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How do i get people play the game and not only enter the page?

A topic by fire_soldier888 created 30 days ago Views: 261 Replies: 6
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i have 13 game on itch, in most of the games i have a lot of views but a really small number of plays and downloads, what can i do to make people actually play the game?


In short, make the pages more inviting. Maybe make a video with a trailer, or add more details of what users should expect before playing your games.

Hope that helps

Thank for the tip!

Looking at the pages for a lot of your games, the biggest thing I see missing is gifs and video. Screenshots can only do limited justice to a game.

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thank you! I'll try it

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ok try this Constantly add updates and bug fixes and make the game more cool.

Views outnumbering plays seems pretty standard fare. I also have more views than plays. I expect most users do.