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Indie Games You Missed - August 2019

A topic by Triple Eye created Sep 02, 2019 Views: 1,093 Replies: 21
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Triple Eye back again to share with you all the interesting (not necessarily best) indie games you missed in August 2019, most of them coming from right here on

And what an interesting month it was. There were a lot of great ideas posted this month, if not great games. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try them out anyway. Nor does it mean the people making these games should give up either, for that matter. Sometimes a great idea needs time to develop, and we get to see (and play) that development ourselves in real time. It's an exciting process.

Anyway, here's the video, and you can find links to download all the games featured on below. Thank you so much for watching!

Winter Falling:

Dungeon Solitaire:


QR Code Killer:


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I am collecting some of good indie games nd make playing videos. And commented games' pros and cons. I do it for support INDIE game developers and meet these games and gamers together. Any comments, likes, dislikes, subscribes are welcome. I will mention the developer of the game somehow (eg. comment itch io page, send him/her message about game playing, bugs, musics, sound effects, etc).
Here is my youtube channel. Video entries are present at various Playlists. Enjoy !

Hey Check out this Awesome Indie Game with AAA Visuals..

Thank you I will check it out ASAP.

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You will surely love it

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If it is possible could you please send me free key of the game ?

Yes Sure...Where should i send it?

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Thank you. Please send it

Check  your mail.

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Thank you very much I wil play and review your game ASAP at my YT channel: Every comments likes dislikes subscriptions are welcome.

Occult is a good FPS game that have zombies around. Horror and a little bit jumpscare actions mixed. It takes me 5 star! Pros: It has good environmental design art. Especially cars and trucks like objects used a lot. Rusty appearance at night is good. Photo realistic effects are awesome. Cons/Additions: Enemies have smart AI that can easily find us, but I was a little bit forced to kill them, even with pistol. So in my opinion,  they should have died the easier way. Pistol or axe or other weapons should be able to hold with both hands. Axe's movement is slower may be it will be speed up.

Thanks to the Insane Game Studio, keep going!

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Sure I will play ASAP!

Today we publish The Ender Zone! Visit our game and give us feedback please :D

good oldschool horror here:

I've completed first 3 chapters. It was really good. It has good action environment. Investigation and cleanse the environment is good concept (NOTE: I've played at 55' TV so resolution is high, for that reason UI elements seems little). Pros: Cool theme music, awesome environmental design. Cons/Additions: Walk and run at the chapter 3 is a little bit hard, but may be this is the point. Enemies have smart AI that can easily find us, but have a little bit slower movement. And enemies' attack distance could be shorter.  Thanks to the Tanuki GS, keep going!

Hey there Triple Eye.  It may be too late to be considered for your September thread, but just in case:
Thanks for your time!

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Several games I see on here that I loved from other communities like RMN (Gainsboro_rmnnet) like Luxaren Allure, Heroes of Shaola, Ara Fell, Imaginary Friends etc. I searched around on GG and found this cool website.

I Also wanna give some love to H of Shaola, this game brought me here. The introduction is horrible and slow at the beginning if you're into action games and hate dialogues but the more u play the more you're hooked. My buddies hated it in the beginning because they want action orient games but this is a storydriven game like visual novels.

Demo of my game.

Help the little sleeper to complete his adventure.

Controls: Arrows and Space.

this is a short horror game .

this game is about a man who is wandering in the forest and ........