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I thought your game was very fun, original, and overall excellent. It did really feel like a complete game for the game jam. I really appreciated the humor and the hand drawn graphics. Because of this, I was actually surprised your game didn't make it into the top 5. On stability issues, I was curious to know if I was the only one because I never saw anyone else post or make comments on it here.

I think you are being too harsh on yourself. You certainly know how to make games because AIBOT is an interesting, fun and creative game. On your reasons, any combination of 1, 2 or 3 could be a reason. I'd keep participating in Speedgame challenges and maybe work on improving your game a little and giving it some polish. Share your work on the CGD and CDN FB pages and get some input.


Video was hilarious I must say. 

Oh okay! Now that you explain it, I can see all three verses in there. Nice job!

Okay GamesForFun, I finally was able to play your game to completion! Probably my favorite so far and the one I spent the most time with. I had only one stack overflow error this time, but I tried playing again and was able to play it completely. You've made quite a great game! I'll be posting my thoughts later on!

My only question right now is which verse did you choose for this challenge? It wasn't clear from any of your posts. Thinking through your project, I don't really see 1 Peter 2:21 or 1 Thessalonians 5:11 in this, the one I think fits the bill is 2 Timothy 4:7. Is this correct?

So here's the stackoverflow bug I keep getting. It came up again twice with the new build you uploaded.

Will be downloading and trying it out!

Yeah, I am playing at that resolution.

Been playing and enjoying your game until I got a stack overflow error that keeps crashing the game. Any ideas on that? It first happened when I got to the level where you have to turn right. After that, it just keeps happening now around the first or second level.

For now yes. I guess you can walk around and take in the visuals! lol

One of the things I wanted to do if I had the time was add mini-games to help fill in the time in between doing tasks. That will be in the future. All I was able to do in the time alloted was meet my minimum viable game.

Ah nice! Looks like you were quick! So the game ends after 7 days. 

Day 18

WHEWWWWWWWWW! DONE! Finally! This day was spent trying to fix a bug, then polishing up things, adding a title screen and an end screen. Also finetuned a few things during gameplay. Enjoy the fruit of my labor!

Blessings to all!

Thanks Kris, glad you liked it! If I find it difficult to make my own sounds, I'll probably go through opengameart.org again and see what I can find.

Ah I see. If I am able to, I'd like to take a stab at maybe providing some background image options in between working on my own speedgame. Where did you get those two backgrounds you are using?

Day 16

Not much was accomplished this day. I think I may have worked a little on implementation of tasks.

Day 17

This day was spent doing bug fixing related to my tasks/quests. Took long and hard and I still have an issue where if you run into a character with an item it will disappear and appear with the correct character. Pouring through my code, it's been difficult trying to find the culprit. So what's next for me for tomorrow is: 1) finding a work-around (I have an idea in mind which may simplify things), 2) then start polishing up some assets,  3) adding some music (found some great free music sources that fit my game), and 4) possibly develop some suitable sounds for my game. If I have time after that, I'll see to extending my game with more gameplay and such. We'll see!

It's been fun everyone!

Posted in DevBlog:

Better late than never I guess! lol

Nice game by the way!

Your previous graphic seemed so much more upbeat and bright, this really makes it bland visually.

This happened to me a few years ago when I worked on SEED for the 2015 Speedgame Challenge. I had big ideas but God showed me through a dream how what I had planned was not possible in the timeline of the challenge and that I needed to scale down. Here's how the dream went: I walked out of my house and saw an ice cream truck on the street. I wanted some ice cream so I walked up to it and looked around the menu.  I saw this one ice cream I really liked and looked at the price, it cost $6. I went for my wallet and opened it up, only $2 stared back at me. I then looked back at the menu and scanned it trying to find something that I had the money for. When I woke up, I knew exactly what it meant. I was trying to make a game which required more knowledge than I had, I simply didn't have the capacity to make it, so I had to scale down to something within my grasp. The project I was shooting for would have taken 6 weeks most likely, and that would have been with looking through tutorials and trying to bring things together. Very patchy.

It's funny because I always pray for my game ideas and God comes through in some way, shape and form. We just got to listen. I over shot my planning with Warrior in 2014. Part of my inspiration for that game was Altered Beast, in that I wanted to do a side-scroller. However I got stuck with wanting to do platforming in one part of the Forest level in my game and trying to fix it I wasn't able to finish the game. I remember God leaning in on my heart wanting me to keep it simple like certain sections in Altered Beast, but I kept trying to find a workaround for what I wanted. So I thought I wasn't going to do that in 2015 with SEED, yet deciding to use HAXE instead of GameMaker Studio added a lot of complexity to my ideas. So scaled down I did and I finished with a very simplified form of my original idea. But it definitely gave me fuel for thought for the future.

It's always great and inspiring when God speaks to his designers in different ways and guides them! God truly is interested in our work!

Looking forward to trying this out, it looks likes it's coming together!

Great to see some visuals on this! I like the graphics!

Posted in DevBlog - Hope

Looking good Irma and Doug!

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Day 15

Another playable build today, this time with the tasks implemented, and a 7 day counter in addition to the 24 hour counter! Give it a try and leave any ideas or feedback that comes to mind!

WASD / ARROW KEYS to move | SPACE to talk with characters

To pick up objects, just run into them. I'm still using placeholders, but the idea is to bring certain objects to certain characters.

Also, finally have a name for this project, ENVOY.

ENVOY build 002

P.S. Last bit of work today was fixing a text bug, and implementing a reward system. Tomorrow is another day!

Day 14

So, tasks have been implemented! I have three more tasks (no pun intended) to complete from the M.V.G. list and then the base game  will be playable. After that I'll be polishing it up!

I think you should be good if it's stuff you've bought before. 

Ah I was going to suggest opengameart.org too, but I see you already tried it. I don't really know where else except maybe the GameMaker Studio marketplace. You might find assets there for free or for a small fee. 

And you can use them regardless if you have gamemaker studio since they'll probably provide jpegs, pngs or actual Photoshop files. Give it a check. 

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Day 13

So got a good start today and have been implementing the dialogue into the game. With that done, I now move on to implementing some tasks/quests. Here's also a build so you all can test it out! A few quirks to manage but it's a work in progress! Enjoy!

SPACEBAR to interact with characters, WASD / ARROW KEYS to move.

Dropbox Link to Build 001

Day 12

Another day goes by with not much work being able to be done. When I finally sit down to work I find that GMS does not want to open my project. I try several times only to be frustrated again and again. The project acts as if it's loading but then it just stays in the main home screen. I ended up creating a new project and simply importing all the assets and files from the project that wouldn't open. So, crisis averted!

I've begun writing in the dialogue but that's as much as I could do today. Tomorrow I hope to sink quite a few hours in and get this game moving along after generally two days of inactivity.

Day 11

So no update today as I was not able to put in the time. Tomorrow I plan on implementing the dialogue system I learned from doing the study yesterday. After that comes tasks/quests.

Day 10

I spent some time today implementing the character's dialogue. Wasn't liking how it was coming along so I took the liberty of searching out some tutorials to help me at coding a dialogue system and did a study project. I even got a nice typewriter effect to the text! So tomorrow I'll spend some time taking the knowledge from my study and putting it into the actual game.

Ack! Sorry for the assumption!

Day 9

So today I took stock of what I need to make my game playable at the least, then what I would be able to add to the game in order to make it bigger and more exciting after meeting the initial goals.

In concept art as in product design, there is what is called M.V.P. or Minimum Viable Product. So, for structure, I'm going to use an offshoot of that term called Minimum Viable Game.


- Players receive initial goal or 'gift'.

- Players can interact with other characters.

- Players can receive tasks from characters.

- Once players complete each task, they are rewarded.

- Players will play in chunks of 24 seconds (fulfills the micro-gameplay core idea)

- Play will last for 7 days (each second will count as if it was an hour, 1 day = 24 seconds). At the end, player is rewarded on how many tasks were completed and whether they kept to the goal they received in the beginning.

Completing this, my game will be playable while respecting the theme and concept I came up with using the verse. After this, I can move on to expanding the base game.

After M.V.G. is achieved:

- Add character animations.

- Add mini-games.

- Add end-sequence on ferry or train.

- Expand game world.

- Add extra rest stops for when night falls..

Right now I've gotten a 24-second timer set up which restarts the game every time it counts down. This gives me an idea of how long it takes to reach certain characters and move around them. It also allows me to explore gameplay with that time constraint, so I know how to fit in everything else. I've also revealed to you a little of the game's underlying narrative in the above lists.

I hope the mystery entices you to want to play the game!

Thanks Kris!

He's got a nice structure there indeed. I've gotten less organized each speed game challenge I do lol. My first one though I felt I was much more organized.

I'll need to prioritize next week and a half to get stuff done. 

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Day 7

So this day I worked very little on the game. What I did manage to do was start a walk cycle for the main character. That was fun!

Day 8

Going to test my character's walk cycle today and continue working on the game.

P.S. Prepped the animation, fixed some issues, and put it in-game! Works like a charm!

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Day 6

Starting to build this in GMS2 and moving more fully into development. Design-wise, I was caught up in how to express the player goal and the why for having limited time in completing it. Further reflecting on the verse and squeezing it for more juice, I came across what I think points towards a good player goal, a why, and gameplay actions that help the player move towards his/her goal. I don't want to reveal it yet as I want to keep some sense of mystery and excitement until the game becomes playable.

Meanwhile, here's a house!

The House
A House

P.S. And so I've officially started development as I've placed the first objects into GMS2; the house, the characters, the tiles. It's a basic room I can roam around in with some basic movement code and a scrolling camera. And so it takes life!

My next steps involve giving the characters life with animation and dialogue, followed by some questing for the player. I want to eventually finetune the camera movement, the player movement, add several rooms, add the end game scenario, and maybe add some mini-games the player can interact with. Most importantly, make sure the game is fun!

That's all for tonight, tomorrow is another day!


Nice! Excited to see this in action!

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Designed a few more characters. The scene is starting to get populated. I should soon start throwing them into a playable engine. Ideas sprang forth as characters came to life so I'm really excited to see where this goes!

P.S. I've continued thinking through my game's design and I'm having some breakthroughs in the concept which I think will give gameplay a unique spin. Soon I will go into GMS2 and start to build this game and hopefully have something playable by week's end.

Probably final post for the day; the beginnings of a mock-up scene!

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So today I'm gonna do some quick research to help me visualize how I want the game to look and play, stay tuned for updates amid all the E3 news!

P.S. So after doing some research for about two hours, I've selected some images that help me imagine what I want to convey in this game, in gameplay, mechanically, and visually. Going for a Top-Down overview, and looking to implement micro-gameplay as a concept, similar to Minit. I should also think of a name for my game...

P.P.S. So played around with my color schemes and made up different tile types.