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Other payment options than Paypal and Stripe

A topic by Volkankutlubay created 68 days ago Views: 93 Replies: 1
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Hi everyone,

My main problem is Paypal is not an option for me cause it is not available in our country unfortunately so I can not get a payment. For stripe I guess I need to be living in US. Are there any other options to recieve payments on site? I know I can get US payments for my Payoneer account but still Stripe is asking a US address for it which I am not living. lol. 

 I sent the same above issue of mine to the support but no feedback yet so decided would be better if I shared here. Any help would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance



+1 for this.

I understand that team is busy and have many other issues when it comes to adding new payment methods. But I also think it's worth the trouble. =)

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