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Ezra Szanton

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Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you've found this connection to the game. Love and support to you, too!

Thank you! 😊

Thank you! I just remastered this one so I'm happy it still provides that experience!

I will, thanks!

Very, the game that I first came across was starseed pilgrim but I think my favorite recent game of theirs is a really tiny platformer called awake!

I think the only person I've done that for is Droqen haha

Woah you're going way back in the game-ography, I appreciate the dedication! (And nice score :))  

If you're looking for more like it from a mechanics perspective I highly recommend Cinco Paus by smestorp (! It's in portugese (but intended for english speaking audiences, it's just in portugese so you can't tell what the wands do without a translator of some sort), and it has a much deeper decision space than my game.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my games!

Thanks for the support!

Ayyy nice job!

Not yet, but planning an update soonish with some! Also, 👁️








Thank you for playing, and thanks for the feedback! If I create another version (which I think I will probably), I will add more creepy  things for you :))

Hey you coded it :D

!! You beat me! Nice job :)

Beat my time! 

Loving this so far! Is there a way to rearrange the levels? For instance, if I want the current level 6 to be level 4 instead? 

I had a great time playing this with Jeff! If you're on the fence about getting the game I'd suggest listening to this and then deciding. 

Same problem for me, thanks for any help you can offer! Broughdancing by Ezra Szanton (

Thank you for the kind words! This kind of feedback is what makes me want to keep making games.

Hmm yeah maybe you're right that this game could use a version 2. I'm not sure I have the project files anymore but maybe i can track them down...

Oh, yeah i dont even remember what the ending is so that doesnt bode well for it lol. I learned a lot more about satisfying endings when I made those puzzlescript games 

Thank you!

Congrats! And thank you :-]

A dancing wizard!

It makes me so happy to hear that this game did that for you. Thank you for playing and for writing this!

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What an excellent game! The feeling of powering up was great (double jump, and the moment when I can kill a bat in one hit :) ) and the bosses all felt characterful even in such a tiny pixel resolution. You do a great job, in this and planet dark, of including cutscenes and phases that add a lot to a small game. When fighting the final boss, I really appreciated that it would "skip" you to the second phase if you had already gotten there, it felt like the game was respecting my time. 

A bit of criticism because you seem like someone who takes that well: some of the platforming felt a bit finicky (for instance, getting bopped on the head by the ceiling which made me fall, or the roll timing feeling off). It was also hard to *feel* the stakes when I was at low health. One thing you might be able to take from Hollow Knight is the vignette effect at low health. I know it's hard making something in Pico 8 so I don't hold any of that against the game, but they are some spots I feel could be improved.

Thanks for making this!

[edit] forgot to say - great music and sfx!

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Cool little game! Curious about the algorithm for the dots - it feels like they pull away from you when you cross lines close to them but maybe I'm just seeing patterns in the noise!

Thank you for saying so Blaze! I'm really happy it brought up those feelings for you, it's nice to hear that a game connects the way it's intended.

I got "Corvid Tall Lady" Reminds me of this music video :) (This comment is for science)

There's no way to play music in puzzlescript, but if you'd like a soundtrack I recommend listening to this while you play: 

Thanks for posting this! Your confusion is very understandable, the theme for the game jam was "out of control" and we were not the only people that thought of this pun lol. It was fun to watch you play through without having known that it was a "horror" game first :)

Guess I should have just put it here lol, I was trying to keep potentially "negative" feedback in a place that just we'd see it but I didn't think about not being able to discuss! Yes I think that biasing the slash with player input is a great idea. Glad I could help! It's a really solid game.