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Thanks for playing! Regarding the storm, I need to update its speed so it stays consistent on different kinds of machines. I plan on uploading an updated build in the coming days.

Yup! The thumbnail was a concept art mockup of how I envision the game to look except with more color instead of greyscale. Thanks for playing! I plan on uploading an updated build in the coming days.

Thanks for playing! I didn't manage to deltaTime the storm's speed during the jam, but I've implemented a fix for that now and will be uploading a modified version in the coming days.

Enjoyed going through the story and looking forward to seeing the other routes completed!

Autobiographicals always draw you in because they feel so personal. Thanks for sharing your story through the jam. Great use of the theme!

Always love it when someone goes meta. This was a fun ride with a curious twist! Definitely a creative take on the theme!

Dang, another top contender! I really loved the aesthetic and cheerfulness of this game! I got to the red door with the two pencils but couldn't make anymore progress because one of my pencils got caught on top of the wall and there was no way to get it back down. Other than that, this game is pretty solid all around and I gave close to a perfect score!

Wow, this is a really great game all-around and I could see it being up there with the top games of the jam. Nice, fun, and difficult too! Would have loved to have gamepad support though, would have made the platforming and action a bit easier. Overall though I enjoyed the game alot!

This right here is a contender for game of the jam! Really enjoyed the gameplay and story and I'm compelled to further explore this one. I can see the theme playing out narratively, the game felt responsive, and although at first I missed the recipe page, I finally found it and was able to start serving customers. Maybe presenting the page to the player first so they know how to make stuff would help ease the transition to making each item. Excellent work!

Hitting the buttons or pulling the chain/rope thing was a little wonky, but I totally dug the concept. I could almost see this being some sort of meta-creepy narrative game that some youtuber could cover and I'm curious about seeing the game idea explored more.

The controls were a bit frustrating, I would sooo have liked to be able to move using the arrow keys and not just A and D. There were some weird moments where I would also sink into the floor even though the block wasn't dissolved, or I'd bounce off a surface that wasn't a corner. Speaking of which, the bounce was pretty ingenious and also frustrating because it meant I had to be careful with my jumps lest I get bounced into an enemy, eraser ray, or some other dangerous obstacle.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and found myself trying to master it. Great job!

I wasn't sure how the theme exactly fit into the game, and the game felt a bit slow, but I enjoyed what I played and think the visuals are soft and beautiful. Good job!

I thought the jumping was a little bit stiff and wished I could do more of a running jump. Other than that, this is an interesting concept that I can see being expanded upon, with more levels and different obstacles, something like running a gauntlet! Also, I didn't realize this was a multiplayer game, perhaps that facet could have been pointed out somehow in game.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I'll be working on fixing the issues.

Excellent! This also tracks with what someone else told me. I'll be fixing this. Thanks for doing the video!

Thank you! I plan on continuing working on this and improving it!

Ah interesting! Someone else mentioned that the camera does get tilted when on an angled block so they aren't on the same axis anymore. I tried reproducing but haven't been able to. Can you speak to exactly what you did? I've since also tweaked the sandstorm (not uploaded the new build yet though) so now it moves on deltaTime, although on my PC I could never reproduce moving in the opposite direction of the storm without dying, the storm always killed me.

This game definitely needs more polish, so I'll be working on doing that post-jam. As I mentioned, I already tweaked the sandstorm. There's a few other things I'll be doing, and then I'll upload the improved build.

Thanks! Looking forward to improving on this project through the next month.

You gotta keep ahead of the storm by running with all your might! (hold shift if using keyboard or left trigger if using a gamepad) Be as quick as the wind, well quicker than the wind pushing that sandstorm on you! I'm definitely interested in polishing this game and will be doing that. One thing I'll do is potentially make the sandstorm stand out a bit more so it's clear it's coming on you.

This game has some great atmosphere and lots of mystery. Enough of a thread to pull on, not enough that you have all the answers. A very good and tightly packed 15min!

Very cool! Digging the Phantasylike style of combat. Looking forward to see where this goes.

Love seeing how the game has changed and grown since when you started!

Yes, there's definitely an issue with the mouse on web. I find that maximizing the screen helps as you can force the mouse to keep rotating even at the edge of the screen. If you've got a dual monitor setup, keeping the mouse moving all the way to the end of the second monitor helps keep that rotation going.

In any case, definitely needs more work on my part!

Thanks! I've been continually working on it past the jam, I'll be uploading a non-jam version build here soon!

Uploading what will be the last build for the jam. Got the spawning working pretty well, but the next issue I hit totally blocked me. Trying to get the light orbs to be pulled towards and swallowed by the Black Holes. It was working, but then it broke during development. They will still get destroyed if they happen to touch a Black Hole, they just won't move towards the Black Hole as it's supposed to if its close enough. I couldn't implement the rest of the gameplay, so this is as far as it goes for the jam. It's been fun though!

One of the things I've learned from game jams is that it's a great way to identify what types of reusable systems you might want to create so it's easy to drag and drop things into future games.

This.All.The.Way. Definitely going to do this!

Today's update was building the game area into a labyrinth-like level, and trying to spawn the black holes randomly across the game field, which I've tried to split into four quadrants. Still needs work, but we're getting there. Try out the new build!

I'll definitely need to look into it in the future. What caught me was that I was trying to use a conditional to switch how a variable was used depending on if you had a gamepad connected or not. I tried using the Input.GetJoystickNames but lost time trying to get that to work reliably. So my next step was to use a different solution. I started cutting out code until I got to a functional minimum.

This is what I ended up with:

if(Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") != 0 || Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") != 0)
            tiltAroundY += Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") + Input.GetAxis("Mouse X");
            tiltAroundY += Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y2") + Input.GetAxis("Mouse X2");

So if you're using a gamepad, Mouse X and Mouse Y will correspond to the Right Analog stick on the gamepad and allow you to rotate the camera. If you don't have a gamepad, Mouse X and Mouse Y will always be 0, and so therefore the else conditional will run, using the next axis which will work with your mouse.

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So far my progress has been adding a dark orb like a black hole, a light orb, and a simple day/night cycle.  And also getting stuck trying to get gamepad or keyboard + mouse to work depending on what you have. For some reason, that was way harder than it should have been! Anyways, you can move the player in first person, Left Analog stick for movement, Right Analog stick to rotate the view, or mouse movement to rotate view and WASD to move. Not much gameplay yet, but I hope to start plugging in the fun in the next few hours.

Here's my first build so you can look around.

CGDC Speedgame 2021: Hardmode (Name TBD) by Burnerknight Studios (

Very interesting that you're using Rust language for this jam! That's a long video but I skimmed through. Looking forward to the rest of your progress!

Looking forward to seeing this in action.

Love the progress, Matt!

As always, you do what you can as best you can, but it's just a good rule of thumb to follow, especially if you know that you tend to overscope or have content creep. This will force me to stay nimble and focused because I tend to overscope on my projects. I also just chose my idea, so I know that I need to get it up and running as quickly as possible and see if it has legs or not.

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Okay, so I've thought of a few things, and I noticed that most of my ideas revolve around the idea of light and dark being juxtaposed with the following qualities:
- Light is a deterrent, a weapon, a companion, and a liberator and uniter,
- Dark is oppressive, also a weapon, a negator, a condition, a separator, and an isolator.

Then I thought of a Day/Night cycle where during the day the light has certain qualities, and during the night, the dark has certain qualities, and both play off each other or seek to affect the other. So now I've got some ideas for mechanics and interplay, the question is how is it all going to play out (genre, style, etc). This is now my time to rapidly prototype some ideas and see what sticks.

Hi all! Matt Colón mentioned something about the 4:44 Rule and I thought it would be a good idea to share a video here. This is from Rami Ismail, formerly of Vlambeer, who recommends a strategy for game jams. Basically, any time you spend in the design of your game (once you've chosen your idea), you'll need to add at least ten times that amount in order to polish it to a playable and enjoyable level. For example, if you spend 4 hours designing an idea you liked a lot, then you need to spend 40 hours or so, polishing that idea. Hence 4:44 = 48 Hours, the typical amount short jams run for.

Since we're doing a 72 hour jam, I'd recommend a similar but different strategy, 7 hours of design and prototyping, then 65 hours of polish. Now, unless you're a machine, I don't think you'll be working nonstop on this game until Monday, so here's the spirit of the advice: Whatever time you spend in design and rapid prototyping, you'll have to spend time an order of a magnitude larger than the time spent on design and prototyping. So if you know you have only about 20 hours to give or so for the jam period, then spend two hours on the design and prototyping, and the rest of the time on making the game good. Extrapolate that based on the time you know you'll spend on the jam.

Looking good Matt, really enjoy seeing the light just whizz around and bounce everywhere as I move. Was that with a raycast and then visually showing the raycast?

lol, Mr. Speed they call you. I'm still figuring out a direction with my ideas.

Hey gang, looking forward to this jam and coming up with an entry, and I'm also looking forward to everyone else's entry! Let's see what game ideas we can come up with.

So, Light vs Darkness or Reflection. I'm digging Light vs Darkness, and I can feel an RPG idea formulating in my mind. It's gonna need to be barebones and simple though, don't want to end up with an unfeasible project! Good news is if I like the idea enough, I plan on pursuing the project past the jam. Time to come up with some ideas and see what pops!

Looking forward to your entry, Scott! I tend to overscope with my own projects on jams, but 72 hours will probably force me to keep it simple!

This is perfectly hilarious.