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Ha! Yeah, this was certainly not the solution I had in mind when designing that stage, but it is quite entertaining watching people try things I never even thought of. I'm tweaking the stages here and there trying to get the right difficulty curve, and this play-through will help me figure out what needs adjustment. Thanks for playing!

Fail to Win is a death ragdoll puzzle game where you progress by abusing the ability to respawn. It's a comical game where you run into bombs and get yourself blown up in all the right ways. page:

We just released the first chapter for free. It lasts about an hour and includes four stages (or about a dozen puzzles). We have a lot more planned, but we're hoping to get some feedback and support before moving forward with the full game.

If you're still looking for games, I recently released the first chapter of my game, Fail to Win. It takes about an hour to complete, and it has you solving puzzles by getting blown up and abusing the respawn. It's mostly just comedy at this point (dark horror twists are being saved for later chapters). I want to make this into a longer game, but to justify that I need this chapter to get more attention. Enjoy!

Download at

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Fail to Win

I'm a little late on this, but thanks for playing and recording my game. It was a great video! If you are looking for more puzzle games to play, you might enjoy the other game I recently published, Fail to Win. It has a similar kind of humor, but it's a lot more polished:

Thanks, please do! A mobile port is unlikely because of the controls, but I'm going to get it working on gamepads soon, so a console port is an option.

Thanks for playing! Did you ever finish the first stage? There are four stages.

Unity 2018

Fail to Win is up to three stages, or about 20-30 minutes of unique challenges and puzzles. We'll keep making updates before uploading it to itch, but we'd love to get some people testing it soon. We started a discord for updates and feedback, and it includes a download link for the latest build of the game. Please check it out:

Thank you for playing! That's just the controller from Unity's Standard Assets. I only modified it slightly to allow a trampoline auto-jump, and then I created an additional script for things like picking up objects.

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Thanks for playing! Historically, monarchs would sometimes give white elephants as gifts which, while a great honor to receive, were very impractical and hard to get rid of. Eventually, the term "white elephant" came to refer to any gift that was expensive but also disappointing. Now many people have a white elephant gift exchange around Christmas time, so it seemed like a good name for an absurdly wrapped Christmas present that is a bit anticlimactic.

Thank you for playing my game! It's exciting to see so many people record playthroughs.

I'm glad you like it! Jam rules won't let me update it until after Christmas, so you likely won't see much more of it unless I make a sequel for next Christmas. In the meantime, I'm working on another puzzle-platformer called Fail to Win (Respawn-as-teleporter type of thing). It's in a similar style, but better-looking and not Christmas, and I'll release the demo soon.

Update: I showed a friend, and he was able to figure it out a lot faster. And then he played it over and over again to see what happens after purchasing each gift (and what happens when time runs out without making a purchase).

Thanks for playing and for making this walkthrough! I made some small updates since you recorded this. The game still plays out the same, but I fixed access to a certain Easter egg, and controlling the wood box is a bit easier.

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Great game! It was fun trying to guess what was inside once I got the hang of it. I played to the end, and it was just challenging enough to barely make it on my second try. I wished I could see what was inside some of the obviously-toxic presents, but I couldn't afford to waste charges.

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! That was actually the trigger area on the wood box causing that. I forgot to disable it until you get past the metal box. I glad the game played well anyway.

I love the aesthetic! I got stuck for a while because I couldn't figure out when the phone works, but there were plenty of dancing NPCs to entertain.

Everything is dark on Chrome, but it seems to work fine in Firefox. The text on the bottom of the page is cut off though. Other than that, a decent game jam entry. It was clever having the students trade places and play with the beach ball whenever you aren't looking.

Thanks! The original idea was to leave all the questions open-ended, but that quickly became a mess of possibilities, so I restricted it to five types of answers.

It was kind of challenging at first, but then I figured out a system. Does the game end? I got through like 16 waves, and bought all the equipment with tons of money left over. It is very impressive for five days with no team. 

I love how things escalated from something so trivial. I had to strain my eyes a bit to read the text, though.  There's just too much going on behind the text.  Are there any alternate endings, or do all the options lead to the same conclusion?

Why don't we see more comedy stealth games? This was brilliant. You really made it in five days? With a couple more stages, I would totally buy this. I replayed it several times just to see what all the items do.

You didn't mention in the controls how to switch inventory slots with the scroll wheel, so that took me too long to figure out. Also, I don't know if it is just me, but it seems like it would make sense to swap the pick up and use item controls so it is like you are clicking on the item to pick it up. Those were my only complaints.

I loved the various fan t-shirts (perfect for this jam, and meta, so you would get bonus points from me if I had the power to distribute points), and the animation when you get caught is hilarious. Please make more like this.

Thank you! The idea gave me an excuse throw together some styles that normally would not work together. I'm hoping to expand on this with a longer sequel if there is enough interest.

Thanks! The inspiration came mostly from Earthbound, Undertale, Doki Doki Literature Club, and Portal 2.

Those were some awesome effects! I was able to figure out how to turn on the games this time. Is there any way not to die?

I had a fix for for that, but finished it 5 minutes after submissions closed. Maybe try deleting the override file? It should generate a new one when you reach the error again.

Anyway, thanks for playing! I guess I haven't gotten too far in yours yet, so I need to give that another try and get to the space invaders and pong.

I was expecting a jump scare near the end. Thanks for showing mercy.

I'm not sure about the clicking sound. It's not supposed to happen, and it seems to only appear in the web version, not in the exe.

It seems like a pretty cool game, but you may want to change the attack button. The screen says it is CTRL, but it is really SHIFT, and I keep losing because I'm so focused on closing dialog boxes asking if I want to enable Sticky Keys.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wish I had time for more variety with the battles, but every change to an enemy meant re-measuring the time through each route/strategy. And I'll look into adjusting the music/exclamation sound. I initially lowered the music volume because it made it hard to hear the exclamation sound, but I may have lowered it too much.

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I took a risk by using something usually considered one the the more annoying aspects of RPGs and turning it into a core mechanic. My last game was designed around awkward controls and somehow turned out alright, so I tried a similar tactic here, figuring that people will either appreciate or hate it for the same reason. Also, the slow-downs can make the speed-up pills that much more exciting. 

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Thanks! I'm honestly kind of surprised. A lot of the other games are pretty great. I enjoy experimenting with new game mechanics and puzzles, and the limitations of this jam were an interesting challenge. If you liked this, you might also like another game I've been working on, Elevator Circuit.

Thanks for the feedback! Can you clarify on what you mean by "one of those 3D-2D games that [you] just hate looking at?" Are you referring more to the palette, the perspective, the minimal art, or something else?

My record so far is 1710 on medium. I'm wondering if anyone can beat me at me own game!

I love it! I really appreciated the overall mood to the game, the continuity between puzzles, and the sort of lonely freedom I experienced as I slowly made sense of a space that follows different rules. Some of the out-of-bounds problems could have been handled better by making them physically inaccessible instead of resetting the stage, but I imagine designing the puzzles was tricky enough, and they far exceeded my expectations. I would pay a good price for a longer version of this.