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DoubleTrouble Contest to win 20$ worth as gift on product(s)!

A topic by SillikOne created Sep 25, 2020 Views: 363 Replies: 5
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I'm working on a Third Person Shooter with Role Playing Game elements. I got this Demo with a quite solid Shooter Mechanic already in place. Half a dozen weapons, tools such as drones, syringe gun, grenades... Party system with bots... And of course villains to share some bullets! All details here : ShootOut!

DoubleTrouble Contest


  • Play the game and make a stream video of your sessions, of course you can save and load the game and make more then one video, but everything must be shot. And link provided here.
  • the best score is the winner, in case of equal score the lowest time will be taken in.
  • Use any means to achieve it, exploit any glitch you find! But no third party tools.
  • Of course I, as the developer, don't participate.
  • [Edit] Forgot to mention: the contest lasts one week and ends on Saturday October [Edit2] 2 3!

How to earn score

  • Dispatching waves of enemies Downtown gives 1 Score point, they spawn near the Shuttle port.
  • cleaning procedural dungeon which can be found in the shuttle port gives more Score points. But it is vastly harder.
  • There is 4 Playable characters, 2 males and 2 females. Females will gain 1 bonus point per dungeon cleaning.

The Reward

The winner will be the best score with the best time in case of draw.

The reward is 20$ worth of anything is selling. The winner will make a list of his wishes, the reward will be gifted to his e-mail.

Here is a video, playing Amanda Sloane, I dispatch the first shuttle port wave & clean the first dungeon level:

To your triggers!

After loosing all of my squad in the first dungeon run, my chance to clean the second level is thin...

So, I opted to use the infrared pulse of my drone. (Take the drone in hand, press "Reload" to cycle the options). This tool pulse an infrared around the user every 5s up to 30m and detect any life or heat. I was lucky to quickly find the exit and scored 9!

There is a 20 minutes respawn time on most pickups and bots. So I decided to clean a urban wave to fill time , scoring 10.

After that, back to GrandHotel, my shelter, I could recruit two buddies, Anolfo and Laure. I then went back to clean a dungeon and suffered a shameful death mainly due to my arrogance, if I just retreated a bit... everything could have been different.

Reloading from the last save (Saving is automatic every loading screen and while sleeping), I returned to the duty. This time using the drone's scanner and once more I got lucky (despite the loss of Anolfo) to quickly find the exit. Scoring 15.

An another disgraceful death.

After several trials, I could, not quite brilliantly, finish the dungeon and score 21.  The timer beeing around 40min, I should find some buddies to recruit at the GrandHotel and form a squad to beat the sixth dungeon level.