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Guys, if I can get to 50 followers I will do a full stream on twitch and upload highlights to metacafe.

It is an ASSet flip. No offense, just stating the facts.

If the guns aren’t ready, why put them there in the first place?

Improve the shooting mechanics and then the game is better

I can only do Windows, sorry.

I think that a similar system to the one on gamejolt would be cool

Looks fun!

If I get 10k followers in 3 weeks I will make this a daily thing. I love all your games and I will promote them on my channel soon.

I’ll try

If i dont stream it tomorrow I’ll stream it in a couple of days


I’m a new twitch streamer, and have no followers, but send me a link/key to your game and I’ll play them on my channel.

I’m making a realistic free fps milsim, check it out on my profile! It isn’t released yet, but only because I want to have a lot of content when it releases.

You realise that the $420 game could be receiving more views than Skillwarz?

I’ve giving a decent description on the game page

I need help with designing the game and HUD and generally how to manage it all

Tactical fps combining realsim with arcade


I just need tips on approaching an fps.

The gunplay could be more satisfying. And aiming down the sights would be cool too. May even an attachment system in ome of the later updates. Nice game!

I’ll download it.

It won’t download. It says that ‘this file can’t be opened on this computer’.

Yeah battle royale is a stretch

Please add battle royale (if possible) that still keeps with the style of the game. I watched your old youtube videos and saw some vehicles and AI which you could implement into the later versions of skillwarz.

I do have to say it looks great. Good job!

I wasn't talking about a story

One thing I need to know is if the game has single player.

Looks good.


No one is online so you can't actually play it.

The game, Bullet Force, developed by only 3 developers, attracted an audience by its standard of quality. If you higher the already pristine standard of quality, and update some... annoying things.

Also, I've noticed in the training mode that there are weapon spawns, jump pads and portals. Maybe you could add them to some more maps.

Make it free