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Ok Zack thank you so much I got the message. Have a great week.

Hi, can we publish our game to appstores  before submitting to game jam or do we have to wait for the gamejam results then we can publish to appstore etc? Thanks

8 Bit Kid is an old school 8bit platformer

ok! I hope you add Payoneer or other providers soon than! Thank you!

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Hi! We don't have paypal in our country unfortunatel and Stripe isn't also for me cause my country is not listed in Stripe country listings. How can I get payment from I really want to sell my games here but in this situation it seems impossible. A payoneer or at least Wire transfer SWIFT could be great! thanks

Hi everyone,

My main problem is Paypal is not an option for me cause it is not available in our country unfortunately so I can not get a payment. For stripe I guess I need to be living in US. Are there any other options to recieve payments on site? I know I can get US payments for my Payoneer account but still Stripe is asking a US address for it which I am not living. lol. 

 I sent the same above issue of mine to the support but no feedback yet so decided would be better if I shared here. Any help would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance


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Hi thank you for this great support. Do you play mobile games as well??

For android I have my latest game (for apple still in review)  Nes like 8 bit platformer.

will try to create a PC version soon for here.

Other than that check my portfolio and pick the ones you like!


Google Play:    (Niwashi Kid is not stil visible at googleplay cause it is new and not listed yet I suppose) 

Thanks a lot!

Rica ederim! Kolay Gelsin!

Rica ederim! Kolay Gelsin!

Thank you so much! I really do appreciate!

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Hi Anzimus! great assets. I wonder if I can use your assets in my games that I sell as sourcecode at codester. You can check them below.

Codester Templates

I will include the graphics in ready made platformer. Only I won't give the graphics as seperate pngs they will be included in the game project. It is impossible to export the PNG images inside the game engine (Buildbox) not like Unity Project folder. But still they will be able to deploy that game with graphics imported in it. I will also encourage them to change the graphics in explanation. I will give credit to you and a link to your websites etc. Just asking of course. You can check my codester page here.


Hi man! You can resize it in Photoshop selecting image size and in there just at right side resample it says "Nearest Neighbour (hard edges)" this will still keep the sprites pixelated and sharp (not blurry) when you resize them.

Ok done! Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

I just released my platformer game Cool Cat for Windows. The link is below if you would like to check.

I had created this game like 2 years ago and just wanted to make a cartoonish funny platformer. Since I released this game on mobile it is a one tap tower jump style platformer. It has 2 game styles.

1-Arcade which is endless mode where you try to reach the highest in tower.

2-Level based with 40 levels. 

Game is tricky tough with lots of traps and enemies.

Hope you like them and you can check the preview video below.

No problem I totally understand ofcourse and I am an old nintendo fan so I can imagine how exciting it was for you to publish your game on switch. Sure if I decide to purchase gamemaker for switch will contact you. Take care and good luck with your game. 

Hmm interesting never used GameMaker Studio but hear good things abot it!! Glad that you got a deal with Nintendo must be a great experience!!! So I guess they send you a developer console and you pay for it? and does GameMaker Studio has Nintendo Switch export? Sorry for too much questions won't ask more lol :)

Hi! Looks really nice and polished reminds me old arcade games such as bubble bobble. Also loved the art just like old console boxes! Can I ask which engine you used to develope the game? Also I saw in other comments you said it did well in switch! Is it hard to get a switch developer console? I read many stories about it! Thank you!

Hi guys,

I had created this game for mobile like 2 years ago. I had worked on it like around 6 months. There are like 36 levels and I had tried to make them as challenging as I can. I really hope you enjoy the game.

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