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Really great job guys! Love that I'm just running on the highway haha! Visually very nice, great sound and hectic game play!

This game is INTENSE haha! Voice acting was good the story is unpredictable in a great way! Great job Melancholy!

Thanks so much! I very much focused on style over substance for this game. The next update will be much more focused on making game play cleaner.  I wanted people to finish haha 

This scared the pants off of me. Seriously well done for keeping me on edge the whole game!

Ahh I likely mistakenly tagged a wall as ground. I'll make sure it's fixed for the next build :)

Thanks @srg! I 100% agree for the next build I'm going to scale down the map.  Add some features to make certain areas stand out.

Hey! Sadly I didn't  leave myself enough time to put in sound, but it's on the list for the next release!

Some very good ideas there Nic! Thanks! I'll get back to this eventually haha! And when I do I'll make those changes :)

Thanks Aly! I completely agree! Got to the last half hour and was like, "I either sub this now and make the deadline or try squeeze in these changes and not make it haha" The Sub won out but thanks for playing :)

great work man! Funny quirky game! Very much enjoyed doing the play!

I can't lie man the premise is what hooked me, and the game play made me stay. haha very very original, interesting and funny!

Brilliant job! Hectic The sheep are great, visuals amazing! WELL DONE! 5*

Great job! Visually brilliant, fun and easy to jump back into! I echo the want for a multiplayer! would be so hectic!

Saw the tweet for this! As much fun as it looked! Those mer-people are tough! Can see this being on the switch!

Great Job Nic! was fun! Easy to play, music made it a much more chill experience. Can see being a good mobile game

FANTASTIC, I had a feeling I was deliving (that) about half way through! Really well done! Sweet in a very morbid way.

Thanks Panurge! I completely agree! I did the last two levels day of submission haha! Overhall happy with the turn out!

Thanks! I'm happy with it with the amount of time I spent on it. I worked on it in the evenings when I wasn't job hunting and working on my grad show :) I agree with all your comments! Sorry you got stuck! made the last two levels day of submission for the jam!

HI guys! So

What I liked: After reading previous feedback and now having played it, theres clearly been some great improvements the sword and slicing is much snappier which was fun! The progression I though was pretty clear. The movement is faster which felt nice and the animations are nice and snappy too! Puzzles were easy to understand. 

What I think can be improved: SO only a couple little things.

> When I had to cut the chains holding the crate in the air, they we're glowing red which although I could cut them is inconsistent with everything else.

> The final puzzle could be improved by speeding up the spinning animations.

> Another puzzle which involves more lateral thinking would be cool. The main mechanic feels nice and it would be fun to be tested in a few more interesting ways.

> This could be just me, but the inverted y felt strange was much more fun once changed. 

overall impression:

Visually impressive with some great visual effects a well crafted mechanic with clear functionality! Something else to challenge the player more would be fun and maybe make the playspace a little brighter. Great job guys! 

I love! the art style. I wasn't sure what I had to do. But the text saying what happened made me laugh!

Thank you so much for the feedback! Rest assured I'll address all of this! 

I really appreciate it :)

So in the tutorial, if you could make the text correspond with the colour of the objective, i.e purple text purple objective.

with the first attempt of the game the first pick up I collided with sent me flying infinately into the sky. 

Second attempt was great up until I realised the issue the giant log pick up makes everything go spooney and explosive haha, I just few up when I collected it and immediately collided with something. I like the new areas and buildings, maybe some ramps or something to go up to encourage flying into breakable stuff.

I enjoy it most when I get to drive through things, cause a little mayhem.