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Vadine: Bite-Man Out Now

A topic by douggames234 created May 27, 2017 Views: 2,950 Replies: 118
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Hi fellow game devs and game enthusiasts,

You can check my game demo out here: Vadine Game Demo Itch.Io

I've been working on this game for about a year and a half. I'm currently working on putting sounds and fixing bugs on the last level, as well as creating the final boss of the game.

If anyone is interested you can play the demo and if you really want to be awesome you can tell me major bugs you find. I just released a fix today, which makes the main character play more smoothly (you couldn't move when crouching, jump to crouch immediately, etc.)

I also want to release a HTML5 browser version of the demo sometime down the road.


October 30th: Vadine: Bite-Man is finished and can be played clicking below

UPDATE June 18th: I've almost finished created the final boss of the game, but there are still a bunch of bugs I need to fix in the last level. I'm hoping to get everything done for the last level by August and then roll out to Beta in October. Still a long way till I reach the end of this journey.

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UPDATE July 29th: Finally finished the last bosses. I was busy with some stuff going on in my life.

This guy in my second level is still having collision issues but I don't see any other enemies having issues at the moment (I should catch everything in Beta):

I'll keep posting updates.

UPDATE August 24th: I finished adding sounds to the last level and making sure everything works. I fixed some other bugs as well. I'm halfway through creating the credits sequence. Here is a screenshot:

Once I finish the credits I am thinking about changing the appearance of the health bar.

I'll give another update in a month (I should be close to releasing the game for my beta testers by then)


Okay, I would just like to say that this game is AMAZING! Charming in its own way. I can definitely see the passion that went into it. That elevator music and Vadine dancing was a nice touch! The voice overs are also hilarious. Keep at it!

I didn't notice any bugs. I would say that having a power up to have a stronger attack would be a nice touch. Also, moving the healthbar from the top to the bottom of the screen would be good, right now it's distracting and takes away screen space that you are playing on.

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Thanks for playing  my demo Burnerknight Studios! It means a lot that you gave me some feedback and even enjoyed my game. 

I'll think about adding a stronger attack. I'm changing the appearance of the health bar so I'll try to move it to the bottom of the screen also and I'll see if it works.

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UPDATE September 4th: I just finished the credits sequence, which teases at having a sequel to Vadine: Bite Man!

 I will start fixing the health bars for Vadine and the bosses. I also need to fix the slime enemy, which is completely broken. I will keep testing and updating this log when I find issues.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 9th: I removed some random gray color off of Vadine's boot when he is jumping:

I changed the HUD and I will test it out within the next 2 weeks. It looks sooo much better than what I had before! Health bars are on the bottom and are animated. Also I have a red border around the entire screen. I also removed the text "Health" which looked off. I'll post a video of it soon.

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UPDATE September 18th: I fixed some config files, increased the resolution of the game, and decreased the package size by 400 MB. I need to fix the sprites of a boss and change some voices I recorded (this will be complete by the next month).

Also I finally changed the HUD for my game. It was pretty ugly before but now I got a result I'm satisfied with. Watch the video below to see some new game footage with the HUD:

PS: The youtube video above goes to 1080p

Also next month or November I will push out version 3 of the demo so stay tuned!

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UPDATE OCTOBER 1st: The game is now playable with just the keyboard. Before the game was playable with only the keyboard + mouse and controller. Also players can navigate the menus with the keyboard as well. I fixed some other minor bugs as well.

 I'm testing the game for a couple more weeks and then I will send the whole game to friends who will test it out. This game is getting pretty close to being finished!

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UPDATE OCTOBER 15th: The game is now officially in beta. I've had one tester play through the whole game and got very positive feedback. He did find one issue with one of the boss battles and also a couple of very minor issues. I will send the whole game to other testers in the meantime.

He also recommended changing the character movement since when you turn around Vadine seems to stop. I increased the acceleration and decreased the speed to improve character movement. 

I can't wait to upload a new version of the demo to my page (I will do this after I get feedback from all the testers)!

UPDATE OCTOBER 28th: I finally added an automatic save system! There will be no save files in this game or the ability to save from the pause menu. When the character hits the checkpoint or begins a new level, the game will save. 


I will release a new demo next week and change the images for this game!

I need to make the tutorial level appear before the menus once. I need to redo the controller menus (how to play this game and how the buttons are mapped)

I need to lock the levels until the user gets to the level.

I played it, apart from looking terrible it's also not very fun. I dunno, the physics, the level design.

But a lot of effort was put into it. So that's good.

Thanks for trying out Vadine. I’ll keep your comments in mind when I start creating a new game.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 5th: I posted a new version of the demo on Vadine Game Demo Itch.Io

This version includes a redesigned life bar and HUD, improved character movement (now Vadine doesn't make a complete stop when you want to turn around), and other miscellaneous improvements.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 20th: I completely redid the tutorial level. Also, now the game will start with the tutorial instead of going to the menu (it will only do this once though). I created business cards for my game today which I will hand out at the gaming event next month where I will present Vadine: Bite-Man.

I still have to fix some camera angles when the main character walks through a hallway that goes left instead of right. Also the slime enemy in the second level still has some issues that I haven't addressed due to more important issues with the game

Here is a picture of one of the tutorial helpers:

UPDATE DECEMBER 1st: The tutorial helpers and the camera angle fixes is in a newly uploaded version of the demo. Please try it out if you have the time!

The game is getting close to being complete but there are still some fine tuning and bug fixes. Right now I'm in mid beta.

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UPDATE DECEMBER 10th: I just showed my game at a gaming convention. I got a lot of positive feedback about the game in general. I had the first person other than me get through the entire game. Watching him play, I realized I especially need to make the last level much easier and provide more checkpoints and health items. 

UPDATE JANUARY 6TH: I nerfed the last stage. I'm making many minor changes to each level such as fixing stairs. Also I'm going to start the arduous task for fixing the audio so it doesn't play when the game is paused.

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UPDATE JANUARY 14TH: I finally fixed the audio issue mentioned in my last post. I also found another huge bug when pausing the game and the character is crouched (This bug exists in the demo right now). Currently I'm looking for final bugs this month through February before I can say this game is complete. Hopefully I can start the daunting process of marketing my game beginning of March.


This game looks castlevania style, you are so dedicate for this game. I will try your game later~ ^^/

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Im finished play your demo,

The good point from this  game :

1. the game have many color and sound thats good.

2. Every enemy have dead animation and blood splatter

but I found something weird, when finish kill the boos on colloseum I meet the princess, but she die when I touch her. Lol.

Hi ZheroIsland, I'm glad you enjoyed my game! :) I was heavily influenced by Castlevania and Symphony of the Night is one of my favorite games.

In a lot of old games like Ghost and Goblins and Mario, the character rescues the princess, but I thought it would be funny if Vadine Killed the princess instead.

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Oh I love castlevania too, My favorite character is shanoa. 

 I created castlevania game on stencyl and published , you can play here

Btw if you have any Idea for my horror game project, like ghost design, story, or something you can post here

UPDATE JANUARY 27th: I fixed another audio issue when the player dies, where before it was possible for 2 narrations to play at the same time. I made some minor presentation changes including a black background for the game over screen and a different font for the boss names. I fixed a bug when shooting the gun while crouching and getting hit (the bullets can still appear at Vadine's feet). 

I'll keep looking to get more issues fixed before I try to release this game.

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UPDATE FEBRUARY 5th: I changed one of the backgrounds for a part in one of my levels and I'm just amazed about how ugly the old background was:

Old background:

New Background:

The blue lines look awesome when they are animated.

Also I found a bug in level 3 where I can fall through specific platforms.

I just released the final version of the demo on before I release this game. I'm almost done with Beta and once I fix the issues in level 3, I will consider myself to be in the Alpha Stage of developing this game.

I might be able to release this game very soon so keep tuned!

I re-deployed the demo with a new ceiling for one section of the demo since it was bothering me. You can see what it looks like below. Now I'm going to look into level 3.

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UPDATE FEBRUARY 21nd: I'm finally in Alpha!!! I redesigned the look of the second level and it looks great now:

You can see an old picture of this level in one of my first posts. It didn't look so great in my opinion. Level 3 has been fixed so the platforms don't cause any issues. I fixed some other minor issues like fish moving the opposite direction compared to where they face when you spawn at a checkpoint. 

I tested a couple of times today and I don't see any more bugs. This game is in a complete state and I will get some more people to test the game in March when I will show my game at another event.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 23nd: I've been spending my time changing some of the art in my game. I re-uploaded the demo even though I thought version 5 would be the last upload, since I changed some of the background art in the level.



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UPDATE FEBRUARY 24th: I created some cover art for Vadine: Bite-Man and I'm hoping to get some feedback on this.

Right now I fixed more graphic changes yesterday in other levels and I'm working on tweaking the pause button so it's more responsive in the final game.

Cover Art:

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UPDATE FEBRUARY 25th: I fixed the pause button issue from yesterday. I also changed some of the art in one of the credit scenes:



I also changed the image for the Auto Load icon to blood. This game is almost done just a couple more tests.

I'm going to use Steam Direct to put my game on the Steam store in a couple months. I might put the full game on Itch.Io before I put the game on Steam. I'm thinking of releasing the game for a dollar but I haven't completely decided on this yet.

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UPDATE FEBRUARY 26nd: I decreased the packing size. My full game will be about 120 MB when I release it. Right now the demo is 185 MB since it includes developer tools. You can use tilde (~) in the demo to execute developer commands.

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UPDATE MARCH 1st: I decided to change the art for Vadine and some of his family members. I felt the art was hard to look at and now that all the major bugs have been stamped out, I now have time to go back and make the game more presentable. I'm going to try to replace all of the character art within a week!

It would be nice to have feedback whether this art is better or not.

I haven't uploaded a new demo.

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UPDATE MARCH 3rd:  I finished changing all the sprites for Vadine as well as some other characters. I think I can fix all the art in the next couple of days. I'll post more pictures tomorrow or Monday but here are some pictures now displaying the new art:

UPDATE MARCH 4rth : I finished fixing most of the sprites. One normal enemy needs to be fixed as well as the main boss of the game (his final form is okay though). Here are some more screenshots (I will post more in 2 days also):

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UPDATE MARCH 5th : I should be done with the character art by tomorrow. I found and fixed a small bug in terms of spamming jump when loading a level. I will be ready to show my game at an event this upcoming weekend. I might upload a new demo after that.

Here are some more screenshots:

UPDATE MARCH 9th : I uploaded a new demo version where the main character has been redone in terms of how he looks. I also changed how the princess looks at the end and made some other changes.

Other than the demo and changing art, I've been nitpicking stuff throughout the game, and I made the last boss a bit harder. 

I will show my game at an event tomorrow. Here is one more new screenshot of the winter level.

UPDATE MARCH 11th : I got some good responses from people playing my game at the event yesterday. I also got some  feedback from other game developers who also played through a couple of levels from the game. I have 1 new tester who is going to play through the game also.

UPDATE MARCH 13th : Along with showing the Vadine image next to your menu selection, I also changed the background color of the button as well. This will make menu navigation easier. I fixed everything according to the feedback I received at the event.

I'm going to play the game a couple more times, but I don't see anything else that needs to be fixed at the moment.

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UPDATE MARCH 16th: I changed how the knights look in the first level. I'm not planning to upload a new demo at this point in time though and there will be a couple of differences between the demo and the real game:

I'm starting to look into marketing as the game seems to be complete at this point. I don't have a release date planned yet.

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UPDATE MARCH 20th: Made some more nitpick changes to the game (nothing too major). I'm look into steamworks API and how it interacts with Unreal Engine 4.

UPDATE MARCH 29th: I created some achievements in steamworks and added the code for achievements in the game. I'm going to add an animation when the character is moving while crouching or shooting up. 

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UPDATE MARCH 31st: I added easter eggs in the game for my old art (in the 5th level on a table). I did the crouching and shooting up moving animations (it looked awkward before where the character was moving without any animation):

I also decided to redo the bear suit enemy on the 2nd level (I already have the blue knights and the regular pirates who have the same AI behavior), I will have this fixed in a week or two.

UPDATE April 6th:  I still seem to be tweaking the game to make it better. I made the credits scene a bit funnier and I improved the torture scenes in Level 5. I also changed the billboard for the menu (The sign that says Vadine:Bite-Man) : 

I'm going to start working on the bear enemy today.

UPDATE April 7th: I created the art for the bear enemy; I still need to change the behavior of this foe though. I also don't like the billboard I posted yesterday/ the hearts don't go with the blood.

UPDATE April 11th: The bear enemy continuously walks towards you and if he gets you he will walk backwards for a second and then come at you again. Also if you turn your back to him, he will chase after you quickly.  For the billboard I just made blood at the bottom instead of the hearts and I made the sky a bit brighter.

I'm going to work on images for steam and hopefully a new trailer this weekend!

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UPDATE April 14th:  I added some pictures to the  Steam store. I have 2 minor fixes I need to do with the game and I'll get to the trailer eventually.

UPDATE April 16th: I learned how to upload my game to steam and got it to install on my computer via steam. I still have a list of items to work on:

1. Create Trailer

2. Fix text blurriness

3.  Complete everything on store page

4. Finish all testing 

5. Start marketing

1-4 should be done by beginning of May

UPDATE April 17th:  Found some setbacks...

I need to create my own font as the ones being used seem to be licensed. I want to be as careful as possible that I don't use other peoples work, and I've been careful about this other than with the fonts I've used. I'm going to spend time on this instead of the trailer.

Also I didn't get achievements to work after I tried my game on steam, but I watched a tutorial on this and I think I know the solution.

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Update April 18th: Finished creating my own custom font and finally got an image I like for the billboard in the menu. Time to work on the trailer!

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Update April 26th: I'm going to delay the trailer. I found out my friends music is licensed so I might cut a deal or I need him to remix the songs. 

I'm about to work on Vadine: Origin Stories (which will have 2.5 levels and come out next year or early 2020)

Here is a gargoyle I create in the meantime:

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Update April 28th: I created my first twitter account: @VadineBiteMan   

You can follow me on here. I probably won't be super active with the account until I'm ready for marketing, which will happen after the trailer is done. I will also get an Instagram account.

I made some more graphical changes to the first level. I will focus on uploading a linux version of the game and then I will work on Vadine: Origin Stories.

Update May 2nd:  Vadine: Bite-Man is pretty much complete, I just need to wait to hear about my friends music. I tested the game hundreds of times and I don't see any bugs anymore.

I created the art for 2 members of the Forces of Good for Vadine: Origin Stories. I am going to take some of the Vadine:Bite-Man files and strip it down to make Vadine: Origin Stories. 

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Update May 5th:  I moved a checkpoint so its closer to the boss battle. I also changed the Title Screen (first screen that pops up):

The red balls above are animated and have a cool circle pattern. I am still waiting to hear back about the music.

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Update May 12th: I'm starting to create the sprites for Vadine as a child. So far the biggest hurdle is drawing the running animation which I have a part of it complete. Here is a early sample of my drawing (this might be changed):

In the next 2-3 weeks I should have a screenshot.

Update May 15th: Good news, I can use my friends "Turn It Up" soundtrack in my game, which is the main boss soundtrack I use.

Here is a link to the song:

I need confirmation on the other soundtrack, which I only use once in my game and I want to use it in my trailer. Also I'm still working on Vadine: Origin Stories in the meantime.

Update May 19th: I  just finished creating the art for the 20 steam achievements which will be in my game. I should get this working soon.

Also I created a gameplay trailer yesterday and I should have that posted tomorrow or the day after. I'll have 2 trailers.

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Update May 21st: Below is the Gameplay trailer:

I also tested achievements on Steam with a Windows 64 build and everything works!

I will create another trailer later with narration also.

EDIT MAY 28th: I re-uploaded the video without the windows and linux symbols. I still plan to have a linux build despite this.

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Update May 28th: Had a bad time of trying to run Linux on a USB stick (recommended by friend) and I even tried different Linux operating systems. Every single one failed for different reasons. 

Although this wasn't successful for now, I was able to make improvements to the game my friend suggested and I uploaded the new windows build to steam.

I might get a Mac build also (I haven't completely decided on this idea).

Update May 31st: Here is the second trailer. 

I'm not releasing the game soon, but my store presence on Steam should happen within the next week. Also my marketing guy will begin marketing soon after the page comes up.

Update June 2nd: I'm still waiting for my game to appear on the steam store. Marketing will begin this month.

I might including subtitles for my game also . I'm thinking of having English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Does anyone else have subtitles for their game in different languages?

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Update June 3rd: I finished adding English subtitles. I'm thinking I won't change the menus, but just have subtitles and controls in the other languages.

Also I'm going to be taking down the demo in a week. Enough has changed in the game (physics, art, Vadine playing style), making the demo obsolete. So download it before it goes away!

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Update June 5th: My steam page is finally up and about:

You can now add the game to your wishlist!

The game is not released just yet.

Update June 7th: I just wanted to reiterate that I'm going to be removing the demo this weekend since the demo is extremely out of date. 

Right now I'm redoing some of the options menu to fit in the languages options. I am planning to get 2 foreign languages into my game, hopefully by the end of July!

Update June 8th: Finished setting up the menus for Languages. I redid some of my other menus as well:

As you can see I'm planning 2 other languages for my game, which I should get done by end of July at the latest.

Once again, I'm removing the demo on Sunday.

Update June 10th: I'm making sure all the text in the menus and in the tutorial is dynamic so when I get the other languages and can insert them in quickly. These changes will take some time...

Also I just removed the demo since it was too old.

Update Jun 12th: I made a couple of changes to the pause menu, to level 1 again, and to one of my promo images.  

Update Jun 13th: Working on making the text and images dynamic for localization in the tutorial. Here is the promo image from yesterday:

Update Jun 15th:  Getting my game translated in German at the moment. Hopefully I can show screenshots next week!

UPDATE JUN 17th: I'm about half way done with implementing the German translation. I got them from so I hope they are legit. I am looking for German testers.

Here are some German pictures:

Update June 19th: I re-uploaded the trailers since I made some minor changes to my game. Here are the links:

Update June 21st: I finished translating the game to German, but I'm going to ask the company to re-look at the translations one more time.  I'm going to work on the French translation now and change the final boss music (I couldn't get a hold of the company that has rights to my friend's song).

Update June 26th: I got the French translations. I changed to "" for the translation instead of "" and I'm much happier with them. You can chat with the translator if they have any doubts about something, which is amazing.

Update June 30th: I finished putting the game into French. I have a person that is looking over the German script and they found some issues. I will also work on rearranging the Language menu to fit in the Russian option. Here are some pictures of the game in French:

Update July 2nd: Almost done with the new updated language option menu including the Russian option. I'll post a picture of it this week. Also going to get Russian subtitles this week (maybe on Thursday). 

Update July 3rd: I finished the language option menu screen! To fit the Russian option I had to make a bunch of changes to the code.

Update July 6th: I set up an account on IndieDB: 

Indie DB Vadine: Bite-Man

In the meantime I'm waiting for the Russian translation to finish.

Update July 9th: I got the Russian translations. So far got the menus finished:

Update July 13th: Happy Friday the 13! I bought the vadinebiteman domain and I have my own business email:

I'm working on creating a small website for this game during the weekend and I'll post it when I'm complete.

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Update July 16th: Almost done with the Russian translations and almost done with the website. I still need to map to my custom domain and I will post it when I have it complete (might take around a week). 

Update July 20th: I finally got my website complete  which includes the trailer and a link to my steam page as well as links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I haven't been too active on the social websites (I haven't posted anything on Twitter or Instagram and don't have any followers on these). 

Vadine: Bite-Man Official Website

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Update July 24th: Changed the face for the Forces of Good character who is shown briefly in my the game, but will be a final boss in the sequel.

I also shrunk the height of the Vadine icon in the languages menu. As you can see below the icon is stretched too much:

Update July 27th: Finally finished translating the game into French, German, and Russian!  I will still do some checks to make sure the translations are fine. Here are some of the items on my todo  list:

1. Create Press Kit

2. Re-upload to Steam Server and test game for an entire week

3. Get a Linux build of the game

Update July 30th: I created the press kit and re-uploaded the game to the Steam Server. Now I'm going through the arduous process of testing the game out in its entirety.  


Absolutely awesome! It reminds me a lot of one of my first games, called Jack Bond. Same kind of animations and gameplay. Only your game is much better! Keep doing this!!!

Thanks for the compliments Keeweed!    :)  I will keep making more Vadine games after this one (I have all 4 games planned out)!

Update August 1st:  I went through the game and the only issue I saw was Vadine floating on some platforms which is extremely easy to fix:

I also fixed another stretched image of Vadine in the menus. 

Update August 3rd: I will be giving away at least over 10  free Steam keys in October!

Enter your email address here to win a free key:

Free Steam Key Link

Update August 6th: I got to Proofread my German translation and there are a lot of changes I need to make. Going to get the changes made this week and then I will go back to testing. 

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Update August 9th: Still working on the German translation but I should finish it up this weekend. Also working on a game jolt profile. By October I will have the game on Itch.Io, Game Jolt, and Steam. I want to release on more platforms in later months.

Update August 11th:  I created my Game Jolt account at Vadine Game Jolt

I had a tester play through my whole game and they absolutely loved the game! There are a couple of small nitpicks they pointed out so I'm going to work on that. 

Update August 12th: Finished the German subtitles so I'm done with localization! I added an arrow in the first interlude since you have to go back out of the house (which can be confusing for a minute).  I also added a hurt animation for the special unit clone soldier:

Update August 13th: I changed this picture I will use on Steam once again since I thought the colors were too bland and the image doesn't stick out:

The eye of the centipede draws people in more. Here is the image I will use now:

Update August 14th:  I found out that some of the subtitles are being cropped when I play my game on Steam. I need to take a day to fix this. Also I found some other nitpicks throughout my game that I want to fix. I've had a bizarre experience with Game Jolt but I might talk about that later.

Update August 16th:  I made minor changes to the game such as bullets don't go through the floor in level 5:

Also in level 5 there is a platform that takes forever so I split it into 2 platforms so the pace of the game isn't too slowed down. Now I'm going to work on the subtitle issue.

Update August 18th: I'm done with testing the game about 5 times. I didn't see anything I wanted to change either. I'm still working on my website and other stuff in the meantime!

Update August 20th: I'm working on a MAC build for my game. At first the game bloated up to 500 MB, but I found out that was due to the Starter Content. Now I'm trying to figure out how to actually get the game onto the Steam Server.

Update August 24th: My game will officially come out on Windows and Mac operating systems! I was able to push the mac build to the Steam server successfully. Now I'm going to work on tuning my Steam Achievements.

Update August 26th: I optimized my game by changing the resolution and rendering settings. My game runs fine on computers with integrated graphics and on my 2012 Mac Mini. Before the character would be extremely laggy which made the game unplayable.

Update August 27th: I added some pages to my website  Vadine: Bite-Man and I plan to add more in the coming weeks.

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Update September 2nd: I changed one of the scenes in the trailer and re-uploaded onto Youtube 

Old Scene:

New Scene:

I'm still working on the Steam API for Mac and I'm having a lot of trouble with this.

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Update September 4th: Worked on my Itch.Io page instead and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I have a big gif playing in the background!

When I download the game in Windows and Mac I get a warning that the file is not trusted. I don't have this issue with Steam and I think maybe the Butler tool might resolve this issue so I'm going to look into this.

Update September 6th: I decided to add in a resolution screen in the menu. I need to get this screen done fast. 

Update September 8th: Still working on the resolution screen which I will show on the next post and I have an event today to showcase my game. 

I'm planning on releasing Vadine: Bite-Man on October 30, 2018 for Steam and hopefully Itch.Io as well: Steam Vadine Link

Update September 9th: I decided not to go with a resolution screen after creating it. The bug I get is that the resolution can be started at 640 x 480 (this is extremely rare and only happened once to me) which completely destroys the look of my game especially the menu. I add a check when the game starts up that if it is less than 720p then I automatically set the game at 720p. 

Below is what the resolution screen would have looked like:

Update September 12th: Testing the game in 720 p on a low spec computer.

Update September 15th: The game looks fine at 720 p. I decided to add the resolution screen back in which was easy since I saved the files. This came after I tested on my friends computers (he has around 20) and on some the resolution caused major scaling issues. 3840, 1920, and 1280 are 3 safe resolutions.

(1 edit)

Update September 18th: I think my windows build is complete. The only issue for Steam that I'm facing is the Steam overlay is not coming up for my MAC build. 

On Itch.Io I'm facing the issue that I need to get my game digitally signed or else smartscreen pops up.

Update September 23rd: I have my Ich.Io page ready and my Windows and Mac builds are ready on Steam. The only issue is that my Mac build doesn't connect with the Steam API. I can't figure out how to get libsteam_api.dylib to work. If anyone knows the trick let me know!

I'm going to be reaching out to local reviewers and youtubers for the next 2 weeks with my marketing guy. 

Update September 28th: I'm giving away free steam keys to Steam curators and YouTubers. Let me know if you are interested in receiving one.

For everyone else you have the chance to win a key on FREE STEAM KEY SIGN UP LINK

Update October 5th: I got my first recommendation from a Steam curator "Earth in the Porthole"

There was also one curator who did not enjoy that the game. They didn't like that the game was simple in terms of Vadine only shoots, crouches, and jumps. 

I'm thinking for the sequel, "Vadine Jr. Versus Forces of Good", to have more variety and power ups.

Update October 10th: I found out my game wasn't optimized well for low end PCs and when the frame rate gets below 5, Vadine can be thrown across the map until he hits an unmovable object. This made the game appear buggy... 

I put in a patch today and I'm seeing a consistent 60 FPS on all of my computers, including my mac mini and a 2.0 GHZ Dell computer without a graphics card!

Update October 15th: Had an interview this weekend and I'm working on advertising my game with Facebook, etc.

Update October 19th: Going to have some ads put on a digital billboard. Going for something simple:

Update October 26th: Prepared my website for release. I also got some key requests on 

I will release the game in about 3 days! Stay tuned.

Update October 28th: I changed the game page on Itch.Io (it will be visible on the 30th). I had a GIF file running in the background causing lag on the Itch Vadine page. I replaced this with a png image and this problem isn't appearing anymore.

2 more days!

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Update October 30th: Vadine: Bite-Man is now out on Itch.Io and Steam


It's been a journey posting on my devlog every week for over a year, and I will return in a new devlog for my next game Vadine Jr. Versus Forces of Good. I received a lot of good feedback using this site and the community here is great!

I hope you try out my game and enjoy it!

Vadine is on sale for $1.33

Update November 4th: I removed the main trailer on both Itch.Io and Steam and only kept the gameplay trailer.