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How to promote game ?

A topic by arkman012 created 21 days ago Views: 235 Replies: 10
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I made game since 2002. I come from Thailand.

I upload my games to this website, which english languange.

My games has few view, maybe the not interest ?

I seen someone's game has recent upload but get quickly top rate, why?

My recent game.


Your games are nice, but people have many others to choose from. You need to find other people and talk to them. Leave comments. Post on Twitter. Use forums (like this one). Keep a blog. Also, figure out what is unique and special about your games, and let people know. For example, Millenus's Greed looks very good for a game in its genre. The realistic "gamebook" aspect is very well done, and people like that kind of thing. So advertise based on that.

thank you

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1) No screenshots. It gives the impression you don't really care and if you don't - why should I? Doesn't take too much effort to add a few screenshots to your game page. You're trying to make me want to play your game. I want to see what it looks like before I play.

2) Poor English. You should consider asking for help on the forum  and get someone to translate for you (or at least clean up the grammar/spelling). 

3) It's not particularly interesting (to me). This is somewhat subjective but I got bored after about 15 minutes. I do like some of the mechanics like rolling the dice, the transitions between the board and when you're in a fight etc. 

4) "But I promise that around  next year I will release full version."

so... you're not going to work on this one?  at all? The game you just uploaded that has literally one level? I get the impression you're not that invested in your game and, again, if you don't care - why should I? There's a pretty low barrier to entry when it comes to publishing a game and you are competing against every other developer. This means that you need to find a way to capture people's attention  (screenshots, updates, etc).

Here's a better translation of your game page if you want to use it.

The remake of Quest of magic : Millenus's  greed.

This is based on a story from a paper game I played as a child.
Because it's a demo there is only 1 playable  floor with unique skill cards, rare treasures to collect and basic battle mechanics.
I plan on releasing a full version next year after I put together a team to develop the game.
My goal is to make this game for Android  and sell it for $1-$2.

If you like my game and want to support my work please consider donating $1.

Thank you for your recommend. but I have something to tell you, I don't want to misunderstand to me.

1) I made screenshorts for my every game.but when I set game for play on browser, nobody see my screenshort.I try to make video this time.

2) I'll try by myself first, because i use to asking for help in many forum (in Thailand) but they won't answer. I paid 10$ for hire translator to translate in my game .but I'll try another way.

3)thanks for play game

4) I have 2-3 hour per day  to use computer to make game. This project start at February until now I just made one level.  I know it look like argue but I have daily job and study Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in Christian collage for church ministry, so this game maybe last project and first chance to sell game.

I copy your translation to my game page now, thanks again.

It took me a while to find this myself, but you can enable screenshots for browser  games too.

I've had a look too, I was a bit disheartened when I saw Crap Game Project on the title. You should have more confidence in your work, and give others a sense of projection of where your project is going. Add some screenshots and more story to your page. I use RPG Maker, so I am already screwed, You should really go for it, a web browser game it's pretty great way to release a game. I wish I could do that with mine. You've come this far, but please, go a little further. :)

Thank you for comment.  I'll try again for next demo.
I have some problem about browser, I'll fix that I can and upload to browser game again.

Just post it on as many sites as you can.  I tried your game, and it has some good potential.  Play other's games and they may play yours (hint :) )
Some notes:
-Maybe make the 'roll' just be one click, so you don't have to click it AND then click in the middle again
-Perhaps change 'cards' to 'powers' or 'magic', as it's not a 'card' game and it might get confusing
-Make roll 1-6, not 1-4 making the gameplay through level a littte faster
-Make battle timer faster, to make battles faster (just insert a variable multiplier so it affects whole game when you tweak it)

Other than that, I like the boardgame moving concept and it is quite original.
Keep going, you're on your way!

thank you for introduction.