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Wow awesome work - you did a good job tying UI, art and sound together. I love the flashscan mechanic; it's something we could take inspiration from in our game! :)

Skip has now been added - thanks for playing!

Wow thank you for feedback! There are definitely some bugs we'll need to revisit.. It's amazing how quickly project-scope can outrun time - you think you have more than you got! Really appreciate you trying the game out and uh, yep; that's a demon wang.

I really enjoyed this; nice work!

That's something we can and should add actually. Thank you for playing!

Oh well that's no good! I apologize for the sound issue we will have to look into that.  Thanks for trying it out :)

Great job on the level design and character control (standalone version) - I wasn't sure what was doing damage to me but I could certainly hear it. Ran into a bug where I went back into the Engine Room after completing the area (Objective was to reach Level 2 at this point) and I wasn't able to exit as the big door remained closed. 

Awesome game jam submission!

Thank you it was my first attempt at cinematics and my wife had fun doing the phone call. Glad you enjoyed it :)

I agree with the comment below the level is a bit large, but I did manage to find 3/5 recordings. They reminded me of the voxophones from bioshock. Very cool. The demon is pretty scary and he managed to get me before I could finish the game.

Wasn't sure on where to go once I got ahead of the dark-wall. Cool atmosphere though and I liked the intro cinematic, as well as the particle FX. The ghost's mechanic is pretty brutal!

I got stumped after finding the lever! Am I supposed to be looking for the lockpick at this point? I'll come back and give it another go soon :)

thanks for playing! 

explore the freezing tundra of poker flats Alaska as you investigate an incident at a near by bunker-facility.

thank you very much playing!

Hotdog hostage was my favorite! 600pt high score :))

Creepy! Nice work.

Super cute awesome aesthetic that is charming and spooky at the same time. Had a smile on my face when I reached the end. This is a solid example of a complete game-jam experience. Great work.

Awesome art style and a great execution of the classic dungeon-crawler genre.

Thanks for playing

Relatable story - getting older is starting to feel like this but as you said, just gotta accept what you got and keep going :)

Interesting plot - a bit text heavy but overall a great, creepy atmosphere. Nice work!

thank you! I agree the sounds will be reworked once the jam is complete - that’s what we get for adding them in 30 minutes before submission. Thanks for playing :)

Thank you so much - we put a lot of work into this jam so thanks!!


A few of us are trying to resubmit our games - Seeing as how theres only one working submission I would hope the hosts would allow this.

It's been 2 1/2 hours since closing and no response from the hosts. Where are you?

I didn't even hit Save after removing it - This is maddening!!

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I removed the zip to upload a bugfix  and now the original submission is gone and uploading is locked - can i please reupload this project.