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Thanks for playing!

So the map thing was sort of an afterthought. I wasn't originally going to have one, and have just have getting lost be part of the game. Then I figured once it gets bigger the map would be a nice efficiency to work toward, so I was going to map the map purchasable. Then I though, no, getting lost like this is just frustrating, and I made it free. So I didn't end up spending a lot of time on it. If I end up adding to it, improving the map would definitely be in the plans.

I like the robot counter idea. Maybe I'll just make a detailed stats screen that shows you all the numbers.

About how many caves did you get to before crashing? I did a fast-forward run on my computer and got thousands fine, but it's also a new computer, so it makes sense that other machines would struggle. Plus I added some things after the test that maybe I didn't optimize right. Honestly I wasn't expecting people to actually shoot for thousands of caves. Most people tend to play jam games for only like five minutes. But I find endless games kind of boring without any real milestones, so I added the achievements and made a couple of them that I thought were kind of insane just in case people were playing for that long.

I actually have this whole list of other upgrades I never got to. Robots that dig vertically and place ladders, teleporters, decorative landmarks, surveybots that post arrows pointing toward rare gem pockets, etc. I just started to get burnt out / run out of time and didn't end up getting to those ideas, but maybe they'll make a showing in a future update.

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Thanks for the feedback. Many of those are issues I'm aware of. I thought I had resolved the one-sided wall problem. I'll have to look into that one. The steep hallways can sometimes be navigated by jumping, but I guess it would be good to check the slope, and if it's too steep just dead end instead. I'm checking for collisions to keep hallways from overlapping, but I might have forgotten to resolve the turned hallways correctly (with two segments that connect to existing rooms), and that might be causing that problem.

I'm not sure I've seen the tracer problem you mentioned. I know if it gets stuck at dead ends in the room for a while, it'll keep returning to the center of the room, with the tracer path doing the same, but are you saying the path is shortening while the robot is stationary?

Cleaning up hallways might get messy, and could just lead to robots trying to dig in the same spots repeatedly, but I was thinking about having some different robot behaviors that "remember" previous rooms they've been in to favor new rooms instead, as another upgrade module.

And I would definitely like to get a save feature for the game, but I just didn't have time for it this week. 

This is so cool! Just add a tool for quickly adding speech bubbles and typing in dialog, and you could actually keep this up as a long-running webcomic series, and blow everyone's minds that you can keep putting out new ones so quickly.

Probably the most polished and "playable" game I've seen in the jam so far. Impressive for such a short deadline, and a lot of fun!

Woah, incredible! The most beautiful procgen I've seen come out of this jam so far.

This is a lot of fun! ... until it is impossible. If you find some way guarantee a solution for each one, I could see myself playing this for quite a while. Good job!

Pretty cool, I guess this would count as a roguelike. The deflection mechanic it fun, but the game is kind of cruel. Maybe some safe zones between rooms, or only drawing easier rooms starting out would help with the difficulty curve. Also, I feel like if the enemies each only took one hit to take down, the pacing would be better, instead of me just spamming deflect as they continue to shot and not being willing to take risks.

Besides that, well done. Certainly one of the more "playable" entries I've seen so far!

Yup, all the geometry and gems are generated at runtime. (The shop inventory is not though). The number of gems is based on the size of the room, and the value is decided by a perlin noise lookup, meaning that if you start to find higher value gems, it's good to keep digging in that direction, because it is a gradient, and the value may continue to get higher if you keep going.

The room shapes are made by rotating a random amount around a center point and then offsetting by a random distance from the center to create the corners. When the robot digs, it picks a random slope and distance to dig. It then checks if there is an existing room in that direction. If so, it tries to connect to it. Otherwise, it builds a new room. As a failsafe, if it cannot connect to the room or if anything gets in the way, it will just try to go forward with the tunnel until it hits something, and then stops as a dead end.

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Thanks for playing! Yup, I had to compute every vertex, triangle, and uv. I'm probably going to make a video later to go in depth on the process.

With the gem collection, I cheated a bit and was relying on a quirk of how the rooms are generated. Every point in the room is visible from the center, so it was easiest to send robots back to the center after each task instead of try to do some actual pathfinding. With more time, a smarter collection strategy like you say would certainly be an improvement. But I wasn't really aiming for it to be faster than collecting it yourself, more just a way to divide your attention. When you have multiple robots, you can send one robot one way with a collector and then personally follow the other robot without having to run to the opposite side of the cavern maze.

The map is likewise very simple. Just a top-down camera view. There was no simple way to get the elevation of all the rooms, since it is determined by random slopes in the tunnels, and the rooms aren't assigned to any particular "level". The geometry isn't even stored in separated meshes. I could maybe lower the map camera to just past the last raycast hit before hitting the player, and then reduce the culling distance by casting another ray upward. I'll have to play around with that and see if that works or if it just cuts off too much of the map.

That's a really cool idea, and I'm curious how this works. My guess is that you have a list of injunctions that you assigned coordinates to and are grabbing the injunctions within a certain radius of your selected point, and lack of data is why many of them come back empty. If that's so, it seems like a nearest neighbor type of thing would make sure something always come back. Or I could be way off on that.

I don't quite understand how the life decisions factor into it, but since the number of them matches the number of family injunctions, is that an additional random factor for how the person responds to each injunction to decide which life script lines to choose from another 2D space?

Great job, the game works well. It follows a good difficulty curve with the number of adjacent lanes increasing while still having some gaps between them as breathers. I'm curious why you decided to make it mouse-controlled. Did you design it with mobile touchscreens in mind? On PC, some keyboard controls would probably be better, but these controls would be great for mobile.

"It begins over five thousand years ago with the domestication of the red junglefowl in southeast Asia and the development of paved roads in the Sumerian city of Ur..." -Randall Munroe

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Cool, I just watched it. Thanks for the review. Sorry about those bugs. I know the problem, and it'll be an easy fix once the submissions are unlocked.

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I saved two cats and then clipped through some boxes and fell into the endless void. This game stressed me out in a good way.  I couldn't figure out what to do after the second cat. Well done. Maybe I'll revisit it later to see the rest of it.

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A lot of people are doing control screws, but this is the first one I've seen that actually shows why the keyboard has weird input. I managed to beat it, but it definitely took me a few tries. Well done! Bonus points for being meta.

That was great! It wasn't too hard to figure out the solution, and the animations and audio made this hilarious. I was confused at first with the Donatello symptom, thinking it must be the name of some disease I had never heard of before, and then I saw the animation and burst out laughing when it made sense.

Thanks for playing! The video doesn't seem to be working for me though.

First entry I've seen that features a level editor. Pretty cool, and it works great!

This is pretty great! Definitely one of the more polished entries. I was a bit thrown off by how much air control you get, so I kept overshooting. But overall, it's a great game for a jam.

Interesting idea. I couldn't find the end (if there is one). The chasers are just too fast. They could be offscreen and still reach me while I'm frozen. If either they were slower, or if their follow range was smaller so you could lose them, it would have worked a lot better. I do really love the atmosphere though.

That got really hard really fast (or I'm just bad at driving). The obstacles are randomly placed, right? It might be better with a little more of a pattern to them, because by the time I can see the obstacles it seemed like it was already too late to get around them. But car seems to generally control nicely.

Thank you for being generous with the checkpoints and the health. I actually managed to beat this one instead of getting frustrated and giving up. Well done!

I love the idea, but I just couldn't get into the rhythm and had to give up on the third level. Either some music with it going to the beat, or some other visual or audio indicator would help tremendously so I can anticipate the shots better. Fix that (an maybe make the difficulty curve a bit gentler), then I could see this being a really great game.

Today I learned that turns are not necessary for chess. That worked way better than I expected. I do wonder though if it would be better to still win from a normal checkmate condition instead of being able to just sending a pawn to run  to the other side of the board, turn into a queen, and take the king out really quick. Like disable attacking the king directly. I don't know if it would actually be better; just an idea.

Pretty neat. I struggle quite a bit with finding the right keys since the rows don't line up like on an actually keyboard, so I'm glad you had the screenshot of the grid keyboard visible on the page, because I kept using that as I guide so I didn't get confused.

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Super ambitious, and looks great for a jam game. How big was your team? The animations were a little awkward. Maybe exaggerate the swings more past the target in a larger arc to really sell the impact. But overall, great job!

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That's a pretty neat idea of managing you movement while controlling chaos. I got to about 250 and realized I could have kept going indefinitely. There were a ton of cats, but they all crowded around the doors instead of knocking things over, so it didn't get any harder. It might have been better with some objectives or achievements so I had some score to aim for, and the cat AI could be improved so they don'tget stuck doing nothing, but overall great job!

I found the problem (and made another comment about it). It has to do with a combination of two bugs. I'm not resetting correctly and undoing the controlling of other transmitters, and I'm not correctly handling taking control of a transmitter when it currently has no robots in range. So to avoid it, you have to make sure you don't start controlling a transmitter until a robot is in range.

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IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING! Some others have found a game-breaking bug that makes you lose control permanently, and resetting the stage won't fix it . To avoid this, do not take control of a transmitter if that transmitter does not already have any robots in range. Sorry about the bug. I'll get it fixed as soon as the submissions are unlocked.

Thanks for playing! 

Stuck like the game broke and couldn't be reset, or you just couldn't figure out the puzzle? Because starting control of a transmitter with no robots in range should allow you to control no robots until you exit with C or reset, but others are reporting a bug that I still need to look into.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I didn't leave myself much time for audio work, and the text explanations weren't ideal, but the text you saw was all of it.

I linked to a walkthrough in another comment. You've probably already moved on to other games by now, but if anyone else reading this is stuck and still wants to see the rest of the game, it might help.

For the people getting stuck on some of the puzzles and want the solution spoiled, I recorded a full walkthrough. 

Interesting idea. It took a while to adjust, since my muscle memory kept wanting me to jump and run simultaneously.

Pretty fun, and the screen shake was a nice touch. Interesting how you elected to go with a timer instead of a move counter, made it more like tetris than a more typical puzzle game, and it works well. Kind of merciless having to start completely over.

Pretty fun and satisfying, but the physics seem a bit inconsistent and unpredictable at times. Like it seems like my jumps would randomly be higher or lower than I expect.

Thank you for highlighting the interactable objects. I got both endings.

I recently got my own apartment and am living by myself for the first time. With everything shut down I have almost zero contact with other people and am struggling to deal with that, so the theme really hits home. Good job!

Nice! This left me wishing for more. One of my favorite submissions so far, and I like the interpretation of the theme (I actually did something similar).

I'm curious what sparked the idea of using a possessed printer as a weapon. It looks nice, and it's always satisfying to attack people with paper, but I was a bit unclear on my objective if there is any. Also, I noticed there are two itchio pages for the game. Is it a different version of the game, or did you have to remake the page for some reason?

Seemed pretty cool, but I had to give up after trying the same level like 30 times. It's just a bit too cruel even on early levels. Some coyote time might help, and if the bunnies were slower or more predictable.