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How well do we truly know our loved ones?
Submitted by Melancholy Marionette (@Marionette_Mask) โ€” 4 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Sound Design#34.0314.031
Enjoyment (Best Game)#263.1883.188

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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i like manga or anime game will contact you tu create same game in  Unity3d Do you like?


It would be awesome to see it in 3D :D If I could make games in 3D myself, I would! I just don't know how >.< haha. 

I would have to ask the voice actors for their permission if there was any kind of remake though since they volunteered their voices specifically for the jam. :3


really good but why is female voiced game size looks small?


Thanks for checking it out :3 The female voices version is a little bit smaller than the male voices version cos the female sprite is quite a bit lower resolution compared to the male one. There's probably some difference in the size of the sound files for the voice lines too cos all the voice actors sent different sized files.


its ok i will follow you now you make cool games :D


Aww, that's so sweet of you to say! Thank you :3


np :}


What a cool game! I love what you're doing by playing on the assumptions we come into a game with as players. I think one of best things that horror games have to offer is the deconstruction of what games are, and you do such a good job doing that with the premise of a visual novel, that you are someone that is even in this world at all, or would be familiar to any of the characters you meet. Great job, great sound design too :) :)


Thank you so much for playing + for your kind words :3 Means a hell of a lot to me <3 

There are so many great games in this jam it's crazy, but I think yours is still my overall favourite :D I just fell in love with it pretty much immediately, haha. I really need to check out your other stuff when I get a chance! :3


Awww thank you! We should collaborate sometime :3


That would be sooo awesome! :D Although I don't exactly have that much of a skillset to offer x3 I guess I'm technically a writer more than anything else, haha. One day, I'd love to be able to do more art + sound stuff :3 Coding would be handy too, but when I tried to learn code stuff for Renpy, it gave me a headache, which is why I now use Tyrano xD hehe.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Ah, well I'm sure it'll work out sometime, you seem really passionate about games! In terms of other games of mine that you might enjoy, this is the other interactive fiction type game I've made - Of course only if you have the time / want to , I think it's like a 20 minute playtime. :)


I am super passionate about games, yeah :D haha. Especially anything with a cool narrative :3 I saw that one on your page earlier and thought it looked interesting + like something I'd enjoy! I'll definitely check it out when I have more time over the next few days ^_^ 

I'm planning to play some VR horror for Halloween night tomorrow if I have the energy to stay awake x3 and then I'll probably give the game you linked a go the night after, along with another short interactive fiction game I came across recently. Love reading/playing stuff like that in bed, haha. I'll be sure to let you know what I think once I've finished it :3


Disclaimer: I'm not one for visual novels but I did give it a go!I thought the sound design and voice acting was fantastic, and the story was pretty creepy too. I also liked that there were multiple endings, although I kinda struggled to figure out which was supposed to be 'good' because I was rooting for everyone lol.  Probably the only improvement would be a slightly higher resolution character (I'm not sure if it's typical to visual novels, but the fact it was slightly blurry was just a bit weird at times). Otherwise, fantastic job!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Yeah, VNs definitely aren't everyone's cup of tea, haha :3 Thanks for playing through it despite that though! I really appreciate it + the feedback :D

Yeeeeah, I think only one of the ends could possibly be considered a true 'good' end, haha. Even then, it's a bit dodgy xD

As for character resolution, it really depends on the VN, but it's not usually the case. With this, it's all down to the fact that I wanted to move the character closer to the camera, but the original image isn't particularly high resolution (it's especially noticeable on the female sprite cos she's much lower res than the male one) so the more I enlarged the image to give the effect of moving closer, the more blurry it became :( This could have been resolved if I had had the time to team up with an artist cos then I could have requested high-resolution images :3 Sadly though, I didn't think I'd be able to find a teammate in time, so I had to make do with just editing sprites myself, and since I'm not the original artist for the sprites, I was stuck with the original size they came in >.< The female sprite was made in a sprite creator software I bought a while ago but had never used, and for some reason, it only allows exports of your created characters to 360x600.

I'll make sure to pass on your comment to the voice actors! :3


Thanks for such a detailed response! It makes total sense why you weren't able to improve the resolution, I'm glad you were able to do as well as you did with them. Great work :)


So impressed that not only are there 2 alternate partners, but multiple voices for each! I enjoyed the overall story and the drawings are very nicely done. The only thing I would yet have liked to see would be the *very occasional* freaky factor being turned up to 11 in the faces. I felt like the tension was able to build and hold well, but would have loved to see some pushes into that uncanny valley to further impress the horrific situation. Well written, acted and presented, very nice job!


I owe a lot to all the voice actors who helped me out :3 I drafted a script and contacted my friend, Anthony to explain that I really wanted to give this jam a go. Not only did he record one of the voices himself, he also asked around to find others who were interested in helping me out with the project. I was blown away that there were people happy to help with such a short deadline! They really helped bring the project to life.

Man, that would be so cool with the faces :D Next time I try something like this, I'll have to see if I can team up with an artist to try and achieve that sort of effect! Sadly, I didn't have time to find an artist this time around, so I just had to make do with editing some sprites instead >.< and my editing skills only extend to messing about with colours + filters, haha. You've given me something interesting to think about for the future there :3

Speaking of faces and uncanny valley stuff, I adore those scenes in Until Dawn with the therapist <3 those are so darn freaky! Man, I wish I could make something like that!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play + leave feedback! I really appreciate it :3 Will pass on your comment to the voice actors too!


This game is INTENSE haha! Voice acting was good the story is unpredictable in a great way! Great job Melancholy!


Makes me super happy to hear such kind words <3 Thanks for taking the time to play + comment, it's much appreciated!

I'm glad you described it as intense cos one of my biggest worries about trying to make some kind of a horror VN/AN was that people would just think it was boring with it not having much in the way of gameplay mechanics and stuff x3


There was a lot of talent that showed through in this game. The amount of lines you had recorded on their own was impressive. You did a solid job building up the characters and possible scenarios so you really weren't sure what was going to happen. Nice work!


I owe a hell of a lot to the wonderful voice actors for volunteering their talents in helping bring this project to life :3 It wouldn't be the same without them! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to play + comment! It means a lot to me that you thought I did a decent job on this ^-^


SPECTACULAR voice acting job, really neat timing of uncomfortable and creepy events when things changed in the story, and great sound! The pacing and build up of tension was great, as well as the ways that the character art changed for the appropriate reactions. Lovely game! :)


Thanks so much for playing through it + your kind words! They mean a hell of a lot to me <3 I'll be sure to pass on your compliments to the voice actors :3 They'll be so happy to hear that you enjoyed their performances! 


Ah, this was really fun. A very meta game actually. I don't want to say anything that can possibly spoil it for other people but it has a really neat twist I wasn't expecting. And the voice acting and music choice was very niceeee!  ๐Ÿ‘


Thanks so much for playing + commenting! Your kind words are super duper appreciated :3 

I had to ask my brother to define what a meta game is x3 I'm 28, I should know these things, haha. I've heard the term before, just didn't actually know the definition! So I learned something today :D

I'll pass on your comment to the voice actors, they'll be really happy to hear you liked their performances :3


Wow really scary and amazing!


I'm super glad you think so :3 Thank you very much for playing + leaving a comment! It's much appreciated :D


HOLY SNAP I love this type of horror man!!!!! great job with your game it was so great. It really gives something to think about for not only your own character but "your" own character as well. Great Job! plus the art style and voices are great!!


Thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me that you took the time to play + comment :3

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Psychological kinda horror is my favourite kind, but I didn't really know if I'd be able to do the genre justice, haha. 

I will be sure to pass on the comment to the voice actors too :3 

I've not had a chance to play your game yet! I've been trying really hard to play everyone's in no particular order, but there are so many entries I'm not even sure if it's possible for one person to play all of them >.< I will add yours to my playlist for tonight anyhow :D


This is perhaps the most professional entry I've played. Making a fully voice acted game on such short notice is very impressive, let alone one that is well voice acted four times over!

Speaking as someone with a very low tolerance for anime, I found the opening of this game to be extremely anxiety-inducing, which helps to build an atmosphere of horror.


Thanks so much for your kind words + taking the time to play and comment :3 It means a lot to me. 

I have Anthony to thank for the short notice voice acting! Not only did he voice one of the male characters for me, but he also found some of his voice acting friends who were interested in helping out for the jam. I owe them all a lot for lending their talent to the project :3

I sent them the script and they only had one weekend to record cos I told em I needed much of the last 5 days of the jam to cut their lines + add them to the game in the correct places! 

I'm glad you found it anxiety-inducing :D I was attempting to create something that would make the player feel kinda uncomfortable cos I love the sorta psychological side of horror the most :3


Purple is kinda sus. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I only managed two endings, 1 good, 1 bad.
Very nice game with professional illustrations and great voicework overall, so immersive!


Purple is my favourite colour x3 haha. Especially if it's pastel purple combined with pastel mint or black :D

Well, that's better than I've managed on most of the entries I've been playing cos I suck at most kinds of games so haven't finished quite a few >.< It's fun going through them all though :D I've been trying my hardest to play all of them in no particular order, but I think I'm gonna run outta time to rate everything :( 

Sadly, I can only take credit for editing the artwork since I can't actually draw to save my life T_T Male sprite is a free use asset I edited in GIMP + female sprite is a paid for asset I've had for a while that lets you create a sprite out of different parts, so I made her in that, then edited her in GIMP too, haha. The backgrounds are paid for from an asset pack that I also bought a while ago cos I figured there's no way in hell I will ever be able to afford a background artist x3 and by the time I decided I was gonna attempt to make something for the jam, I figured it was too late to look for an artist :( 

Anyways, sorry, I'm rambling x3 Thanks so much for playing + leaving a comment <3 I'm glad you found it immersive :3 I will pass on your feedback to the voice actors as well!


I really enjoyed this; nice work!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for playing + taking the time to drop me a comment :3 I really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Funnily enough, I'm just about to head upstairs to bed and turn on my PC so I can finally play yours properly :3


This was a great experience a good story with amazing use of music and sound effects 

a good jam game indeed


Thanks so much for playing it + commenting <3 Really appreciate it! :3 Makes me super happy to hear that you liked it \^_^/


SUCH a great game! One of the best of this jam and definitely one of the best VN's I've ever played. The voice acting and the story are both top tier quality.

Excited to play future projects of yours! 


I'm so glad you enjoyed it :3 especially since I thought yours was awesome too <3 Thanks for playing through it + your kind words! Means more to me than I can say with words ^-^ I wish I could grow stretchy arms and give ya a long-distance hug, haha.


Interesting concept, I like this. Now I curious why this can happen to them. I must say voice actor is really good too. 

In bathroom scene I think it stuck, but just too long and there is no indicator it is running, may be add some text like "(showering)" in chat box will be help. And there is too many button below chat box, I think it better limit it into 7 max and move the least important into menu


Thanks so much for checking it out and taking the time to leave feedback :3 I'm glad you liked it! I'll let the voice actors know too :D

A few people have said similar things about the bathroom shower scene, haha. I actually made it like that on purpose x3 I wanted it to last the duration of the SFX (approx 20 seconds) mainly because I listen to a lot of audio dramas and they do that sort of thing in those. For me personally, when I come across stuff like that in audio dramas, I like it cos for me it increases immersion, but I can totally see how it would be frustrating for people playing a game + might come across as a bug, so I will change that when the jam is over :3 

Originally, I was just gonna make this as an audio drama with art and no text at all. Then a few days in, I decided that I would have text after all, cos if there's no text then anyone with a hearing impairment would have no idea what's going on if it's audio-only.

As for the UI buttons at the bottom, I agree! :3 Sadly, there's not much I can do about that :( I'm using Tyranobuilder because I'm not a programmer, and since the jam was quite short, I didn't make the UI from scratch. I used GIMP + ComiPo to edit the appearance of one of Tyrano's UI templates, which means I can't remove any of the buttons. I can take away the image of a button, but the button itself would still be there and function if someone accidentally clicked there x3 Editing the UI appearance took me quite a few hours, so there definitely wasn't time for me to make a UI from scratch that looks better. I might be able to spend more time to change it after the jam though :D


I see, understandable.

I'm happy you decide to add text, because for me personally, hearing without text make me only understand around 70% and miss some detail. With you add some text and log make me easy to understand the story.


I'm really glad that I decided to include text in the end then :3 I wanted as many people as possible to be able to enjoy it, and I guess without the text some people might miss out. My best friend doesn't have a hearing impairment, but he always puts subtitles on movies + TV shows cos he has some problems with his throat/coughing, which means he sometimes can't hear everything being said.

I suppose when the jam is over, I could try to add the option for people to select if they want text or not so that they have a choice instead of just one or the other :3


Really cool game, even if I'm not a big fan of this type of game, it reminded of Doki Doki

Literature Club, so it is a good thing because I liked a lot this game!

Moreover, I was surprised by the good quality of the voices, especially for a game jam!

Overall very nice work!


I'm glad ya liked it even if you're not big on VNs! I felt the same about yours :3 I don't normally play stuff like that, but your creature was so cool + repeatedly made me jump xD

I still haven't played DDLC! I need to at some point, haha. People keep telling me I'll love it! The only reason I haven't yet is cos I'm put off by the fact that it looks like you only get to interact with female characters? I've tried to avoid spoilers, haha. I do know some things about it though cos it's impossible to avoid all spoilers for something so popular x3 If it was the other way around, and you could play as a female protagonist with the club members as all male characters, I would've been all over that shizz by now, hehe.

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through + comment :3


No problem! :)

To answer to your question, yes Indeed you only get to interact with female characters, but I saw that some fans made male versions, but I don't know if it is really available for the game, or it is only for fantasy ^^

Moreover, I'm glad that you enjoyed my game even if you are not a fan of this type of game :)


this is a crazy ass game lol, amazing you made it in such a short time. definitely one of my favorites from this jam!!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I feel like I should be using that as a tagline! x3 haha. Thank you so much for your kind words :3 It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it! I thought that I might finally relax after going at it like crazy to get the entry submitted in time, but now I'm going at it like crazy trying to play through everyone's entries instead xD It's so much fun though! This jam is awesome <3 Excited to play you guys' game later today! :3


Woah, nice job! What a cool story to tell and an unexpected way to tell it. Such a fun experience, thank you for doing this! It's very cool of you to also have so many options for voice acting, it really helps immerse into the game's story


Thank you for your kind words + playing, much appreciated :3 

I'm incredibly lucky to have such wonderful voice actor friends who don't mind helping out with stuff like this :D I owe them a lot! Haha. Kinda feel like anything I write isn't complete without voice acting >.< They do such an amazing job of bringing stuff to life!

I'm looking forward to checking out you guys' game later on! Hoping that it will run on my potato laptop x3 If not, I'll just have to go be uncomfortable and use my PC instead (it's a very awkward setup cos I have no space for a desk, haha.)

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