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Hahaha thank you for playing! Maybe there is an achievement for petting the dog ten thousand times ;)

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Hey, thank you for playing and for such a detailed feedback! Unfortunately the developement for this one was a nightmare, with my pc crashing in the middle. Most of the game I made in the last nigh. 

1) HOW?! The holy church wants to know your location xD Seriously, I dont know how you did that and I couldnt replicate it at all! I cant even imagine what is the problem causing that bug!

2) I was aware of the 'you shall not pass' sign bug, you are the first to notice though. It is already fixed in the post jam version, I will upload it when I fix the othe ten thousand problems hahaha

3) The bags always gave you20coins, or at least they where supposed to?

4) The buttons of the right are like this because I ran out of time. The x is supposed to close the game in the windows build but take you to the menu in the web build (and it was supposed to pop a confirmation sign in both cases). The achievemnts button was supposed to be always active but with the achievements reading "???: ???" and when you pay the duck he would give you all the clues. One again I couldnt implement the system that turns the ??? into the text for each achievemnt you get in time :(

5) I didnt even think of interacting with the trees from above, I was sleepy maybe. That should be a really easy fix, I will do it later today.

Thanks again for the feedback, it helps a lot! If you can remember how you did the boat glitch please tell me cause its driving me insane :D Also, I added the duck just for you sorry it was in the most broken game hahaha

Thank you for playing! Yes, the x closes the game. It was supposed to close the game on the windows version and take you back to the menu on the we version. It was also supposed to ask you if you really wanted to quit. Sadly I ran out of time and it just closes the windows version and stops the web version :( Im really sorry you couldnt see the end, the new update wont be so dependant on your coins. Thank you for your feedback!

Oh, yes of course, I completely understand the crunch. The game is still amazing though, and if you do update it I will definitely play it again to see the messages I missed!

This is one of my favourite games of the jam so far, it looks, sounds and feels great and I geuinly had a lot of fun playing it. The only thing I would add is a reset button. Amazing game!

This is super impresive! Walking sims are usually hard to balance, but this one kept a good pace all the time and the story was mysterious enough to make me keep going. It also looks absolutely amazing. As a not english native speaker I felt like some of the dialogues went a little too fast especially at the begining. I know that they dont go away if you stop moving, but when I did that with my slow reflexes the mesage was already gone. 

Oh, yes I did. The completionist sepi forced me to pay and leave but I honestly didnt want to. It is a great planet!

Warkus, this is fantastic. I always loved upgrade distance games, and you actually managed to make one in 3d! With psx graphics! And voice acting! In 48 hours! 

This was a really unique take on one of my favourite genres of old flash games and I absolutely loved it. Nice work as always.

Yes, I 100% agree with the duck part it was supposed to give you hints for the remaining achievements, but once you got the money you probably had most of them done. I already made it achievemnt dependant instead of money so I will update it as soon as the voting period ends. You actually win it! Thanks a lot for playing it (twice)!

I definitely wasnt expecting something this grimm when I read "Play as Alice and save the white rabbit." I got several endings, some of them I reali liked (he hanging one especially). I dont think I got to save the rabbit yet? I had some problems in the fight where I couldnt select any item. Also the drawer in the room didnt seem to do anything. Overall I think it is a cool game, add some ambience sounds and it can be an awesome horror game.

This is fantastic, I loved it! I am stuck on the second floor of the last level though, the enemies are really fast and I bacame super slow for some reason, I cant get past that part. You actually made the 1 bit concept into a game mechanic, very smart! This has a lot of potential for a lot more levels also! Its really a shame that you couldnt make a web build, cause I think not enough people are playing this awesome game.

This is fantastic, I loved it! I am stuck on the second floor of the last level though, the enemies are really fast and I bacame super slow for some reason, I cant get past that part. You actually made the 1 bit concept into a game mechanic, very smart! This has a lot of potential for a lot more levels also! Its really a shame that you couldnt make a web build, cause I think not enough people are playing this awesome game.

All right, I will look into it! Thank you very much!

Thank you for playing!

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Yes, buying the "I know it all" from the duck made the achievement checklist (The chalice button) avaliable. That wasnt how it was meant to be, but sadly I ran out of time and that was my "easy solution". In retrospective I should have made the duck either free or based on the ammount of achievements instead of money. Do you remember how it crashed by any chance? Im doing some post jam balancing/fixing. If you don't thats ok, I totally understand.

About the  white nationalists co-opting the crusades thing, thats the first time I heard about it! Im actually from south america so I dont know much about US or european politics. The crusader thing was just my take on the theme "you only realize the value of something when its gone" but you dont see that until the very end of the game sadly. Im really, really sorry you related my game with that, it wasnt my intention at all.

Anyway thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback!

You got to the ending!! Thank you so much for playing, Im glad you had fun!

Than you for playing! I had some issues with my laptop the last days and I slapped the intro and main menu together at the last moment sadly. You are actually missing 4 money bags , I put 2 extra, but in retrospective I should have made the duck free or based on achievements rather than money. 

Im so sorry the game broke! Didnt have much time to play test, but I will look into it. So far I wasnt able to replicate the issue, but i will definitely try to fix it and do some more balancing. Thanks again for playing and your feedback!  

Thank you for playing! Yeah, the duck gave you the list of the remaining achievemnts, that wasnt how I intended it to work but I ran out of time. 

I think YOU have gone slightly overboard petting the dog, mister!

Another 40wattstudio game!! Really cool, the graphics look great and the concept is funny! For some reason I always mess up with american coins, maybe this will help haha

This is a really cool game concept. It looks and sounds great, would definitely play the full game! 

This was fantastic! The visuals and the atmosphere! Really, really cool! 

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Oh my god, you are right! I havent even noticed about the checkpoint, but it tottally makes sense since it is two of the previous puzzles slapped together! I wasnt thinking straigh by that point I guess haha. Thank you! Btw the music was made especially for the game by my friend Leo, he is a great artist. Than you for playing!

Hey thanks for playing! Im glad you had fun and sorry for ruining your day haha

Thank you for playing!

Gracias enriketti! Tal vez haya un logro por jugarlo 100 horas, tal vez haya un logro por descargarlo 10 veces, tal vez no ;

I just played gooter, its really fun! I liked especially the audio, the sfx when you hit the enemies is super satisfying.

Thank you for playing and I'm happy that you enjoyed it! 

Pshh, that was yesterday. Yesterdays Sepi was pathetic..

This game is amazing! My highscore is 60100,  i dont know if its great but i felt like a rythm god! (I've also played like 2 hours straight...) Is there anyway to download or liste to the song? Its a really cool song!

No, thank you. Seriously. 

This is amazing, I absolutely loved it! 

My updated expierience: I escaped for now!! That was really, really hard. There was always a pesky fire truck that eluded me and I ended up dying. I think the game really needs either some sort of checkpoint system or at least to restart the level instead of the whole game each time you die. Especially considering hoy enormous is the last level!

Designwise, I still love the concept. I really like to be a giant foot, I really like that I am twice as big as the firetrucks and that soap is also giant, I really really like the maybe unnecesary fact that I have 6 toes. The game is such a bizarre and unique expierience, I don't think i've ever played something so weird (and I love weird!) 

The sound effects are still hilarious!

Thank you for playing! Gregory sure is an annoying little... Anyway, I can see why the checkpoint system can feel strange to some players, but I'm really happy with the end result. Thank you for the support!

Thank you for playing! Yes I still have to inprove my platformer balancing skills. This one is still much easier than my last one belive it or not hahaha

Sounds cool! Looking forward to play it

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you had fun!

I'm always amazed with how fancy unreal games look and sound. I like the model and animations of the character. The maze itself was a little difficult to navigate cause it is so big, maybe the player could walk a little faster? Really cool looking game

The game is really  fun, I like this kind of puzzles. I'm guessing you will add more leveles in the future? It might be cool to see puzzles where both characters are actually needed. 

This maze is huge! I still can't seem to find my way out. The changing colors mechanic is a really cool feature.

Thank you for telling me! I was genuinely going crazy trying to find a checkpoint that softlocks the game!