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Thanks. :)

Well, it was 24 years ago... :) 

But I was digging into the remained source files, and found a VESAdrv and a pcx file reader unit with in-line assembly codes. Definetely I was not the one who developed them but made some slight changes on it for sure during a summer vacation that time. :)

But I do not really understand it anymore... :)

That is also with Turbo Pascal, several years ago

Thanks for trying it out!

Cool. :)

What version? Windows or a browser?

Congrats to the game, it is an interesting genre. I could save 17-81 percent of the people :), up to my bad/good decesions and also depending on the rnd situation in the beginning. 

Maybe some more decesion options would further improve the longer term playability.

Start to decorate the Xmas tree in relaxing vibe environment, enjoy it, open the Xmas gift and ...kick it off! :)

It has been created  for a family "challenge" as we had to create a handmade present to each other, in my case to one of my son, so he is the first one who could play with it, and just agreed to make it public.

Good game, 150k but had to give up since I had to go :) 

Appreciate, thanks for that :)

Thanks for your reply, I plan something similar as an AI. Also with long vehicles there is a chance to stuck and push each other, avoiding collision is better solution instead of trying to escape from stuck situation. :)

Hi, it seems you improved your game a lot since I visited last time. Good job!

Actually I am also working on my race game (or at least it wil have such racing mode), but for trucks.

I hope these will not competeing so much, so may I have a question: could you please confirm how you are doing your AI driving? Are they following a path or any other method? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your reply. This tool is good enough as it is, but of course any upgrade would be appreciated! ;

Funny game.

Can't do it again! :)

Hey, this is is very interesting concept and solution, really like it.
Just a few question (or a suggestion) as a beginner user and not being a musican... :)
 1. Is there any simple documentation for some specific buttons (some of them obvious, some of them not)
2. Any pause, restart option?
3. Any possibility to save the actual settings and the loop as a "project file"?
4. Export function would be fantastic, as it was mentioned in some of the other comments, but being able to record it with external SW the above solution would be also fine.
But again, it is a really good stuff, thanks for that and good luck for further improvements!

2D top-down view truck driving and cargo transport tycoon game is planned. I am still not sure about the balance of different game genres (so even the design is not fixed at all). It can be either an arcade/simulation/tycoon game.

Actually I'm working on movement part and citiy geneartion. Just a fake +D effect has benn added.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I have just released a free project file about fake 3D update.

Maybe it can be interesting for you.

Thank you! :)

In fact I am using the built-in phísics in the truck game. For this asset I applied the movement just to show the perspective effect.

Nice old days! :) Works well, good job.

Hey, this looks really cool! By chance, do not you have more truck related sprites (even free or paid)? I mean different trucks, trailers, etc. I am just developing a prototype of such a game. Anway, thanks for your greak work!

Funny game

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The very first initial version has been published, looking for any tester or suggestion.

Nine Ice Block is a Free Sudoku Block Game. It combines the sudoku and classic block puzzles. 

This game is really in early phase, so any suggestion would be highly appreciated and can be considered as an improvement in the upcoming updates.

Available on Google Play Store for Android.

ShooterMate Title Screen

New title screen for ShooterMate'86.

Many thanks again to give a 2nd chance for review. I started to make a notes about your remarks, but there were so much valuable items so I will watch the vid again with bigger size of paper... :D

Regarding aiming with mouse... well... I like it, but it seems I am the only one who prefer this way, the others - like you - expect other way, as you explained. It seems I need to rework that.
One comment: the very latest version (uploaded today) have an improved platform mechanics, You can already jump through them from bottom direction.
I really appreciate your direct suggestions, they will be surely considered.

You can try several nations to play a soccer in this air-hockey style game for Android.
1 player, or local 2 players (same device).
It is in early stage, several functions are still planned to be implemented.

The major update is out now.

The main new fetures:  

- introduction scene  - new menu system   - save and load function  - new leveles (in total 7 levels are available now, including the 1st one as a tutorial)  - 2 playable characters  - weapon development  - lot of other stuff.

Development is still ongoing, the actual version is free to download for all the 3 platforms (Android, Windows, HTML5 for browser play)

The major update is out know for ShooterMate'86.

The main new fetures: 
 - introduction scene
 - new menu system
   - save and load function
 - new leveles (in total 7 levels are available now, including the 1st one as a tutorial)
 - 2 playable characters
 - weapon development
 - lot of other stuff.

Development is still ongoing, the actual version is free to download for all the 3 platforms (Android, Windows, HTML5 for browser play)

Wow, looks nice! :)

Thanks for playing my game and put some effort to get it worked... Of course you should be able to shoot on this demo level, so I have immediately checked the code and it seems it is my failure, the mac was not included in case of shooting and initial windows resize. I am sorry for that. The next update will include the fixation of the bug.
Also thanks for the other observation, we alreday revised the starting of the game, but based on your feedback I will still consisder further revision especially for initial phase.

Hey there, Let me announce that the CoachNotes Lite version has a new and own page, with updated content.

Browser and Android version is available for free.
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Hello All,

An itch page have been just recently kicked-off for an air-hockey type of game with soccer / football environement.

The first public version for Android is under release now, you can follow our page to get the news about latest updates.
More pictures and gameplay video will come soon.

Hey, this is a cool game!

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Hey All,

Let me share my game that was prepared during the last weekend for GM48 gamejame.

Playable version has been just uploaded to my itch page, You can chec it out.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Keep working on the game, actually it is the screen in shelter for weapon improvement.
How do you like that idea and solution?

Hey, thats good! :)

After the intro scene we are working on a new level, which will be in fact the very first one.

You will not have any weapon yet, so your first mission is to find a pistol. The scene is at a farm, with a darker coloured atmosphere.

New version with Intro,  new level(s), map (level selector) and lot of other stuff is expected to be released still in October, 2020.

Any like, comment or feedback would be appreciated.

Hey everybody, let me share what we did in the recent days as an intro of our platformer-shotter game.