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A-LAMIA Production

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really fun game good job!

Now in development....

Thank you for enjoying my game I really appreciate it.

As you can tell the game was pretty rushed since it was for the scream game jam!

Thank you for the feedback and for enjoying the game I really appreciate it !

This was a great experience a good story with amazing use of music and sound effects 

a good jam game indeed

thank you for the positive review and overall playing my game your comment really warmed my heart as it is my very first jam

oh and the sound should be working throught out the whole game but thank you for enjoying the game non the less !

this was a good demo looking forward to full version

very good platformer for the controller to the mechanics to the aesthetics 

this game jam is called a scream jam right well your game did make me scream and thats why it works

oh and i would really want to see a full game with more levels and tougher platforming as you progess through!

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thanks for the iinput my dude you seem like a very nice guy and you deserve all the best

the game was really strange in a  good way with nice  sound effects overall a good jam game

dude  you're a life saver all of this is new to  me and again i'm really sorry for your time!!!

hey i think i fixed the issue can you confirm for me that it is uploaded correctly and thank you for your time

i dont really understand the issue but you have to extract the file and execute the game !

Sorry for any inconviniences

the art work looks like faith

all my games all 100% free hope you enjoy them!!!

Oh and don't forget to give me your input that would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks for your time !



Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it !!!





This is the last day of the sales be sure to check out the games and get them for free 

Dont forget to give me feedback!




Check out my game since it is free for the next 2 days

100 percent discount

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The game will have a 100 percent discount as its release celebration 

I hope you enjoy my game!

thank you for your time........


The game will be having a 100 percent discount you can check out the game for free and give feedback   

thank you !

my game just dropped to the public and it's having a 50 percent discount please check it out...

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thanks for your time!



Unforgiven : Shattered Souls

please give me feedback on my game

thank you for your time

Unforgiven is having a 50 percent discount for the next 5 days please check it out

and give me feedback

Unforgiven : Shattered Souls is having a 50 percent discount on both pc and mobile version for 5 days  if you are interested  please go check the out

Unforgiven : Shattered Souls , my very first game has been released on pc and android I hope you check them out and give me feedback on what I should improve 

Thank you for your time ...

Unforgiven : shattered souls  is finally finished hope you check it out, I'm really proud of it, hope you enjoy it.