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Sorry about no update, Been bust and bug fixing!

Hi, I'm currently running a small discord server so Unity developers can come find help, find a team, make friends, share their projects and more! come join an meet more developers!

Discord :

Ahh i see, Different Weapons, Different momentum, That seems great!

### [Alpha 1.4.3] - 06-12-2016

## Changes

- Temp removed spawn items due to gamebreaking bug

## Fix

- You can now use items .... Wow thats bad

Yo! I'm mark dearman currently working on a game called Birthstond:RAA .... Not much else to say about me HAHA :P

Try my demo! Tell me what you think, looking for feedback and a video would be great to get it out there!

Bit of public attention isn't bad, Give my demo a check out!

Let me know what you think, looking for feedback!

Demo Update!

### [Alpha 1.4.2] - 06-12-2016

## Added

- Placeholder Mysterious Pages for future builds

- New Swords

- New Magic Weapon

- Minor Health Potion

## Changes

- Health potion now is more usefull

- Mana potion now is more usefull

## Fixes

- Death Return To menu is now working

Small News Update!

Yo!, Just thorght i would update everyone that i will be releaseing a new demo build soon, Just added some items i left out initialy due to ... Well them not working. Just finishing some values!

Love the good ol game styles, New systems, same look :D

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Small Change log!

Birthstone Alpha 1.4.1 :

- Fixed Equipping the wrong item when having more than one spear in inventory.

- Fixed Item Duplication.

-Added a note to the god selection screen stating that choosing a god does not impact game play at the current time.

Game Link :

Hello! Im currently working on my first game of one of my most loved genres, A Rogue like called Birthstone, Here i will post Any Changes i make to this game and update you on whats upcoming to Birthstone!

It would be great if you could give Birthstone a try, As early as it may be and send some feedback, criticism, Anything!


I adore the style of this! reminds me of the old text games.

Hey, That looks quite fun!, Question though, Would it break gameplay if you gave the bulltets more power, So it slows you down much more faster? other than that looks great, Gameplay wise it could be usefull to aceess hidden areas you wouldent be able to with normal jumping.


Inspired by the old-school Rougelikes where you make your way through randomised dungeons for loot and fame, Birthstone brings takes you into multiple series of dungeons full of monsters and traps.

I have published a demo of my game in development for some feedback, Go and have a look!

Birthstone Game