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*surprised pikachu*

How did you manage to make the game for n64? Impressive!

thanks, mate!

How the gun will display loads remaining:

Where the game is:

The gimmicky sing function of the game is delayed in construction, so it was disabled for now,
consider the current version to be  - "The Gimmick-Free " version.
All upgrades are purchasable without the need to unlock them.
All wallpapers are usable without unlock.
Save is on auto.
just click and chill.

Where the game will end:

*New cookie designs to chose from*
There will be more than just two songs programmed
Each musical note button will actually have a note sound
Pressing the right combination of notes will cheer up your cookie and unlock content
this will be the way to unlock upgrades once or twice a day, and will make the game a few days long (like a tamagochi)
unlocking at least 7 of these songs will reveal a 'transcend button', which will reset the game with a 2x  bonus
neglecting your tamagochi will cause it to Game Over, but your score will be saved.
Keep your cookie above sad, below bored, to get bonus of your upgrades.

Maybe in the future:
We end up posting two versions, 1one which will have no losing and you just chill to some lo-fi with a cookie on the (maybe vaporwave) background, 2and the one which will be the actual tamagochi clicker style game, which will have you clicking and looking up here for note combinations to interact with your cookie (or even trying combinations yourself out until you discover something!)

Hi, BlackDragon, by what you're describing it seems like you hit pause at some point. The 'you died' screen is a menu screen that should redirect you to the beginning. Having the pause pressed make the menus don't work properly...

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Found 0 problems with your game. I love 2d, love pixel art, and platformers are always fun. Unity can make some sticky walls sometimes, but the fact you made the whole game in webgl is impressive! With soundtrack and aesthetics... very inviting for replay.

So, yea, I've re-do the thing and put it in a jam, so the download is available at
feel free to check it out if you want, any critics is appreciated. 

Hi, Daniel; you can open it VLC, for example. Just go open_with> VLC.

also interested 00

also interested.. 

I've done a DVD game once. Guess I'll do it again just for fun. That might be different enough.

I knew it! The 3$ for market tips was a give away! I'm seeking to use space trader as an future project inspiration myself, now I have one; more game to base on. A great game! 

Can't believe someone turn Space Trader into a fresh, yet retro, jam game. Just brilliant.