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UPDATE DECEMBER 10th: I just showed my game at a gaming convention. I got a lot of positive feedback about the game in general. I had the first person other than me get through the entire game. Watching him play, I realized I especially need to make the last level much easier and provide more checkpoints and health items there. 

UPDATE DECEMBER 1st: The tutorial helpers and the camera angle fixes is in a newly uploaded version of the demo. Please try it out if you have the time!

The game is getting close to being complete but there are still some fine tuning and bug fixes. Right now I'm in mid beta.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 20th: I completely redid the tutorial level. Also, now the game will start with the tutorial instead of going to the menu (it will only do this once though). I created business cards for my game today which I will hand out at the gaming event next month where I will present Vadine: Bite-Man.

I still have to fix some camera angles when the main character walks through a hallway that goes left instead of right. Also the slime enemy in the second level still has some issues that I haven't addressed due to more important issues with the game

Here is a picture of one of the tutorial helpers:

UPDATE NOVEMBER 5th: I posted a new version of the demo on Vadine Game Demo Itch.Io

This version includes a redesigned life bar and HUD, improved character movement (now Vadine doesn't make a complete stop when you want to turn around), and other miscellaneous improvements.

Thanks for trying out Vadine. I’ll keep your comments in mind when I start creating a new game.

UPDATE OCTOBER 28th: I finally added an automatic save system! There will be no save files in this game or the ability to save from the pause menu. When the character hits the checkpoint or begins a new level, the game will save. 


I will release a new demo next week and change the images for this game!

I need to make the tutorial level appear before the menus once. I need to redo the controller menus (how to play this game and how the buttons are mapped)

I need to lock the levels until the user gets to the level.

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UPDATE OCTOBER 15th: The game is now officially in beta. I've had one tester play through the whole game and got very positive feedback. He did find one issue with one of the boss battles and also a couple of very minor issues. I will send the whole game to other testers in the meantime.

He also recommended changing the character movement since when you turn around Vadine seems to stop. I increased the acceleration and decreased the speed to improve character movement. 

I can't wait to upload a new version of the demo to my page (I will do this after I get feedback from all the testers)!

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UPDATE OCTOBER 1st: The game is now playable with just the keyboard. Before the game was playable with only the keyboard + mouse and controller. Also players can navigate the menus with the keyboard as well. I fixed some other minor bugs as well.

 I'm testing the game for a couple more weeks and then I will send the whole game to friends who will test it out. This game is getting pretty close to being finished!

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UPDATE September 18th: I fixed some config files, increased the resolution of the game, and decreased the package size by 400 MB. I need to fix the sprites of a boss and change some voices I recorded (this will be complete by the next month).

Also I finally changed the HUD for my game. It was pretty ugly before but now I got a result I'm satisfied with. Watch the video below to see some new game footage with the HUD:

PS: The youtube video above goes to 1080p

Also next month or November I will push out version 3 of the demo so stay tuned!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 9th: I removed some random gray color off of Vadine's boot when he is jumping:

I changed the HUD and I will test it out within the next 2 weeks. It looks sooo much better than what I had before! Health bars are on the bottom and are animated. Also I have a red border around the entire screen. I also removed the text "Health" which looked off. I'll post a video of it soon.

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UPDATE September 4th: I just finished the credits sequence, which teases at having a sequel to Vadine: Bite Man!

 I will start fixing the health bars for Vadine and the bosses. I also need to fix the slime enemy, which is completely broken. I will keep testing and updating this log when I find issues.

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Thanks for playing  my demo Burnerknight Studios! It means a lot that you gave me some feedback and even enjoyed my game. 

I'll think about adding a stronger attack. I'm changing the appearance of the health bar so I'll try to move it to the bottom of the screen also and I'll see if it works.

UPDATE August 24th: I finished adding sounds to the last level and making sure everything works. I fixed some other bugs as well. I'm halfway through creating the credits sequence. Here is a screenshot:

Once I finish the credits I am thinking about changing the appearance of the health bar.

I'll give another update in a month (I should be close to releasing the game for my beta testers by then)

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UPDATE July 29th: Finally finished the last bosses. I was busy with some stuff going on in my life.

This guy in my second level is still having collision issues but I don't see any other enemies having issues at the moment (I should catch everything in Beta):

I'll keep posting updates.

I'm glad you enjoyed my game 😃

I actually had a friend note the same thing that the fireballs should stop when you get close to the right of the level. I have a part of Knight Thief in Vadine: Bite-Man in a later stage and I fixed this issue :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I'm glad you enjoyed this demo, marcciosilva!

Thanks for playing

UPDATE June 18th: I've almost finished created the final boss of the game, but there are still a bunch of bugs I need to fix in the last level. I'm hoping to get everything done for the last level by August and then roll out to Beta in October. Still a long way till I reach the end of this journey.

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Hi fellow game devs and game enthusiasts,

You can check my game demo out here: Vadine Game Demo Itch.Io

I've been working on this game for about a year and a half. I'm currently working on putting sounds and fixing bugs on the last level, as well as creating the final boss of the game.

If anyone is interested you can play the demo and if you really want to be awesome you can tell me major bugs you find. I just released a fix today, which makes the main character play more smoothly (you couldn't move when crouching, jump to crouch immediately, etc.)

I also want to release a HTML5 browser version of the demo sometime down the road.

Can't get past 1 goal. Good game though!

Fun rage game !~

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This is the first game I released back in 2016 on the apple store and here is the windows demo.

I made this game in one day as practice.

Game Summary:

Play as Knight Thief, a thrifty scalawag whose only desire is coin. Dodge fireballs in various castles and steal the dragon's treasure chest.

You can also check out the demo for Vadine: Bite-Man which was also just added to itch.io here

This is the first game I started working on and here is the demo for my game.

I really appreciate your time to take a look at my game. I really look forward to any feedback.

I recommend playing with the xbox one controller but keyboard and mouse work just fine.

Game Summary:

You play as Vadine, a biological humanoid who uses his own blood to defeat his enemies.

Transverse multiple levels filled with enemies and traps at every corner. Conquer enormous bosses and defeat enemies ranging from knights, pirates, slimes, and bandits.

This game will include 6 levels with 9 boss battles and 3 mini levels.

This is a new 2D side-scroller action game. The expected release date is 2018. This game is not appropriate for all ages.

This game will be sold for $0.99-$1.99 when released.

I never realized making video games is so much fun until I started making this!