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hey!! Thanks for the playthrough. You did very well!

Watching you play gave me many insights about the game's design. I now know I need to make it clear that the lightning bolt machines can be destroyed. I've also decided to add a sign of some sort to indicate the direction of the save points.

As for the elevator platform, it disappeared because you can't go back up again. But I now realize that it might confuse players. But in the current version, I've made it so the platform stays. In addition to giving the game a sense of continuity it would also help players get past the lightning bolts more easily. 

Once again, thanks for the full playthrough. And thanks for the follow!

Always a pleasure. I look forward to the full release and plan on vids on it!

Hey! I've released a new demo. It's got the first 3 levels and a boss fight. I was wondering if you want to check it out!

oh sounds interesting. Got a few games to go through first but yah ill hit it :)