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Thank you for your words, there is now also a separate MacOS version.

We tried to make the timing and the level construction as close as possible to the original.
We even recreated the design of the manual from the original for our game.


AmiRun and the Beer Mania

A pixel art puzzle game. Make the beer flow through pipes and solve the level.
Give it a try, it's free and has amazing music !

Beer Mania ( Puzzle Game )

Excellent !!

This was a very spontaneous and quick thing. An idea for a simple game, a few pixels and a lot of fun while programming. In addition, Core contributed two music tracks very quickly (1 day) and the game was ready.

AmiRun and the drunken Santa

AmiRun part two

AmiRun 2 - First Beer Part two

AmiRun 2 

AmiRun 2 - First Beer Part two

Hello everyone

I made a fast platformer shoot em up with a lot of humor and many references to classic arcade games.

I hope you will play it and leave me a comment

AmiRun - Quest for a Party

AmiRun - Quest for a Party

AmiRun - Quest for a Party

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AmiRun - Quest for a Party

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AmiRun - Quest for a Party

AmiRun - Quest for a Party

( Actually we are working on part 2. )

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This is my game DevLab Sokoban and it is a classic puzzle game.   You are a small clean-up robot who works in a laboratory and has to push boxes to a certain position.  But its not allowed to pull these boxes, you are only authorized to push them forward, therefore it is important to plan all movements to complete a level.

The game is available for Windows, Linus, MacOS and Android.  Check it out at

F1 - Change perspective ( Ego // Third Person )
F5 - Restart the Level ( if you stuck )
ESC - Back to Mainmenu

DevLab Sokoban 3D -


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This is my Game DevLab Sokoban, its still in development and a Sokoban puzzle game in 3d first person perspective.  Press F1 to change the perspective or F3 to have an overview! If you are stuck then press F5 to restart the level.

Please Check it out here

3d View of the Game ( Press F1 to change perspective )

2d View of the Game ( Press F1 to change perspective )

Fight Corona, kill the virus !
Where are the Double Dragon Bros

i am now finished with my game, I added a lot of content to it.  Ten levels with own music and 4 bosses with their own boss fight music.  An independent music player so that the player can enjoy the fabulous music without playing.  Many improvements in level design, they are now easier to finish thanks to checkpoints. Four different game modes, two to speed up the gameplay massively and an online highscore list to compete with other players.

If you already knew the demo version with only 4 levels, you absolutely should take a look at the game again!

Thanks for playing my game, I really enjoyed your gameplay video! You also came through well, try to test the speed mode next time. It is then again a completely different game feeling.
Lets play the music loud....
Startguest in my game,  E.T. the extra terrestrial

Realy good vibes while playing

Hi FellowPlayer
It would be great if you could take a look at my game.  Its a platform game and I have hidden a lot of references (easter eggs) to really old retro stuff in my game.  We put a lot of effort into graphics and music but it is not very difficult to play the game.  In our first game we wanted everyone to be able to finish the levels and the complete game.


Maybe you'd like a platformer with a lot of retro easter eggs.

AmiRun - The Easter egg game

We have released now the full version of our game with 10 completely different Level and 4 Bosses and IN and Outro.

Your mission is, you have to go to Cologne as soon as possible because the Evoke is happening there, but in the nearby devlab a bad accident happens and suddenly chaos breaks out. So help Ami on his dangerous journey to the destination.

AmiRun contains:

10 Level

4 Bosses

2 Languages (Text and Speach)

14 incedible Soundtracks

A lot of beer and dynamite

Weird opponents

and a lovely Outro!

This game was especially for you made with love and a insane mindset.

And now get the game for free...  AmiRun v1.0

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Check out our Discord server JustEpyx Discord

or follow JustEpyx on Social Media

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Excellent game

No, the sprites are not from other games, but partially the animations may have been adapted to be smooth as possible.  But you are not the only one who thinks so I will probably replace the mad scientist with a completely different animation.

Thanks for playing, its a realy good LetsPlay of my game!

You can look down in the game, with the 'PageDown' button you can see what is below you. 

In level 3 you have to collect keycards to open the door with the corresponding color.  In the elevator you can simply use the button up and down to move to the next floor.

Thx for your video :)