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"Citadel Stormer" - An Action Platformer!

A topic by pixeltroid created 44 days ago Views: 44
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Hi all!

I'd like to present my platformer game Citadel Stormer! I originally made this for the 34th GMC gamejam (Aug 22-26, 2019) but I am now releasing a more refined and fine tuned version of the game. I am very excited about this game as it's my very first release!

Basically, its a short little platformer (with a classic Gameboy look) in which you must:

  • Avoid spikes and lightning bolts
  • Fight robotic enemies
  • Find keys and flip switches to open doors
  • Perform Jumping challenges

You can download the full game (only 2MB!) for FREE from it's page:

Do please check it out!