. But i'm very happy to hear you like my little game! And thank you for pointing it out there is something wrong.

Hey! Okey cool thanks! I'm trying to get this game really done and some extra attention for it would be fantastic! I will check out the discord too later this week and see whats going on there too :) hope your doing well yourself and all your projects :)

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how can i find you on discord? I'm barely on there but i can add you!  Would love to see some screenshots/ drawings/whatever you got that's more recent :) the "stompfeet" game has a nice cute ui look that's in the right direction for my game (i think). My discord is MarcM#7881 

Hey There!

I'm looking for a someone who would like to work on my game "City Builder" (working title) for portfolio, exposure and experience. Its a smaller game that will be punished here on itch + the Android play store. I will do some marketing on the game and add a bit of monetization but since it will be my first fully developed game I'm not expecting much revenue. This is also not the focus of this project, I do want to generate a nice amount of downloads!

If your still interested here is what I seek:

You will have total freedom on what you think fits the game best for the menu's, UI and graphic design look of the game. I already have free to use icons and avatars in game that i like. But if you want you can chance those too, but the main goal is to have a nice looking UI with a full screen panel, buttons and menu's. Best to work with .png or .psd files.

Amount of work (not that much):

- Main menu(s)
- Level selection window
- The In game interface + avatar with textbox
- Tutorial interface, similar to the game interface but slightly difrent
- Challenge game mode menu with high-score/ achievements
- (in case of enough downloads) Building customization window
- New logo with the new name would be nice too :)

The game:

A city simulation game in puzzle form! Every building affects the city and it's Neighbors. Keep your population happy, with enough energy and food. While maintaining the economy and thinking about the best sequence to build and solve the quick and fun puzzle.

The game will at-leased contain 2 world-maps, 14 buildings and 100 unique puzzles. 

If interested you can replay here!

Thank you for reading!

Yours, Marc (music and sound by J.L. Chinchilla /  localization by Gerben, Tizy, Vanda)

I really love the whole art-style and the toned down saturation. Really works like a charm and creates a solid game look just by the colour! I did have some jumpy texts at the browser version. Seemed like auto-scaling or something… Not sure if this should happen?
Its a lovely little game, really like the idea :D reminds me a tiny bit of the “Alchemist” board-game, maybe you have heard about it? I’m currently also working on a game and making a tutorial is difficult! I'm at version 3 right now and still not really happy with it. If you have any idea’s or feedback that would be great!

This tutorial really explains things well and since your learning the game it was just fun to do. But it did feel a bit to long and could have been accomplished with less text to shorten the experience. But I'm not an expert ;) since i also did a version with way to much and one with way to little text :P hard to get it right!

i can't email too the address, i just got an error from Gmail :o

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will look into the undo and maybe make it so you can take back all your steps. Thing is that i want the player to think about the sequence of building and if i would add a bulldoze feature this sequence will be broken. So not sure about that but a and undo that's a bit more forgiven is probably nice :D I'm still working on this game so will take all your feedback and play around with it :)

Very cool idea! Super simple but a ton of fun to play! No idea about the graphics because most of it is dark ;) but the game looks great and mysterious. Love the idea that you have to map out the route a bit and fail a few times and try to do it in part on memory.

I’m currently also making a puzzle game and would love to hear what you think about mine!

I would say the light is very unforgiving. Especially while holding the button then you drain it super fast. Maybe make it a bit more unforgiving when holding it in? Like pressing it takes more then just for holding it? I do like it that there is not enough and you have to be careful!

For your game i would also suggest a bit of a better start. You start off in a dark room but it kind of looks that the game is not working. Maybe have like an intro level so you can see a tiny bit and then tell the “story” that the light does not work any more during the level or in the end? And the next level starts in darkness. Or something like this.

Other then that i love it! So simple yet so cool! Very well done!

I would love to go give your feedback and would love yours in return on my game

hehe great read-me file, was funny but informative :P but why poop on me for using a mac? :P and i totally agree the music really works in the game! The game starts up a little bit laggy then it runs just fine. My suggestion is to have a short loading screen instead of starting in a 3d scene so it starts a bit smoother.

And I love the loading screen really gives an extra mood to the game!
Something a bit unrelated by the way but on the game page there is a video but the thumbnail of the video shows a different game or don’t know what it is but seems confusing. Like there should be a pixelated living-room in the game. But i did not see this.

Love the idea of the game being out on see alone, and it looks great! The shooting is really hard and a bit to unforgiven. Think it would help to have a bit of aim assist or type of bullet thats visible and easer to plan out. Now its more like a guess if i will hit or not. And it was so hard to hit! At leased for me :P And still the kraken looks so nice and cute. Love it! Really like the art style :)

I did encounter an error, when pausing the game the game did not pause at all (pressing escape).

And did you programmer the water with rendered vectors? I would love to try something like that, but sounds so complicated to make my own meshes in game and make them move.

Hope this basic feedback helps you a bit! And its a great first game! So whats your plan? Rework this one or start over with the next one? In any case i wish good-luck with whatever comes next

hey! thank you for your reply! I would love to see some of your work or anything with graphic design or art. Do you have a webpage or portfolio or something somewhere? Can't find it on your itch page. And non game stuff is totally fine i can look past that of-course :D

Hey! thank you! But I'm already working with someone on the game on the sound/ music department :) Thank you for your reply. And who knows about the future!

I know the GUI struggle all to well! In Unity it apparently it helps to lock things to the corners of the screen and not the center and have a fixed screen ratio. Also a grid structure does not work, better use horizontal en vertical holders instead of a premade n. At leased that's my experience. More then that is just endless battles and all of a sudden it seems to work (until you chance things..)

The game starts amazingly! love the style and the feeling of being hacked since it showed i’m using a mac + my laptops name :P very nice! The intro text is a bit small and it looks like its auto scaling while the letter slowly pop up the screen the text moves over the screen since it adjusting size all the time.

And apparently the game is really heavy, my computer can’t take it. this might be my problem since its not the newest laptop but for a game like this it should have been fine i guess.. But its to hard to play i’m afraid with this huge lag. I would have loved too, since i love the whole vibe and art style, its very well done! Just cant do the second jump because of the lag. so sorry! i would have loved to give you feedback on your game :( let me know if there is a new version that might run better for me. So i can try it again!  my guess its the bloom effect maybe its to heavy since its on everything. Maybe it helps to have a glow or white shadow instead of bloom on the UI?

It looks cool but i can't get the mac version to work. Just get a white screen and that's it :(