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Update July 16th: Almost done with the Russian translations and almost done with the website. I still need to map to my custom domain and I will post it when I have it complete (might take around a week). 

Update July 13th: Happy Friday the 13! I bought the vadinebiteman domain and I have my own business email: doug@vadinebiteman.com

I'm working on creating a small website for this game during the weekend and I'll post it when I'm complete.

Update July 9th: I got the Russian translations. So far got the menus finished:

Thanks for re-assuring me that it's fine that I have no file on my page. I was actually prompted to ask this question since I tried searching for my game but got no results. 

These were jams I entered in over a year ago and since then the current screenshots on my page don't reflect what I submitted so I just removed my game from the jams.

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This is more of a general question to make sure I'm following the rules.

Do I need my game uploaded onto https://douggames234.itch.io/vadinedemo ? Currently the page points to a steam link and social media accounts but doesn't have any game posted on it.

I did have a demo uploaded on this page before but I made so many changes to the game that I felt like I had to take down the demo. I'm still posting in devlogs even though I don't have a demo (is this okay)?

I've been using this board for around a year and I personally enjoy sharing my progress on my game here. I've also gotten good feedback on this board. 

I like the devlogs except when I don't post after a while, I have to click on "Next Page" a couple of  times until I can find my devlog. This can be tiring.  Having the devlogs in the Community section and linking these devlogs to our game pages would be great!

Update July 6th: I set up an account on IndieDB: 

Indie DB Vadine: Bite-Man

In the meantime I'm waiting for the Russian translation to finish.

Update July 3rd: I finished the language option menu screen! To fit the Russian option I had to make a bunch of changes to the code.

Update July 2nd: Almost done with the new updated language option menu including the Russian option. I'll post a picture of it this week. Also going to get Russian subtitles this week (maybe on Thursday). 

Update June 30th: I finished putting the game into French. I have a person that is looking over the German script and they found some issues. I will also work on rearranging the Language menu to fit in the Russian option. Here are some pictures of the game in French:

Update June 26th: I got the French translations. I changed to "TheWordPoint.com" for the translation instead of "Rev.com" and I'm much happier with them. You can chat with the translator if they have any doubts about something, which is amazing.

Update June 21st: I finished translating the game to German, but I'm going to ask the company to re-look at the translations one more time.  I'm going to work on the French translation now and change the final boss music (I couldn't get a hold of the company that has rights to my friend's song).

Update June 19th: I re-uploaded the trailers since I made some minor changes to my game. Here are the links:

UPDATE JUN 17th: I'm about half way done with implementing the German translation. I got them from Rev.com so I hope they are legit. I am looking for German testers.

Here are some German pictures:

Update Jun 15th:  Getting my game translated in German at the moment. Hopefully I can show screenshots next week!

Update Jun 13th: Working on making the text and images dynamic for localization in the tutorial. Here is the promo image from yesterday:

Update Jun 12th: I made a couple of changes to the pause menu, to level 1 again, and to one of my promo images.  

Update June 10th: I'm making sure all the text in the menus and in the tutorial is dynamic so when I get the other languages and can insert them in quickly. These changes will take some time...

Also I just removed the demo since it was too old.

Update June 8th: Finished setting up the menus for Languages. I redid some of my other menus as well:

As you can see I'm planning 2 other languages for my game, which I should get done by end of July at the latest.

Once again, I'm removing the demo on Sunday.

Update June 7th: I just wanted to reiterate that I'm going to be removing the demo this weekend since the demo is extremely out of date. 

Right now I'm redoing some of the options menu to fit in the languages options. I am planning to get 2 foreign languages into my game, hopefully by the end of July!

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Update June 5th: My steam page is finally up and about:


You can now add the game to your wishlist!

The game is not released just yet.

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Update June 3rd: I finished adding English subtitles. I'm thinking I won't change the menus, but just have subtitles and controls in the other languages.

Also I'm going to be taking down the demo in a week. Enough has changed in the game (physics, art, Vadine playing style), making the demo obsolete. So download it before it goes away!

Update June 2nd: I'm still waiting for my game to appear on the steam store. Marketing will begin this month.

I might including subtitles for my game also . I'm thinking of having English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Does anyone else have subtitles for their game in different languages?

Fun game!

Update May 31st: Here is the second trailer. 

I'm not releasing the game soon, but my store presence on Steam should happen within the next week. Also my marketing guy will begin marketing soon after the page comes up.

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Update May 28th: Had a bad time of trying to run Linux on a USB stick (recommended by friend) and I even tried different Linux operating systems. Every single one failed for different reasons. 

Although this wasn't successful for now, I was able to make improvements to the game my friend suggested and I uploaded the new windows build to steam.

I might get a Mac build also (I haven't completely decided on this idea).

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Update May 21st: Below is the Gameplay trailer:

I also tested achievements on Steam with a Windows 64 build and everything works!

I will create another trailer later with narration also.

EDIT MAY 28th: I re-uploaded the video without the windows and linux symbols. I still plan to have a linux build despite this.

Update May 19th: I  just finished creating the art for the 20 steam achievements which will be in my game. I should get this working soon.

Also I created a gameplay trailer yesterday and I should have that posted tomorrow or the day after. I'll have 2 trailers.

Update May 15th: Good news, I can use my friends "Turn It Up" soundtrack in my game, which is the main boss soundtrack I use.

Here is a link to the song:

I need confirmation on the other soundtrack, which I only use once in my game and I want to use it in my trailer. Also I'm still working on Vadine: Origin Stories in the meantime.
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Update May 12th: I'm starting to create the sprites for Vadine as a child. So far the biggest hurdle is drawing the running animation which I have a part of it complete. Here is a early sample of my drawing (this might be changed):

In the next 2-3 weeks I should have a screenshot.

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Update May 5th:  I moved a checkpoint so its closer to the boss battle. I also changed the Title Screen (first screen that pops up):

The red balls above are animated and have a cool circle pattern. I am still waiting to hear back about the music.

Update May 2nd:  Vadine: Bite-Man is pretty much complete, I just need to wait to hear about my friends music. I tested the game hundreds of times and I don't see any bugs anymore.

I created the art for 2 members of the Forces of Good for Vadine: Origin Stories. I am going to take some of the Vadine:Bite-Man files and strip it down to make Vadine: Origin Stories. 

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Update April 28th: I created my first twitter account: @VadineBiteMan   

You can follow me on here. I probably won't be super active with the account until I'm ready for marketing, which will happen after the trailer is done. I will also get an Instagram account.

I made some more graphical changes to the first level. I will focus on uploading a linux version of the game and then I will work on Vadine: Origin Stories.

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Update April 26th: I'm going to delay the trailer. I found out my friends music is licensed so I might cut a deal or I need him to remix the songs. 

I'm about to work on Vadine: Origin Stories (which will have 2.5 levels and come out next year or early 2020)

Here is a gargoyle I create in the meantime:

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Update April 18th: Finished creating my own custom font and finally got an image I like for the billboard in the menu. Time to work on the trailer!

UPDATE April 17th:  Found some setbacks...

I need to create my own font as the ones being used seem to be licensed. I want to be as careful as possible that I don't use other peoples work, and I've been careful about this other than with the fonts I've used. I'm going to spend time on this instead of the trailer.

Also I didn't get achievements to work after I tried my game on steam, but I watched a tutorial on this and I think I know the solution.

UPDATE April 16th: I learned how to upload my game to steam and got it to install on my computer via steam. I still have a list of items to work on:

1. Create Trailer

2. Fix text blurriness

3.  Complete everything on store page

4. Finish all testing 

5. Start marketing

1-4 should be done by beginning of May

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UPDATE April 14th:  I added some pictures to the  Steam store. I have 2 minor fixes I need to do with the game and I'll get to the trailer eventually.

UPDATE April 11th: The bear enemy continuously walks towards you and if he gets you he will walk backwards for a second and then come at you again. Also if you turn your back to him, he will chase after you quickly.  For the billboard I just made blood at the bottom instead of the hearts and I made the sky a bit brighter.

I'm going to work on images for steam and hopefully a new trailer this weekend!

UPDATE April 7th: I created the art for the bear enemy; I still need to change the behavior of this foe though. I also don't like the billboard I posted yesterday/ the hearts don't go with the blood.