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Birthstone: Roguelike, Adventure, Awesome! - DevLog

A topic by Devio created Dec 05, 2016 Views: 161 Replies: 5
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Game Link :

Hello! Im currently working on my first game of one of my most loved genres, A Rogue like called Birthstone, Here i will post Any Changes i make to this game and update you on whats upcoming to Birthstone!

It would be great if you could give Birthstone a try, As early as it may be and send some feedback, criticism, Anything!


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Small Change log!

Birthstone Alpha 1.4.1 :

- Fixed Equipping the wrong item when having more than one spear in inventory.

- Fixed Item Duplication.

-Added a note to the god selection screen stating that choosing a god does not impact game play at the current time.

Small News Update!

Yo!, Just thorght i would update everyone that i will be releaseing a new demo build soon, Just added some items i left out initialy due to ... Well them not working. Just finishing some values!

Demo Update!

### [Alpha 1.4.2] - 06-12-2016

## Added

- Placeholder Mysterious Pages for future builds

- New Swords

- New Magic Weapon

- Minor Health Potion

## Changes

- Health potion now is more usefull

- Mana potion now is more usefull

## Fixes

- Death Return To menu is now working

### [Alpha 1.4.3] - 06-12-2016

## Changes

- Temp removed spawn items due to gamebreaking bug

## Fix

- You can now use items .... Wow thats bad

Sorry about no update, Been bust and bug fixing!