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I'm glad it managed to fix itself at least :3 I wish I could make perfectly working UI that never goes messed up, but it seems impossible xD

Maybe that could be one of the reasons why not many people have played this one cos people might look at the page and think it doesn't sound that fun, so then they don't check it out >.< haha. I did kinda struggle with how to describe the game! And I guess with my other projects it's more obvious what the story and stuff is about, whereas with this one, it's kinda hard to tell from the title. I do wish more people would give it a chance though cos I'm so proud of this one and of all the people who helped me bring it to life :3

Hope you manage to make it to one of the good endings! Though, to be fair, some of the bad endings are more fun :D

I'm glad you enjoyed what little there is of the game so far :3 And the good news is, in the update I'm working on, the player will get a lot more choices when interacting with the characters, allowing them to better shape MC's personality. Some of these additional choices will simply be the option to be either kind or cruel towards a character and will impact available choices further down the line (think sorta paragon/renegade type stuff from Mass Effect), while other choices will have more of a direct impact on MC's actions rather than just their personality/way of responding during conversations :3 

Once the update is released, you'll have the choice to be much kinder to Castoria, or bully her more than MC currently does, haha. Either way, all the new choices also feature brand new accompanying dialogue with her, along with a continuation of her story + the start of a new character route.

Thanks so much for playing and for your support ^-^

Thanks so much :3 I think if Manly hadn't played this, practically o one would know it was a thing, haha. I've been working away on the project's upcoming update, but recently took a proper break cos of burning myself out like an idiot, haha. The initial plan was to aim for an end of summer release, but there's no way that's gonna happen now >.< I'm just gonna keep working on it when I can though and I'll get there in the end, haha.

Thanks again for taking the time to write such kind words :3

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :3 The whole two sides thing is inspired by those Japanese drama CDs out there where you get a black side and a white side for each character :D I always thought it was a really neat idea to get to see two different sides of a character like that, and I've always had a thing for black and white, so I wanted to try and make a game where that was like the core thing about it! So yeah, I'm planning to make sure every character added to the game has a sweet side and a sinister side.

The update I'm working on will also give the player more control over MC with more choices :3 And then those choices will impact MC's personality somewhat as well as how the characters interact with them.

Originally, I had planned to get the update released by the end of summer, but that's just not going to happen now >.< Too much stuff went on in my personal life, haha. And some of the people I'm working with for art and VA are also super busy, so now I'm kinda just working on it all in a healthier way than I was before so I don't burn out x3 But I'll get there in the end! Haha. I actually need to make an update post here soon cos I've got a lot of stuff to say about the project + need to show the next character to be added, but I haven't managed to draft up a post yet x3

Thanks so much for the support ^-^

So glad you've been enjoying it :D It's by far the most fun I've had yet working on a project, though, I think maybe I should have tried to make something a bit shorter cos I gave myself, the artists, and the VAs waaaaay too much work for 1 month xD I hardly slept last September cos I knew I wouldn't finish in time for the jam deadline if I did, haha. Definitely my favourite jam I've taken part in so far though :3 And I couldn't have done it without all the awesome folks who helped me bring the project to life!

I'm gonna try and make something for Spooktober VN jam again this year, but probably not as long as this one, haha.

Thanks so much for playing it cos it's one of my least downloaded games (which totally sucks cos I personally think it's the best one of all of em x3) and I hope you end up having fun with the rest of it :D

PS. I noticed the settings UI was a bit wonky in the first video >.< I really wish I could get it to work properly cos it's supposed to adapt to any window size changes and stuff, but it always seems to go a bit wonky on anything other than 1920x1080 fullscreen no matter what I do T_T I saw the PC UI and text box UI seemed to be okay though, so hopefully, you don't get too many issues with that.

It's pretty much just a huuuge book of different tips that helped him become more content/deal with life easier, that he hopes might also be useful to others in some way. There's a lot of funny moments in there too, and I guess even people who don't know who Derren is would probably find some of it of us. I've always loved him ever since I first saw him on TV, haha. There's quite a bit about stoicism in there, which I knew nothing about before listening to the book! Funnily enough, I've since finished 'Happy' and have moved onto his more recent book, 'A Book of Secrets' haha. Which has more personal stuff from him in there like what happened with him and his family during Covid lockdown, but also again some helpful bits of info and advice about life and stuff!

He really is, bless him, and thanks :3 Yeah, my brother has said he's bought stuff before (though not VNs, just indie games in general) that has cost around the same and he's finished it all in one night, and then been a bit disappointed.

I mean, when it comes to big commercial releases, I can't even afford to buy games new anymore xD Been priced out, haha. I'm waiting to play The Quarry, but I just can't afford to spend more than £30 max on a game and they release at like £50 nowadays >.<

Anyways, I'm just glad you enjoyed SR and happy that you think it's worth more than some of the commercial VNs out there :3 It sure would be nice if I could somehow make a living making stuff like that, but it seems as though that's unlikely to ever be a possibility with the way things work in my country and my personal circumstances :( 

I'm glad you like Kuro's feminine look! I was kinda annoyed that I had to make him that way initially, but as I worked on the project, the sprites kinda grew on me, haha. Then I couldn't imagine him looking any other way. 

Oh, and if you haven't already checked it out, Archie does make a brief appearance in Apartment No 9 (otome version), but it's quite a depressing sorta story in that one with a lot of trigger warnings, so it's probably not worth doing all the stuff required to see Archie if the story doesn't sound like your cup of tea, haha. 

Aww, that's so great to hear! I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^-^ Even though it's been quite some time since I released it, my dad actually said to me again this weekend just gone, I still can't believe you released a game of that length for free xD I've lost track of the number of times he's said that over the years, haha. I'm just overjoyed that anyone is still playing and having fun with it!! Back when I was making it, I kinda just figured only a few of my friends would play it! That it would go unnoticed by the rest of the world x3

Hehe x3 I would like to see this scene in a blooper reel!

I hope I'll manage to get it on Steam one day, but that's probably a long way off, so in the meantime, you're welcome to email me here for a key if you want:
Just put your username as the subject of the message so I know it's you, and I'll send a key as soon as I can :3

Sadly, I can't take credit for the art style of the sprites or backgrounds as they come from asset packs which I've previously purchased. However, because I don't like to use them exactly as they come, I always try to edit them myself, so the recolouring of the sprites was by me :3

And no worries, I could understand everything :D Thanks for checking out the game!

No worries, it's no bother at all. I just replied to your other comment in the bugs section with a link to a guide of helpful tips for opening my games on Mac, but I will link it here too in case anyone reads your comment and also has the same problem :3 Hopefully at least one of the bits of help on there will work for everyone.

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is pretty slow >.< I just had a busy week last week with a family wedding + my dad's birthday. Hopefully you managed to get it to work by now, but if not, I made a guide on the main game page for opening the game on Mac, though, this version is slightly more updated with additional solutions:

Unfortunately, it seems like it's really awkward to open all of my games on Mac :( I don't own a Mac, so I can only test on Windows, but various Mac uders helped me to put the guide together, and so far, I think everyone has managed to get it to open using one of the bits of help on the list :3 I would recommend trying the first one first just because a few people have recently told me that was the easiest solution that worked for them!

Thanks so much for checking out the game and I hope you can manage to get it running :3

I guess I just really wasn't feeling it with this one, so I probably judged it too harshly x3 It's like I knew in my head how I wanted to make it, but I A: Didn't have enough time in the jam to get it to match my head plans, and B: Just kept getting frustrated that it wasn't coming out the way I hoped >.< haha. I really appreciate that it still gets some downloads despite my personal feelings about it though :3 So cheers for checking it out!

Ooooh, right! I did wonder for a second if that's what it might be, but I didn't wanna hazard a guess and say so in case I was completely wrong x3 But if that was the question, then nope, no H scenes in this one. It's a fandub of a Japanese drama CD, and while I'm not sure what the age rating for the CD is in Japan, I don't remember there being any sexual content in any of the volumes, so it must be relatively tame going by the rating system where I live.

I'm really glad you decided to stick with it :3 And I'm even more glad that you ended up playing through it despite your initial feelings about the art and MC! Thanks so much for taking the time to play the game and leave a comment ^-^

Yeah, I used to sorta work on my projects as though they were the only thing in my life x3 and that just wasn't healthy at all, haha. I kept making myself ill doing that, spending like 12+ hours a day staring at my screen working away (which my family always thought was insane considering I wasn't being paid for any of it xD) so now I'm changing the way I work on them in general to be much more casual so that I can make more time to do other things instead of working on my project stuff obsessively.

But yeah, I've heard it's really easy for stuff to get buried on Steam if it's not promoted really well, so I feel like I'd struggle a lot in that department with how little I use social media >.< It seems a bit worrying to give them $100 to have my game on there if it's just gonna be buried and unfindable >.< I've heard talk of their algorithms and stuff being heavily reliant on getting people to give good reviews and things if you want your game to be visible, and I really don't like pestering people to review my stuff.

As you say, it doesn't seem particularly beneficial to indie devs who don't expect to make profit from a project. I love itch because you're free to just put your stuff out there without having to spend anything first.

When I do finally get the next update out, I'll also be sure to make it so that there is a demo that can be downloaded for free, while keeping the $2 donation option open to fund development and that will contain all the currently available content :3 I just can't really do that with the version that's out now cos there's not enough content to make a demo when it's so short that it practically is a demo x3

That's really sweet of you to say all that, and I really appreciate the support and encouragement :3 As you say, doing whatever you're comfortable with is the best way to go, especially when it's a hobby project because as soon as you start doing stuff you're not comfortable with, or the work becomes a chore, it's like you've then managed to kill off your hobby, and that's not good x3 Better to try and keep it as fun and stress-free as possible :3

But yeah, I'll plod along at my own weird pace, sometimes it'll speed up when I get tunnel vision and don't do anything else like during jams xD and sometimes it'll slow down like recently when I've been feeling exhausted and not had my heart in it x3 either way, I'll keep going and get there in the end, and once stuff is released, it'll be there for anyone who fancies playing it :3 

Thank you :3 I was a little busy over the weekend, but I just saw your email and sent the key :3 I hope you enjoy it even though there is not much content yet.

Yeah, it's a very long-term project, but I don't plan to work on just this (I'm actually working on another project at the same time as DD right now, but I don't really post about it.) I usually have about 2 projects on the go at once cos it helps me to switch between different sorts of stories cos some days I'm just not in the mood to work on one thing in particular x3 I don't know if I'll eventually manage to release every single character route that I have in my notes, but that shouldn't matter too much because each route can be played as a standalone story anyways, and I plan to always make sure that when I put out an update, even if the story is to continue from that point, it will also have an 'ending' like the current content does, so that things aren't just left hanging :3

If I'm honest, I don't even know how it works for putting stuff on Steam. I was really put off by what I read some other days saying a while ago about how difficult it is >.< They said you need like lots of images in loads of different sizes and resolutions (which would be hard for me to provide without distorting my assets since I'm not an artist) and numerous other problems and pitfalls. Itch is just so easy to use in comparison.

I'm also not allowed to sell the game anyways cos of my personal circumstances (I can accept donations to help towards funding its development, but I can't make it a proper commercial release currently.) And I don't really mind if people lose interest x3 I'm doing this as a hobby, so as long as making it is fun, I'll keep doing it regardless of what happens with folks following the project. If people are still playing it and enjoying it though, that's a really lovely bonus :3

Also, with the plans I have for the project further down the line, it's physically impossible for me to 100% finish 1 single character's content without working on other characters because certain choices made by the player can potentially cause different characters to cross paths during the story >.<

I totally get what you're saying though! It makes sense.  And if I were a normal person, I probably would have already put it on Steam x3 But I don't really promote my projects and stuff because I don't like using social media >.< I have ASD and it stresses me out to spend the sort of time needed to promote a game on different social media platforms x3 I'm the type of person who would prefer to just work away on a project in the dark and never have to try and promote it at all, haha. So I don't mind if it takes forever to fund the full game or if it never gets fully funded cos I'd rather that than the stress and misery of promoting it. I'll just do my best with whatever funding I happen to get over time :3

You're welcome to just have a key if you want one anyhow :3 Feel free to drop me an email with your username from here so I know it's you, and I'll send you one as soon as I can if you decide you'd like one. I appreciate your support either way ^-^

I don't know what that means x3 Sorry, I'm basically clueless when it comes to abbreviations, haha. Half the time I will have to go look up what things mean on Google >.< I'm like a grandma when it comes to things like that!

xD Yeah, it's just a liiiiiittle bit of an overreaction! Pesky yanderes x3

I would certainly like to at some point in the future :3 It's only on itch for now because the $100 fee to put a game on Steam is really offputting cos that's $100 that could go towards development instead >.< and I feel like since I totally suck at promoting my projects + the fact that DD is in development and has a loooooong way to go before it's finished, it would probably get buried on Steam if I try to put it there too soon. When more of it is finished though, I will look into it again :3

This version of the game is sadly not yet released, so there shouldn't be anything to download on this page. The only version of the game that is released is the otome/GxB version, which was the first game I ever made. You can find that one here:

But yeah, this version isn't even close to release because I don't have time to work on it alongside my other projects since this is such a big project >.< It would take me a couple of years to finish this version even if I wasn't working on anything else, unfortunately. 

I'm glad you like the concept :3 Actually, I am sort of working on it in the background :D Well, I haven't worked on anything throughout June since I took a break to participate in the 30 Days Wild challenge, but now that I'm back to working on my projects, I'm working on both DD and CiQ at the same time :3 I just hated how long CiQ had been on hold, and needed to work on something different to DD cos sometimes it gets a bit stressful only working on one thing, haha.

I did have a brand new demo ready to go for CiQ ages ago with the new sprites + full VA, but it was supposed to launch alongside a Kickstarter, and since that never happened, the demo wasn't released >.< Back in April though, I finished off the epilogue stuff for the story and started trying to get the old cast back together for potentially voicing the whole game :3 Not everyone is on board, but some are. I have no idea when I'll eventually finish the entire game to get it released though with it being a full-length one, but someday! x3

Sorry it's taken an entire month to respond to all the lovely things you said >.< I was just away from my PC and all my project stuff for all of June while I focused on the 30 Days Wild challenge. I did read everything you wrote when I got a chance though, I just wasn't able to actually sit down and say anything back until now x3 I hope you ended up having fun with Yandere Heaven too in the end :D And not much has changed since then because this game still has the lowest number of downloads by far xD I just checked the analytics and it's on 440 total downloads! The next lowest is the ELI version of Love in Lockdown at 1743 total downloads. Yandere Heaven is somehow my most downloaded project at 15.9k total downloads despite being my most recently released game O.O I dunno how that has happened, haha. And poor Limbo Line, which I personally feel is my best project so far is only on 2510 total.

I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write such a meaty review of this one anyhow :D It means a lot, especially so when it seems to be my most unloved release, haha.

And heck yes, it's great when other people notice the small details and stuff in a project! I tend to spend probably too much time obsessing over tiny details, but they make me happy, so meh x3

I hope this one managed to stay your favourite after you checked out YH, haha. As much fun as I had making YH, I put a hell of a lot more time and effort into A9. To the point that by the end of the jam, I felt like I bloomin lived in that damn apartment with everyone xD

Psychological stuff is very much my jam, haha. I used to play a lot of the romance otomes myself, but over time, I started to feel like they were becoming a bit hollow to me. Same sorts of stories, same sorts of characters, same sorts of romance >.< And I just wound up a bit disillusioned with them. It's annoying because I love me some cute romance in the middle of a story, but I do prefer it to be somewhere in between what a lot of otome games offer and what you get in something like Mass Effect. With Bioware games, I'm always left wanting a little more romance than you get, but with otomes, I end up wanting a little less romance and a bit more attention to overall story x3 I probably sound so picky T_T haha.

I feel honoured that you'd give such high praise! I mean, I can't take 100% credit for the story idea since it was heavily inspired stuff, but I tried my best to do the original idea justice while adding plenty of my own original ideas and such in there to create something else.

I'm glad you like the art as well. This version of the game wouldn't have even been possible without the help of my good friend who created the art for it because I didn't have any assets that would work. I'm a huuuuge fan of her art style :3 She puts so much emotion and small details into her drawings. I still can't belive the sheer level of incredible art she managed to creat for Limbo Line, and again, that project wouldn't have been possible if not for her, so I owe her a lot :3

That's a relief to hear that you didn't come across any plot holes because that's something which is always in the back of my mind, haha. While I do write a very rough sort of outline for most of my stuff, 75% of the finished script comes from pantsing xD Which I feel always leaves it all rather vulnerable to plot holes! I do my best to try and fix anything I find, but sometimes it's easy to miss stuff when you're looking at the same text for so long >.<

I've always had a soft spot for the more messed-up sorts of characters that you come across both in fiction and in reality. Though, in reality, it's more of a morbid curiosity I guess. When I was a kid, my parents got me a book on serial killers as a birthday present cos they knew how much I loved watching documentaries on them xD And I remember watching Disney films as a child and always being fascinated by the villains, wanting to know more about why they wound up the way they did and stuff. So yeah, it's a lot of fun to create and explore characters that have a darker side :3 I'm so glad I came across visual novels, because before then, I didn't even know what a yandere was. They quickly became my favourite sort of character type alongside yangires, haha.

I remember playing a game a few years ago where the story changed upon replaying it, and it absolutely blew my mind x3 so I thought to myself, I've really gotta try my hand at that sometime! It was a bit of a nightmare to execute when my coding skills are practically nonexistent. Though, I finally know now how to fix the title screen for accessing different menu options and such, I just haven't updated the game with a fix because it would take so long to export and upload it again for something so small >.< I'm really hoping it's something I can implement in some of my other projects too, because as you say, it's pretty trippy, and it's something that makes me smile whenever I come across it as a player.

Please don't apologise anyhow x3 Like I said, I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write everything that you did :3 As nice as it is to make the sorts of things you enjoy making and see them come to life, it's equally nice, if not more so,  to get any sort of feedback from folks who have taken the time to play through something I've put out there. Reading what you wrote made me smile. It really does mean a lot ^-^ So yeah, thanks again for everything!

I'm glad you still enjoyed that route :3 Yeah, hopefully, Ill manage to get there one day with a full remake! I really wanted to make a version with fem Kuros as well at some point, but it's so much work T_T I wish I could clone myself to work on different stuff at the same time, haha.


Yeah, Kuro and Shiro's names are a bit corny x3 but I couldn't help it, haha. I just figured it was perfect for them.

And yeah, Isaac is definitely one heck of a giant asshole xD He certainly deserves much more than a few slaps for all the trouble he caused everyone and the pain he put em all through!

Thanks so much again for playing :3 I really appreciate it!

Thanks for checking out the game :3 As far as I can remember, you'd have to turn off all SFX to get the voices muted as well. Don't quote me on it, but I think you can still keep the BGM volume up. It's been so long that I can't quite remember though >.< I just remember the fact that at the time of making the game, Tyranobuilder (the engine I used to make it) had no option built-in to let a dev differentiate voice acting from other SFX, so I think it all had to go in the same category, unfortunately! 

It's one of the many reasons why I wound up switching to using a different engine in the end, cos with what I use now, not only can I put the voice acting on a separate channel to SFX, but I can even easily add individual volume sliders for each character, which is sooo much better! But yeah, it's not an option in SR, sadly :(

That's great to know! Glad it helped :3 I'll make sure to keep it as the first suggestion on the list, and hopefully, it will be able to help others too :D

Yeah, he's adorable but also terrifying x3 In the update I'm working on, the player should have more control over how they speak to characters as well. So you can be really nice to them all the time, bully them/be super mean, or a mixture of whatever. Then the character will react differeny depending how you treat them, and eventually your actions will result in different endings. 

I'm the same though, I can't stand MCs who are total pushovera x3 it always frustrates me if I have to play as an MC who doesn't fight back in any way, haha. Yui in Dia Lovers annoyed the crap outta me with how much she let all the guys walk all over her >.<

I think your English is great anyhow! :3 

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to get the update out for when I hoped to cos my mental health has been so crap recently that I haven't really managed to get much done >.< Taking a break this month to immerse myself in nature and try and do some fundraising for my local wildlife charity is helping me to feel a bit better, but once June is over, I don't know if I'll be able to do much cos I always feel ill in the summer! The heat just gives me constant headaches and stuff which makes it really hard to get anything done >.< I'll get there eventually though! 

Glad you enjoyed what's there of the game at the moment anyhow :3 Hopefully you will enjoy the new Castor content even more when it's finally released! Thanks so much for supporting the project and taking the time to comment ^-^

You don't need to apologise :3 And it's okay. We all have our own unique experiences of life. Whether folks show emotion or not doesn't really matter, but when someone chooses to reach out, that's just a really kind thing to do in general :3 My brother rarely shows any emotion (he suffers with poor mental health as well), but I know he cares cos he shows it in really small but significant ways. 

Sorry you've struggled with those sorts of thoughts and feelings :( I'm not great with failure either. I quite often beat myself up for thinking I'm a failure even if I haven't failed at something! And it's even worse if I genuinely have failed. I quite often wind up thinking of taking my life too, to the point that it's almost become a comforting thing for me cos it's like, well, at least there is a way out of my mess of a life >.< I think one of my therapists called it suicidal ideation or something! She did say that while it's not exactly great to do, it's better if I'm only thinking about it rather than actually acting on it. 

I'm a massive overthinker too >.< I find it very difficult to shut off my brain and find peace. Most of the time, working on my VN projects helps with that since it gives me something to focus on, but sometimes, even that is not enough if I'm feeling particularly exhausted and overwhelmed. I have found over the years thought that immersing myself in nature helps a lot :3 It's like while I'm outside surrounded by plants and animals, there's always something going on to distract me! And that helps me stop constantly ruminating cos I'm focused on what's happening around me rather than what's in my head x3

That's part of the reason why I decided to take part in the 30DaysWild challenge this month :3 I figured maybe it would help me while at the same time hopefully helping nature in general! 

It does seem to be making me feel better so far! I'm worried once June is over though, I'll go back to feeling crap again >.< I guess I should try not to think about that for now! 

I totally agree that it's better to feel pain and stuff than nothing at all! I've been on meds before that made me so numb that it was genuinely terrifying when I realised just how much my emotions had been deadened. And you're absolutely right that all we can do is keep going and try to push through. 

Thank you for writing all that anyhow, and I hope that things get better for you as well so that you don't have to keep suffering through pain and bad times! We all just have to try and keep encouraging each other to keep going I guess. 

And don't worry about donating anyhow :3 

It's been a while, but I do remember it being somewhat buggy, yeah x3 I only had just under 1 week to make it, and the engine itself had some really irritating bugs at the time with practically non-existent help from the engine devs (though that may have changed by now!) The buggyness of Tyrano is the main reason I decided to stop using it after I made Impostor and switched to Nani x Unity instead, which I feel works much better. Tyrano was great to start out with though! 

I would've gone back to try and fix the bugs, but I kinda just didn't want to have to work with Tyrano anymore >.< I felt like I'd rather just completely remake the game in Unity instead, and I still hope to at some point, along with the first game I ever made with Tyrano cos that also suffers from random bugs in the engine that I no clue how to fix. Things like text skipping causing crashes. Cos I had nothing to do with the code for skipping. That's built into the engine. Leaving me clueless as to how to fix it since I'm not a coder >.<

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to check it out :3 

Thanks so much for playing it and for the recommendation :3 much appreciated! And glad you had fun with it as well. It was an absolute blast to make :D Even if I did spend most of the jam panicking that I wouldn't get it finished in time for the end of the jam, haha.

Yeah, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of voice acting, and a big part of why I got into making VNs in the first place was cos I really wanted to make more English speaking yandere characters and release them into the wild x3 So getting to work with VAs to get voicing in my projects is a massive motivator for me. I pretty much lose all my motivation to make stuff if I know it's not gonna be voiced, which is kinda why Love in Lockdown came out so crappy in comparison to my other projects >.< haha. 

Really glad you had fun with YH anyhow :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to play and comment! I'm hoping to add the remaining volumes at some point. I just don't know when cos I've got so much work to do on DD and keep getting overwhelmed by life in general x3

It is a pretty funky theme! I would offer to just send you the track, but I think that would break the terms of use cos I purchased it as part of a BGM asset pack. As far as I can remember, it said that you're not allowed to share it outside of any projects you use it in. I guess cos it would detract from sales of the asset pack by the original composer. I think it was quite a cheap pack though if you wanted me to try and find the link to where I bought it from! Once you own the pack, you get it in mp3 and wav, so you could listen to it as much as you wanted. 

Thanks so much for checking the game out! Glad you had fun with it :3 

Yeeeeah, the 'good' endings aren't really all that good x3 I guess it depends on perspective, but they're all kinda bleak, haha. 

Sorry I'm so slow to answer your question anyhow >.< I just haven't really been on my PC this month. I'm typing this now on my phone. But yeah, I kinda wanted to leave it up to the player to decide which ending they think/would prefer to be the truth, so in the end, it's up to whatever you want to believe. However, that one ending in particular where you get that little bonus scene when you reopen the game is absolutely suggesting that the player is the impostor :3 You don't have to take that particular ending as the truth though. 

I haven't had a chance to watch the video properly yet, but thank you so much for playing! :3 And glad you enjoyed it ^-^

Hehe x3 glad you had fun with it! I honestly don't know where that scene came from xD Hoping to get similar sorts of situations in other character routes too, but not sure if they'll manage to induce as much blushing! 

Thanks so much for playing :3 

No problem :3 

Yeah, Castor is pretty cute but quite creepy at the same time xD 

I'd love to see fanart if you end up making any :D I do have a twitter account, so if you send it there, I can retweet it :3 @Marionette_Mask

I don't think I'd be able to do that without breaching the terms of use for the sprite and background assets :( cos while I edited them myself to make them all pink and stuff, the original art is from a couple of different asset packs, and the terms of use state that you must not distribute them or make them available outside of the projects you use them in. I guess because it would potentially impact the sales of the asset packs if devs just posted the assets for download >.< So yeah, sorry about that! As far as I can work out, it wouldn't be allowed.

Have you tried any of the suggestions listed here? Hopefully one of them should work for you :3 I don't own a mac myself, so can't test on them and don't know how they work, but mac users have given suggestions to me over the years how they got my games to work, so I compiled it all into this list:

Also, someone recently said that if you download the game through the app rather than on the site, you shouldn't have to mess around with mac security settings, it should just work. 

Good luck! Hope something does work for you :3

No worries, I just sent the email, so hopefully, you get the key okay :3 Don't worry about it anyhow! You need to save as much as possible when you don't have much money :3

It's probably because the images for the volume control sliders are also not in the right place since the text has gone weird as well >.< It seems like no matter what I do with the scaling UI settings in Unity, they never scale properly for everyone :( They either end up making stuff completely disappear off the screen or putting it so it's still on the screen but in a really weird place T_T and I have no idea how to fix that, especially on a mac where I can't even test because I don't own one or know anyone nearby who does >.<

So yeah, I'm sorry about that but I'm unlikely to be able to fix it :( It's so frustrating when I've worked hard on stuff to get it all working perfectly on my own computer only to discover that it's completely or partially fucked up for other people >.< I guess that's where having a proper team helps, haha. But since I'm just a solo dev doing all this as a hobby, I'm pretty much useless when someone runs into a problem like this.