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The Penguin Game

A topic by TheSneaK created 16 days ago Views: 114 Replies: 7
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This time with Penguins...

Bounce em!  Boing em!  Catapult them!

The point is to get penguins from point A to point B, by any means necessary!

I never thought I would make a game inspired by both Lemmings and Pinball, but here we are!

Pretty decent timeline if you ask me!

Unlock new penguins as you causally experiment your way through low-pressure levels.

With no loss condition and no time limits, The Penguin game really is just for a fun time!

My plan is to update this Devlog once a week.

An alpha version should be out sometime next week!

If you're interested in playtesting, don't hesitate to ask!

I Look forward to hearing what you think!

Have fun!  :D

Hi there!! I have seen in GameJolt!! But well, this time i see how crazy they can jump!! WOW!

I've been working on some splash art.  

What are your thoughts on this?

The Penguin Game is up for Playtesting!


How's this for a better Splash art?

I had an actual artist make it for me!  

A lot better than the old one in my opinion.

Oh yeah, this one is much better!


I've been working on how to introduce the player to each level.

The camera spotlights the entry door and exit.

Also, I've added a text box and little Penguin face!

The idea being that I can have different characters talk to each other during the level.

Hope you've been having fun and thanks for keeping up!

I've always sucked at making tilesets, so today I bit the bullet and paid $6 for one on

It looks a lot better now so it was worth it for sure!

The tileset came with a bunch of other environments, so I'll be throwing them at some stage.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it!

This is the tileset I brought in case your interested.