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I'm TheSneaK, I'm also from Australia.

Here are a couple of things I would change about the trailer

- Turn the music down about 20%

- Add in the sound effects from the game

- Save the music change until it turns to the menu screen

Pretty good tho really!  

Would you like me to make a video with some feedback on the actual game for you?

Great to hear your making it a steam release! Once it is out on steam, I will tell my viewers to wish list it. 

Thank you so much!  :)

I'm thinking of playing it every other stream! I will probably play it under the "retro" category, if that is okay. 

No problem, I just wanted to know when so I could watch you play!  Do you make videos of your streams?

Also, is the music copyrighted? I really like the music, but I was afraid to play it in case it was copyrighted.

A friend of mine made the music, I don't believe it's copyrighted, but I get you in contact with him if you like?  He is pretty keen to make music for people, if you wanted some made specifically for your stream he may even help you out.

"Hey! I just played your game on my stream, and I'd like to play your game some more in the future! The only way to describe your game is "AMAZING"."

Thanks so much!!  :)  I'd love to see you play it!  When are you having a go next?

"Have you considered making it a steam release?"

That's the plan!  :D  Should be out on early access in a few weeks!  :)

I played your game!  :)

Would you mind playtesting my game for me?

How has your stream been going?

I'd love to see you have a crack at Cat Powered UFO!  :D

Thanks!  :D
What score did you manage to get?

Post your high scores in the Squashed newt Discord server!

Download Pony Joust here - 

Join the discord server to post your score! - 

$50 AUD first prize $25 AUD second prize 

You must have a Paypal account to receive prize money

 The winner is declared on OCT 21st, 12pm AEST time

 The comp begins NOW!!

 Feel free to ask any questions here!

 Want to check out Cat Powered UFO Here's a link! 

Be sure to give me some of that sweeeeet feedback! :)

 Have fun friends!!!

I'd love to see you play Cat Powered UFO!  :)

If love for you to try out Cat Powered UFO!

I'm always keen for some honest feedback.  :)

At long last! Three save slots are a thing in Cat Powered UFO!
I also decided to keep track of playtime.

It's starting to look like a real game xD

No worries, get back to me once your done that job if your still keen for playtesting :)

What's your Discord name/number?  I'll talk to you there!  :)

This job is testing for bugs.

So, I'm sorry but the experience in drawing isn't so applicable here.

If you would like to give me feedback on your experience playing Cat Powered UFO, I'd love to hear it!  :D


I'm up to the stage where I need playtesters for my game "Cat Powered UFO"

If you have experience in QA, I'm willing to pay for your work.

Get in contact with me on discord if you'd like to discuss further!  :)

Discord server -

My Discord Code -


Your portfolio is quite impressive!  :)

I'll add you on Discord!

Would you mind playtesting Cat Powered UFO for me?  :)

I could do some more video feedback for you!  :P

Just tell me which game!

I'm happy to add "Roopit and Boopit"  :)

Finally!  The Item Menu has little pictures in it!

It was actually easier than I thought.

Oh well, better late than never!

It's pretty gross...

I like it!

Pick up line -

Did you fall from heaven?

Is that what happened to your face?


Got a new name for my game dev!

"Squashed Newt!"

Also, I have started a discord server!

If you would like to...

*  Get video feedback on your game

*  Keep up to date on Cat Powered UFO

*  Have fun and chill with cool people

Then this is place for YOU!

Thanks, you make a great point about the close-ups.

I'll have to look into making a gif as a screenshot, might be possible!

You can have a go now if you like!  The game is in a finishable state, it's just a matter of polish.

I'd love to hear some juicy feedback!

Heres a link!

Have a go at Cat Powered UFO!  :)

Have fun!  :D

I'd love to see you play Cat Powered UFO!  :D

Hey friends!

I must confess! I have no eye for fine screenshots! :(

Could you help me out?

Which of these suck, and which of them are ok?

Thanks friends! :)

WOW!  Turns out I hadn't updated the devlog for sooooo long, the thread got auto-archived!  xD

Anyways, I wanted to show you guys what I've been working on!

I added a dodge system to Cat Powered UFO!

Check it out!  :)


Thanks so much for not only giving the game another go, but taking the time to give me feedback!  It's always much appreciated and very helpful.  :)

"It's getting a lot better! The combat especially is an improvement. "

Yeah!  I thought so as well!  I finally have it in a spot where it feels intuitive!  

"I got as far as the frog crab boss and then ran out of potions and died. "

Cool, how many cats did you have at that point and how long did it take you to get there?

If you find that particular part too frustrating, you can always skip it!  The game isn't completely linear like that.

"Maybe I didn't notice it before, but I love the moving cloud shadows cast over the ground. Very simple but nice effect."

Yes!  That's a recent improvement!  I'm glad you like it!

" I could almost believe this were a long-forgotten SNES title."

High praise indeed!  Thank you so much!  :)

"- The pixelated text font is admittedly very retro, but also harder to read, especially on full-screen (I was playing on a 32" monitor). Maybe you can find another font that is still playful but more readable at the same time."

I kinda get what you mean by it being a little hard to read, I had chosen it for ascetics rather than function.  After reading this, I tried to experiment with some other fonts, but gamemaker had a hissy-fit about it!  So I'm going to leave it for now, but it's on my watch list.  I'll have to look into what the problem was in more detail.  :(

"- Playing on a keyboard, I find pressing Enter for Interact to be a little awkward. Space bar for rolling is perfectly fine. I would suggest mapping the shooting and interacting to the Z, X, C or V keys on the bottom row. Less distance for the fingers to travel makes for a much more enjoyable rpg experience. A lot of top-down shooters use the above-mentioned key mapping convention."

This seems like a good idea to me.  I may leave in the original controls for WASD players, but your ZXC suggestion seems a lot more comfortable for arrow key players.  

"- I noticed a few spelling errors here and there. If you have a text file of all the narrative/dialogue I can proofread it for you if you'd like."

Ah yes, the never-ending struggle!  I have had a friend go over the spelling and send me a document with numerous mistakes in the past, turns out he didn't get all of them!  Unfortunately, I don't have an easily accessible file with all the dialog in it.  That is wrapped up in brackets indicating where to drop down a line and add animations to the text.  It would be a nightmare to try and decipher and I don't want to put you through that.

"Very cool to see the progress this game has made in the course of about a year! Very inspiring!"

Wow!  It's been that long since you played it?  xD  Time flies!  

Thanks for the food for thought friend!  :)

Hello friends!  :)

I'm thinking of using this poem in the description before a more conventional descrition.

Have a read and tell me what you think!

A poem, for you!  My potential purchaser!

Be yourself!  As you always are!

My next request, is a bit out far!

You're an alien!

Alien dreams!

Alien cuisine!

You even have an alien wife!

A pretty sweet alien life!

But no good thing can last for long!

THE SPACE DEVIL had come along!

He kidnaps your wife!

Causing you strife!

And so your adventure begins...

Your means of travel, powered by cats!

You look around, and how about that!

There isn't a cat to be seen or heard!

The solution, you know to be absurd...

To venture into a world you hate!

Full of mischief, I'll tell you mate!

This place is crazy!

Lost their minds!

No doubt you'll do the same in kind!

So strap yourself in!

And let us begin!

Embrace the craziness within!

You'll laugh, you'll cry. 

You'll probably die!

And yeet your keyboard to the sky!

But you won't regret a dollar spent!

Cat Powered UFO!

Worth every cent!

It's in beta, there is still a lot to be done, but you can defeat the space devil and rescue your wife now!!  :D

How long has it been since you played it?  I reckon it would have changed a whole lot!!  :)


I haven't checked up in a while!  Looks like the graphics are improving quite a lot!  :O

Really liking the look of that longer purple ship.  How long do you think before the game is finished?

Hi Uncle Indie!

Have a go at this game!

It's a comedy RPG with earthbound style battles and Zelda style puzzles!

Thanks for playing our games friend!  :)

Thanks for clearing that up, I just knew some sites are funny about money changing hands.