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thank you! I'll try it

Thank for the tip!


i have 13 game on itch, in most of the games i have a lot of views but a really small number of plays and downloads, what can i do to make people actually play the game?

Thank you!

Hey there!!

this is my new game Copter Flight, its an endless runner and you play as a helicopter and dodge missiles:

make sure to rate the game and leave a comment with feedback if you enjoyed, its really helpful and mean the world to me

Also feel free to check out my other games and try them too:

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this soundtracks are awsome!! i used them in my new game

thank you very much!!

Thank you!!

I want to request a CSS from itch to create custom edges to content on my page and animated buttons
there are any disadvantages or a reason to not request CSS? and if there are, what there are?

what does it mean to host? where?

how can i make a custon edges for the content in the project page, i am talking about an effect like in this page:

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this game is amazing!!!
my favorite game from the jam!!
my highscore is 318 the graphics are amazing and the audio too!
all the game need is more questions

Also, is the game avalable on goigle play and can i submit questions?

press on "add ludum dare tag" and then link the page

Mincraft 3D community · Created a new topic Play in browser

chack the checkbox that say: "this file is being played in browser" on the html file in the edit game section so the game will run on browser

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i am talking about platforms that not itch

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there is itch moblie app?

If the isnt it would be cool

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do someone know good platforms to write devlogs on?

My game is an android space shooter controlled my accelerator, currently working on multiplayer mode. I tried posting it in advertising channel on some discord servers, my other games doing better, 200-500 imressions and 2-4% CTR, thisgame have 0 impressions.

I have a game that I am working on for a long time and I am updating it once a while, i have zero impressions on this game, and itch dont show to anyone for a long time, its by biggest project and one of my least viewed projects. Do someone have some tips to how to get my game more shown?

th game is realy hard but the story is wonderfull!!

thanks for the follow☺

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i didnt see your comment in time, sorry i couldnt rate it
however, i played your game and its very cool!! good job!!


cool idea, when clicking on the mouse for a long time, the is an annoying sound, also it would be cool if there is a how to play menu

over all good job, and good luck!!


cool game!!

•the text is fast and i cant read it all

•when getting to the end of the map there is a starnge teleport

good job over all and good luck!


good job, a way to restart the level would be cool, good job overall!


cool game!, some points to improve:

•the colliders are too big

•and the music is a bt repetetive

over all, you made a very cool game and the levels are realy cool! good luck




early rated, good job!

thanks for the feedback and suggetions!


thanks for the feedback!, we will try to add this

thanks for the feedback!

good job!!, the game feat the theme realy well

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