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Thanks! I've added powers into the game to ease the difficulty level, so now it should be alot more playable!

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Last day for me, so I plan on updating my build with some powers, which are currently missing, and add some additional polish for better gameplay. Stay tuned!

Update: Screenshot showing the powers list! Select and use a power by hitting the number key that corresponds with the power you want. Every three strawberries grants a new power. Strawberries are cumulative towards a new power over each level. I may attempt one more build before midnight, but if not, this is as far as I go. This was a SUPER fun jam! I definitely plan on making more roguelikes in the future!

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My next update before deadline will add some powers to help even the odds! Also, you're the second person to mention the loud sounds, I may have to tinker with the master level audio on each sound.

Finally, thank you for the compliment! I think I've fallen in love with the genre more so than previously now that I've actually worked on it.

Excellent, thanks!

Can I submit my game early and then update the build before my deadline? Or do project edits end as soon as I submit to the jam?

Day 3 - 6

So haven't posted at all even though I've been working on this all week!

Base gameplay is up, added my critters, my shuddering earth mother, and some tasty strawberries. And some cute sounds too! Now it's time to clear out the garden of all the pests! Currently undergoing adding some final content, fixing some bugs, and polishing up the experience! It's a little hard to play right now as you don't have any powers yet, and the monsters get overwhelming, I'm working on evening out your odds!

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Hi all! This is my first time in the 7DRL and also my first time working in the roguelike genre. I'm looking forward to checking out everyone else's games and also throwing my own iteration into the ring!

I recently went through a tutorial on creating a roguelike which followed the style of Michael Brough's games (868-HACK and Cinco Paus, for example.) Since that's my familiarity and I'm starting development today, I'm going to focus on building my jam game in that style.

I'll be posting here my devlog to share my progress.

Day 1 and 2 (Saturday and Sunday) -

Been thinking of ideas as I wrap up the tutorial I started a few days ago. May skip the typical fantasy theme and play with other ideas. One involving a survival horror blend, like Sweet Home meets Rogue. Another idea is wacky and involves strawberries, mother earth, and earthquakes. I don't know, but the title for that last one would be Apocalyptic Shuddering of the Strawberry Earth Mother. Haven't decided yet which seems more compelling in my mind. The former connects with my gaming tastes and I've got an idea of how it would play out, the latter seems like a good laugh, and fun, but requires thinking more about how it would play. Decisions, decisions!

Really interested in this idea, it's coming along great!

I don't think it would. It could be like a development journal you'll be keeping.

Yeah, better ebb and flow would have been good. I toyed with the idea of adding pits or holes in the ground, could do that in a later iteration. The idea of getting people to chase you while sticking around the alleyways and beside houses was something I wanted to implement, however I was running into issues making the code work with the models, so that's where I added the capsules to act as creepy alien-techno things that chase you. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the suggestions!

Ah good catch, I'll fix that. Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

They're done being just placeholders and now want to own the show.

No problem!

Hi there, thanks for playing and for your comment! Regarding your points, I'm aware of #1 and #2 and will be working to fix them on my next build. #3 is all about those hitboxes, need to tweak those. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Stay tuned for more future updates!

Regarding Ori and the Blind Forest, I actually started playing it here recently and loved it! I'll definitely be taking some notes from it as I work my way through it.

Hey Ryan, thanks for trying it out, sorry to hear about the technical difficulties. I'll be uploading another build that attends to some bugs and issues the previous build had, as well as having some better UX stuff, maybe it might work better this time? Give it a try and let me know what happens.

What kind of controller are you using? I've only tested with an Xbox type controller.

Thanks for playing Ty! I've got another build ready for as soon as the voting period ends which addresses the flower issue and several other bugs, as well as implementing some good UX features.

The exterminator!

What a creative take on the theme with gameplay around the theme, superb work! This is the kind of idea that stands out! Love everything about it! Great and simple visuals that work well together, and a fun game with a nice meta-message.

Thanks for playing Retro! Yeah those flowers and that wall issue need work! I wish I could have fit in some more content to make the theme more apparent. I considered the theme more narratively than mechanically in the game, but the narrative didn't come out as much as I wanted it too in the jam build.

Much thanks Lawlalotti!

I spent a lot of time trying to grow my population and figuring out the right ratio of temperatures on the planet and the sun's heat. Very fun at first, but then the pacing drops as you wait for your population to grow while throwing asteroids at the planets. I love how you can tell that your population is growing and evolving!


- A help button would have been useful to reread the instructions.

- I got stuck at first figuring out how to throw the asteroids at the planets, I thought the path was predetermined. It wasn't until I started aiming them with the Arrow keys and WASD that I saw how to direct them at the planets. The other thing was finding out that green temp is good, where red is bad, and blue is inbetween and needs to be adjusted to green. I first thought that each planet would have its own temperature but I guess they all need to be green. A possible fix would be tips appearing on the screen to help deal with those kinds of issues, and/or more variety in the kinds of planets that support life and the creatures that live in different conditions.

Overall really enjoyed this game and would love to see it further polished!

Loved this one as I really enjoy simulation games. Super fun, and lots of interactions. Some deep gameplay here. Had some difficulty at first to figure out I need to build the structures in red or lose the game, but second time around I saw the message saying I should do that.

Awesome game!

Thanks for the feedback, Jackewing! Some of those things you mention are on the backburner as I try to get some other things working, but tomorrow I hope to squash some of those bugs! Regarding #3, yeah I should definitely make it more noticeable as I myself have fallen into that trap a few times lol.  #4, I'm toying with the idea of leaving that as a feature, as if the player can tactically retreat backwards or forward and yet face the opposite side of movement. I may make it so the player can press a button to rotate, but if not, they'll always move in one direction and face the other. Decisions, decisions! I think part of it is wanting to incorporate some lite-fencing postures and techniques while also taking some creative liberties. We'll see what happens!

Thanks again for playing! Look forward to the final jam version tomorrow!

If you don't have a cover image, your game submission in a game jam will appear as a blank image with the text "no image :(", even if you have screenshots or other images in the screenshot section.

Aside from that, this is a superb guide.

Since I've permitted sketche99 to upload his version after hitting some issues during the upload process, and he also implemented some bug fixes, I'm allowing for a few extra hours to edit your submission if you need to.

Since I've permitted sketche99 to upload his version after hitting some issues during the upload process, and he also implemented some bug fixes, I'm allowing for a few extra hours to edit your submission if you need to.

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Hey sketche99, sorry to hear about your issues. I've temporarily removed the restrictions, try uploading your build now, the one you had done for the Hardmode. If you don't have a copy of that version, then I understand you wanting to submit for the Classic.

edit: Glad to hear you were able to submit. I'll let the bug fixes slide.

Interesting concept, Kris! Can't wait to try it!

Look forward to playing this, Matt! Roguelike is a genre I've been appreciating more and more.

Actually, it seems you were able to submit on time because it's in the submissions category!

Got any questions or thoughts? Post them here and I'll get to them as I can.

Hi and welcome! You aren't forced to start a blog, but it would be great because that way everyone can see your progress! It's rather easy to do one here in Just go to the community section of this game jam and start a new thread, that's it! There are a few already created that should give you an idea of what to do.

An accessible scope is super important and it's easy to over-scope or even over-design something. Try to lock down the most important element of whatever idea you come up with and then implement that. It's all iteration from there.

Looking forward to see what you come up with!

Got any questions or thoughts? Post them here and I'll get to them as I can.

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This looks like a great idea. Lot's of work to do with the atmosphere and mood though, it's way to bright and cheery. Overall I think it's cool what you're all doing.

Love the excitement and wonderings people have regarding this jam. Yes, ALOT can happen in 10 years. So much can happen,  I'm 34 right now, going on 35 in February. I'll be 44 by the time this jam ends, that's pretty sobering. Where will we be, where will our country be, to where will our games, or even be in that time. As tech advances, maybe you'll port your jam game from PC to some other product or service which will be created within 10 years. Maybe we'll have to go underground because game development will be outlawed. So many maybes!

Whatever project or projects you end up working on, try to plan ahead, create milestones, have weekly, monthly, even yearly goals, and set yourself up for success as much as is in your control to do so.

I'm really looking forward to this jam and what I might create within this timespan. See y'all on the journey starting point! It's like taking the ring to Mordor! Or starting a trip to Mars, or an interstellar trip to the next galaxy. To the next frontier fellow itchians!

Simple, interesting and warm. Nothing like a little game to start the day with and related to, you guessed it, starting your day! It'll be interesting to go meta and actually try this when I get up in the morning.

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Combat Screen w/ Dummy enemies

Overworld with clickables

Overworld with clickables placed


So I wasn't able to finish the game, surprise surprise! My sister came in on Wednesday with her two kids (it was an unplanned surprise for me) and so we spent a lot of time together these past few days. The amount of time I dedicated during those days were not enough to finish the game on time for the deadline, nor get through a code error I was hitting. I was also counting on submissions closing late on the 30th as the doc stated but submissions closed early this morning around 3am. So that cut my dev time short by a day, which I was counting on to try and fix my issue while getting in my other gameplay elements. In any case, even if I had that day, I'm not sure how much I would have been able to complete, or if the build would even be playable.

Setbacks aside, this was a really fun game jam for me, and one where I pooled together a lot of knowledge from past game jams, game projects, and studies on coding. This was also a jam where I did not depend on tutorials to get things done, which is surprising because I was making a turn-based RPG. I used data structures a lot and so I really grew with using them, both in understanding and in practice. I also explored some neat design and art direction which really got my creative juices flowing. Scope-wise, I think the scope was mostly okay. I think there are a few spots I could have cut corners with, but for the most part aiming high helped push me in several directions that provided some good creative and personal growth. Jams are one of the few spaces where I can get pushed enough to grow in different areas and come up with a project I'm really proud of.  Outside of jams, my time and development process can get thrown off and feel unstructured. I think this means I need to set hard deadlines for myself to aid in my development process. Total development time on this jam was 74 hours spread across three weeks.

I'll be leaving a dropbox link here for those interested in looking at the game. I'm also attaching some art so you can see how the game was looking like. My plans are to improve upon this game as I envisioned and get it done. I'm really excited about this project as I was able to meet my personal goal of creating a Phantasy Star-like shell. Try the prototype out so you have an idea of what it was going to be! Windows Build only.  Created in Game Maker Studio 2.


Cave System

Ruins - Lab

Ruined Lab






The past few days I've been working on art and code and my oh my is the game coming together! Environment art is in and character art is in. 

Currently I'm writing the rest of the combat system. You can select an enemy and attack but you can't do damage yet. I'm in the midst of implementing that as well as the code that will implement the skills and techniques you can use. After that works, the next things to be done are the text scripts and enemies you can fight. 

Prayers I can implement it on time, my sister is in town with her kids so there's alot of busyness around the house! I'm making the best of my time in the early mornings and trying for the evenings as well.