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I'm tempted to just host a meta jam myself so we don't have to wait 2 years. Metafiction is kind of my thing, and I want to see more meta games.

"It begins over five thousand years ago with the domestication of the red junglefowl in southeast Asia and the development of paved roads in the Sumerian city of Ur..." -Randall Munroe

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Cool, I just watched it. Thanks for the review. Sorry about those bugs. I know the problem, and it'll be an easy fix once the submissions are unlocked.

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I saved two cats and then clipped through some boxes and fell into the endless void. This game stressed me out in a good way.  I couldn't figure out what to do after the second cat. Well done. Maybe I'll revisit it later to see the rest of it.

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A lot of people are doing control screws, but this is the first one I've seen that actually shows why the keyboard has weird input. I managed to beat it, but it definitely took me a few tries. Well done! Bonus points for being meta.

That was great! It wasn't too hard to figure out the solution, and the animations and audio made this hilarious. I was confused at first with the Donatello symptom, thinking it must be the name of some disease I had never heard of before, and then I saw the animation and burst out laughing when it made sense.

Thanks for playing! The video doesn't seem to be working for me though.

First entry I've seen that features a level editor. Pretty cool, and it works great!

This is pretty great! Definitely one of the more polished entries. I was a bit thrown off by how much air control you get, so I kept overshooting. But overall, it's a great game for a jam.

Interesting idea. I couldn't find the end (if there is one). The chasers are just too fast. They could be offscreen and still reach me while I'm frozen. If either they were slower, or if their follow range was smaller so you could lose them, it would have worked a lot better. I do really love the atmosphere though.

That got really hard really fast (or I'm just bad at driving). The obstacles are randomly placed, right? It might be better with a little more of a pattern to them, because by the time I can see the obstacles it seemed like it was already too late to get around them. But car seems to generally control nicely.

Thank you for being generous with the checkpoints and the health. I actually managed to beat this one instead of getting frustrated and giving up. Well done!

I love the idea, but I just couldn't get into the rhythm and had to give up on the third level. Either some music with it going to the beat, or some other visual or audio indicator would help tremendously so I can anticipate the shots better. Fix that (an maybe make the difficulty curve a bit gentler), then I could see this being a really great game.

Today I learned that turns are not necessary for chess. That worked way better than I expected. I do wonder though if it would be better to still win from a normal checkmate condition instead of being able to just sending a pawn to run  to the other side of the board, turn into a queen, and take the king out really quick. Like disable attacking the king directly. I don't know if it would actually be better; just an idea.

Pretty neat. I struggle quite a bit with finding the right keys since the rows don't line up like on an actually keyboard, so I'm glad you had the screenshot of the grid keyboard visible on the page, because I kept using that as I guide so I didn't get confused.

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Super ambitious, and looks great for a jam game. How big was your team? The animations were a little awkward. Maybe exaggerate the swings more past the target in a larger arc to really sell the impact. But overall, great job!

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That's a pretty neat idea of managing you movement while controlling chaos. I got to about 250 and realized I could have kept going indefinitely. There were a ton of cats, but they all crowded around the doors instead of knocking things over, so it didn't get any harder. It might have been better with some objectives or achievements so I had some score to aim for, and the cat AI could be improved so they don'tget stuck doing nothing, but overall great job!

I found the problem (and made another comment about it). It has to do with a combination of two bugs. I'm not resetting correctly and undoing the controlling of other transmitters, and I'm not correctly handling taking control of a transmitter when it currently has no robots in range. So to avoid it, you have to make sure you don't start controlling a transmitter until a robot is in range.

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IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING! Some others have found a game-breaking bug that makes you lose control permanently, and resetting the stage won't fix it . To avoid this, do not take control of a transmitter if that transmitter does not already have any robots in range. Sorry about the bug. I'll get it fixed as soon as the submissions are unlocked.

Thanks for playing! 

Stuck like the game broke and couldn't be reset, or you just couldn't figure out the puzzle? Because starting control of a transmitter with no robots in range should allow you to control no robots until you exit with C or reset, but others are reporting a bug that I still need to look into.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I didn't leave myself much time for audio work, and the text explanations weren't ideal, but the text you saw was all of it.

I linked to a walkthrough in another comment. You've probably already moved on to other games by now, but if anyone else reading this is stuck and still wants to see the rest of the game, it might help.

For the people getting stuck on some of the puzzles and want the solution spoiled, I recorded a full walkthrough. 

Interesting idea. It took a while to adjust, since my muscle memory kept wanting me to jump and run simultaneously.

Pretty fun, and the screen shake was a nice touch. Interesting how you elected to go with a timer instead of a move counter, made it more like tetris than a more typical puzzle game, and it works well. Kind of merciless having to start completely over.

Pretty fun and satisfying, but the physics seem a bit inconsistent and unpredictable at times. Like it seems like my jumps would randomly be higher or lower than I expect.

Thank you for highlighting the interactable objects. I got both endings.

I recently got my own apartment and am living by myself for the first time. With everything shut down I have almost zero contact with other people and am struggling to deal with that, so the theme really hits home. Good job!

Nice! This left me wishing for more. One of my favorite submissions so far, and I like the interpretation of the theme (I actually did something similar).

I'm curious what sparked the idea of using a possessed printer as a weapon. It looks nice, and it's always satisfying to attack people with paper, but I was a bit unclear on my objective if there is any. Also, I noticed there are two itchio pages for the game. Is it a different version of the game, or did you have to remake the page for some reason?

Seemed pretty cool, but I had to give up after trying the same level like 30 times. It's just a bit too cruel even on early levels. Some coyote time might help, and if the bunnies were slower or more predictable. 

Seemed pretty cool, but I had to give up after trying the same level like 30 times. It's just a bit too cruel even on early levels. Some coyote time might help, and if the bunnies were slower or more predictable. 

It's an interesting little yawn simulator, but I'm a bit confused on how it works. I thought the person you select spreads it to people they pass by, but that only seems to happen for the first few seconds. Is there no way to get more yawns after that? If so, it might have benefited from a game over screen, because I was expecting something else to happen.

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I played it through to the end. Pretty neat! The levels did a good job of making a variety of jumping and running speeds necessary. A couple things though: I was a bit confused at first because the spikes were hard to notice with everything going on in the background, and without an actual death animation it took me a while to figure out why the scene kept resetting. And also, I wasn't sure what to do about the tiny steps with spikes above (even a tiny jump would touch the spikes), so I had to get around it by turning briefly, which moved the sprite a little to the side and up the step, but that felt more like I was exploiting a bug than sloving a puzzle.

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This is very well put together! I got the normal ending, but I'm missing one of the items (the one you place on the far right in the area past the cat door). I'm completely stumped.

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Wow, that was really stupid, I love it! Still looked pretty good too. First one of these submissions that I actually managed to beat, so that was a nice bonus. You might want to add some install instructions, though, because I couldn't run it until I found and installed rpg maker 2003 rtp.

This is a great excuse for me to share my nightmares! I think I'm going to start my dream journal back up and find some way to incorporate each night's dream into the game. 

I'm looking to explore the idea of losing your grip on reality as you go deeper in your dreams, so I'm going to have the dream world and mundane world start slowly affecting each other in weird ways. So, new characters and added mechanics, but still very much in the theme of Yume Nikki. I'm curious what everyone else is planning on doing, and I look forward to seeing your dream games when we're done. Good luck everyone!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I currently have no plans to expand 3-Handed Laser Shuffle. I believe there's a lot more potential to expand some of the other games I've made. In particular, I've been focused on turning Fail to Win into a full-length game. Honestly I was a bit surprised 3HLS won because I don't consider it to be one of my best jam submissions.

Thanks, I'm glad someone understood the title! A lot of people were confused about that. There's actually a double meaning to the name, but the second meaning is more of an inside joke. During white elephant gift exchange games where people are supposed to bring funny but inexpensive gifts and fight over them, I like to bring a small gift wrapped an absurd number of times so we can all laugh as the unwrapping process drags on way too long.

Yes! Without seeing any walkthroughs? I was worried I had hidden too well.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The full game (which I plan to finish by the end of the year) will have a voice-over, so hopefully that will make it easier to catch all the lines.

Yeah, I recently caught this too (I'm surprised you're the first to report it). I'm just waiting for updates to be unlocked from the jam, and then I'll push a fix. That should be pretty soon. Until then, I know the bug isn't game-breaking. You should still be able to complete the circuit. Thanks for reporting it though!