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Update July 8th: I've been going at a slow pace to build the fundamental mechanics of my game. Here is a video of my progress:

Update May 8th: Here is an early sketches of the main character, Kaito, and first main boss of the game, which is the worm:

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Update April 7th: I'm still in early development for this game. I completed 3 boss battles. I have 2 normal enemies so far and I will be working on a new one this month. This game has an anime art style and I will post a picture of the main character around next month.

I think the name of this game will be "Kaito in Slime Castle"!

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My New Years resolution is to make an awesome game!

I learned from my mistakes making my first game, Vadine: Bite-Man, and I decided to implement these improvements for this next game:

1. A quick main character who can wall jump, double jump, and dash (completed)

2. Multiple weapons and items to give variety to the game

3. Have an artist(s) come onto the project instead of drawing and coding everything myself

I have an artist interested in the new game and here are some sketches he drew:

Update November 4th: I removed the main trailer on both Itch.Io and Steam and only kept the gameplay trailer. 

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You play as Vadine, an artificially created humanoid who uses his own blood to defeat his enemies. Created in a laboratory, Vadine must put an end to the twisted "Father'".

Transverse 6 levels (and some extra mini levels) filled with enemies and obstacles at every corner. Conquer 12 bosses and slaughter opponents ranging from knights, pirates, slimes, sharks, and even clones of yourself.

Prepare yourself for a truly amazing adventure.


Attack your enemies by shooting your gun and evade attacks by jumping and crouching.

It is recommended to play this game with a controller.

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Update October 30th: Vadine: Bite-Man is now out on Itch.Io and Steam


It's been a journey posting on my devlog every week for over a year, and I will return in a new devlog for my next game Vadine Jr. Versus Forces of Good. I received a lot of good feedback using this site and the community here is great!

I hope you try out my game and enjoy it!

Vadine is on sale for $1.33

Update October 28th: I changed the game page on Itch.Io (it will be visible on the 30th). I had a GIF file running in the background causing lag on the Itch Vadine page. I replaced this with a png image and this problem isn't appearing anymore.

2 more days!

Update October 26th: Prepared my website for release. I also got some key requests on 

I will release the game in about 3 days! Stay tuned.

Update October 19th: Going to have some ads put on a digital billboard. Going for something simple:

Update October 15th: Had an interview this weekend and I'm working on advertising my game with Facebook, etc.

Update October 10th: I found out my game wasn't optimized well for low end PCs and when the frame rate gets below 5, Vadine can be thrown across the map until he hits an unmovable object. This made the game appear buggy... 

I put in a patch today and I'm seeing a consistent 60 FPS on all of my computers, including my mac mini and a 2.0 GHZ Dell computer without a graphics card!

Update October 5th: I got my first recommendation from a Steam curator "Earth in the Porthole"

There was also one curator who did not enjoy that the game. They didn't like that the game was simple in terms of Vadine only shoots, crouches, and jumps. 

I'm thinking for the sequel, "Vadine Jr. Versus Forces of Good", to have more variety and power ups.

Update September 28th: I'm giving away free steam keys to Steam curators and YouTubers. Let me know if you are interested in receiving one.

For everyone else you have the chance to win a key on FREE STEAM KEY SIGN UP LINK

Update September 23rd: I have my Ich.Io page ready and my Windows and Mac builds are ready on Steam. The only issue is that my Mac build doesn't connect with the Steam API. I can't figure out how to get libsteam_api.dylib to work. If anyone knows the trick let me know!

I'm going to be reaching out to local reviewers and youtubers for the next 2 weeks with my marketing guy. 

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Update September 18th: I think my windows build is complete. The only issue for Steam that I'm facing is the Steam overlay is not coming up for my MAC build. 

On Itch.Io I'm facing the issue that I need to get my game digitally signed or else smartscreen pops up.

Update September 15th: The game looks fine at 720 p. I decided to add the resolution screen back in which was easy since I saved the files. This came after I tested on my friends computers (he has around 20) and on some the resolution caused major scaling issues. 3840, 1920, and 1280 are 3 safe resolutions.

Update September 12th: Testing the game in 720 p on a low spec computer.

Update September 9th: I decided not to go with a resolution screen after creating it. The bug I get is that the resolution can be started at 640 x 480 (this is extremely rare and only happened once to me) which completely destroys the look of my game especially the menu. I add a check when the game starts up that if it is less than 720p then I automatically set the game at 720p. 

Below is what the resolution screen would have looked like:

Update September 8th: Still working on the resolution screen which I will show on the next post and I have an event today to showcase my game. 

I'm planning on releasing Vadine: Bite-Man on October 30, 2018 for Steam and hopefully Itch.Io as well: Steam Vadine Link

Update September 6th: I decided to add in a resolution screen in the menu. I need to get this screen done fast. 

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Update September 4th: Worked on my Itch.Io page instead and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I have a big gif playing in the background!

When I download the game in Windows and Mac I get a warning that the file is not trusted. I don't have this issue with Steam and I think maybe the Butler tool might resolve this issue so I'm going to look into this.

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Update September 2nd: I changed one of the scenes in the trailer and re-uploaded onto Youtube 

Old Scene:

New Scene:

I'm still working on the Steam API for Mac and I'm having a lot of trouble with this.

Update August 27th: I added some pages to my website  Vadine: Bite-Man and I plan to add more in the coming weeks.

Update August 26th: I optimized my game by changing the resolution and rendering settings. My game runs fine on computers with integrated graphics and on my 2012 Mac Mini. Before the character would be extremely laggy which made the game unplayable.

Update August 24th: My game will officially come out on Windows and Mac operating systems! I was able to push the mac build to the Steam server successfully. Now I'm going to work on tuning my Steam Achievements.

Update August 20th: I'm working on a MAC build for my game. At first the game bloated up to 500 MB, but I found out that was due to the Starter Content. Now I'm trying to figure out how to actually get the game onto the Steam Server.

Update August 18th: I'm done with testing the game about 5 times. I didn't see anything I wanted to change either. I'm still working on my website and other stuff in the meantime!

Update August 16th:  I made minor changes to the game such as bullets don't go through the floor in level 5:

Also in level 5 there is a platform that takes forever so I split it into 2 platforms so the pace of the game isn't too slowed down. Now I'm going to work on the subtitle issue.

Awesome game I loved this! It reminded me of an old Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.

Update August 14th:  I found out that some of the subtitles are being cropped when I play my game on Steam. I need to take a day to fix this. Also I found some other nitpicks throughout my game that I want to fix. I've had a bizarre experience with Game Jolt but I might talk about that later.

Update August 13th: I changed this picture I will use on Steam once again since I thought the colors were too bland and the image doesn't stick out:

The eye of the centipede draws people in more. Here is the image I will use now:

Update August 12th: Finished the German subtitles so I'm done with localization! I added an arrow in the first interlude since you have to go back out of the house (which can be confusing for a minute).  I also added a hurt animation for the special unit clone soldier:

Update August 11th:  I created my Game Jolt account at Vadine Game Jolt

I had a tester play through my whole game and they absolutely loved the game! There are a couple of small nitpicks they pointed out so I'm going to work on that. 

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Update August 9th: Still working on the German translation but I should finish it up this weekend. Also working on a game jolt profile. By October I will have the game on Itch.Io, Game Jolt, and Steam. I want to release on more platforms in later months.

Update August 6th: I got to Proofread my German translation and there are a lot of changes I need to make. Going to get the changes made this week and then I will go back to testing. 

Update August 3rd: I will be giving away at least over 10  free Steam keys in October!

Enter your email address here to win a free key:

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