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Glad to hear it! I can only apologise in advance that I personally don't think this is at the same standard as my other stuff >.< but hopefully, someone will still get some enjoyment out of it :3

Nope! I've left MC's gender unspecified in case players want to self-insert :3 MC is just referred to as 'you' by ELLA. I had planned to release 2 versions. The ELLA version features a female synthetic companion. With any luck, the version with a male synthetic won't be too far behind, but it's likely to come without voice acting, whereas the ELLA version is voiced.

Aww, thank you so much :3 I have a terrible feeling you could be disappointed with this one >.< haha. It's nowhere near the standard I'd like it to be, sadly. It's possible I'll come back to it at some point to try and make improvements, but my priority at the moment is getting it to a playable state asap before too much time passes since I've already missed the jam submission deadline.

Thanks for the support! It's much appreciated :D

That's great to hear :3 I'm super glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment <3

I don't suppose you can remember any of what you did to get it to work for you? It seems as though no matter what engine I use, there are always issues for poor mac users >.< If you can remember anything, I can include the info for other mac users having problems to see if it will help them :3 If I could buy a Mac to test on, that'd probably help a lot, but sadly, I'm far too poor to be able to afford one, haha.

Thank you again for the support! It means a lot :3

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Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate you taking the time to play through the game and leave a comment :3 I hope enjoy the rest of the game!

I didn't see what you wrote at the end before your edit, haha, but I'm glad you managed to figure out a solution anyhow :D

Thanks so much for playing! I hope you enjoy it :3

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I found the following comments on the support forums related to mac, but I don't know of any of them will be helpful for you. It would appear it's a more common issue than I thought >.< Hopefully, one of the suggested fixes will work for you! :3

* You might need to right click (or ctrl-click) and then select "Open" to get around Mac security settings. Unless you code sign your application you may need to also disable Gatekeeper by setting System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere". I highly recommend turning that back on after you start your application if you do end up needing to allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere"


*Those who download, do not double click it: right click and extract using a 3rd party extractor like The Unarchiver or Keka

- Double click the extracted app, Mac will show a message saying that it is not allowed to run
- Go to system security settings, unlock it and click to open it
- Now it should work!

Hey hey! Thanks for checking out the game, and I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with opening the mac version >.< I don't personally own a mac, so I have no way of testing on my mac myself, and no idea how they work :( Someone else mentioned having the same problem, they managed to get it to run in the end, but they said they couldn't remember how. I'll have to ask in the support section for the engine I'm using and see if anyone there can help! I'll let you know as soon as I find out any suggestions :3 

Hmm, that's strange. It's a very old download, so I've not checked it in a few years, but it used to work. I'll look into it when I get a chance :3 It's a very outdated demo in terms of appearance though, and the new revamped version is coming soon, so you might be better off waiting to play the new one instead. Thanks for your interest! :D

I could really do with working on my backlog at some point, but any time I try and play stuff, my brain beats me up about it and tells me I should be doing work T_T

Oh dear, maybe I shouldn't get 7'scarlet then xD I mean, I didn't mind the overall story in Black Butterfly, and I was intrigued by the mystery elements, but I'm just not a fan of the childhood friends trope in general. Sooo, if the mystery elements in 7'scarlet are decent, I might like it :3 But then it sounds like it is very heavily about childhood friendship again after what you said further down in your message, haha. As for MC, oh dear, I'm kinda used to stupid ones at this point so I can generally handle most of em, as long as they're not as pathetic as the MC from Diabolik Lovers, haha. 

What you said in your BB spoiler was something I did really like about the game :3 I hadn't seen that before in anything, and it was quite touching. I sorta started seeing her as someone I was guiding more than inserting into since she had those sorts of feelings, which may well be why I didn't care so much for most of the cast. Not that that's a bad thing cos I did think they're story was both sweet and heartbreaking. To the point that I almost didn't care about the rest of the content once I'd seen that x3

If 7'scarlet's yandere is inferior to BB's though, then, hmm >.< haha. 

Yeah, I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of those yandere types you mentioned where they're pretty flirty/cheerful + youthful types. I would take Tei over those any day xD I'm not so keen on the shota ones regardless of general personality really, but I'll still read em and enjoy some of em. I know what ya mean about how it seems like there might be some overcompemsating going on, haha. I'm generally happy with most types of voices, but you don't really seem to get deeper/lower voices in otome in general >.< I would like to see more diversity in that department. I can't remember the name of the drama CD, but there was this one I heard a long time ago (not yandere-related) where the seiyuu had one of the deepest, most spine-tingling voices I've ever heard in a Japanese drama CD before xD It was insane, and I've never really heard any voices of that type since in otome games or drama CDs. I'll have to try and find out what the dude's name was! I know what ya mean though :3 and I adore it when characters do go dangerously low, as you put it :D the bigger the difference when that happens, the better. I like it when it gets to the point that I actually have to freeze playing the game for a sec cos it's just caused me some minor brain death x3

I think I probably ruined CxM for myself really. I should have loved it since I love police stories, and I did really love 2 of the routes. I should have played the ones I figured I wouldn't be into first instead of saving them until last >.< It meant that I really enjoyed the game in the beginning when playing through the routes that interested me, and then the rest just fell flat. 

Glad to hear that about the MC in AH :D That sounds like she'd be super fun to play as actually! Pushing a true LI harder than BB gives me mixed feelings too though cos I already felt it was pushed a tiny bit too hard in BB, haha, to the point that it booted me out of being able to self-insert x3 I'll take more of the tragic/philosophicalness though, haha. It's interesting that you say the yandere itch was only somewhat scratched in one ending though cos I'm sure people recommended it to me for yandere content >.< I think perhaps most people just prefer the softer yandere types so maybe they're easier to please than me, I Dunno xD Whereas your tastes seem to be more similar to mine, haha. 

For a fun PC series, if you've not played em already, I highly recommend the Dot Kareshi games :3 There is some yandere content in there, but it's very soft. I just found all the routes a lot of fun to play through, some are just hilarious, others adorable, but they're all pretty short. It's been a while since I played em but I think they need English patches (which were easy to install and pretty decent.) Probably one of the most amusing series' I've ever played though! 

Hope you have fun with whatever you go for next :D I don't know which to go with next still when I do start one eventually, haha. 

I managed to finish 3 this year :3 SR was my first project that I'd been working on for a few years. I managed to finally finish it during the first lockdown we had here. Then, I went a bit crazy with game jams and made Impostor for Scream Jam in just under 10 days + Darling Duality - Winter Wish for Secret Santa and Winter VN Jams just in time for Christmas Eve, haha. Darling Duality was made in the new engine I switched to, so it was kinda like learning how to use it while working on the jam. I feel as though it looks much more polished than the two that I made in Tyrano.

Thanks for checking out this one and leaving some feedback :3 It's much appreciated!

Unfortunately, there's not much I can do to change the available menu options within the game because the engine I used is one designed for people who don't know how to code. It has basic settings in place to use, but to alter anything on that side of things, you would have to learn how to code outside of the engine's basic features, which I don't have the time to do. I have since started using a new engine though, which has far less in the way of limitations :3

I can understand that the trigger warning is frustrating, but the player only has to view it once upon starting a new game, and it's important that it's not skippable just because I wouldn't want anyone to be accidentally harmed by the content within. I would have liked to have had the text appear faster, but couldn't find an option to do so within the engine >.<

Cheers for taking the time to check out the game + leave feedback :3

During the Scream Jam which this was created for, people commented on the duration of the scenes you mentioned being too long also, it's something I plan to update at some point, but I've been busy with a lot of stuff so haven't had the time >.<I completely agree that they could do with being snappier though. I'm also no longer working with that engine due to its limitations.

Without actually coming out and saying it, the game was loosely themed on the horrors of those who suffer from the psychological condition known as Capgras Syndrome. I didn't want to force that though in case it seemed somewhat insensitive.  I suppose the general theme could be taken in a number of ways anyhow :3


I have yet to play either of those games but have heard great things about them! I really should check them out at some point, but I have a feeling they won't really be my cup of tea (especially with DDLC only having female characters to interact with, haha.) I would have liked to have done more with this project, but sadly, it was a very time-limited thing. Maybe one day I will be able to remake it in the new engine that I'm using + explore the general idea a little better :3

I wasn't really all that enthralled by Black Butterfly, but I've heard I'm more likely to enjoy Ashen Hawk, haha. I just didn't really feel much for any of the characters in BB >.<

That's good that Nightshade is solid overall :3 I had heard quite a few people say they enjoyed every route, which seems to be a rare thing in otome, haha, so they must have done something right with it :D And I love it when yandere characters have a good reason behind why they are the way they are, so I'd probably love that route :3 It's been aaaaages since I played one where I genuinely enjoyed reading all the routes. I found finishing Collar x Malice quite painful cos I left the two characters I was least interested in until last, and their routes were even more boring than I anticipated >.<

I've not got 7'scarlet with it being a slightly newer title and my usual lack of disposable income, haha. Is it worth buying in a sale do you think? Not that I could even afford it then xD I'm not overly keen on the art either.  "The bad end is bad in a different way sadly." That makes me curious, haha, but I guess I better not seek out spoilers in case I play it someday. 

I've heard a lot of good stuff about Steam Prison, which I also don't have. I hadn't even heard of Monochrome Heaven, so that goes to show how far behind I am on keeping up with content >.<

I did quite enjoy Period Cube actually :3 It's been quite a while since I played it, and I can't remember whose route I enjoyed the most. If I'm remembering correctly, it wasn't who I thought would be my favourite (pretty sure it was a non-yandere)! MC was a bit annoying for me to self-insert with cos I've played plenty of MMOs xD

I think the Vita titles I own but haven't gotten around to playing yet are Code Realize + Norn9. The other stuff I haven't played yet in my backlog is on PC, which consists of Nightshade, Ashen Hawk, the new revamped Hakuoki games, BWS, Bad Medicine (though the English patch doesn't cover all routes and I was really bored with it anyway, haha), and a bunch of indie otome. I never did see past the base content of Mystic Messenger either! Just because the app became too large for my crappy phone to be able to download any updates >.< I had a founders pack for that with a physical box of stuff + lots of whatever the currency was for progression, and I don't have a clue what my account info I used would have been :(

Have an awesome weekend! :3

I think I would have to go back through Tei's route to refresh my mind on the character cos it's been a fair few years now since I played Nameless, but yeah, I think writing a similar character would be a lot of fun :D When I first played that, just going by sprite appearances, I thought Yuri was gonna be my favourite, but nope, Tei won, haha. He was a surprise too cos back then I purposely didn't look at character bios so that I could be surprised whenever I came across a yandere character. Nowadays, I tend to try and find out if a game at least has one in before deciding whether or not to play x3

I guess I should try and play more of BTD2 then! There must be plenty of guides out there by now :3 I noticed that Lawrence seems to get the most fan art, which intrigues me. I never got to see any of Ren back when I played, but I kinda imagined he'd be that way, haha.

Not feeling like bothering with the patch set up is one of the main reasons why I haven't managed to play through BWS as well! I'll get to it someday, I'm sure :3 It's probably the one that's been recommended to me more than anything else, so it would be a bit silly of me not to try it at some point. That's a shame about Kuroyuki though! I had heard that was the one cos when I was lurking on r/otomegames in the past, people didn't tag it with spoilers, haha. I'm not that fussed about things like that being revealed though so it's all good. I heard folk describe his route as very angsty more than anything. I know what you mean though, soft yandere routes are great and all, but I do prefer reading stuff that's more extreme x3 I used to look up rec lists online for male yandere characters in games, and a large majority of the ones I tried were pretty soft routes. I'll always be up for reading any kind of yandere route, but the best ones are the ones that make my jaw drop in shock xD At the same time, I'd love to see more villain routes too, even if they're not yandere. The first time I experienced something like that was when I played Hakuoki on my tablet years ago, and I was so stoked that you got that option (I played blind, and I got that as my first route x3)
Good to know about the voice actor for Kuroyuki anyhow! I was considering which game to play out of Nightshade and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk whenever I next decide to start an otome. I was leaning towards Nightshade, but now I might go with Ashen Hawk instead, haha. 
I do have a PS Vita, thankfully :3 Managed to nab a used one years ago when I discovered the sheer amount of otome on there, though, it seems like that may be gravitating towards the Switch slowly, which I don't have >.< I mainly wanted one to check out the Diabolik Lovers series, but I still don't know how to feel about it. On paper, I should technically love it, but there are several things about it that irk me, one being how useless MC is xD 

It is indeed always nice to find fellow male yandere fans :3 I feel like we sometimes get shoved in a dark little corner while everyone else fawns over the tsundere guys, haha. Have a lovely week!

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Sorry, it's a short game so that's why there's no demo. I had free community copies on there instead, but hadn't realised they'd run out again! I'll go fix that now :3

That's so sweet of you to make an account to leave such lovely feedback :3 I appreciate it more than I can put into words :D I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the game!

You're right that sometimes indie creators don't seem to get a whole lot of feedback, anything I receive always means a lot to me. I'm touched that you think I deserve all the positive feedback I can get :3 And I'm glad it felt like a labour of love, that's certainly one of the ways I would describe how I feel about it myself. You taught me a new word there with 'dearth'! I had to look that one up, haha, so that's something new I learned today :D Also, that's interesting to know that it's been recommended on Reddit. I do sometimes lurk there on r/otomegames, haha, but I had no idea it had been listed at any point, so that makes me happy to discover :3


I'm super happy that you liked Kuro :3 I'm very protective of him and can't help but be saddened when people occasionally don't understand him because, deep down, he's such a sweetheart. I feel the same as you where you said you feel in most games there's the 'courting' period and then something snaps, haha. With SR, I really wanted the reader to know that this was genuinely a love story, despite all of the horror and despair x3 That was something that was very important to me to get across. Yeah, I know what you mean about the kisses, hehe :3 That's really interesting that you'd say the Student one was your favourite for that reason :o I don't recall anyone picking that as their favourite so far! I do kinda struggle with picking a favourite myself, especially when for me it would be kinda like picking a favourite child. haha. I do prefer some versions over others though. 

That's cool that you also read through some of the other comments about the behind the scenes stuff :3 Yeah, I was very resource-limited, haha. That breastplate was actually one of two options... the other had giant sticking out bits for huge boobs, so that was a no go xD I would really love it if I could remake the entire game someday in the new engine that I'm using and hire an artist to redraw all the sprites in their own style. The VA's were so wonderful, I'm glad you enjoyed their performances :3 I'm so proud of them all + will be eternally grateful for the work they did on the project. Jacob had a lot of fun with Topper, and it certainly shows, haha. Rabbit was played by a guy, yeah. What happened was, I cast him to play the male version of the character in BxB version of the game that sadly won't be getting released. I had also cast someone for female Rabbit but, unfortunately,  she never delivered her lines. I just decided to use his voice for the female version of Rabbit in the end since Rabbit's a magical creature anyhow. I can totally understand how that might be jarring though x3 And I know what you mean about how English voice acting can sometimes be a little cringe-worthy cos I've played my fair share of games like that, haha. Tim absolutely did Kuro justice though :3 He was so perfect for the role, and I agree that those emotional lines he delivered were very powerful. Some of them almost had me in tears! x3 He portrayed the character exactly as I intended, and I'm super happy to hear you think the same :D

I have to agree with you and the others who have mentioned it that OG MC + Shiro are less relatable than the clone x Kuro combo. It's not something I really thought about at the time of writing because I knew from the start how I wanted it to end, but I think it wound up becoming Kuro's story more so than Shiro's, even though they're linked. At least once things calmed down there, you could go wake up all the Kuro clones and be surrounded by Kuro's forever x3

As for the Architect's comments like you mentioned the: "Better you than me." Upon reaching certain bad ends. It's basically just him being a dick x3 And I guess, in a way, he's sort of presuming that the player is self-inserting (which I know isn't always the case, but that's how I tend to play, haha) so he's kinda just mocking the player for having caused the death of their character. And yeeeeah, the Architect is a pretty twisted dude as you say xD That's my favourite reaction of his when you choose that happy CG, kinda like a child throwing a tantrum, haha. As a side note though, that Dollmaker ending is one of my personal favourite 'bad ends' x3 I can't remember for sure, but I think I named that bad end after my dev name in the bad ends guide document, haha.

What you said regarding the Student route and Kuro's reactions to some of the bad end stuff, I'd love to claim that I did that on purpose, but it was unintentional, haha. I guess it came out that way because I wrote the routes in a particular order and then figured I would stack the route options in the same order that I wrote them, just allowing the player to pick whichever they wanted. I guess with what you said though, it would mean the order they're arranged in on the selection screen would be the recommended play order.

There's nothing wrong with rambling anyhow :D As you've no doubt noticed, I do rather a lot of it myself xD I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts though, so thank you :3 

As for the recommendations, they're always much appreciated! I have indeed played Dandelion and Nameless, and I have to agree with you, Tei is pretty darn awesome :P Actually,  he's probably my favourite manipulative yandere character that I've read so far. I'd like to create a similar character myself at some point. He'd make a terrible being in reality, but he's wonderful as a fictional character, haha. I don't recall coming across that many characters like Tei, so if you know of any others, feel free to let me know! And yeah, I have dabbled in the BTD games :D They're certainly quite something! I did enjoy what I played of them, there was the odd scene that I found a little gross, but I mean, I had anticipated that anyways xD I played all of the routes in the first one, but I never actually finished the second. I got kinda stuck and I couldn't find any walkthroughs at the time, so being the lazy bugger that I am, I kinda just gave up >.< Is there any character in particular that you recommend I finish their route in BTD2? I've been told I would likely enjoy Black Wolves Saga, but haven't gotten around to checking it out yet, likewise with the yandere in Nightshade cos I've heard good things about him as well. 

Anyways, thanks again for writing all of that up :3 I hope wherever you are in the world that you're managing to stay safe! Have a great week ^_^

I'm glad you think they're fun an engaging :3 

It always means a lot to me to hear from anyone that's played through my stuff! It doesn't take a great deal to sorta knock me down when I see how awesome some of the stuff others are making is, haha. My evil brain starts to tell me that I'm so inferior I should just stop x3 So it's kinda like I'm constantly fighting with myself, trying to beat back the demon that tells me I'm not good enough, and whenever I see some kind words about my projects, it gives me a huge boost towards fighting the negativity demon! So thank you very much :3 

I hope you do get the opportunity to write more reviews in the future :D Don't overwork yourself, haha. 

Yeah, money is kinda restrictive, unfortunately, and I've always had very little of it xD I'm hoping to try Kickstarter for future projects because, with funding, I'd be able to make stuff the best it can be. 

As much as I'm hating the lockdown and the virus situation, I have the original lockdown to thank for finally finishing SR, haha. I just completely buried myself in it to kind of escape reality, working 13 hour days on a regular basis x3 Hang in there! :3

It makes me super happy to know that you think that! 

I just finished reading through your review :D Thank you so much for writing all that up, it means a lot to me that you'd take the time to review the game in such detail after playing through it <3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it and appreciated all the little details here and there :3 

I think I'm a fairly unknown dev still, so I can't even describe how happy I am to see a review that's so positive! I'd love to be able to make this my job at some point because I have many stories to tell, but it's getting harder and harder to acquire assets and such when I'm so poor, haha, so any sort of coverage is a massive help ^-^

I thought the review was structured really well :3 It had all the sort of info I would want to know if I were looking to purchase a game, and I loved some of your funny little side comments! It was just the right sort of length as well. 

Oh, and I noticed you mentioned £ in there! Does that mean you're a fellow UK dweller? Haha. Hope you're managing okay in the lockdown and staying safe :3

Aww, thanks so much for your kind words :3 I'm really glad you like it! 

I do love me some cute and creepy combos, haha :D

I really hope I'm able to turn this into a full game with many more characters at some point!

Well, I'm glad you're doing better now :3 

I think that sounds like a really sweet way of playing :D I might try that myself the next time I go through a VN instead of self-inserting! 

I hope you enjoy SR :3

Sorry to hear you've been dealing with some personal stuff! I hope you're doing better now :3 I have a habit of forgetting about stuff I was previously following the progress of when I get overwhelmed too, haha.

You're not daydreaming :3 It was indeed originally exclusively BL at first. I decided to work on creating both a BL version and an otome version just so that players have the choice of Alyx being male or female. When I play stuff like this, I tend to self-insert, and so I personally wouldn't play the BL version because I wouldn't get as immersed in the story when playing as a male protagonist. The game is mainly about self-acceptance, friendship, and romance, so I feel like it works both ways, and Alyx is the same person deep down, regardless of gender. 

They will be two separate games so that the download size doesn't end up being too huge.  The main difference will be the pronouns used by the characters, yeah + a couple of other little changes here and there. For the most part, though, the story will remain the same between the two versions :3 I'm also hoping to include some R18 scenes (which will be completely optional) but whether or not those are illustrated with CGs and voiced will depend on if the people I'm working with are comfortable creating content like that + if I can actually afford to pay them for their work.

It's great to hear from you by the way! I hope you're managing to stay safe + that 2021 is going well for you so far :3

Thank you so much for checking out my stuff + your kind words :3 

I'm glad you find the gender options a good feature :D I definitely plan to have them throughout this project each time I'm able to release a new character! I hope to include that sorta thing as much as possible across all my stuff, but sometimes with larger projects it'll be too difficult to implent due to it being too much work in general + too resource-heavy with requiring multiple sprites and voice actors for one character >.<

Thanks again for taking the time to comment :D

Thanks for playing + taking the time to comment :3 I'm glad you thought it had an interesting plot! 

The reason it's pretty short is cos it was made for a couple of game jams, and while those jams were a month long, I didn't actually have the whole month to work on it >.< I'm not sure exactly how long I had to make this, but it was under 2 weeks anyhow. It's kinda like a sneak peek of things to come really :3 Cos it's now my side project, and I hope to expand on it a lot whenever I have the opportunity :D 

Well, I'm super glad you managed to get it working + that you enjoyed it :D Sorry I wasn't much help in the end >.< I didn't hear anything back yet regarding support cos I guess people are busy with the holidays, haha. 

Thanks for taking the time to let me know though :3

Aww, that means a lot to me :3 Thank you very much for playing + taking the time to comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed spending time with Castor :D

As for the music, I'm not 100% certain so I'll have to go check the terms on them, but I think that I'm not allowed to share them outside of the game because they're tracks I've purchased at some point which are allowed for commercial use. A lot of stuff like that usually states that you aren't allowed to upload the tracks anywhere where they can be downloaded as they are >.< I guess because the copyright belongs to the original musical artist, and they're just granting people like me a license to use their stuff in projects. I will try to find out if I'm allowed to share them anyhow! 

Thanks so much for your kind words + for checking out the games :3 It means a lot or me! Super happy you enjoyed em :D

Aww! Well, I'm glad that you loved it so much :D Makes me super happy to hear that :3 Thanks for taking the time to play + comment! It's much appreciated. 

Haha, aww, well thanks for checking out the game + taking the time to comment :3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I absolutely plan on having more content for Castor when I get more of an opportunity to work on the project :D

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the game :3

Sadly, I'm not gonna be able to help you much cos this is the first time I've used Unity to make a game >.< I just followed the instructions to make a mac build. I only have access to Windows for testing purposes and I have literally no idea how macs works :( So all I can do is ask around the support forums and see if any other users can give me some idea as to what the issue might be. 

I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything! Sorry I can't be of any immediate help >.<

I know the feeling, haha. I quite often go without sleep, especially if I'm working on game jam stuff x3

That's very interesting and confusing that it disappeared on you that time but not the other :o I'll have to ask on the engine support what could possibly cause that cos I have no idea why it would randomly do that >.< Thank you for letting me know about it anyhow! And thanks for playing as well :3

I'm glad you think so :3 Thank you very much for playing and taking the time to comment <3

Yeah, I wouldn't mind it if they were just sweet, haha, but I'm a sucker for yandere characters x3

Aww, that makes me super happy to hear <3 Thanks for taking the time to say so :3 Hope you enjoy it!

Sorry, I should have been clearer when I asked you about the version. I meant was it the Windows, Mac, or Linux one that you downloaded? :3 I only ask cos windows is the only one I can test stuff on cos I don't own a Mac or Linux, unfortunately >.< After the text box disappeared, did it ever come back? Or did it just stay gone for the rest of the game?

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What version were you playing and do you remember where abouts it happened? :o Like what was going on before it? 

I've only been able to test the windows versions and that didn't happen for me when I played through them fully several times. But I only have one PC to test on, so it's possible that stuff might mess up on different screen resolutions and stuff. If I can manage to replicate what happened on my end, then I should be able to find out what the issue is and fix it :3

Also, the textbox is supposed to disappear for a bit in certain parts of the game where it's not required, but clicking is still required to proceed through the scene itself. 

Please don't worry about sending anything unless you're absolutely sure you want to :3 

Thank YOU for playing <3 I have incredibly low self-esteem, so any time I hear such lovely comments it really helps a lot to give me a big boost in fighting off that evil part of my brain that tells me nothing I do is good enough :3 

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Aww, that makes me super happy to hear that you're excited for it :3 I worked my ass off to get it done in time for Christmas, haha. I didn't even sleep last night cos I just figured I would get all the main testing over with. Now I'm kinda exhausted x3 Since it's my first Unity project, there will probably be some unforeseen bugs >.<

I'm really glad you enjoyed SR! I hope that this one isn't a disappointment :3 

Thank you so much for all your kind words! They mean a lot to me <3 I will always include some kind of yandere-type content in my projects because I adore the trope and really wanna see more English voiced male yandere characters out there :D

That's so sweet of you :3 Hmm, I think probably straight up through PayPal probably gives me the highest % of a sale or donation! I'm not 100% sure on that though cos I don't get all that many donations to be able to tell, haha. Anything that goes through means I automatically have to give 30% away in US tax though, sadly :( Even if it's a donation for a free game rather than a payment for a commercial game, 30% tax is still taken. I don't know why it's so high >.< Itch does mention that if your country has some kinda deal with the US and you enter your home country's tax code, you might be allowed a lowered rate, but I'm in the UK and I have no idea if we have a deal. Even if we did, I can't give Itch a tax code because I don't have one. I've never earned enough money in my life to be liable to pay tax >.<

It's possible that just sending a donation via PayPal directly would result in a lot less % being taken away. I'm not sure what their fees are like though. I know my mum makes a lot of sales using that though for her handmade cards and people just pay her using PayPal friends and family. Maybe that's frowned upon on here though, I dunno x3 I think I listed my PP email on my main profile page anyhow :3

Thank you for being so considerate ^-^ I have a feeling that a lot of people probably don't even realise that when they make a donation or payment to a dev that a huge % of it immediately goes to someone else >.< That's never really advertised anywhere. 

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a lovely day if you're celebrating :3 Well, even if you're not celebrating I still hope you have a lovely day, haha. 

Cheers! I'm glad you think so :D If I had the time to make more romantic combos aside from BxB and GxB for this project, then I would, but I already found out from trying to do 4 kinds in my first project that it's too much work >.< I still need to finish the BxG combo for that!

I'm working on a small side project for the Secret Santa + Winter VN jam where the player can choose from two versions of the same character as their romantic partner (kinda like I did with Impostor for Scream jam) where you have one female voice + one male voice :3 

It just sucks that I'm so poor and can't afford to pay anyone for their hard work and awesome talent :( Because CiQ is probably gonna be a 20 hour + game, it means that it will require a lot of work to get it fully voiced (especially with the double protagonist choice) so unless I can manage to get funding on Kickstarter or something, it won't be possible >.< All the voice actors currently working with me have very kindly volunteered their skills for the promotional vids + demo that I'm working on :3 I'm hoping that people will enjoy the voice acting enough to consider helping to fund it. To me, it won't be the same without voice acting!

Glad to hear it! :3

Aww, I'm glad you like it :D Thanks so much for taking the time to play through it and comment <3 It means a lot to me :3

There is something that happens when you name MC Anathema :o but it's very subtle and only occurs in the final section (just a slight change in dialogue so not really a lot considering a player would have to start over with that as their name + get all the way to the end again to see the difference x3) it's awesome that you thought to try that cos I don't know how often people do, and I made that little easter egg in case anyone did, haha. 

The name just came up when I was searching online about religious stuff like sins and such! I thought it was a fitting name :D

I do hope to remake the game in the new engine I'm now using at some point cos it will look a lot more polished and I could do more with it in general! So much work though to remake it from scratch >.< haha + I'd like to be able to get all the sprites drawn by one person so that the sprite art can be consistent throughout :3 I have no way of affording that right now though. 

Tim has recently re-recorded some of Kuro's lines, so when I'm able, I'll be updating the game with his new takes :3 I'm just not able to use a computer that can handle the project load at the moment >.<