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Thanks! I'm probably not going to expand this game specifically, but I did use this jam as a chance to test similar ideas I plan on adding to my bigger project. 

Great job on presentation. Amazing how over-the-top and larger-than-life you can make a small cube moving across a desk

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Yeah, I could have been clearer on that. Each digit is a different variable (wall color, music track, pickle affinity, etc.). So I envisioned it as players changing digits one at a time to figure out what each number does, and then building the room they need to solve the puzzle.

But also it's possible to just keep going at random and solve the other puzzles without figuring out the numbers (It just might take longer)

Looks good, a pretty fun too! Fairly well balanced. I could usually get through each room after a couple tries.

Hello fellow multiverse maker! That was quite frightening bumping into one guard, switching universes, and then having another guard appear right behind me. Good job!

I gotta respect the effort of making voiced 3d cinematics in a jam game on top of the game itself. Good work!

That was a beautiful intro

Great work! I wasn't paying attention to the title when I downloaded it and thought, oh this sure looks happy and wholesome ... wait ... oh no ...

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The bottom part the shows the upcoming arrows is just black when I play, I don't know if this is a problem only I am having, or if others are seeing it, but too bad because it looks fun!

I can't believe my slaves ... er .... citizens weren't satisfied with mandatory labor with negative pay

Fun and chaotic, but I couldn't figure out how to properly dice it without it immediately flying off the table most of the time.

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Thanks, it's reassuring to hear that at least one person saw the end. 

To clarify, do you just mean not being able to type the numbers directly, or was there a problem changing the numbers at all (with SPACE)? If the former, yeah, the interface for that definitely could be improved, but I hope it at least worked!

That's pretty clever having the die roll double as your dash. Because then you can't just land on your best side a stick with it. You can try to, but fighting without dashing will be too hard to stay on any side for too long. Good job!

Some interesting puzzles there, good job. I was stuck for a while clicking on stuff and not having anything happen. Some feedback in the game for why certain moves aren't allowed would be nice

Even without the cool abilities, it's satisfying just to get to see the chaos of the die faces rolling around katamari damacy style.

This is some fun perspective stuff, having camera rotate with the cube like that. Great work!

This is some fun perspective stuff, having camera rotate with the cube like that. Great work!

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Thanks! I'm glad that joke landed after devoting so much of the script to a contrived pickle puzzle.

This is awesome. It took me a while to figure out the trick to bumping into the slopes to roll. Very creative entry to this jam!

Looks great, plays surprisingly well (the different sides actually affect the game in interesting ways), and pretty easy to figure out how to play

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I'm surprised I'm not seeing more games like this so far that are about changing the sides of the dice instead of just rolling them. Well done!

An awesome take on the emerging "role playing game" role playing game genre

Nice, this one looks great! Lots of juice or feel or whatever you call it

Looks great. Pretty easy to get started with, but a bit of hidden depth with choosing dice, choosing customers, and managing your ingredients that actually made me fairly frantic without seeming impossible. Good job!

Interesting take on the lunar lander style. Every time I bumped the die and had to reorient myself was quite the adventure. 

This looks great. There are a lot of tabletop-style games this jam, but I appreciate that this one was simple enough that I could mostly figure it out without reading through a bunch of rules.

Not sure how many dice I had there and couldn't even count the digits, but that got just as out of hand as I had hoped. Great work!

I love it when I'm playing a game and think it's one thing with its interface, and then the camera goes back and you're actually in a 3d space. I didn't bother looking at the screenshots, so that was a cool surprise.

Ah yes, after DOOM, I was looking for another good, wholesome Christian game (or, I guess in this case, technically, anti-alternate-christian?)

This so far is the best looking submission I've played by far, and the meta-rpg thing with manipulating the dice without getting caught by your opponent is well executed.

This so far is the best looking submission I've played by far, and the meta-rpg thing with manipulating the dice without getting caught by your opponent is well executed.

My Baby Longarms was able to swing around the level "Getting Over It"-style. That was, uh, quite the experience. Good job!

That is an impressive amount of stuff to get built and working in just 2 days. I rolled a 6 first time and thought maybe the game was just a gag. I'm glad I restarted as saw there was way more. 

Looks nice, but I only got to level 4 before I was stuck because it started me floating instead of grounded

Well that escalated quickly. I'm more than dead!

It's not starting. I think maybe you were supposed to upload a whole folder instead of just an exe?

Nice! I wasn't sure at first how well this would hold up as a puzzle, and then the last level was actually a little trick. Presentation is great. Great work!

I don't know what I was collecting, but it was nice that those helped me predict the right path when I couldn't see too far ahead

Nice work! btw do the odds get worse over time, or was that just my luck? I started out with some awesome guns and then it went downhill fast