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I'm glad you enjoyed it! The full game (which I plan to finish by the end of the year) will have a voice-over, so hopefully that will make it easier to catch all the lines.

Yeah, I recently caught this too (I'm surprised you're the first to report it). I'm just waiting for updates to be unlocked from the jam, and then I'll push a fix. That should be pretty soon. Until then, I know the bug isn't game-breaking. You should still be able to complete the circuit. Thanks for reporting it though!

I appreciate the feedback, but the game was made in three days for a jam, and those things were not a priority. There's no reason to ever crouch in the game. Same with pausing. The game only lasts ten minutes, and if you have to leave for a while, you can always mute and minimize it. It's not like there are monsters that will attack you. You can set the graphics quality when you launch it. And the majority of PC players are going to use a keyboard and mouse, so it wasn't worth the time and money to test it on every gamepad, especially since I don't own any PS gamepads.

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Oh yeah, I didn't mean to sound harsh. It was pretty fun. I just got a laugh at how well my destructive tactics worked.

I like how you stuck with theme of paper, cardboard, and other cheap household products. It made for a really neat environment design. I had to give up after like thirty attempts at landing on a pencil. It's tricky timing it with the paper airplane glide, plus the shadow bias makes it look like you are floating, so it is hard to judge when you will land. The game probably would have been better if it was shorter (and if the pencils with thicker).

Pretty fun! The jumping was just a little lower than I was expecting based on how fast you run, so I kept hitting below just below a ledge and falling. Other than that though, it was fairly good, and I got through all the stages.

Interesting, although I'm not sure the mechanics necessarily translated well into the intended message in my case, since I just waited for most of the world to get blown up and then quickly connected the few dots that remained.

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Cool idea, and the musics and voices are great. Is there a way to reset the stage though? There was a part where I pushed a barrel off a ledge only to have a switch appear on it later, and I couldn't get the barrel up the slope. It also is pretty easy to get boxes and barrels trapped in the corners.

This was good! I'm surprised you managed to add so many quests in time, and I like that some of the interactions didn't have an obvious "best" answer. That ending was really cool getting a sort of epilogue based on what you did and didn't do.

Having submitted a sokoban game for the jam, when I saw that you could push boxes, for a second I thought, "Cool, another sokoban!" It seemed you were going for more of an immersive experience than a puzzle. The effects are awesome, and I don't have much else to say besides what has already said. I definitely agree that the missing colliders were immersion-breaking, 

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That was fun! I'm surprised you got so many puzzles made in time. Some of them were tricky to get right, especially with the timing, but I never got stuck on a level for too long, so I think the difficulty curve was spot on.

Thanks! I have a tendency to go overboard on puzzle design, so I'm super happy that people are making it all the way to the end.

You keep surprising me making very different kinds of games for each jam. This was great! I managed to find five flags, but I admit I had to use brute force force one of them. I'll have to try again later to find that sixth flag.

Ha! I didn't think I would be completing captcha tests for entertainment. Great work, very funny!

That was great! I'm impressed you got so many stages built in time. I accidentally skipped half the tutorial, but I was able to figure it out anyway. That stinks that the files got corrupted. I can tell a lot of work was put into this.

Something I didn't make clear in the instructions is that you can rotate along the Z axis by scrolling, so I don't know if that might have helped a bit. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

It might have been a little too ambitious for such a short jam, and it could have used some extra time just focusing on one aspect of the game to fix things like being able to walk off the edge of the map or that the bullets can bend around corners (or was that intentional?) Still, I like seeing some procgen in the jam.

A quick note on the audio: a lot of times for simple sound effects I've done things like record myself hitting a keychain against my desk. The voiced effects are great if you are trying to make it comedic, but I'm not sure if that was the intention?

I'm glad you like it! This time I focused on the puzzle design and didn't worry so much about art, style, or writing. 

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Thanks! It was tricky picking a rotation speed that was fair for different mouse sensitivities, and it can be harder to move quickly on a touch pad. I might add some settings to the game later so you can adjust the sensitivity to something more comfortable.

Thanks for playing! I'm choosing which side to activate by raycasting from the center of the camera to the box. I supposed I could see how close to the center of the box face it hits and just disable movement if too far away, like when you are looking at an edge. I'm not sure this would be comfortable either though, because there are a lot of times when you might want to intentionally view it close to the edge to see how you are affecting both sides. I don't know; I may have to play around with it later and see what works.

I wanted to add an undo feature. I just didn't have time for it. I might add that once the games are unlocked.

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That was great! I love the idea that you travel through a dungeon not to slay evil or rescue any one, but just to try to make a phone call. That ending gave me a good laugh. I'll try avoid spoilers, but it took a turn that I probably should have expected given the nature of the game. It's also a great example of how you can design a metroidvania at the game jams scale. Nice work!

Not what I was expecting (I've never seen a visual novel before that doesn't use any words), but it was a nice change. Instead of being long and verbose like a lot of visual novels, this one was quick and intriguing. Nice use of the Kuleshov Effect. Even though it repeated images, it seemed like the context changed to still continue the story.

Really neat, but I couldn't get the hang of it. I kept getting stuck in the corners where my rope couldn't get any targets, so I only made it past a couple waves. The style is awesome though, and I don't know if I'm just really bad at it (the other commenters don't mention getting stuck) or if the stage design could use some tweaks to make sure that doesn't happen.

The audio and visuals are amazing! The objective was a bit unclear. Do the dots do anything for my score, or do I just bounce off the walls as many times as I can?

Simple yet well done. The power-ups give you something extra to consider with each turn, so adding them was a good idea.

I'm glad you like it! Designing the puzzles was fairly tricky. I drew some of the puzzles on paper first with a view of each side. The hardest part was making sure the wires couldn't ever cross.

Thanks for playing! Did you think the mouse rotation was too fast or too slow? I tried to pick a fair speed, but people set their mice at different sensitivities.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You actually can rotate around that axis by scrolling. Sorry I didn't make that clear. I was trying to keep the on-screen instructions as simple as possible, but I might add that clarification in the description. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get the undo working, and I agree that would have been nice to have.

Thanks! This time, I decided to take a break from trying to tell a story or show off special effects and instead just focused on puzzle design. From your comment it sounds like that was the right move!

Thanks! I was pretty worries the controls would be awkward since you can rotate the box diagonally, and the arrow keys are stuck in cardinal directions. I'm glad to hear it worked out.

Thanks for playing! I assume you persevered though and made it to the end? I actually had to revise and simplify that last puzzle quite a bit because I was confusing myself trying to design it. I'm glad no one has to suffer through that initial monster.

I'm glad you like it! Hehe ... I didn't think it would be described as whimsical. Kind of ironic because it's the first project in a while that I wasn't trying to make fancy or comedic. But it's good to hear it can still be appreciated like that!

Thanks for playing! It was fun watching your playthrough. I actually recently updated the game to make that last stage a bit easier. It saves progress, so if you re-download it, you should be able to skip straight to the last stage if you feel like giving it another go. As a hint, Everett needs to be alive on that ledge. You can use the upside-down checkpoint and some post-respawn momentum to get up there, like in the last puzzle of stage 2.

I'm glad you found it interesting. What would you have found helpful to see explained better in the explanation? And yeah, it's supposed to be fairly frustrating, especially since I chose the simplest things (breathing and walking) to be the challenge.

Thanks for playing! There's actually only three rooms, so you're near the end.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad people are making it to the end, because I want people to experience that same feeling of awe and relief I felt when I reached that point in my own dream. The breathing itself was never meant to really be all that hard, but rather serve as a simple task to steal part of your attention, making it harder to focus on the door.

I'm glad you liked it! Shortening the restart time might be a good idea. I just had the one animation to communicate the premise of the game better by showing the bed and the idea of looking around, and I never got around to making a shorter animation. It also serves as a quick breather before another attempt, but I supposed determined players want to just jump straight back into the action (if you call walking and breathing action).

That was great! The audio and visuals are amazing. There were a few parts where the bounding boxes were a bit too big and the bird got caught in a cog without the visible part of the sprite actually touching. Also, pressing SHIFT five times in a row is the default shortcut for turning on sticky keys, so that kept interrupting the call. It was still a lot of fun, and even though I messed up on XI probably fifty times, I eventually got it. Oh, and thanks for having some many checkpoints and rest areas!

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Thanks! The textures were really just random scribbles and GIMP filters, but I'm glad to hear they had the right effect! I needed to exaggerate the looking-away effect so players couldn't break their focus and relax for even a second. I wanted players to feel panicked and tense during that whole chapter. Still, though, I know not everyone sets their mouse sensitivity at the same level, so some players might get more of an arm workout than others.

Thanks for the suggestion! As long as the top bar is over half full, keeping balance works the same, but as it sinks below that, looking away from the door has a stronger effect. When alternating with the left and right click, you need to hold it, but if the bottom bar reaches the edge, your lungs are either full or empty, so you need to switch for breathing to work (The top bar only fills on inhales). Also, deeper breaths refill the top meter faster, so it is worth it to hold it for a second each way and get into a rhythm.

The breathing stage is the final stage, and I wanted to create a sense of desperation trying to inch toward the door, but I realize that's kind of tricky in such a short game to get players invested. I'm trying to find the balance of making sure all players at least pass out a few times before finding a rhythm without making it feel impossible for others.