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These games are free to play now, but I want people to know I really also care about this cause.
Everyone, regardless of race or place of origin should participate. Please, include all my games:

So, I would like to hear your thoughts about the indie game market now in 2020.

Financially speaking, is it still worth to give a try in the indie industry today? What are the issues indie devs have to face now? What are your expectations about the future?

Many thanks!

If I recall well, I just removed them clicking in the "remove unclaimed keys".

Any news about this matter?

You have  a good point about the registration for new users activating keys. If they make it more intuitive for new users, Itch can gather much more customers this way.

I personally think is awesome. They give a lot of freedom to developers and such, the only problem (for me) is the lack of BRL as payment currency, but it's something that doesn't depends only of (sigh).

One thing I would like to see is the possibility of having different translated game pages for the same game and developer. I'm thinking about localizing my games, but the titles are in PT-BR and I'm planning to translate both titles and game page descriptions as well. For this, I would need to create another account with my profile localized and new game pages for each game (and I also can't use the same Paypal account with two accounts =/ ).

Great job!

I'm not selling my games on Steam anymore and removed all the Steam Keys I had for my games. This one still says in their page that it comes with a Steam Key with the purchase.

I removed the keys and there's no way to remove this phrase.

Keep up the good job! o/

I prefer to get it out of Steam. I don't like the idea of log in there every time I want to listen to it. =)

No, I'm asking about adding BRL for Paypal and Stripe for direct payments.

I'm looking for the OST of this game.  Where can I find it?

Hi there!

So, I would like to create a button in my own site for persons to direct download the demo file from Itch, but I can't get the download link for these files anywhere. Is there a way to do this?

The Widget only have the purchase option by the way…

I must agree with you. -_-

I bet that it also makes it impossible to use that old integration (sell and instantly x% go to dev and y% go to itch), right?

Paypal do not allow BRL currency payments for USA citizens?

Hi there,

I would like to understand this. Why don't add BRL as payment option? Is there any legal barrier maybe? Someone could explain it for me (even if not from Itch)? 

Now you need to let people from your country be aware of it. Is there any community you can show it there?

Hi there!

While many persons believe that they should release a game in English to have more attention, I found that the opposite works much better.

I'm releasing my games only in my mother language now, and my results are fair better than before. Why?

  1. My games a mostly comedy/parody games, and many jokes just doesn't have any meaning outside of my country;
  2. It's not everyone that speaks English, or at least doesn't master it, so there's a lot of persons eager to have games in their home language;

Of course, what works for me may not work for others (and vice-versa), but maybe, if you don't master English yet, releasing a game focused in your local language may be better than trying to translate it for now. =)

I prefer to not use these sites. There are a lot of persons still re-selling Steam Keys of my games there (without my consent of course).

I personally don't care when they have purchased it from a past bundle and decide to pass it over, but I will have a lot of "self competition" in these places.

I still prefer to use my own site and also there's the local currency and payment methods issue.

That's a good idea, but I removed my games from Steam, I don't know if their API still works for them.

Also, I have a RPG Maker 2003 game that doesn't have support to the Steam API anyway. =/

Ouch! They don't have any system to let us know who purchased the game, as far I know… -_-'

No, I mean, how I know that the person purchased the game on Steam, so I can distribute the keys automatically for them. Something like with that .CSV file system of Kickstarter.

Ok, but how I know who purchased the game or not? Is there any way to make this automatically?

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Hi there,

What I want to do is the reverse. Instead of giving Steam Keys for who purchased my game here, I want to give keys for who purchased on Steam to have the game here as well. Is it possible somehow?

Hi there!

So, I came with this idea in mind. I already searched around some things, like the Wordpress plugins and such, but couldn't find anything that really fits into my idea (or at least for free). What I want to do is:

  1. Customer log in my store
  2. Purchase one of my games
  3. Get a key of the game(s) to
  • They can also check his/her account for keys they purchased before
Before you say that I'm are already in, so I don't need to have my own store…
  1. I need to pay 30% withholding tax because I live in Brazil, plus the money conversion taxes and all the other taxes, making selling a game there too expensive
  2. The major part of my customers also are from Brazil, doesn't have local money available and they also doesn't offer local payment methods
By creating my own store, I would kill two birds with one stone. I could keep my games on for international sales and sell locally in my own store.

I only know HTML, CSS and Javascript, I have no idea of how I could program this. Do you know any PhP free tutorials maybe? Free Wordpress plugins that have that system I described above?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

I'm not from Europe neither live there, do I need to charge and remit VAT to Europe if I choose the "direct to me" payment?
I'm registered as MEI here and as far I know, I don't need to pay any tax other than the "Simples Nacional" monthly.

I'm looking everywhere for this information on internet, but can't really find it.

Thanks in advance.

Sadly, still burning. =(

Yep, that's a big problem. I can just hope for the best (although I'm a bit hopeless =(  ).

Oh I see, they may have a workaround for this maybe?

If I use the legacy payment system, will I need to pay the withholding tax for sales in my own country? I'm expecting to sell more here than anywhere else and also want to keep supporting with 30% of my sales, but that additional 30% withholding tax is too heavy for me right now. =(

BTW, any chances of having BRL as currency option soon? This will raise my sales greatly when available.

I'm not working with Steam anymore. I'm selling exclusively on Itch now.

I just asked this because I noticed a difference in how payments where made and this puzzled me. =)


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I got this information from Steam panel:

"Payments made to you may be subject to US tax withholdings per US tax reporting regulations. Developers may be eligible for a reduced or exempt rate of US tax withholding on units sold to US customers if your country of permanent residence has an income tax treaty with the US. At the end of the interview, you will be notified of the US withholding tax rate, if any, that may apply to you."

This mean that this withholding tax should apply only for sales to U.S.A. customers right?

Yet, I'm selling only on Brazil and when I requested my payout the panel informs that I'll be charged 30% of this tax. =/

I remember that I never got charged for these taxes when selling using the legacy system. What's changed in the meantime?

BTW, is there any way to add BRL as a currency option? If not, why not?

I got this from Steam panel:

"Payments made to you may be subject to US tax withholdings per US tax reporting regulations. Developers may be eligible for a reduced or exempt rate of US tax withholding on units sold to US customers if your country of permanent residence has an income tax treaty with the US. At the end of the interview, you will be notified of the US withholding tax rate, if any, that may apply to you."

So, this withholding tax should apply only for sales for U.S.A. customers, right?

That's my problem, I have to pay 30% to receive my revenue since I'm from Brazil and my country don't have any trade deal with USA. =(

I see, very heavy then.

I probably will stick back to the old legacy system. I hope they enable BRL as a currecy soon too.

Hi there, I have a question.

  • US withholding tax (for international payees only)

This is for sales only from US, or if I sell in other countries I'm also charged this tax?