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Give link and i will make a gameplay video on your game with detailed feedback :D

A topic by AgentXMan created Aug 26, 2020 Views: 1,619 Replies: 109
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EDIT: I am putting this on hold for some reasons, one reason is that I have no time to do anything because everything is loaded on me with games I am making, youtube, work, etc. Pls excuse... but keep posting games. I am gonna do some coding and devlogs video on the games I am working on and the coding vids out of nowhere in the absolute game Breaker channel

Hey people 

Hope everythings going good,

So when I made games (which I still do :))

Many people were making vids about my game and I liked it, so I am going to do the same 

I have 2 youtube channels


2.  Absolute Game Breaker

AGENT_X_MAN is my main channel where I upload minecraft vids and stuff 

Absolute game breaker is the channel where I will upload your games video.

So be sure to subscribe if you like the content (in both the channels) and get notification about your game when its posted

And also give your game links with windows or play in browser (sorry I can't play mac or linux)

So feel free to give links and if possible a small description and I will check them out as soon as i can

And if any questions  feel free to ask.

i will give all feedback when the video is ready and published

alpha and demo versions also are supported :)



Hey there! 

I would be really glad if you would make a video about my game - Aww So Cube

This is The Android version

This is the Pc Version

Please check them out!

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Hey there Mel Hyuga

I played your game and loved it, However i couldnt get past the 2nd level. i have put all the suggestions inside the video but here also i will give you suggestions that 

1. dont make the game too hard otherwise people will rage quit it (maybe make a main menu which makes you choose easy or hard and according to that makes the scene change)

2. dont make the obstacles too close too each other (make them a bit far to get time to turn)

3. make a restart button along with restarting along with collision

4. i managed to break the game by doing something (watch the video to see the bug)

5. if i have missed any one in here then i have mentioned in the video

6. give the finish cube a texture to make it more visible properly

7. also recommened to put zip files as some people cannot extract rar or 7z files

(sorry but there was a recording software error which made my voice didnt come as it would but still check out the video you can hear it)

and also i like the art very much, its actually good.

heres the video and if i missed any tips then i have mentioned it in the video

these type of videos i making in my 2nd channel (the one i uploaded in) and if you like the content then pls subscribe and like

 (you can recommend other games too) 

heres the video

subscribe and hit the bell in this channel and the other channel if you like the video!

dont forget to check my games out too


and also make the music a bit less loud

hey! Thanx for playing!

The fact that someone actually played my game just makes me really happy!

You made my day!

I will be sure to check your game out!

I am working on a new game correcting the mistakes from the past!

Its still in beta but i will sent it to you after 1 hour 

I will 2x happy if you would make a video on this too!

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Sure, I would be happy to make more vids about your game, I like them a lot :D

Also dont forget to check out both the channels and subscribe and also hit the BELL so that you can get notification about the videos which I will be uploading (yours too)

Yes i will subscribe!!

The beta is up!

Hold My Tower

This is still in Beta

But i can assure you the music won't blast your ears (sorry again😅) 

And i can say i have improved on my previous mistakes

Hey there

thanks a lot for subscribing

I loved the game especially the particles and the graphics, the fact that at fantastic quality it was running smooth while recording was superb. also the gameplay was great as well. Just a bit more features need to be added (this is in beta so you have a lot of development time to make)

heres the video and i have covered most of the things in the video on what to do but if the voice is difficult to hear then i am sorry because i thought the recording software didnt record the music (but it did lol) (voice is hearable though)

heres the feedback:

1.  make more enemies (like having extra health, etc)

2. make the levels increase in size and the difficulty also

3. make more turrets having different strength

4. (i think) make the game timer based to see how much you can score (or make this as a separate option)

5. make a tutorial (also as a separate option)

check the video for more feedbacks

heres the video

Have fun :D

Thanx a lot 

I shall definitely implement these features!

Hey AgentXMan

Remember my game?

Hold my Tower

It was still in beta but today i released it

I would be really happy if you would try it

Hold My Tower

I tried to implement all your suggestions so i think you will like it much better now :)


Hey there

i will surely try it out again, cant wait to see what changes have been made !


submit your game here and I'll feature a play through on my channel

hey Xanderwood,

I have submitted my game

Whenever you make a video on it

Please notify me about it with the link of your video

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Hi AgentXMan,

Are you interested in games still in Alpha? I’m currently working on a game called “The king is gone”.

It is a puzzle game about running away, and unlocking doors using a puzzle to escape. It is planned to be finished around December 2020.

Hope you like it.

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I will check it out soon :)

Subscribe and hit the bell to get notification when I upload :D

Hey there

i played your game and it was a great experience

however in the start i couldnt figure out properly what to do (and had to do trial and error lol)

the visuals and graphics are pretty good

but i recommend you to add a tutorial option so that the players can know each and every possible thing and what to do

 and also make the player die time a bit more than normal as the players actually need time to understand what to do and you can then gradually increase the difficulty.

But the overall mechanism of the game was very good and its in alpha so you have a lot of time to implement these things and fix the bugs

my highest score was 115 lol

heres the video, if you like it then dont forget to subscribe both the channels and like the video to watch more content like this and also get notified when a new video is uploaded

(and you can recommend more games if you would like to :))


have fun :D


Hi AgentXMan,

Thanks for the video! It was really fun to watch. I like your suggestions, and the way you approached the game makes it easier for me to see what parts of the game need tweaking. I really appreciate the time you put into this :)


hi, submit it here and I'll play it on my channel

Hi AgentXMan, 

Would you be interested in playing an escape the room game I made?  If so, it's at  It's a short game, has a bit of a story to it, and it would be great if you decided to play it.  Oh and it's a browser game, so you don't have to download anything.

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Hey i will check it out, thanks for telling me

Subscribe and hit the bell when I upload :D

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Hey AgentXMan,

Could you make video about this:
It's side-scrolling shooter with roguelite elements. Just put out new update while ago. Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Here is download key:

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i will check it out :)

Subscribe and hit the bell to get notification about when I upload the video :D

submit it here and I'll play it on my channel

I'm looking for feedback on my 3D space shooter


Hey i will check it out!

in the meantime subscribe and hit the bell to get notification about when I upload the video :D

Hey there we meet again

i have the video ready and your game is epic

i remember playing these types of games before but this one is also good, its super polished and gameplay, graphics are all good, even the AI in the game is good.

but when i started the game just started and had little time to start recording (so pls consider adding a start menu)

other than that can you pls add these features as well

1. a tutorial (i saw the press f2 but when i did it opened another browser and then when i went back to the game it showed me all the controls so pls add a separate option for tutorial or something like that)

2. add an objective (i know that the objective was there but it went by so fast so it became a free roam for me)

3. make a good list of weapons (i didnt know that pressing right mouse also works but when i did a rocket shot out which i had no idea what to do with, maybe add this in tutorial)

4. after making all these changes consider adding the multiplayer mode and all that you mentioned in the description because the game is just very good

i hope you will enjoy the video and if you do pls subscribe my channel and i hope to see more games from you

heres the video:

hope you like it

have fun



Thanks very much for taking the time to review my game and for your suggestions. I can see where it was confusing.

I don't know why the game just started for you. There is a start screen:

Since any keypress or mouse click will start the game I'm guessing when you started recording it also started the game. This will not be an issue for most players.  I'll see about making a tutorial to make it less confusing. 

The HUD shows Particle Beam and Torpedoes and the help screen (F1) shows the controls for both. 

After the transport reaches the first waypoint a new waypoint is spawned farther away and you have to keep protecting the transport as it navigates to the next waypoint. I will add a message after Waypoint Reached saying "Next waypoint in 3000au".

You can't "win" the game you just try to survive as long as possible and get as high a score as possible. Your score is based on how many waypoints it reaches successfully as well as how many enemies you destroyed. You even get points for shooting asteroids :

Awesome, but pls dont see about making a tutorial, MAKE a tutorial

Okay, I added a tutorial. Check it out.

I will play your game on my channel, just submit the game here

Hi AgentXMan,

Thank you for doing this!

Would you be interested in trying out the demo of my game?

yes i am interested

in the meantime subscribe and hit the bell to get notification about when I upload the video :D


Hi there! Hope you are doing good! 

Would you like to try a puzzle game?

Feel free to try mine!

yes i would love to try it out, 

in the meantime subscribe and hit the bell to get notification about when I upload the video :D

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Hey there

hope you are doing good

i just played your game and it was very good, entertaining and fun. your game is polished and also its for the brackeys game jam 2020 (even i participated but my game got removed, u can find it here)

the concept was interesting to see how you could interpret the theme rewind

but however i would like you to give more hints on what to do and how to clear the level because apparently i couldnt get past one of the levels (i think 2nd or 3rd) because i couldnt think like what to do (or it can be because i am bad at puzzle games)

other than that the story line, polishing and the graphics are all good

also dont forget to subscribe to the channel and like the video if you like it and want to watch more such content (maybe another game from you)


heres the video:

have fun :D

I'll happily play it on my channel. Just submit the game here


Hi, XMAN! I like to suggest you GALA. It is a space, a retro. Retro shooter in true retro style. 80s. Inspired by first releases of Space Invaders and Galaga. It is simple and retro. ITCHIO -




The old times are back

i will make a video on it as soon as i get time

but in the meantime you can subscribe to both the channels or the channel which i am going to play the game at. by doing this and hitting the bell icon you can get notified when i upload the video

I subscribed)))) To Absolute Game Breaker YT channel. Thanks! for attention))  

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Hey there,

thanks a lot for subscribing, means a lot to me, (if you like you can subscribe to my main channel here as well)

I have played your game and loved the gameplay and the old school particles and graphics

the game's way polished than i thought it would be (lol :D)

the background music entirely fits the retro style game

however i would like you to implement these features (its your choice according to your game)

1. dont make the player restart the whole level when they die (it really makes the person go rage starting from level 1 again)

2. make a some sort of powerup kind of thing because right now it goes only 1 bullet by 1 bullet 

3. make the enemies a bit more impactful (meaning make them shoot you more or have more health or something like that)

4. make the download file a zip file instead of a rar file and dont make the person install from another place or something like that (pls, its very difficult but i got it working)

5. maybe make a tutorial or something like that indicating what to do and controls (maybe a separate option)

6. (optional) make the movement go with "a, d" keys and the arrow keys (right now its only arrow)

you have a ton of time to fix these bugs so feel free to take your time

oh and one more thing, since the game was windowed (and i didnt see the option for full screen until the end), but the recording software captured only the window part so its all fine

i would love you to bring more games of yours for me to test out

(this is all my opinion you can use your ideas as well)

heres the video:

hope you like it 


hey buddy. I'll play your game on my channel. Just submit the game here

If you are interested in a fantasy RPG that's set in a modern world, you can have a go at this game!

It includes interesting activities such as:

  • Battle
  • Boss battle
  • Puzzle solving
  • Making choices in speech and action 

This is a demo that brings you around 15 minutes of gaming experience. And it has reached 500 downloads within a few days after release. I'll be glad if you check it out :D

Here's the link

Hey there

I will check it out.

In the meanwhile you can subscribe to the channel and then get notification about your video when  it gets uploaded


Thank you :D just subscribed! Keep up the good work!

Hey there

Thanks a lot for subscribing it means a lot to me (i am trying to reach 50 subs on my main channel and maybe 15 subs on the channel where i am posting games)

i played your game and it was an Awesome RPG game with awesome graphics and the story line was great

however there were some problems that i faced:

1. the health. it does not regenerate and gets over very fast (maybe increase the health or make the health regenerate over time)

2. make the powers a bit more powerful (or increase its capacity)

3. in the 1st scene when we had to get off from a train, we had to press the arrow keys and move and i had no idea what to do, but i eventually found out

4. in the lock picking scene i had to figure out how to pick the lock because i was super confused on what to do but i did it somehow

5. make the powers go in 4 directions (what i mean is that make the powers go up, down, left, right)

6. in the umbrella scene make the people follow range a bit more because i was facing difficulty in making them follow me

6. in the boss fight scene make the health of the enemy a bit less or make it less powerful (that was really fustrating and thus i couldnt get past the enemy)

i guess these were the things that were bugging me out but hey this is a demo so you have plenty of time to improve

heres the video:

have fun


Thanks for playing the game and the suggestions! I think they are very useful. I think the main problem is that I didn't give enough guidance haha, so sorry for the confusion! I will try to give more guidance in the future, because confused players will never be engaged :P The video is amazing! I will share it to my players and friends!

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Hey there, 

Thanks a lot, would love to see more games from you!

Also the youtube channel (i have 2 the one i uploaded and one which is my main, feel free to check the main one too :D)

I will subscribe to that one too! Awesome videos!

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thank you

So your suggestions are so detailed and constructive, that I decided to make an update immediately. The following is extracted from my new devlog.

  1. NPCs' health increased.
  2. Adjustment on the overall difficulty,
  3. Shield now regenerates health.
  4. Added tips after dying in the boss fight (you can actually dash while being trapped).
  5. The player can no longer move around while lock-picking.
  6. Minor improvements on the lock-picking system.

Thanks again for your awesome feedback!

Awesome, i will play it again and possibly make a video on it if i have time :D

Hey agentXMan!

If you like 3d shooter, I got a little demo ready for you!


hey there

thanks for the demo, i will be trying it out soon 

till then you can subscribe my channel and push the notification bell so that you could be notified when your video comes out



Hey i am sorry that i am telling this a bit late but this is showing when i open your game 

any solutions ?

its saying failed to open disrupter file

Hi AgentXMan!

I'm very sorry for the trouble. It's the first time I encounter such error.

After some googling, I found that it is not so rare in any Unreal Engine 4 Games (even Fortnite have it for some users!).

I found an article that may solve your issue :Failed to open descriptor file error

In any case I would suggest to wait friday or saturday as I'll push a new build with a lot of fix, tweaks and novelties.

Thx for your interest!

Here is a preview of what's coming for the next update, I still need to make some balance, tho :D


Hi AgentXman,

Are you interested in Android games ? 

I made Environment Inc., a new free android game (it work fine on emulator). He is availible on the Play Store. It's a strategy game where the player take the control of an ecological transition operation. I would enjoy have some feedback to improve my game.

Hope you will enjoy!

(2 edits)

hey there

it was on the play store and i have downloaded the game. but it will take me some time to record the game and publish it (because its in android/phone).

but dont worry i will play the game and test it out

(hope you can bare the time.)

till then you can subscribe my channel and push the notification bell so that you could be notified when your video comes out


i have also made a game on saving the environment its The Environment

apparently it was made for Extra credits game jam in one day so there might be some bugs, i will fix those as soon as the jam gets over

but hope you enjoy the game as well

Thank you in advance for your video!

I tested your game. For a game made in one day with unity, it's incredible! I loved the message. But, the only problem is the level in a public park, the player can jump and fall of the map.  Else, the game is just amazing!  I enjoyed the principle of a voice off to give us instructions!

I suscribed to your chanel and switched on the bell to don't miss the video!

Have a nice day!

Hey there, i have a good news with me but first thanks a lot for subscribing, means a lot to me you can subscribe to my main channel as well to get some good minecraft content. I am currently 1 sub away from 50 so would be greatly appreciated :D (it's your choice, if you like the content)


I have downloaded your game from the play store and have found a good recording software to record the game and my voice, so your game will get recorded and published to the channel. I think just after I publish a video on my main channel or maybe even before :D

Looking forward to playing your game!

Hey there

I played your game, made a video on it and it was VERY VERY GOOD. The message from the game about saving the environment was fantastic an what makes this game interesting is that it prompts the player to make a choice between the forest and the ocean. also that the actions you do affect the rate of everything is a very cool and interesting concept. i played the game and in the second time i played i made the sustainable to 66% but unfortunately i lost :(. but anyways the game is very good.

 but i had to watch a certain amount of adds to actually extinguish out the fire and i recommend you to make the tutorial a bit more understandfull. because as u can see in the video i took a bit of time to actually know how the game works. but other than these two, everything was great.

heres the video have fun :D


Thank you very much for playing my game. I'm really happy you enjoy it ! Your video give me ideas to improve the game. I'll improve the tutorial and write in the description of each action what do it really change. The update would be published in a few week. If you want, you can also play in Ocean mode: it's easier. If you want, you can leave a comment on the game PlayStore page, it would help me a lot. You can also follow me on my Instagram account (@rg_videogames) to be informed of updates or new games.

I'll sucribe to your main channel, sure! Continue to create amazing video!

Thanks again and have a nice day.

Hi AgentXMan. I want to show you my game (for now only demo). I hope you have a great time playing it and don't doubt on notice me if you make a video or something.

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Hey there, sorry for late reply but I will play the game and make a vid on it once I get time (this game's looking great)


Don't worry; the game is for enjoy, don't play without time. I hope you have a wonderful play.

Hi AgentXMan!

I wish to know what do you think about my game!

Is a little RPG where you can do the main quest, or at the same time discover the story behind your neighbours!

Already has been updated to the 1.1.0 version!


Hey there

Sorry for late reply but I will surely check it out.

In the meantime you can subscribe to my channel and ring the bell to get to know when the video gets uploaded.


Thank you so much! I will do it!

Hello AgentXMan.
I'm working on a turn-based strategy game called Eternal Warfare. It was inspired by Advance Wars series, including stuff like base building, resource extraction and tech tree.
There is single player campaign mode and local/online multiplayer.


Sure, i wanna play it

till then you can subscribe to my channel to get notifications about when your video gets uploaded :D

Hey there! It looks like you're pretty busy already but I hope you can find time to play my game as well. I'd like to introduce Hole Punch, a game where you can destroy the environment with a dash ability, and use physics to take out enemies. I just updated the game, so feedback is appreciated!

And finally, best of luck with the youtube gig, it can be tough, but if you stick with it you might find success!

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Hey there, 

I played your game and it was legendary!. The graphics were smooth and polished. The sound effects were great. the mechanics of the game was kind of original, the colors were awesome. I just loved it. here are some suggestions (u can do whichever one you like or all of them)

Consider making the snipers a little more inaccurate because whenever i tried to get past them they would just kill me in a second.

also make a bit more storyline like chapters for each thing or maybe a plain campaign mode with a bit more things like elevators, then if u like u can make some sort of another mode which you have to do other things as well, make the levels a bit more engaging

also consider putting this in steam as it would gain in popularity because its a very amazing masterpiece. 

(in the elevator part, i got stuck in one part so pls improve that)

(also i coudnt complete the game as i didnt have enough time but i really loved the game and will continue playing it once i get time again)


hope you enjoy the video and dont forget to subscribe in both of my channels to get information/notification of whats getting uploaded in my channel.

have fun :D

Hello AgentXman, We have a challenging game for you to play

Hey, i wanna play it but can you give me a download key because unfortunately i cant buy games :(

Hello AgentXman, I created a game for a WeeklyGameJam and I ended up liking it. If you could play it and give me some feedback to build upon I'd appreciate it! Game:


Hey there,

i would love to check it out

in the meantime you can subscribe to both of my channels and ring the bell to get the notification about when i will upload the video :D

Subbed ;)


Hey there

thanks a lot for subbing to my channel, it means a lot to me. you can sub my main channel too if you would like to see some minecraft vids content. I am just 1 sub away from reaching 50 subs so would be greatly appreciated :) 

i played your game(made a video on it:)) and it was actually very polished. the graphics was pretty good. The AI actually remembered my shots and we were playing best of 10 meaning whoever gets 10 wins and i won. but the ai functioned so great that i would have lost. it also taught me a lot about baseball.

however what i felt missing was that there was no other mode than the casual playing. maybe consider adding some more modes like batter mode only, both batter and pitcher mode and maybe some teams with the same mechanic. Then maybe this game could be a hit as you can put it in steam or something put only put if u are sure. But this is my opinion as i loved the game and it would actually be a good, finished game!

heres the video

have fun :D

Hi, thanks for all the feedback and making the Video!

I'm planning to add a tournament mode with three to four tiers, and update the graphics and animations as well. Once I manage to finish the first tournament and rework the tutorial a little bit I'll update the game here on itch. Once I finish all of the tournaments I'll try to re-release it, maybe under a different name, I don't know yet.

I wanted to add a Batter mode, but because of the limited time of the jam I couldn't do it. I will try to work on it once I finish the Pitcher mode and release it as a free update.

I like your idea about teams as well, it could be something to add in the future.

(1 edit)

here's my game:

hope you enjoy it!

Crawlr GB is a GameBoy styled roguelike made in eight days for GBJAM 8.

Hey there,

i will surely make a video on it. In the meantime you can sub to my channel and hit the bell to not miss the video if it gets uploaded :D


please give me feedback on my game

thank you for your time

Hi AgentXMan, you may check this out: a retro pixel art platform shooter game to save the world from aliens :)

Just subsribed to your channel. ;)

Thanks for offering to review indie games! Feedback is extremely critical to making great games.

If you're interested, I have this latest demo of my randomized top-down shooter, Scrapship.

It's available for Windows and can be downloaded here:

Side note: The game currently doesn't have a full screen mode, but you can resize the game Window by dragging on the corner of the screen.

My link to jam

I just got a new profile photo


Hello, my game Symmetrical Move  is a puzzle with 100 levels, if you want you can shoot a video of course, you don't have to go through all the levels, just evaluate the game on the page of my game, you can play it but only with 5 levels, and if you want all 100 you need to download

Thanks for this. If intentionally hard games are up your alley, here’s my entry: Barry Red is a platformer the speciality of which is to be rage-inducing. Go to school as a punk blue lizard.

After a year of development only a demo is available, but it should be enough for at least 30 minutes of playtime and ~10 minutes of video content.

hi, I share you my game ! It is a multiplayer game when you have to start down the scale of the evolution and evolve to medieval, modern, futur and space age ! 

I let you see.

Show post...

it´s a simple html game that I made


Asteroid Dodger

Asteroid dodger is a fun and fast paced game where you are an alien who must dodge the asteroids falling from the sky and not get hit by the spikes. You can play as a green and blue alien.

this game was created in under 2 weeks for the revival game jam it is inspired by a past game idea i was working on when i first started game development the video file is included in the ZIP file

Hope you could make time to review my game. link here: Interstellar Strike

Show post... Its my game not on steam 


here is my game, it's a stealth action kind of game

you are set in a place where a killer is at, he will try to murder you, run for your life and report him to the police, fight him and more coming in the future!

I would really appreciate some feedback on Cat-Powered UFO!  :D

Would you like some feedback for a game you are making yourself?  I can make a video for you as well if you like!  :)

(1 edit)

Hey, I've just released my second game that I made with a friend. We initially started the development during the GTMK 2020 game jam, it's a puzzle game where a robot can be splitted into two parts, however, each half can only perform some of the robot's actions, such as pushing boxes or moving horizontally. You can bring the two parts together to create a fully controlled robot.

If you could play it and give some feedback that would be great!!


Trash Invasion - what if the trash became alive?

Hi, you can play my game, I will be very happy. At the moment there are 11 levels available in the game, so do not be surprised if after level 11 you will be thrown into the menu :)

Link to the game:

Hi, AgentXMan

I remember you! You alredy play my game one, It was Gala. Thanks for this!!!

Now, i wanna ask you to play another my game - it is Stars Intruder. It is some clone of Space Invaders. With Extra retro attitude. Like on very old PC machine. 

Stars Intruder

This is one more clone of Space Invaders. Maximum simple. Black and white.
You play as cosmonaut, and you are from space forces. He can shoot from blaster. Near you, there is a group of sputniks. From one hand, you defend them, from another hand, you can use them as shields against intruders atacks.
And you are under atack by insectoids. Bugs from space. They are atacking by lines, and slowly move towards you.

Also, for this game i create some simple ArT. Like image of cartridge and box, if like it see here:


Thanks, XMAN!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Hi @AgentXMan

Escape the noise and chaos of modern life by retiring to our beautiful archipelago where sunlit green vistas and gentle breezes provide the perfect backdrop to let your mind ruminate over a batch of enigmatic puzzles by trying out our newest game, Farmit

For months aliens have been terrorising the planet. They have killed anybody who tries and stops them. Everyday more and more people are abandoning the big cities and the aliens have began to take over. There are rumors their headquarters are based on the moon.

One brave astronaut has a moonshot plan to take out all of the enemies on the moon and destroy then aliens motherships alone with no help. it is your job to save the planet and bring peace back to earth.  

This game was created in under 1 month for game off 2020

Github link:

please play my game Agent #44

Hello! I've been working on a game called Hack FPS. This is an FPS where your objective is to get to the end of the stage by hacking enemies and taking their abilities. The game currently has two chapters with ten levels each and I'm planning to add more. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to reply with your video!

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