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hey. your game plays well. Nice pixel art and animations. 

The combat is excellent. 

The only issue IMO is the key mapping.

WASD for movement is fine. But 7,8, 9, <space> and <shift> for actions is a little uncomfortable and counter intuitive. The keys are all over the place and I need to do a bit of stretching to hit the right keys when I need to. Also pressing <shift> rapidly brings up sticky keys on my system. 

If you put the action keys as I,O,P and K instead, it would  make more sense ergonomically, as both my hands would be positioned close enough to each other.

EDIT : Nevermind.  I just discovered that you can customize the key mapping. :D

Other than that:

- it might be nice to have save points or the ability to save and load games.
- enemy health bars appear to be made with the default draw function in Gamemaker. Maybe you could use some sprites instead.
- tile work needs more work
- whats up with the tree attacking me? lol.

Anyway, good work. Hope you continue developing this.

Funnily enough, I planned on updating the UI in the next update along with some of the outdated graphics from when I first started the project. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

P.S. The tree just woke up on the wrong side of the bed lol