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Burnerknight Studios

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Hi Jay,

To what game exactly does a player gain skill points?

Hey thanks! Will do!

Thanks a lot!

Yup! Thank you!


Hey thanks for the comment! It seems there was a bug going around that caused the VICTORY text to not appear once you've cleared the dungeon. For some people it would appear but not for others. Totally weird. My programmer was on a limited time budget so he couldn't get around to fixing it!

Solid gameplay and great plot! And you pulled an M. Night Shyamalan at the end. Really enjoyed the game! Felt like a Western version of Punch-Out but with guns. I think you got something here!

All around excellent game. Great work! Really enjoyed this one! It took me a while to get used to the Keyboard controls, so I think controller support could be a good addition in the future. Other than that, this game is definitely up there among the best of the jam!

Lovely game, excellent music and adorable character! Seems like it has a lot of potential post-jam!

I had issues with the controls. My character would just run in the direction of movement instead of moving gradually as I held the movement key down. Also moves very fast.