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This is game about looking key to open door and move to next room.
Submitted by Zenzen93 โ€” 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Enjoyment (Best Game)#962.2502.250
Sound Design#1391.2501.250

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Woah, this game's atmosphere is super creepy. I definitely agree with everyone here, it's a cool atmosphere and any sound would be super good. Easy to play, and world generation worked really well in the levels I played. Nicely done!


Thanks for the feedback. Currently, I am working on the update for this game. The update will have many additional feature other than sound.


Cool game I had to get used to the controls but really did give me vibes of how old games where played. The game name really goes well with what your trying to get to as your goal great game idea!!!


Thanks for playing. The control is uncommon in these day, but I hope it still easy to use for playing.


Interesting control scheme, like how some games are played back then. Even similar to operating real life machines. But some players would find this painful, and I'm surprised I didn't! ๐Ÿ˜„
Anyway, I beat the game after loading up two rooms, but I was still unsure how to make sense of it. Then I play it again and complete it based on my realization. Won't spoil it for the others though!


Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with you, my fear is player will find it annoying because it cannot slide to left, but must rotate first and move forward. So far player can still enjoy the game with this controller. But, I will keep this in mind for now.

Great! you didn't know how happy I am to know someone figure it out. And I must say, congratulation you beat the game.


The general mood of all levels feels well acomplished with the lighting and the modeling. The design of the target room it's nice. I only wish it had some sounds, hopefully in a future version.


Thank you for feedback.

Definitely will update this game to add sound and some feature


When I saw the controls, I was worried I would struggle cos I don't play many games that fully use a keyboard these days, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly :D I managed to get through a few levels, but then I died when I came across a ghost sorta patrolling the door I had the key for, haha. I waited a bit, then decided to risk sprinting, but I wasn't fast enough x3 

I think it would have a pretty good creepy atmosphere when you get a chance to add the sound in :3 Especially if there's sound for some of the movable objects like the tables and the mugs when you walk into them! I reckon that'd make me jump cos I usually jump at objects moving or falling in games, haha.


Thanks for your time.

I'm happy to hear you play this more than 1 level.

I'm planning to update this game to add more level, add main menu, better UI and of course add sound. Right now this game still barebone, I don't have much time to finish it before deadline.

Submitted (1 edit)

Thanks for making the game :3 I'll be sure to check it out again when you've been able to update it! I think it was the 4th level I died on, haha. I should have just been more patient instead of risking getting so close to the ghosty dude x3

It was a really tough deadline! It's good that you got something submitted in time though, even if there's more you want to add to it, it's still enjoyable as it is :3 


Interesting controls scheme, it works but I'm curious, why didn't you use the mouse for the view?

Moreover, I liked the aesthetics which is quite cool!

However, it is too bad that there is no sound design, it would have add more power to your atmosphere.

Overall gg for your work!


thanks for your feedback.

For the control, I didn't have any solid reason, just want to trying something new.

For sound, I didn't have time to looking for sound, because I only develop this game on weekend and I start a little bit too late. So I submit it first to join and planning to update later.


Duly noted, thank you for your answer!


the controls are are great in weird way i love them, and i like the Aesthetics of the game


thank you for playing