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It's a good game, I love when developer put a whispering and the jumpscare. Using flash light and have a limited vision make me clausthrophobic. Overall it's a good game even for demo ver!

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Great game, I feel like watching a horror movie while I playing this game.  A lot of jumpscare too~ Just feel a bit sad for the MC at the end. Overall it's a good game!!

I love the idea player driving a car, get off from car, and then make a tent, it fees like real situation. Interesting game anyway! love it ^^

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Cool game with interesting story. Need a bit explanation the ending scene to make the player notice that the end of the game. Overall It's a good game! ^^

Love it! the VA version ^^

I really love the game! I love the developer create personality from each character, and also I'm enjoying to dubbing every character in the story XD. Just for my feedback I think it's better to adding a footstep in your game. Overall it's a good game!!
I split the gameplay into a few part, this is part 1. I hope you enjoy it ^^

Interesting concept, is this story based on your real life? :D

Here's the part 2

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I really love you put the voice actor in this game, it's make the game have more value & I feel like I'm watching the movie while I playing this game.  The down side from this game is I should to play the"Crappy" game which is very limited distance view, to dark and it makes me want to quit because of dizynes.
But overall it's a great game! I recomended you to put this game on steam to get many attraction from the player.

I had problem with the light, can't see cleary even I'm using the flash light. The good thing is that serial killer didn't attack the MC, he only make a noice and jumpscare. Good game overall! ^^

I love the game, and the concept!! Nice game!
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Interesting story with a lot of sequence!, but I think is too short. Also need to put invisible wall, and the closed door cz the player can go through and falling down. 

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I love the story anyway but I think its a bit rush to end the game. I expecting chasing and hiding by a serial killer or monster, need to polish the interact button too. Overall I like the concept :)

Thank you for your comment ^^

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Well I think this is too short, the game is a bit confusing but the sound effect make me scare few times.Idk If the main character supposed to be dead? because I can't find the key to exit or maybe I don't check it each room carefully.

Overall it's nice ^^


I just got bad news, the technician said my hard drive failed to recover. 

Yeap as I thought, a few days ago I collected LIRE material again and will remake the game from scratch of course with a different version which I think I can make much better than the existing version.

 Another good news is that I can getting sfx and all the cutscenes in LIRE. so there will be no changes to the game cutscene so this really saves my time to collect all sfx from scratch. 

It's looks like my decision to quit from my job is right so I can focus to working my game again~


Thanks ^^

LIRE chapter 2 almost done..
in this video you can see new character too~

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Alice polished update .. Visit here

Alice polish..

Will update on my patreon member only

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Vote closed!!
Results: 26 Vote. 

1. Highschool girl (50%)
2. Paranormal Investigator (50%)

Thank you for participation~

Thank you for vote!! ^^

Thank you for vote!! ^^

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I play mr hopp 2 on steam~ really hard but so fun!!

Amazing game..will playing full version on steam later!!

I can feel you really work hard for this game.. Definitely will buy this on steam!!

Nice and Cool Game!!

I love your idea and the story!! cool game!!

You can try it the demo now, I'm enable the download button for LIRe demo finale now

Thankyou, if you interest with the final product please consider to wishlist on steam~ 😄

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Thankyou for trying the prototype version.
Please take a note the prototype version, Demo and the released version is really different, also because of limit storage LIRE Demo file was deleted ヾ(^∇^)

Ok then if you want me to open the download button~ :)

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I'm sorry you can't, because the price is different, also on steam LIRE verison is V1.09 and intended for 1 buy and will get update for next chapter. If you want download again V1.08 I can give you access. (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧

This video from へるこ_平成Spin

Update : Youtuber Event is closed. Thankyou for all particapations~ (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧

Thankyou for play LIRE chapter 1 ^^

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LIRE is not france word,LIRE is stands for Lady In Red

Im looking for youtuber to play my game LIRE Chapter 1 and post your video on my itchio, I can give you access to to download for free. If you interest  you can join on my discord here at youtuber section, put your YT channel there and I will give you access directly to download my game.

    LIRE is a survival horror video game inspire from old horror RPG maker called IB, and Witch's house.

   LIRE Focus on Eve Antoinette after her family  move into another country for 10 years she is back to visit her favorite childhood spot along with her cat sebastian. Unfortunately her cat ran away deep into the forest and disappear. After eve follow the path she saw sebastian jump over the window of abandoned mansion that she had never known ever existed in this forest, she realize that the mansion is very mysterious but she need to find sebastian and get out from the mansion that contains the dark force that trapped inside.

Download game :

Im looking for youtuber to play my game LIRE Chapter 1 and post your video on my itchio, I can give you access to to download for free. If you interest  you can join on my discord here at youtuber section, put your YT channel there and I will give you access directly to download my game.