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This is pretty cool! The puzzles were interesting, and I really appreciate is how you have the little shake as you first start moving the level. That's the kind of polish that usually doesn't make it into a jam game, but really sells what's happening and starts each level right.

Also, there's no need to apologize at the end about the length. That was plenty of levels for a jam, and more than that would probably be too long. A few minutes to really demonstrate the core idea like you have it is probably ideal.

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Thanks for playing! Yeah, doing this all myself didn't leave much time for 3d art, so I took about every atrocious shortcut I could in that department. Glad to hear you still had fun despite that.

The game was somewhat inspired by a time when I worked at an escape room. where I had to keep things flowing despite guests somehow finding a way to break and misuse every prop we give them

I love this. The style reminds me of games like OFF and Hello Charlotte with the bright solid colors and bizarre horror

The game is fun, and that power-up sequence into the super chicken is wonderful

That was a clever idea having them come from ahead, from behind, and from cross traffic. It gives a lot to frantically keep track of as the racecar jumps around to the different lanes

Wow, just by combining the type matchups with the chance or reversal, that actually gets tricky, while still being easy to understand. Good job!

The click area on the lights is a little weird, so toggling the lights doesn't work consistently, but besides that, this is a pretty neat game with some risk/reward with seeing how close I can let the cross traffic get without having to stop cars.

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This was great. There was a good progression to the puzzles, and they stayed focused on the idea of recalling the bullet. I had fun

I see you're keeping the GMTK Jam "shoot-to-move" tradition alive.

I got stuck in a corner in my first two attempts but eventually got things figured out and made it to wave 5. Well done!

Thanks for playing! Sorry my finnicky AI broke on you at the end. There's just a victory screen at the end that says you survived your first day, so you're not missing much.

This idea actually grew out of a side story I'm making for another project. In that, you play as an adventurer, but if you manage to access the back rooms to the dungeons, you learn that all the boss monsters are actually members of a Dungeon Association that geeks out over dungeon design, and they share ideas with each other through forums and chat rooms

I love the goofy visuals, especially this pose. 

"Why once again am I awoken?" ... Same, Sword. Same.

Definitely one of my favorites. Recording new SFX was fun, and the game has a lot of personality

With jam games, puzzles are often either too trivial or too convoluted, but I think you nailed the difficulty on this one. I was able to consistently figure out a solution on the second or third try, enough to actually have to think things through, but never so hard that I lost patience.

I won! ... apparently. Not sure what I did to earn it. Cool cinematic though

This is the kind of goofiness I love seeing in a game jam. Great job!

Hehe, that was some satisfying destruction. The bombs are kind of overpowered though

Ah yes, just an innocent little game about b̶̨̜͚̫̳͍̮͉̰͕̤͓̭̮̰͙͒ỏ̸̧̥̫̱̥̲͜a̷̤͍͎͂̂̎̓̒r̵̦̤͇̟̭̗̹̤͉͌́͆͌ hunting

Clever puzzles, and wonderfully weird

It looks great, but I was confused for a while about the shooting. I saw the empty hand and assumed I needed to find a gun. It took me a while to realize I needed to hold the mouse button down instead of tap it.

In my definitely-unbiased opinion, games about dungeon interns are the best

It took me too long to realize you could exit the cage by going left 🤦‍♂️. Besides that, this was fun! The puzzles started to get fair but tricky, and the art is great

I love the visuals. That's a lot to have made in just a couple days. But when I went to pick up a human, I quickly turned into flying spaghetti. Not sure if I'm misunderstanding the controls.

I reached the edge of the world, and now the dad and the milk are destined to fall together in the void for eternity. I managed to punch the milk a few times. Not sure if I missed a win condition or not. But regardless, good job, that was fun

I love all the parody games coming out of this jam, and this one was great, made me laugh. I felt like not-Mario was showing off at my expense the whole time.

This is pretty cool! I like this style of progression where you're sort of solving a puzzle from two sides to eventually meet in the middle

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Thanks for playing!

Are you saying the boxes weren't spawning from the conveyer belt any more? It should trigger a new spawn every time you pick one up from below the belt. There was a problem where the items would sometimes fall through the floor, which would make it impossible to spawn more, but I thought I had fixed that. So is that bug back to haunt us, or did something else happen for you?

Beat it! That last level was tough and now my wrist kind of hurts from hitting spacebar so fast. But it was fun!

Hey, I went with a kind-of-similar-but-still-very-different idea, inspired by a time I worked at an escape room, so it's cool to see another entry in the "emerging" challenge-reset genre.  Good job!

I ended up solving it mostly by brute force, but I'm guessing we're supposed to reason around stuff like camouflaging the color, or choosing appropriately sized items that match the compartment size. Were there other hints I was missing, or are we supposed to just use our intuition like that?

A cute little game that I think does a good job of squeezing charm out of a minimal style

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Welp, it looks like I anchored on-screen controls explanation wrong, so it gets cut off at certain resolutions. Sorry! The controls are as follows:

  • Move: WASD, arrow keys, or gamepad left stick
  • Pick up: SPACE or gamepad east button
  • Throw: E or gamepad south button

I love the premise, the presentation, and the gameplay. Really impressive for 2-day jam, with both the scope and the polish. Well done!

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Thanks! I'm probably not going to expand this game specifically, but I did use this jam as a chance to test similar ideas I plan on adding to my bigger project. 

Great job on presentation. Amazing how over-the-top and larger-than-life you can make a small cube moving across a desk

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Yeah, I could have been clearer on that. Each digit is a different variable (wall color, music track, pickle affinity, etc.). So I envisioned it as players changing digits one at a time to figure out what each number does, and then building the room they need to solve the puzzle.

But also it's possible to just keep going at random and solve the other puzzles without figuring out the numbers (It just might take longer)

Looks good, a pretty fun too! Fairly well balanced. I could usually get through each room after a couple tries.

Hello fellow multiverse maker! That was quite frightening bumping into one guard, switching universes, and then having another guard appear right behind me. Good job!

I gotta respect the effort of making voiced 3d cinematics in a jam game on top of the game itself. Good work!

That was a beautiful intro

Great work! I wasn't paying attention to the title when I downloaded it and thought, oh this sure looks happy and wholesome ... wait ... oh no ...