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Ezra Szanton

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Thanks for playing, and for the suggestions!

nice little character controller :)

nice little tone poem

Not rude at all, very understandable.

You're welcome! That's a delightful little story, thanks for sharing.

Yeah that's the end of the game. We just worked on it for a week so it's pretty short. Thanks for playing!

Oh, yeah I actually am a wizard. Nice job figuring that out!

(I just think it's a cool theme)

I'm not sure what this means, but thanks!

Why hello again. Thanks for saying so! This was a big experiment for me regarding player progression through knowledge alone. There are a lot of things I'd change about it if I could go back now.

Thank you for saying so! Thats exactly what we were going for, Im really happy it connected with you

Hehehe. Hi I'm Ezra! I love this game, super happy with the revamp Sunil! I play this wayyyy too much lol. I appreciate that lucky egg isnt the only strategy now. It was fun to roll those dice though

That's very generous of you to say. The silence is definitely *also* because we ran out of time but I agree that it has some meaning too. I think it's of a piece with the negative space visually too. Thanks for playing!

Hi, someone from the dejobaan team here. Thanks for saying so! No plans to support Mac OS as of yet, but we may be able to add it if there's enough support!

That's awesome! I'm glad those animal synergies are paying off - until recently rat king only absorbed rats so it was kinda narrow, i think it was a good change to broaden the effect. Agreed its hard to make work with cerberus. Fire decks are tricky, they used to revolve around cinders but i changed that so now im not sure. My favorite has got to be deer + tombstone - so silly to set up little point machines.

Thank you so much for writing! I love that tetris effect feeling, I'm really happy that hellscaper is doing that for you. What are some of your favorite builds so far? 👀

It's a good idea! We considered it while we were developing the game. Currently, the balance of the pieces is too delicate to implement something like this (for instance, if you had a relic like "all darkness pieces get +1" it would be way too strong, because 1 point is worth a lot, especially when you get to apply it to many pieces. If we wanted to implement these kinds of effects, we'd have to increase the points of all the pieces to have more fine-grained control. We liked the chunkiness of the small numbers so we decided against adding the passive upgrades. If I made another game like this I might consider designing it to accommodate passive upgrades like many other games in the genre

Thank you! :))

Thank you Sake! I'm excited to see what you think of it when we release it :)


I don't have the bandwidth to support this project right now buuuuuut I really love all the attention hellscaper is getting right now! (it's one of my favorite games I've made). I whipped up a windows downloadable version for you but I don't have much time to support it if there are extra bugs compared to the web version (hopefully there won't be :D) 

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks for the bug report!

Wow, this comment made my day - thank you so much for sharing! I'm really glad you liked it.

That's a fun idea about a sort of training / creative mode to try out different builds, I'll put that on our features wishlist if we get a chance to return to this game.

Thank YOU for playing :)

Ah, yeah! I did see that a while ago but wasn't sure about a recent uptick, oh well! 

By unity situation I assume you're talking about their per-install fee? That is, of course, very concerning for us as game developers who use Unity. We're hoping they walk the changes back, but even if they do we'll be considering other engines as our trust has been shattered. Realistically, at our scale, we won't be affected much but going forward we want to work with game engines which don't add extra terms retroactively. Does that answer your question?

Thank you so much! We'd love it if you made a video on it. 

Also - question for you - it seems like a lot of people recently have found this game via google search, meaning they saw it somewhere else first and searched for it. I'm super curious where they found it! Are you one of those people? How'd you hear about the game? (or anyone else scrolling into the comments please feel free to chime in!) If someone is saying nice things about the game somewhere we'd love to go say hi and thank them

I'm sorry about this, if we are in a spot to return to this project this will be the first bug we fix!

Thank you so much for playing and recording a video!!!

Sorry about this! We're not in a spot where we can fix bugs on this project currently but if we ever are, this will be the first one we fix!

Thank you! We enjoyed those tradeoffs too as we were making it

Thank you!

Great work as always! I really appreciate your attention to detail with the game feel (squishy highlights when hit feel great) and your boss designs! Your games always feel satisfying to complete, in large part because of the bosses, I think. I also liked the design of the dash-crash - interesting decisions there about whether to use it offensively or defensively.

You didn't play the game wrong! If anything, I think the game is wrong and you played it correctly. If I ever come back to this, the main thing I want to add is the ability for the game to record your answers in a little journal. 

I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!!

Love this game.

Here's my best score so far!

Thank you so much! We're starting to wrap up development on it for now, but I think we're going to have one more update to round out the art and take care of bugs.

We appreciate the sentiment! Its a little more complicated than just making it responsive, as we're making it in Unity. Unfortunately we just don't have time to optimize it for mobile (plus we'd have to redo a bunch of the controls to make that work). I'm glad you're enjoying the game enough to want to play it on the go, though!

Thanks! Roguelike might be a bit of a stretch, but we feel that it fits with modern deckbuilding roguelikes, like Slay the Spire and Luck be a Landlord. There's a commitment to synergy and discovery, there's randomized runs, there's "permadeath." It doesn't exactly follow the Berlin Interpretation but we feel that it's close enough to label it as such, especially because I think fans of roguelikes are most likely to like this game.

Ah, actually that is intended! The metaphor is meant to be that you're building a "deck" of tiles over the course of 6 "rounds" (or cities). So you get to keep the cards between rounds! We could do a better job explaining it though

Ooh nice! When we added the collector we knew this would be possible but weren't sure if anyone would find it hehe

Thanks! The main ambience is a chorus, run backwards and pitched way down :D

We're still working on the balance! :D