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Hi. Thankyou for playing LIRE demo version 🌸🌸🎵🎵

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Do you follow the tutorial when you first came in the mansion? you need equip the battery and flashlight again after you in the mansion, and then press F to turn on the flashlight~

This video from へるこ_平成Spin [Part2]

This video from へるこ_平成Spin

Thank you for your effort to solve the puzzle and not giving up to play until beat the game, congratz!! 

Hi thankyou for play LIRE demo finale! Thanks for the video~🙏🌸🌸

This video from アフロ丹沢!低音ボイスGameCh part 2

Thankyou!! o.(+・`ω・+).o

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This video from アフロ丹沢!低音ボイスGameCh

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Thank you for playing "LIRE Demo Finale". I will try to give the best result for the full version later. Thankyou for your support~ ^^

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This video from wolf magistar

That was fast gameplay XD
Thankyou for play~

Hi.. Thankyou for your feedback, It really help me to make this game more better in the future and I hope you can continue your play because you are close to beat the game. Thankyou for your rate and thankyou for playing LIRE demo finale~ (*≧∀≦*)

Thankyou!! (*≧∀≦*)

This Video from Dcmqr

This video from Indie games Caffeinery

Thia game from Louis Galaxoz


Part 2

Thia game from Ezez Game

Thankyou for your feedback. This game will have more improvements in the future, I hope you can play the full version later when it's released. Thank you for playing ~ ^^

Congrats you beat the game! I love when you inspect all area in the mansion, and try to find all diary page, not many people do that anyway. (≧∇≦*)/

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I'm Watching your video, you really patient to play this game.  I saw you have problem to find the location of item, you forgot to use Map by pressing [M] , it will showing you the exactly place you need to go. I hope you continue to play this game, because you are close to beat the game :)

Hi thankyou I'm glad you love it~ If you don't mind please consider to give it rate (*´∇`*)~


Thankyou for your rate, I'm glad to hear that🙏🙏

Thankyou for your review & video~

In this Version I do alot improvement , and lower the puzzle difficulty so the player don't have any problem to clear the game.
what's new in LIRE Demo Finale? here the list :

- Eve's personality
- Eve Sprite
- Eve 3D
- New Looking in game
- New puzzles
- New features
- New area
- New ghost
- New trap
- More stories

Download Game

LIRE Demo Finale Released, Visit this link

I love your video I hope you will list my game in your gameplay list.

This video from Spazious

Thankyou for play and finished LIRE demo ver, Sry for a little bug and translation is  a bit messy 🙏

This game ia atill development and it will have alot improvement in the future~

Sashiburi~ 'w'

Thankyou for play and finished LIRE demo version, You playing the game so well. Appologize for a little translate is a bit messy because my first languange is not english 🙏

and thankyou for your feedback, this game will have alot improvement in the next demo especially with the translation correction, adjust and new puzzle, new area to explore, and many more you can check it in here 
the next demo version also will put on STEAM.

Please consider to join LIRE discord channel if you want to now the progress or if you want give any suggestion, feedback, or idea about ghost trap or anything. 
I'm love to hear that.

I found gold!! thankyou for making this beautiful game~   (*≧∀≦*)  💕💕

This video from RiskRim ~

This video from SUMM & CHAPPIE

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Thankyou, me too your game reminds me about mad father from old horror rpg maker ^^