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These space packs also include a little framework called Ignition and was written to make the assets come to live. Although most of it's scripts and how to use them are intuitive I thought it coudn't hurt to make some short tutorial videos. I have finished 3 right now and will add more.


Thanks. I didn't know Lethal Judgement but had a look on youtube. You are right it has the same vibe...

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If you need space shooter art for your project have a look at our latest releases!

Get them HERE or HERE

Available for Unity Demo 1 &  Demo 2 (demo's work best on desktop) and as standalone zips for your own engine.


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We are pleased to announce the release of a new art pack called Space Shooter Art Pack 02 for Unity, a 2D space shooter construction template.

All the basic behaviours for the enemies are precoded.

Backgrounds are also included!

The art was used for our Defenstar and Revengestar games. 

Here is the Unity WebGL DEMO (best to run on a desktop computer)

It also contains the first version of a little framework called Ignition

Ignition features

  • Bullet Spawner
  • Object Pooler
  • Sprite Collider
  •  Simple Space Shooter Enemy AI
  • Optimized 2D Particle System (uses the object pooler)
  • And some other useful scripts.

Single files for most of them but animations are on a sheet

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Hi guys,

Just letting you know that we released some new asset packs.

You can find us here here

Playniax can also be found on the Unity Asset Store


You could cover our game Revengestar. It's out for Android and Desktop. iOS is coming soon! Mobile versions are free, desktop version not but I can provide it for you if you want.

I just added a FREE Android version and I am waiting for Google Play approval!

I just added the OSX version!

Hi guys!

Here is a new game from us called Revengestar

I hope you like it!

This is the Windows version but Mac, iOS and Android are coming soon!

After a heavy battle you and some of your crew got captured by the evil aliens. With the help of an alien defector you and your crew managed to escape and steel some enemy spaceships. Now you find yourself back in the fight with superior weapons but still heavily outnumbered. The odds are against you but getting captured alive is not an option this time!


What do you mean exactly with ' Where it doesn't look at another external file to load the assets'?