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All of us are stuck inside and Clickteam recognises that this kinda sucks. So to help out we have decided to offer our Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard Edition to anyone who wants to create. Download this special version and get creating, it expires on June 1st. Maybe if we can create some cool games for each other we can make the isolation a little more tolerable!

You can download the file here on our Product page or visit...

Use this serial number for install


Once you’re up and running, you’ll be creating awesome games you can build and share with friends and family in no time! Here are some tutorials you can take to get started:

Visit our Discord channel to join the conversation!


I like the work you put in so far, keep it up!

We are using's system, thus if it lets you update go ahead!

Only you the submitters get to vote and rate each others games. 

Steam Winter Sale - 12/28/2017

If you are still using the free version and want to blow the doors off your next creation maybe it’s time to check out the full version. You can get 66% off Standard till Jan 4th on the Steam Winter Sale. Don’t miss this chance to get Fusion on the cheap!

in simplest terms to all of that. yes.

I love the name Alien Scumbags, well played sir.

yes, go for it

Yes that is fine. There is a finite number of prize goodies, you divide them up how you see fit, 

Here you go:

and yes custom is fine.

You give me the list of teammates and who gets what and how much! 

You are free to use anything you can legally use. Creative Commons or Public Domain covers that yes. Copyrighted material would be a no no. 

@Mantis, Make something that strikes you as Science Fiction Fantasy. To me it means A Science Fiction setting but has the capacity to stretch the definition of science and apply fantasy elements. Look forward to see what they come up with. 

My apologizes, I though I had set the timer to go off today in my time zone, Instead it seem to go off 15 hours before. 

Theme: Science Fiction Fantasy


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Help us build up our social media & and enter yourself in to win some awesome Fusion giveaways! PLEASE SHARE! #MadeWithFusion #IWantToCreate

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Help us build up our social media & and enter yourself in to win some awesome Fusion giveaways! PLEASE SHARE! #MadeWithFusion #IWantToCreate

Solo or team, what ever works. 

If you want to work in a team and don't have a one maybe try Crowdforge? 

Form, find and join teams on our CrowdForge page: 

This is Kisguri from Clickteam! Good luck on the Jam. We will be hosting a new Fusion jam as well on Dec 19th, link is below should you want to give that one a try as well. We will social media share this later today!

In a effort to line up this Jam with some other promotional efforts we have moved the date up from the 20th to the 19th. One extra day WOO HOO!

To those that have signed up for the game jam, WELCOME! We look forward to seeing what out of this world creations you come up with! Feel free to introduce yourself here or ask general questions!

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Come check out out next game jam for December here:

Sorry Sr.Lavor I did take care of you, I even changed your forum name per your request. Please check your leo**********@******.com  email for the message or simply log back into the clickteam forums to see a copy of Fusion associated to your forum account. 

I have sent out three so far, the rest this week. Also posting a December jam as well. 

Thank you to J.A. for picking up a copy! Let me know if you have any questions!

Because Max, I receive over 300 messages a day. I will get to it when it comes in the que, Thanks for your patience. 

Winners!, Please PM Kisguri at so we can get all the winners set up.

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I think you mean $3?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!²

Get Rekt:

Author Notes

I made this game in about a weeks time. The inspiration game to me after spending the last 15 minutes of class with one of my game design students. He was having trouble getting motivated to work on his project and so I told take the rest of class to just mess around and experiement . The process of watching him experiment sent me home still thinking of a idea. A week later the idea evolved  in to the game you see before you!

Objective: Keep the ball within the circle.  You can change which direction the circle rotates with a click. Holding the click will freeze the circle in place. Each bounce in the circle earns a point, Every 10 points it speeds up and the gap gets bigger intill you "Get Rekt"

Maybe not the best I game I have created but it was fun building it. Love to have your comments!

About the Game

Fast paced one touch game "Get Rekt" tests your reflexes and patience with lightning fast action and high score chasing. Keep the ball within the center by changing the direction of the rotating circle and keep the every increasing gap away from the ball. Be careful as every 10 points the gap increases and so does the speed!

The Open source game includes the code with features events like how use RGB Coefficient to shift colors around using the getRGB expression. How to calculate angles using the Advanced Direction object as well as methods for ramping up the difficulty and much more. Free for Reactor members!

Can you add a event that when I die the game either restarts the level or brings me back to the level select? Great stuff!

We won't be doing any swap outs this go around. I will be mailing out physical prizes over the next couple weeks, Shirts haven't come in yet. Digital prizes will be issued be end of this week. 

Nice stuff here! Great work. 

Get up to 45% off of Fusion products on Steam till Nov 1st!


We would appreicate it for the contest if you included credit to Clickteam. But developer does mean you don't have to.

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Check out the Weirder Stuff 2 #MadeWithFusion game bundle!

Check out the four awesome games in the #MadeWithFusion Bundle #1. Get all four for the price of a happy meal, only 3.49 USD. Only these won't give you indigestion after...

Alien Splatter Redux



A thrilling combination of violence, extreme gore, amazing graphics, simple controls, fun and humor. When you find yourself trapped in a mysterious house being overrun by the dead you do what anyone would. Slaughter them, collect their organs, build some guns and kill some bosses.

Vincere Totus Astrum

Blending galaxy conquering with quick and easy gameplay. Pick one of five races and set out to expand your one world into a vast empire. Research new techs, build colony ships, and begin to spread out, but be careful you aren't the only race on the rise.

Tisnart Tiles

Tisnart Tiles takes you beyond the ordinary match 3 games with a 120 levels of entertaining twists and surprises!

I will post it now! Logos can be found here...