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I apologize for not having explained it more clearly: the version available here on is very outdated. Only a small group of testers had access to new versions since then.

About the defense towers: they are kinda underpowered because I wanted to favor an aggressive playstyle. They are useful, but you shouldn't rely just on them for defending your base.

About the AI: I'm aware the AI isn't strong enough to beat a high level player, but it is good enough to provide some challenge. Also, I suggest to not take the AI as a parameter for balance. For example, early versions of the game had some serious balance issues that went completely unnoticed until I started playing multiplayer against some friends.
I'm open to keep polishing the balance based on feedback from multiplayer matches.

"Besides, the mouse wasn't very accurate. I had to click like near a centimeter away from the target to get it right."

This is news to me. Can you provide a screenshot or/and steps on how to reproduce?

I implemented WSAD controls as a toggleable option.
Just to be sure: You know you can move the camera with the middle mouse button, right?