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Since my router does not seem to allow port forwarding I use a program called radmin vpn to get around this problem. I have used it with many other games and it works perfectly.

When my friend connects nothing appears to happen at the game itself, but I see at the LOVE console "player 1has connected".

I also tried opening a second instance to connect to my own server. Using crashes the game. Using the local network ip puts me in a empty level with 2 players and no walls.

I'm trying to play this game online with a friend but it does not seem to work. Either the game crashes or only one is capable of moving.

Simple but very enjoyable.

Eternal Warfare

lol you should have played on easy first. Hard is REALLY unforgiving.

By the way, give a try on multiplayer mode with a friend or two.

When this happens it's because the host didn't have the right port open.

Search for "port forwarding" on google. Knowing the model of your router might help.

A quick solution is to enable DMZ for the hosting computer.

If everything fails or seems way too complicated you may use a LAN simulator program like Hamachi or Tunngle.

Just to be safe: if you have a firewall installed make sure it is not blocking the game.

First, make sure the computer hosting the server have forwarded the port 1254 on router (you can specify the port on server creation if you wish).

Then inform the server ip to all players. They should go to "Connect to IP" and enter that ip.
You can find out your internet ip in (the IPv4 is the one that matters)

Hello people.

Eternal Warfare is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game with inspiration in Advance Wars and Command & Conquer series.
Build your base, harvest resources, amass your army, and them defeat your enemies! It can be played by up to 8 players. Online play also allows "simultaneous turns" where everyone do their moves at the same time creating a different experience where not just strategy matters but also speed and initiative.

This is still a work in progress, you might find some bugs or balance problems. If you do please report them.
Feedback appreciated

An 1v1 battle screenshot:

Finished a nice multiplayer battle? Save the replay and share with everyone in this topic.
Remember to post the game version which the replay was played.



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The game have it's own map editor as an separate executable (wasn't included in last public build)

Entering in attack mode shows the range of the currently selected unit.
But you have a good point here. I now made it show the range for enemy units as well when you select them.

Like this:

You mean the attack range of enemy units?

Yes, this game is still being developed, at a bit slower rate than before, but not giving up at all.

That's nice to have your feedback.