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very nice stuff.  Looks like you've been documenting your ideas very professionally. 

awesome! thanks! Gonna watch it now. :)

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hey. your game plays well. Nice pixel art and animations. 

The combat is excellent. 

The only issue IMO is the key mapping.

WASD for movement is fine. But 7,8, 9, <space> and <shift> for actions is a little uncomfortable and counter intuitive. The keys are all over the place and I need to do a bit of stretching to hit the right keys when I need to. Also pressing <shift> rapidly brings up sticky keys on my system. 

If you put the action keys as I,O,P and K instead, it would  make more sense ergonomically, as both my hands would be positioned close enough to each other.

EDIT : Nevermind.  I just discovered that you can customize the key mapping. :D

Other than that:

- it might be nice to have save points or the ability to save and load games.
- enemy health bars appear to be made with the default draw function in Gamemaker. Maybe you could use some sprites instead.
- tile work needs more work
- whats up with the tree attacking me? lol.

Anyway, good work. Hope you continue developing this.

Nice little game. Made it to level 12 and got stuck. I have no idea how to get past that orange enemy. Good stuff!

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Hi all!

I'd like to present my platformer game Citadel Stormer! I originally made this for the 34th GMC gamejam (Aug 22-26, 2019) but I am now releasing a more refined and fine tuned version of the game. I am very excited about this game as it's my very first release!

Basically, its a short little platformer (with a classic Gameboy look) in which you must:

  • Avoid spikes and lightning bolts
  • Fight robotic enemies
  • Find keys and flip switches to open doors
  • Perform Jumping challenges

You can download the full game (only 2MB!) for FREE from it's page:

Do please check it out! 

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Hi. I tried your game out. I have a few comments to make: 

1. I think there's an error in your controls. If I tap space bar, I can just fly away. 

2. It would be cool if there was an option where movement is mapped on the left hand side of the keyboard (WASD) and attacks on the right side (O,P,K and L). That's how it is on all console it might be a good idea to stick to tried and tested control system,

3. The jumps feel floaty but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

4. Nice visual style. It has that "vector graphics" look. But I think some detailing here and there would help. 

5. Music is very distracting.

Thanks for your feedback! I am implementing a back up weapon. 

Beautiful pixel work! Looks excellent. Controls are a little difficult!