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This is the first time I've uploaded a working build... or any build... (I forgot to add this devlog to the forum)


This project was my first real solo-developed game in Unreal Engine, or any other technology worth mentioning.  It has taken approximately 3 years (since 2016) to get to this point, I hope to get constructive feedback about what's broken, and what needs more work.

The gameplay is mostly ironed out, however, since it is quite a long story, about 2/3rds of the scenes are yet to be finalized, and voice acted, that is why the final product should be ready by January 2020 (Depending on how much changes are needed from the feedback)

Leave constructive criticism of game-play for a chance to be in the credits and get a free key for the final game!

Thanks in advance for your time in playing and feedback!

At time of posting, dev progress:

Story - 90%
Gameplay Mechanics - 80%
Cutscene Voiceovers and Cinematics - 40%

Build: UE4 - 4.22 - v0.89999 - Stable

Hey there Triple Eye.  It may be too late to be considered for your September thread, but just in case:
Thanks for your time!

I just had the same issue 2 weeks ago, the limit is from the web front end only.  Use Butler, which is an integrated software for

Good stuff!  I'll try to get better and get to level 6 and let you know :)

Just post it on as many sites as you can.  I tried your game, and it has some good potential.  Play other's games and they may play yours (hint :) )
Some notes:
-Maybe make the 'roll' just be one click, so you don't have to click it AND then click in the middle again
-Perhaps change 'cards' to 'powers' or 'magic', as it's not a 'card' game and it might get confusing
-Make roll 1-6, not 1-4 making the gameplay through level a littte faster
-Make battle timer faster, to make battles faster (just insert a variable multiplier so it affects whole game when you tweak it)

Other than that, I like the boardgame moving concept and it is quite original.
Keep going, you're on your way!

Looks quite intricate...   Not usually my type of game, but it looks intriguing enough to try in a few days.  

Cudos on recently leaving your job to pursue deving full-time...  I hope to be this brave in the near future :)

Very much like the gameplay.  It is a bit difficult after a bit, but maybe you have to get used to it.  However I love that it's not too easy (as per your response to my difficulty question in the other thread).  
If I can, a couple of small suggestions:
-maybe every 'x' levels should be a hard-coded and not proc generated (like a boss fight or something)
-aesthetically maybe the 'powers bar' at the bottom needs another background border grouping them all together, and perhaps rounded corners?
(I realize this is just cosmetic and subjective based on taste)

I like the original concept as a whole, and it's very well executed.  Well done!


A 2D Cutscene

Hey Eco!

I just subbed to your channel, I really like the clean and concise format! Will you do audio commentary in the future?  I would really love if you tried out my game when you get some time:  (If you do, could you please skip the first 10 minutes or so, as they contain plot spoilers and my game is very story-heavy).

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the delay... Thank you for the in-depth response.  I never considered 'hidden' adaptive difficulty... but this is something I'll definitely consider up to release.

Thanks again for your time and explanation.

I guess it would be more risky... that's why I opt for the 'final product' option... I'm just mentioning that many artists DO use the hourly option, and I guess you have to examine their profile, and maybe ask in advance how many hours certain things should take... again I can only comment on what I found as the dev commissioning an artist.  I hope some artists respond to your posts with their views.

I don't know if this will be useful,

but, from the Dev side, when I use to commission artwork, there is usually either an hourly rate set and agreed, with a max amount of hours budgeted to a particular 'character' let's say...

Usually artists, when 'bidding' for a project will provide a free sketch which will take 5-10 minutes to show their vision of the described requirement. 

Otherwise they price a few 'revisions' into a final price.  So they might say like 200 dollars for this character, which includes: concepts, revisions, sketches, final 4 animations (with 10 frames each)...

Just my 2 cents from working with artists recently.

Personally I like: 1. multiple boss phases, with increasing difficulty 2. unique way to defeat it   3. some element of surprise i.e. 'I didn't know it was going to do THAT!'

Yes... I do have to mind those difficulty 'spikes'...  there are certain parts I said 'well if I can't beat this bit... hmmm... maybe someone else can? No... make it beatable '   .  
And the 'help for score punishment' seems like a good idea too...

Thank you kindly for your response.

Very true...  I never even considered equipment differences, thanks for your input!

So... not a fan of the Souls philosophy... fair enough, that's one for difficulty adjustable, thanks for your response.

This is a question I've struggled with recently.

My game has one hard difficulty level.  This is because I thoroughly enjoyed the Dark Souls games, and had a great sense of satisfaction when I finally beat it's ridiculously challenging boss fights.

When it comes to having only one hard difficulty settings across the game, I can think of the following pros and cons:

-Beating it gives a great sense of personal accomplishment
-Gamer street cred for winning
-Not feeling like a n00b for having the option to make it easier
-You'll only get the cream of the crop getting to see your awesome ending
-Might be too frustrating for players to finish, so many will quit
-Can't adjust the experience on the fly
-Limited re-play value as can't do a 'newgame+',since you already beat the one difficulty

Which do you prefer and why?

that lighting tho... :)

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Vigilant is a solo dev project Story-rich Action J-RPG.  The first ACT is finished and playable on PC. Full release scheduled for January 2020

Leave constructive criticism to have a chance to be in the credits and get a free key for the final game!

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Put any bugs you find with the current build here.